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Never and Always: After the Kiss-text

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Never and Always...After the Kiss

by HopefulRomantic
(writing as her MU incarnation, HopeeeevilfulRomantic)

Rating: NC-17 for strong sexual situations and language. Ye have been warned.
Disclaimer: Paramount owns them, technically. But who gives a rip? We love them more.
Genre: Romance, AU, vignette
Archive: Trip/T’Polers, thankee
Website: http://www.geocities.com/hopeful_romantic@prodigy.net/
E-mail: Hopeful_Romantic@prodigy.net

Series Summary: The Reconnecting series is a reinterpretation of certain events of Season 4 that went AU shortly after “Home.” It focuses on the relationships of Trip and T’Pol and their extended family, and features characters introduced in Season 3, as well as original characters.

Spoilers: Through “Kir’Shara,” plus references through the rest of Season 4.

Story Summary: An epilogue to my story Never and Always... Trip and T’Pol satisfy his curiosity.

A/N: For those of y’all who prefer your Reconnecting universe to remain safely PG-13...move along, move along. Nothin’ to see here. You just took a wrong turn, is all.

But for those of you who got a little extra somethin’ outta that post-bond kiss of Trip and T’Pol’s in Chapter 10 of “Never and Always...” and you’re wondering the same thing as Trip...and you’ve posted comments tellin’ me about the need for cold showers and more smut, and pretty much talked me into believin’ I could actually pull this off...this is all your fault.

Thanks to my heroic beta, Stephanie.

Date: 05-17-05


Trip was a sticky mess.

The downside of gettin’ your rocks off fully clothed. Not that he had minded at the time. But he wanted to clean up before he and T’Pol began their next...experiment with the bond. He stepped back from her, turning toward her bathroom. “Just gimme a minute...”

She caught his hand, stopping him. “Allow me, husband.” Before he could even respond, she had unzipped his slacks. She kneeled as she eased them down past his hips. “Shoes,” she said softly.

Trip was speechless. He felt like an Arabian Nights sultan or something. Let me wash your feet, sahib. Let me clean your... He slipped off his shoes, letting her pull off his slacks and socks. He stood obediently before her. The air felt cool on his bare legs.

He could already feel his cock beginning to stir again. God, it had only been a couple of minutes. He hadn’t been this resilient since he was a teenager.

T’Pol hooked her thumbs in the waistband of his blues. As her nails brushed against his skin, he felt gooseflesh rising all along his body. She peeled the skintight briefs down, carefully maneuvering past the growing bulge in front. He stepped out of them, feeling his shirttail tickle his bare ass.

She unbuttoned his shirt, but didn’t take it off. She simply spread it open, letting her fingers trail down his muscled chest and abs, coming to rest on his naked hips. Trip felt as if his body were simmering over a fire.

T’Pol then began to clean him up. With her tongue.

Oh sweet fuckin’ GOD...

Trip groaned as a powerful shudder went through him. He reached to cradle T’Pol’s head in his hands, but she intercepted him, taking him gently but firmly by the wrists, holding his hands at his sides. He couldn’t do anything but stand there, practically naked, unable to move, while T’Pol, fully clothed, continued her ministrations. The air caught his wet skin and sent a shiver through him.

It was overwhelmingly erotic. Within seconds, Trip was harder than he could ever remember being before, though T’Pol pointedly avoided touching his erection. It didn’t make a damn bit of difference. He was so aroused now that...well, he’d always heard that phrase about someone’s “knees going weak.” Now he knew what it meant. He was literally finding it difficult to remain standing.

He couldn’t understand why he wasn’t coming already—he felt as if he were going to explode. He knew it had to be the bond, somehow. He sensed it now, thrumming in time with his heartbeat and his throbbing cock, magnifying his desire a hundredfold. He could feel his entire body trembling with it, burning with it. And he could feel her through the bond, too.

