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Season Three


When last we saw our favorite couple, Trip was not going to let Vulcan protocols interfere with his thirst for revenge against the Xindi. T'Pol managed to go a whole season without shooting Trip. Trip asked T'Pol to a movie and she didn't say *yes,* so Trip interpreted that as *no.* They had moved from the misunderstanding in Season One to a good working relationship but continued miscommunication on things personal. Where will Season 3 take them?

The season begins with Trip and T’Pol thinking they are in the same edgy, approach/advoidance relationship they’ve always had. T’Pol has to be coerced into giving Trip the neuropressure treatments (‘delicacy is not a word I associate with Mr. Tucker!”) Trip has to be coerced into showing up. Once in T’Pol’s quarters, both Trip and us viewers are taken aback by the site of T’Pol in her blue silk jammies. And even more taken aback when she strips naked above the waist at least. And then that sigh of release. Was that what it sounded like?

It isn’t just Trip who is confused. The audience is as well. And although T’Pol insists she has no sexual intentions for Mr. Tucker, we have to take her at her word because all her behavior looks like she’s coming on to him.

Is she? Perhaps that subconscious that Trip warned her about back in “Breaking the Ice” is governing her actions—because, well she doesn’t act this way when giving neuropressure to other people: only Trip.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves…

Let’s just let their Season Three story unfold as it happens...

Xindi 1
In the beginning, there was neuropressure and misunderstanding. ‘Sure thing ma’am. I give backrubs to beautiful semi-naked alien women all the time. No big deal,’ but we can tell Trip's very confused.

Xindi 2
Trip's human male ego is flattered, but he still tries to bolt for the door!

Xindi 3
T’Pol tricks Trip into accepting the neuropressure challenging him with "You are not all that," And she calls him "intransigent!" And she defined the word for him! A rocky start to the season.

Xindi 4
In the game of love: T'Pol 1, Trip 0

Anomaly 1
Trip decides an hour a night with T'Pol is more appealing than leeches. Foolish decision or the best choice he ever made?

Extinction 1
Ah, the peaches! After skipping a neuropressure treatment, Trip brings a peace offering--Georgia Peaches! T'Pol is not only tempted, she eats it with her hands (mmmm, sensually delicious!), but she’ll still make him suffer. ‘Don’t think these peaches will be enough to satisfy me!”

Extinction 2
T'Pol tempts Trip to remove his shoes. And she reassures him she won't paralyze him with her neuropressure techniques. Is Trip remembering those early times when T'Pol was a little trigger happy?

Extinction 3
T’Pol reaches for Trip trying to protect him. 'Get back to the ship, man. I want you safe!' Trip is touched, but it's too early in the relationship to make comment about her new morphing look.

Rajiin 1 and 2
People are talking, T'Pol! Let them talk, Mr. Tucker.

Now that’s interesting. That ol’ subconscious playing tricks on you again, T’Pol?

Impulse 1
Trip still hasn't learned how to come right out and ask T'Pol to the movies. He has to get the whole gang involved. T'Pol is ready to give up on this dense human male.

Impulse 2
So she arranges the movie herself...in her dreams. That Trip is still not cooperating. He sits with Phlox and talks through the movie and dares to tell *her* to use logic? She zings him with her comment to "use logic more quietly" and imagines for him one of the funniest Trip facial expressions ever. She does love that intransigent human.

The Shipment 1
Oh, dear, T'Pol's two favorite men have decided to analyze a weapon. Well, sounds dangerous to her, but if they insist.

The Shipment 2
Well, the outcome was pretty dangerous, but T'Pol actually gets to hear a human tell her she was right!

Twilight 1
A bleak, sad world. Trip and T'Pol have no choice but to do their duty.

North Star 1
A dusty, backward world. But Trip and T’Pol share a horse—and look how tightly she’s holding on!

Similitude 1
Meanwhile, in the real world of Enterprise, our half naked, incredibly buff pair continue to delude themselves that they’re only doing neuropressure for their health. Oh yeah. We believe that!

Similitude 2
Trip is having a hard time (uh, pun intended…?) pretending there’s nothing sexual about lying with his head in T’Pol’s crotch looking up her pajama top.

