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Season Two


How far Trip and T’Pol have come since last season! Trip doesn’t even flinch when she points a weapon his direction. They work well together and banter like old friends. Wouldn’t it have been nice to see how all this came about?

Is Trip ‘whipped’? Exhibit A: Well, T’Pol certainly thinks he *should* be. Why else ask “What took you so long”?

**Scorched the nacelles, did he?**

<< So you noticed that little pyrotechnic display, did you, T’Pol? >> (Shock Wave 2)

Way to go, Trip! You're the perfect dinner companion: “Just how old *are* you?" Whaddya expect her to say?

<< And, T'Pol, so exactly *why* is keeping your age a secret from Trip so important? >>

"Looks like that was a *large* wine indulgence after all, Subcommander."

"C'mon, T'Pol! A Vulcan gave up everything to stay on Earth? That's quite the fairy tale!"

<< We love Our Man Trip, but he *can* be a bit thick about picking up subtext. >>

This look would melt the heart of a Horta—T’Pol never had a chance. After all, she is only Vulcan!

<< Sigh, and after all the trouble T’Pol went through to design an evening's entertainment just for Trip, he misinterprets her motivations. >> (Carbon Creek)

Worried and working together. Shared angst becomes these two! (Minefield)

**First Ah’Len, then Lianna, now a piece of fish? What is it with this man and his need to make me jealous?**

No comment. (Dead Stop)

**Was that "good ears” comment a come on or a compliment on my hearing? What about my *ears*?**

Lots of lovely standing close. And Trip and T’Pol do make a bold fashion statement with “His and Hers” head bands. (Marauders)

Working with new technology always brings our duo together.

Sigh! Sharing a lingering glance. (Communicator)

Trip teases T’Pol about getting close enough for a picture of a *Black Hole*? Ya right! Anything to get her attention!

**First Ah’Len, then Lianna, then a piece of fish, and now his camera? What about ME?**

T’Pol again draws Trip’s attention to her ears.

<< Hmm, T’Pol, he is interested in more than your hearing, but you never seem to notice! >>

Is Trip ‘whipped’? Exhibit B: *Everyone* is fixated on something, but will Trip stop working on the chair to help his buddy, the Cap’n? Why no. How about Malcolm? Nope again. T’Pol? Doh! The man can’t even tell the difference between “urgent” and “important”! [Thanks to TheCursor for this one.]

T’Pol is stunned when Trip rushes to her room then rejects her for a chair.

**He wasn't ignoring me! He was atmospherically challenged. But it was harsh when he said he wouldn't cater to my whims.** (Singularity)

#1 Trip gets caught with his pants down. << Ahem, *enough* with the alien chicks, Trip! You’ve let her know you’re not biased toward humans! >> ….And…..

#2 T’Pol gives Kaitaama the Death Stare.

**First Ah’Len, then Lianna, then a piece of fish, then a camera, now a princess?** (Precious Cargo)

Trip asks T’Pol to Movie Night. As TheCursor says, ‘nuff said!

**I once again demonstrate for him the wonders of my ears (by hearing his confusion about the movie and explaining the progression of events), and he suggests a movie? Am I going to have to get this man back into decon before I get any ear action?** (Catwalk)

Sigh, hints of miscommunication between our couple begin to surface.

**This woman doesn’t know me. My engines are just so much data to her. How dare she talk about my babies as though they were inanimate objects.**

**This man is unreasonable. I give him a perfectly logical explanation why Vulcans took the planet and he wants proof? Doesn’t he know logical explanations don’t require proof?** (Cease Fire)

The Scientist and the Romantic contemplate time travel...

...Trip doesn't want to know who he will marry, it's the journey not the destination...

...T'Pol's first reaction to Vulcan/Human mating is NO WAY JOSÉ! but...

...she gets a *long* look at Trip's fine glutes...

**Hmm, maybe human/Vulcan mating isn't so impossible after all.***

...and quickly follows him out the door. (Future Tense)

T’Pol wants her man back! No excuses! The alien is trembling.

Trip’s too beat to look back, but T’Pol fixes a *long* look at the Engineer’s face, and then….

…gets herself last in line for *another* extended view of his backside.

**I’ll get Mr. Tucker to my cabin, into a nice bath, a massage, and….** (Canamar)

T’Pol notices that even though his exterior and his love of food are present, "Mr. Tucker" clearly is not.

**I want him whole, annoying personality and all.**

Even the disembodied WispTrip pauses to check out the Subcommander’s assets. (The Crossing)

T’Pol loves...

...to get up close and personal...

...when trying to convince Trip her way is best. (Judgment)

Trip brings all of his loves together for one night:

food, horror, film, science, science run amok, and T’Pol. However…

...T'Pol doesn't want to go to the movie.

**First Ah’Len, then Lianna, then a piece of fish, a camera, a Princess, a harmonica, and now a movie? A horror movie? Sigh, but he is so handsome, he is hard to resist.**

A book?

A book over a movie?

You just don’t like anything I like, do you? Not my camera, not my harmonica, not my food, not my movies….

Miscommunication erupts, and the date evaporates.

<< Sigh, and after all the trouble Trip went through to devise an evening's entertainment for T’Pol. >>

The symbolism of volcanic activity framing Trip this scene was just too much to ignore. More foreshadowing of his volatile relationship with T’Pol? (Horizon)

The boy does *not* give up on a chance to tease T’Pol about her age!

<< …and she’s *still* not saying! What’s so logical about that? Hmmmmmm? >>

Major angst and miscommunication. Neither listens to the other as they talk past each other.

Trip tells T'Pol he wants to save the Cogenitor, but she is more concerned with "First Contact" protocols. (Cogenitor)

Yum! Lingering glances and non-verbal bantering. When these two do communicate...

