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By emtb319

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything Star Trek, Paramount does. I just like to write.
Genre: Drama
Summary: An unexpected turnabout affects Trip and T’Pol.
Archive: Yes, but please email me first.
A/N: Jenna and Ali wanted a sequel to "Sins of the Father," so here it is, sort of. This story started to be written for Soval's Annex at House of Tucker, but as I wrote it, I found it belonged in Trip/T'Polers. Remember, as always, I love constructive criticism. Please email it to me at famspanish@yahoo.com. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Ambassador Soval returned to Vulcan for a much needed period of rest. In the early morning hours on Vulcan, T’Les and Soval were in the kitchen eating their morning meal, as the Vulcan sun rose over the mountains outside their villa, while a full moon hung overhead.

T’Les grew more agitated with Soval each passing day. She did not agree with her husband, when it came to their daughter, T’Pol. He pushed her too much. Soval rose from the table and started pacing the kitchen. T’Les had enough. It was time to change his mind.

“Soval, your nearsightedness will never cease to amaze me. Sometimes, I wonder, if my parents erred in judgment,” said T’Les with mild irritation. “Our daughter has chosen a worthy mate, and yet you continue to push her away.”

“Our parents did not err in judgment. We are a suitable match, and we found an agreeable match for our daughter. The humans influenced her too much, and now she has allowed her emotions to stop her from following Vulcan tradition,” he replied

“I disagree, husband. It was a politically motivated match for our daughter. You wanted to increase this family’s social status by having T’Pol marry Koss. His father is an ambassador like yourself, and when the two of you talk, everyone listens. A union of our children would be considered most logical, but that doesn’t make it right.” T’Les grew weary of these arguments with her husband. Soval did not accept her daughter’s choice in a mate because it made him look bad. A Human and Vulcan marriage is not widely accepted in either culture.

One of these days, she thought, he’ll accept T’Pol for who she is. T’Les retired to their bedroom at the far end of their house. Soval was left alone in the kitchen with his thoughts.

When T’Les entered their bedroom, she sat at the console to make a call. Their bedroom is very simple. In one corner, her meditation candles and pillows. A bed, a closet and a desk for the console. Soval would never take the time to learn about Commander Tucker, T’Les thought as she connected with T’Pol on Enterprise and saw her dressed in a robe. It appeared that she was sleeping.

“Mother, I trust all is well,” said Commander T’Pol surprised by the late call. When the call came in, T’Pol and Trip were sleeping soundly. Trip heard her console beep before she did. He did not want to wake T’Pol, but when he stirred next to her, she woke up and answered the console.

“All is well daughter,” answered T’Les. “I wanted to talk with you and learn more about your t’hy’la. If you have time to speak.”

“I have time mother, and I realize that even though father will never accept our union, he makes my life complete.”

“You realize you will outlive him, my daughter.”

“I realize that mother, but that does not change how we feel about each other.”

“I’m glad to hear that, my daughter. Do not allow your father’s views to guide you. His ideals are old. One day he will, how do the humans say it?,” T’Les asked.

“I believe the phrase is ‘come around.’ I do not anticipate him changing his opinion in the near future. Will you be able to attend our ceremonies?”

“Your father will tell me not to go, but he is returning to Earth within the next day. After his departure, I will make the necessary arrangements to join you and your future husband on Enterprise. Please tell me of your t’hy’la.”

“Trip was raised in an area of Earth called Florida. He is a hard worker and a kind and gentle man. To be honest, I would never have considered him for a mate until the unfortunate passing of his sister during the Xindi attack. Dr. Phlox would no longer give him a sedative to help him rest and asked if I would instruct Commander Tucker in neuropressure. He insisted on talking during our sessions, and in turn, we learned a great deal about each other. He is a brilliant engineer, and I anticipate him having a long Starfleet career. I would tell you more, but it is late, and I am needed on the bridge early.”

“Neuropressure is very intimate daughter. It does not surprise me that you became close. He sounds like a suitable mate. You’re right, it is late. Live long and prosper daughter.”

“Forward your travel itinerary to me, so we can expect your arrival. Peace and long life mother.” As the transmission ended, T’Les sat back from her monitor a moment. She had not noticed her husband’s arrival.

“You would go to Enterprise against my wishes?,” Soval asked from behind T’Les, startling her for a moment. She regained her composure quickly, and then turned to face her husband and answer his question.

“Yes. It is an important day for our daughter. No matter what you may feel about her decisions, we should support her. You cannot shelter her forever. If this is a mistake, then she will learn from it. From what I understand of this Commander Tucker, his is a good match for our daughter and will care for her well. I would prefer him over many Vulcan men,” T’Les answered. She knew that last comment would trigger a response from Soval.

