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Season One


As the good commander introduces himself with "Trip, my friends call me Trip," Subcommander T'Pol dryly cuts him off with "I'll try to remember that." The battle of wills begins, and we wonder if she's just a little too worried about protecting the cookie jar. (Broken Bow)

The look says I can't take my eyes off you, so why are the words a fight about loyalty to the captain? (Broken Bow)

Why are they rubbing decon gel on each other's ears? They don't need help to do that! The gesture says "I can't keep my hands off of you." (Broken Bow)

We included this screen cap just because we like the picture. T'Pol has the hardest job. (Broken Bow)

Another close, face-to-face argument over the captain, and Trip finally persuades T'Pol that his arugment isn't specious. They return for the captain. (Broken Bow)

The course of true love never did run smooth. (Strange New World)

Being from different species, Trip and T'Pol don't always see eye to eye. (Strange New World)

Reminded of just how damned sexy the Commander is in his blue skivies, T'Pol looks pretty jealous about Trip's apparent "intimate relations" with Ah'len, even though he had been a complete gentleman. (Unexpected)

Trip finds a way to get T'Pol's attention by teasing her with children's drawings -- especially one of a green Vulcan. (Breaking the Ice)

Trip gives T'Pol a cultural lesson: sometimes food is more than just sustenance, sometimes it's "good for the soul" and sometimes it's a useful device for flirtation. (Breaking the Ice)

Gazing at the lovely, backlit T'Pol, Trip shows how attuned he is to her apparently stoic exterior when he asks "sum'n wrong?" (Breaking the Ice)

Finding he had misjudged T'Pol and feeling terrible, Trip sought her out to apologize. He is happy to get rid of the big guy coming between him and T'Pol. (Breaking the Ice)

Given another reason to shoot Trip, T'Pol refrains. Clearly evidence of her interest in him. (Breaking the Ice)

He promised not to tell anyone about the letter, and T'Pol trusted his word. They are slowly putting the pollen incident behind them. (Breaking the Ice)

Despite his unsuitablity as an advisor on relationships, T'Pol not only invites Trip to discuss her situation, but lights candles and slips into something more comfortable. (Breaking the Ice)

Trip argues that T'Pol may be picking up some human bad habits. Are T'Pol's subconscious desires influencing her decision to stay on Enterprise? Are Trip's influencing the advice he gives her? (Breaking the Ice)

"So, she took my advice!" smirks a triumphant Trip as T'Pol goes to fire off a "Dear John" to Koss. Is he proud of her for exercising her free will or just glad he's going to get another shot? (Breaking the Ice)

The not so serene T'Pol reflects on her decision to stay on Enterprise and work with the disturbingly attractive commander. (Breaking the Ice)

Pecan Pie. Symbol for making one's own choices. Symbol that something can be more than it seems. Trip's favorite, soon to be T'Pol's (watch it T'Pol that sugar's gonna give you cavities! Good things usually have consequences.) (Breaking the Ice)


On the way to an alien planet, Trip glances up from contemplating his boots and immediately notices T'Pol's ear is showing. They wordlessly communicate as he gestures to her to cover it with her hair. "Your pointed ear is showing" gesture is a winner. (Civilization)

T'Pol rescues Trip and Archer from the woman with the crossbow, and Trip, knowing her priorities, immediately goes to her and gives her the tricorder containing the data scanned. Relieved she didn't shoot him, Trip leaves Archer to instruct her not to shoot anyone else. (Civilization)

Daniels just walked through a wall! The commander and subcommander might be looking at the amazing event, but their bodies are aimed at each other. (Cold Front)

Trip and T'Pol share a look. Did we just see what we thought we saw? (Cold Front)

"So, ah, do Vulcans have sex? Just curious, ya know? No personal interest or anything." (Fusion)

"SEVEN YEARS!" damn. I sure know hope to pick 'em. (Fusion)

Leaning in close as usual, Trip finds T'Pol's explanation about the rogue planet enthralling. (Rogue Planet)

T'Pol was the first crewmember Trip chose to wake up. She was perhaps a little too intrigued to find him in his underwear. (Acquisition)

Hmm...why hasn't Trip zipped up that uniform? Has working closely with T'Pol made him a little warm? (Acquisition)

Trip and T'Pol listen to the trader talk about Triaxian silk. (Oasis)

Thanks go to Kirk the Jerk for the screen capture!

"You'd look good in Triaxian silk!" (Oasis)

T'Pol insists she never gets frightened. Too bad. Hard for a guy to have an excuse to put a nice protective arm around her. (Oasis)

"Hey! T'Pol! Look at me be goofy! Maybe I can give ya the creeps." (Oasis)

Sometimes Trip's communication skills need work.
"Do you mind if I lean against you while I talk about another woman?" (Oasis)

"Are you trying to make me jealous?" (Oasis)

Sigh...and after they had learned to aim their ire elsewhere. One step forward and two steps back. (Oasis)

Trip always seems to be attracted to alien females. (Oasis)

Rescuing Archer brings Trip and T'Pol very close together, which is when they work best. (Detained)


T'Pol shows concern for the sex lives of her colleagues.                                                  Sex?

Trip shows equal concern about her sex life. Later, on Risa, he wonders if she really goes for seven years without. He seems very interested in the sex life of Vulcans. Maybe a little too interested. (Fallen Hero)

"Will I still get a rise out of him now that he knows how old I really am?" (Fallen Hero)

Trip finds another excuse to lean into T'Pol when he offers to bring her a souvenir from Risa. She hopes the "souvenir" isn't contagious. (Two Days and Two Nights)

T'Pol rushes to nuture Trip while he is too out of it to notice. (Desert Crossing)

THE END...until next season

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