...they do it well! (First Flight)

Ooh! Food!

Ooooooohhhhhh!!!!!, Commander Tucker!...........                                  Hey, quit pushing!

<< Looky there: LoPan noticed that PonFarr!T'Pol has taken up all of Trip's bad habits throughout the season: his never-ending eating and his predilection for stripping to his underoos. And what a long lingering look, broken only by the closing door. >> (Bounty)

T’Pol gives Trip a worried glance when she hears of his sister’s death.

Major breakthrough! Trip admits he wouldn’t push T’Pol out an airlock...even that "she kinda grows on ya!"

However, more foreshadowing – he doesn’t want to use crappy Vulcan protocols to deal with the aliens who murdered his sister. (The Expanse)

THE END! Until next season, when Lady (no longer Subcommander) T'Pol worries over Mr. Tucker's desire for revenge…

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

Great, I enjoyed looking at the pics and reading your impression of them. I look foward to next season, and I hope we get more Trip and T'Pol then we did this season.

oh that was good, but i want more pix from marauders! can't wait till season three, apparently t'pol's gettin a new uniform!

We took the best screencaps from those available on the Image Gallery where there are lots more. Feel free to wander over there for more pictures of any episode.


This was great! Thanks, Bucky and myst, for doing a great job.

I plan on doing something similar for T*M. When is another story! ;) Thanks for the inspiration, though.

Wow That's great! I've ben waiting ALL season, but it was worth it! THanks!

I was supprised you didn't point out that T'Pol ahd already deciede to go to the movie.. oh well...

Lovely pics, and great funny comments - thanks!

some more..
yep i know you all cant include them all..

Shockwave 2..
do you have any suggestions.. tpol learns how to communicate with her man on the bridge in the beginning of the episode

if you can get it a shot of the extra footage of Trip being impulsive and almost being shot on the bridge..possibly why she left engine boy behind in 7th

There is so much good stuff in Carbon Creek but one that shows how well at times they know each other..
when Tpol says vulcans dont take vacation Trip's previous vocal "oh really" has now become a silent amused reaction

in Minefield when the romulans are charging weapons Tpol goes over to be with her guy

the seeds of movie night in the discussion between Travis and Trip in Communicator. especially the wistful look

and well on the bridge in Communicator when in the midst of crisis they check each other out..

and once again in Communicator we see as far as Tpol is concerned Trip has no personal space that she cant go into..
the scene where she tells trip they are about to be executed.

i think i would throw in tpol as the Mikado to show the length she is willing to go to to get her human back..
also funny in that she seems to approve putting the alien pirate into the airlock..she looked like she wanted to help him out the other door.

Tpol give a very illogical reason why both the matter and anti matter injectors came on line.. still trying to protect her commander

Vanishing Point ..in the midst of her transporter hallucination even hoshi sees the connection between trip and tpol..
the guys tease Trip about Tpol

Dawn the scene where Tpol comes into archers ready room to report and her voice almost breaks..
Tpol by now is also starting to think breaking Trip down to stweard to keep him on the ship would be a good idea
talk about high maintenance.

Where is commander Tucker in the Crossing.. when she seems ready to leave behind all of the possessed as long as she knows trip is ok.

In Horizon Tpol 's reaction when Trip mentions he knew that mary shelley was married to a famous poet.. visions of up close and personal reading the book together form in her head..

There is an odd connection between Mauraders and Cogenitor..
she watches him going back to talk to the boy.
she sees how much he likes childern.
in cogenitor as soon as he mentions the couple wanting to have a child she turns from him.
But she misses two things..
one he has stopped talking about kids of his own.
And maybe the orphan boy in mauraders is making him thinking of other options he hadnt considered before.

There is a look right after he shakes his nay he wouldnt push her out of the airlock in expanse..
he sorta looks down as if he cant take much more..
he lost Lizzie, he is losing Tpol and then he changes the subject..

no wonder he acts like he cant wait for her to leave.

Hey! You guys missed a major point on the "book club" scene on Horizon! It was T'Pol who brought up the book, but Trip who misinterpreted her words and said the words "book club"! Until he said that she had never mentioned involving the rest of the crew on the book reading! I think our sub-commander prefers small, more intimate social situations, not big groups. (In other words, "Skip the movie and come to my quarters!") And besides, when she went to Phlox for the hypospray earlier in the ep, she said she had been "coerced" (sp?) into seeing the movie that night, meaning that she was already planning on going with Trip, even if she hadn't directly conveyed that to the engineer himself (at least not directly enough for him to pick up on). So if she had already been coerced into going, why the banter in the situation room? She was playing with him obviously! Vulcan flirting! And he just didn't get it! "Book Club" my ass. That was Trip's fault.

I like your views on the scene in Horizon. Going back over that episode, I have to agree that your observations are very reasonable. Anyway, I am biased and I would agree with anything that hints TT.
When is Season 3 going to be up?

The symbolism with the volcano was genius and yet so obvious, it was a great observation. The food staring scene (bounty) has to be the hardest proof yet but was it all a side-effect of behaviour from the virus? Trip's final comment brings you closer and then puts you back to square one, it's great! I Look forward to next season.

So guys there really is a Tucker and Trip relationship in Season 3. How do you like it so far? I think they're made for each other.

It's been said before, but if they try to pursue that dumb Archer line, I will be so pissed.

Trip and T'Pol are made for each other. I hope the writers have realized it, because they are the only reason I watch now.

That's so great. Thnx a lot!
I'm so glad, that there's a relationship.
But there's something that disturbres me alittle.
But I'm looking forward to see all that here.

Greetz from Germany

in the pics of T'POl in her underwear stuffing her mouth with food (so not vulcanish)what ep is it fro and what the heck is going on with her?