Similitude 3
The sweetest kiss ever. Even your stalwart Trip/T’Poler webmistresses were ready to believe T’Pol was just kissing Sim—until “Harbinger” that is.

Wait for it. It’s just a couple of caps down!

Proving Ground 1
Trip calls T’Pol on her tendancy to avoid him after Sim died. She denies it, but we know better.

Proving Ground 2
Trip has learned to combine flirting, work, and talking with his mouth full. T'Pol does have a beneficial effect on him.

Harbinger 1
This wasn't the beneficial effect T'Pol was going for.

Harbinger 2
Trip does love dominant women!

Harbinger 3
T'Pol is thinking about that weapon Trip transported off the ship and destroyed. She is thinking Amanda should have been holding that weapon at the time to ensure that it really was destroyed.

Harbinger 4
How closely does T'Pol watch Trip? She lists who he eats with and who touches his behind.

Harbinger 5
Uh, oh. T'Pol feels Amanda really is a threat.

Harbinger 6
When she finally gets him alone in her quarters, T’Pol maneuvers Trip into admitting he has feelings for her.

Okay. Well we don’t really need to caption these next few do we, so just enjoy!

Harbinger 7

Harbinger 8

Harbinger 9

Harbinger 10

Harbinger 11
T'Pol thanks Trip for allowing her to explore him...ahhh, she means... to explore human sexuality with him.

Harbinger 12
At first Trip rises to the bait. “What!? An EXPERIMENT? Let’s forget it ever happened!”

In terms of Trip's ego and The Game of Love: T'Pol 2, Trip 0

Harbinger 13 and 14
Trip may not like being a lab rat, but he is addicted to T'Pol's NP and isn't willing to give it up. Maybe T'Pol isn't willing to give NP up either. There *are* certain positions left to be explored.

Hatchery 1
Trip realizes for the first time that T’Pol is acting out of character but is too worried about his buddy Archer to do anything but say so.

Azati Prime 1
T'Pol realizes that her control is slipping away, but tries to pretend in front of Trip.

Azati Prime 2
After chasing her through the entire ship, Trip grabs an hysterical T'Pol out of the shuttlepod demanding to know "What the hell's wrong with you?"

Azati Prime 3 and 4
In the heat of the battle, T'Pol cries *Engineering!* and Trip cries *Bridge!*

Damage 1 and Damage 2
T'Pol can't get Trip out of her mind, dreaming erotically of him in the midst of the catastrophe that has befallen Enterprise.

Damage 3 and Damage 4

Damage 5 and Damage 6

Damage 7
Yet her dreams reveal not only her desires, but her greatest fear: losing control because of her addiction to Trellium-D and harming the man she cares for.

Damage 8
Even strung out, T’Pol searches for Trip, looking relieved to find him alive. Her sends her away because, “Engineerin’s not the safest place to be right now.”

Damage 9
T’Pol confesses to Phlox that she became addicted because she liked the feelings she was allowed to experience, and “wanted more.” Phlox quickly identifies Trip as part of the ‘more’ she wanted.

The Forgotten 1 and 2
Concerned for her man, T’Pol climbs through the broken down messhall to find Trip. Angry and unaware how close to the edge he is, Trip tries to deflect her concern.

The Forgotten 3
Trip finally acknowledges the grief for his sister that he has been suppressing since “The Expanse.” T’Pol reaches out in compassion, and for the first time, they are really in synch with each other. Such a beautiful scene.

E2 1 and 2
Trip tries to comfort T'Pol because now he is worried about her, but she won't let him. He asks if she is avoiding him because of, you know...but she is still fighting in vain to regain control of her emotions and chases him away. They decide to call the whole thing off.

E2 3
Well, can't call the whole thing off when you have a hundred-year-old son hanging around. A stunned T’Pol learns that Lorian, the half-Vulcan visitor from the past, is her son –and Trip’s

E2 4
Trip just loves those Vulcan ears. And Lorian will at least reveal his age - maybe someday T'Pol will!

E2 5
Trip had said before that he wouldn’t want to know who he was going to marry. But recounting what details of their honeymoon he learned from Lorian and the database, he now he seems delighted to know it will be T’Pol. When T’Pol tries to deny the possibility Trip calls her stubborn. He doesn't insult her by defining the word, but he does leave her to think things over.