T’Pol spread her knees further apart on the floor, her hips undulating softly as she steeped herself in the reawakening heat between her legs. Her tongue danced over the curly hair at the base of Trip’s shaft, drawing another moan from him. She could sense his pleasure, crackling through him like sparks of electricity, darting from his body to hers through the bond.

Carefully, she took him in her mouth.

Trip resisted the impulse to shut his eyes and lose himself in the intensity of it, the feel of T’Pol’s lips caressing him. He looked down, holding his breath, watching as he disappeared into her mouth, centimeter by centimeter, until her nose was buried in his dark blond curls. He exhaled, a slow, shuddering breath of raw need, his hands balling into fists as they fought her gentle, iron grip. She held her head still, but then he felt her tongue moving over him. The sweet agony was incredible.

He couldn’t stand it anymore. He had to move.

With slow deliberation, he began pumping in and out of her mouth.

T’Pol moaned, a low hum of hunger that reverberated through them both. She pushed her tongue more insistently against him as he slid languorously in and out, going deep, butting against the back of her throat. Her desire was building now, urged on by his own. Her heat was spreading, deepening, making her tremble. Her nipples hardened as his thighs brushed against them with each lazy thrust.

Trip was struggling not to move faster, not to climb higher, but he couldn’t hold on much longer. It all felt so damn good—what she was doing to him, what he was feeling, what she was feeling. His senses were overloading.

T’Pol heard him gasp in her mind. << Darlin’, I’m close, I’m so close... >>

Letting him slip out of her mouth, she rose to face him. They were eye to eye now, the bond a white-hot conduit between them.

“My turn,” Trip whispered.

He backed her up against her bunk, sitting her down on the very edge, kneeling before her. He slipped off her shoes, his touch sending sensuous ripples coursing through her. Then he reached up to her waist and took hold of her leggings, sliding them down and away. She wore nothing underneath. Her tunic brushed the tops of her thighs, not quite covering the thatch of dark curls between her legs.

He unhooked the fastenings of her tunic and let it fall open, revealing her magnificent breasts. He didn’t take the tunic off, but draped it to either side, tucking it behind her shapely hips. T’Pol braced her hands on the bed behind her, still sitting up, her eyes fixed on him. Trip took her by the knees and spread her open, feeling the heat rising up from her core. She was already wet, ready for him...but he wanted to take his time.

He started at her ear, nipping lightly at the lobe with his teeth, then letting his tongue explore inside. He blew softly on the wet skin, and she shivered. He smiled, feeling the bond tickling his own ear. Then he blazed a trail of tiny kisses down her neck to her throat...taking brief side trips to sample each dark nipple, teasing them to hard peaks with his tongue, trembling as her pleasure echoed through him.

He traveled on, past her flat stomach, sinking his nose into the bed of curls below. He inhaled her musky, intoxicating scent as his tongue felt its way lower, exploring, tasting, enticing her. Finally he settled on her clit, circling it, sucking and teasing, pressing down on it with his tongue until she sighed. He could sense her craving in his own groin, keeping him hard, as he flicked the tip of his tongue back and forth against her.

His hands slid back up her body to fondle the flawless skin of her breasts. He ran his nails lightly over her, gently squeezing the aroused flesh, feeling her moan in response. She was panting softly now, her hips beginning to jerk in subtle, rhythmic spasms. She couldn’t not move either, any more than he could.

T’Pol spread her legs wider, drawing her knees up, opening herself even further to him. Trip hooked her legs over his shoulders as he continued to pleasure her. He felt her heels sliding restlessly along his shirt-clad back as her hips continued their fevered dance, forward and back, forward and back.

Trip pinched her nipples sharply between thumb and forefinger as he thrust his tongue deep inside her. T’Pol bucked forward with a gasp, her pleasure so intense it bordered on pain. She tasted her juices on his tongue, felt her nipples hard against his fingertips. She could sense him pulsing with each minute shudder of her own body.

Trip plunged his tongue deep again, exploring her heat, feeling tiny pre-orgasmic contractions. Her hips were thrusting of their own volition now, their cadence matched by the throbbing of his erection.