“They are too different, T’Les. He knows nothing of our culture,” said Soval. Soval had to convince his wife this union was wrong, or else he would have no hope of stopping this wedding.

“Have you read your daughter’s letters?”

“No. She is acting irrationally and without logic.”

“You may want to read those letters. Commander Tucker has started learning our language, so when they come to visit, he will not have to rely on our daughter to understand our conversations. T’Pol was against a Vulcan ceremony, calling it redundant because they already live together as a couple. The Commander insisted on performing our culture’s rituals, stating her culture’s traditions were as important as his. He seems very willing to learn more about our people. Maybe it is time we learn about his family and their traditions. Like it or not, within 2 weeks, he will be a member of our family, and they will be allowed to visit when their schedules permit it.” T’Les would not let Soval win this argument. She was going to drill this into his head, because she was not going to lose her daughter.

“I still do not believe he is an appropriate choice for our daughter. Humans are barbaric and arrogant. We would gain nothing by learning about their rituals. This is nothing more than a curiosity and needs to be stopped immediately.”

“Fathers never accept who their daughters choose as a mate, especially in our culture. It seems to be a universal constant. She was right to turn away Koss, as it would not have been a good union. You will find any reason not to accept our daughter’s t’hy’la. I can understand if you are angry at her for not following our wishes, but you must see past that, Soval. We have a very intelligent daughter, and you are pushing her farther from home. The more you fight her, the further she will go. Let her go. It is her life.” T’Les saw Soval’s expression change. She may have gotten through to him, finally. A long silence followed her last sentence. Soval paced the room thinking, and T’Les simply watched him. She said all that she could say, and it was up to him to decide to change. T’Les patiently waited until he suddenly turned to address her.

“I will forgo returning to Earth. I may not accept her choice in a mate, but you are right. This day is important to her and we both should be there,” Soval said. T’Les wanted to smile at her husband, but she caught herself before revealing her emotions.

“I will make plans for both of us. Shall I inform T’Pol you will be attending?”

“You may, my wife.” T’Les let herself smile when Soval left the room. This was a start. He may never accept T’Pol’s husband, but he respects her enough to support her.

One day later.

T’Les called T’Pol to tell her of the change of plans. Soval did not change his opinion about Commander Tucker, but he would attend his daughter’s wedding. Once again, T’Les called Enterprise late in their day. T’Pol had been sleeping, and she answered the call in her blue pajamas, Trip’s favorite. Her console woke Trip, but she whispered to him to fall asleep. Instead, he sat up in bed to wait for her. Trip found it hard to sleep without T’Pol in his arms. He waited outside the view of the console.

“Mother this is a surprise, is everything all right?,” asked T’Pol.

“My itinerary is in order. Am I interrupting something daughter?,” T’Les replied.

“You are not interrupting me. I was starting to fall asleep when my monitor chimed. That is all. I am prepared to receive your itinerary,” T’Pol answered as she punched a few buttons, continuing their conversation. “Has father left for Earth?”

“No. Unbeknownst to either of us, he overheard our conversation yesterday. He may not find your choice in a mate agreeable, but he wishes to come to Enterprise to attend your ceremonies.” T’Les watched her daughter for a reaction to her news. T’Pol did not change her facial expression, but she stiffened for a moment and then relaxed.

“His attendance is acceptable. I will inform Trip later. Part of our human ceremony requires someone to ‘give me away.’ Usually, that responsibility falls to the father of the bride. Soval may wish to participate. Trip’s father has offered to fill that role, if he chooses not to participate.”

“I will ask him for you, T’Pol. Do you have any information on this ceremony? Your father would want an explanation of this ceremony before he commits to it.”

“Of course mother. I shall ask Trip for more information and then send it to you. We anticipate your arrival in 9 days. Live long and prosper mother.”

“Peace and long life, T’Pol.” When the transmission ended, Trip decided to speak up from their bed.

“Is everything all right?,” he asked.

“All is well. My father will attend our ceremonies,” T’Pol answered.

“Are you sure that’s wise? He doesn’t exactly like me.”

“He may never accept you as my husband, but he has come to respect my decisions. Mother wishes me to send information about our wedding ceremony.” T’Pol had made it to their bed, and Trip held the blanket up so she could rejoin him.

“I will get some information together for you in the morning,” Trip replied. “Will your father give you away?”

“Mother will inform him of his role in the ceremony. I don’t know if he’ll participate. My father will require the information before he agrees.”

“Logical,” Trip said as he nodded his head. “For now let’s sleep, we can send them information tomorrow.” Trip held her close and turned out the light. If Soval could turn around, then everything would be all right.


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I like the revisions! T’Les deciding "it was time to change his mind." Heh, heh, heh. Keep going!

kool, like the revisions and write more

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