In The Game of Love: T'Pol 2, Trip 1

E2 6 and 7
The young T'Pol, overwhelmed by everything, visits theolder and wiser T'Pol who tells her younger self to “Trust Trip” because she “could not imagine her life without him."

The Council 1
Just as Phlox asks T’Pol how she’s dealing with difficult emotions, Trip, the source of those emotions enters sickbay, and she BOLTS for the door. Guess she’s still overwhelmed.

Countdown 1
Even working together is getting tense.

Countdown 2
Go meditate! Trip tells T'Pol, exasperated.

Countdown 3
"Trip!" She called him Trip! Never expected that.

Countdown 4
Trip tells her he is there for her, and if she needs to talk, he is all ears.

Countdown 5
Hmm, T'Pol is beginning to think Trip only wants her for her ears.

Countdown 6
*Whoops! Careful or she'll realize you can't wait to get your hands on her ears again.*

Countdown 7
They get back to work, misunderstandings over for the moment.

Countdown 8
Trip talks about what he will do when they return to earth, including buying drinks for the crew, Archer, and T'Pol. He asks T'Pol, "What about you?"

Countdown 9
T'Pol misunderstands Trip's question and gives him permission to buy her a drink.

Countdown 10
Trip laughs and says, "What are your plans for the future?" He gives her a challenging look. Trip isn't going to have his ego stepped on again by taking T'Pol up on her offer, but he does delight in the thought of buying her a drink!

In The Game of Love: T'Pol 2, Trip 2

Countdown 11
T'Pol in a Starfleet uniform has Trip all excited. She loves him! She wants to be with him always!

Countdown 12
T'Pol is just considering the Starfleet option, Trip, so don't jump the gun.

Countdown 13
Yeah, right. Trip *knows.*

Countdown 14
T'Pol promises she and Trip can disable to spheres while Trip isn't as sure. Trip, sweetie, T'Pol has complete faith in your abilities.

Countdown 15
T'Pol has new orders: look out for Trip. Now part of her official duties as well as her recreational joy.

Zero Hour 1 and 2
Both Earth and Vulcan are at risk from the Sphere Builders, and it is up to Trip and T'Pol to save both worlds. The Engineer in Trip is disturbed that T'Pol's plan could blow up the ship, but she is adamant: they must be ready.

Zero Hour 3 and 4
They work together on the bridge to destroy the spheres, and succeed.

Zero Hour 5
T'Pol has gotten good at comforting Trip.

Zero Hour 6
Taking T'Pol's hand, Trip teases her that Vulcans aren't so tough after all.

Zero Hour 7
Still holding her hand, Trip tells T'Pol "You look nice like this, kind of like an old oil painting." That's beautiful,Trip. You are a romantic.

Zero Hour 8
An old oil painting? "I am not old!" Uh oh, Trip. Misunderstanding. But they resolve their miscommunication this time!

Zero Hour 9
Is T'Pol a little defensive? "I am not old! I will only be 66 years old on my next birthday!"

Zero Hour 10
Trip isn't surprised by her age - he probably guessed long ago how old she is - but is surprised she told him. "Why now?"

Zero Hour 11
She hadn't told him her age before because...age, to a Vulcan, is intimate information.

Zero Hour 12
Intimate, huh?

Zero Hour 13
The important conversation is interrupted, and we are left with a cliff hanger until next season. What would have happened next?

Zero Hour 14
Tragedy hits. Archer is dead. Trip and T'Pol are stunned by the loss of their friend.

Zero Hour 15
T'Pol, healing slowly from the encounter with the sphere, echoes Trip's words that ‘Vulcans aren't so tough.’ Recognizing the truth of his words, she realizes that Old T'Pol was right about him: she should ‘trust Trip.’

Zero Hour 16
As the season ends, it's back to work, we leave our favorite couple tied in the game of love.

Their personal relationship is on the back burner until next season, but united in their resolve can they do anything but grow closer?


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the amount of work you did, does this credit,

very excellent, easy readings, i was hoping it wasnt trip though

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