She grabbed handfuls of bedspread in her clenched fists, willing herself to stay sitting up. She kept her eyes locked on Trip’s blond head, watching it bob up and down as his tongue dove in and out of her. He was hardly touching her nipples now; just the barest contact sent bolts of need jolting through her.

Her entire body was undulating helplessly as she climbed higher, her breath coming in short, whimpering gasps. He heard her inside his mind. << Trip... >> It was both plea and warning.

He pulled away, straightening up until they were face to face, only centimeters apart. He slid his hands behind her, taking hold of her ass, and held her eyes as he pushed into her with a single stroke, burying himself to the hilt inside her.

They both gasped as the bond surged with their extraordinary shared rapture. Trip pulled almost all the way out, then swiftly thrust in again, filling her completely. Once, twice, three times, hitting her swollen, sensitized clit each time. T’Pol’s body tensed, her back arching, as she felt herself rising, floating upward, cresting—

<< Let go, darlin’. I’ll be right behind you. >>

He pulled out, then rammed into her again, hard. With a strangled cry, she felt her orgasm rocketing through her. She shut her eyes at last, surrendering to the frenzy of release.

Trip drove powerfully in and out of her, feeling her heels on his ass as he matched the pace of her spasms. He kept his eyes on her, gazing at the exquisite fulfillment on her face as she writhed against him. As her inner walls contracted around him, his pleasure expanded with hers, filling him, overwhelming him.

T’Pol sensed him careening over the edge. She opened her eyes, watching his beautiful face as his own orgasm slammed into him. He cried out as he pulsed into her, going deep again and again, emptying himself inside her.

At last their shuddering subsided. They leaned against each other as they panted, slick with sweat and each other’s juices, deliciously sated. Trip took T’Pol in his arms, bare chest to bare breasts, and kissed her, slowly and thoroughly, a kiss of completion. She wrapped her legs around his waist as the bond hummed contentedly between them.

T’Pol drew back from him, idly twining her fingers in his hair. “Now you have the answer to your question, husband.”

“I can see why there’s no entry for this in the Vulcan database,” Trip mused. “Words just wouldn’t do it justice.” He kissed her on the nose. “I’d love to stay here, just like this...but my knees are killin’ me.”

He lay back on the floor, stretching luxuriously. He felt gloriously exhibitionistic, wearing only a splayed-open shirt and a satisfied smile, knowing T’Pol’s eyes were roaming over his body.

She left the bunk and joined him, dropping lightly to her knees, her tunic settling around her like lilac-hued gossamer. She straddled him, nestling herself directly atop his groin. “Is this more comfortable?”

“Can’t complain, wife,” he grinned lazily.

With a decidedly wicked glint in her eye, T’Pol began to move over him.

He laughed softly as he felt himself stirring under her. “You’re doin’ it to me again. I can’t believe it.”

She stilled. “Do you wish me to stop?”

Trip tried to keep his voice all Vulcany and logical-sounding. “Actually, I think it’s a good idea to diffuse all this shiny new bond energy, so we can act like normal people tomorrow, and not horny newlyweds.”

T’Pol nodded sagely, looking quite Vulcan and logical. “A sound objective. However, it may take time. All night, in fact.”

“We must do what we have to do, then,” Trip declared gallantly. “We can’t be distracting the rest of the crew with our...uh...”

“...Indulging?” T’Pol supplied. She leaned forward, her hands on his broad chest.

“Right. The needs of the many, and all that.”

“Indeed.” T’Pol began to rock her hips back and forth against him. They felt it together, his growing hardness against her softness, their shared desire beginning its slow burn once more.

Trip smiled invitingly up at his wife. “Kiss me...”


There is a sequel to this story, ...Touching and Touched: Revelation

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so when's the next part. you can't just stop it here.


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The whole storyline is great!! I seriously wish it would have played out this way! Can't wait for the sequel!!

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