Trip Dines at the Captain's Table


Dinner #1

The Diners




The Meal

Salad, bread, iced tea, and ...

...lots and ...

...lots and...

...lots and...

...and lots....

...of chicken tetrazzini.  And embarrassment.

The Conversation

Did you two tell everyone on board and in the universe that I am pregnant?

No?  Then it must have been that big-mouth T'Pol. Trip getting a little emotional?  A little paranoid?

"I don't want to ruin your appetites but take a look at this."

Phlox doesn't know if the nipples will go away.  "Great.""

Archer gently informs Trip he may be giving birth in the near future.

"What's that supposed to mean?  Are you saying I'm going deliver this …baby?"

Professional plans did not include becoming a working mother.

"Post-natal responsibilities?"

"You may  very well be putting those nipples to work before you know it."

Congrats, Trip, you are having the first interspecies baby!

Dinner #2

The Diners

Archer, Trip and T'Pol

The Meal

Can't tell, but it was served with iced tea!

The Conversation

T'Pol is full of good news for her colleagues.  She can be such a joy at meal time.

Archer finds out the Klingon didn't really call him a brother.  T'Pol was exaggerating.

Trip finds out he is the first human male to become pregnant.  

Lovely way to get into the history books.