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The abomination dubbed a "finale" by TPTB

The abomination dubbed a "finale" by TPTB

reviewed by Kevin Thomas Riley

Jolene Blalock was right. This so-called "finale" is "f*cking appalling". John Billingsley was right. Many things about These are the Voyages are "somewhat flaccid and dramatically arbitrary". Or I could rather say that they're wrong because this episode is beyond appalling, beyond flaccid and beyond dramatically arbitrary! This is a gigantic slap in the face to Star Trek in general and to ENT in particular. Rick Berman and Brannon Braga sure have a distorted view of what would constitute a "Valentine for the fans".

Every single craptastic spoiler revealed to those of us that feed on them has turned out to be true. I'm very thankful that I knew all about it beforehand. I can't imagine the utter shock and disgust some of the unspoiled must have felt when confronted with this garbage, especially since this was aired right after the excellent Terra Prime, the episode I now consider ENT's true finale. Some say that These are the Voyages (TATV) is more to be considered a finale for Star Trek as a whole, but even as that this episode is total crap. No wonder the franchise is in trouble when something like this episode is even allowed to be produced!

I don't even know where to begin!? Despite that the opening credits say Star Trek: Enterprise, TATV is in effect an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The crew of the NX-01 that we've gotten to know and care about over the past four years aren't even present in this episode. What we see are holographic recreations of them in a game played out by Commander Riker on the Enterprise-D some two hundred years ahead. He has to make a decision about disobeying a senior officer set during TNG's seventh season episode The Pegasus. Playing out a game about the final days of NX-01 is supposed to help him to come to a correct decision. Those having seen The Pegasusof course know what Riker will decide - but there was no trace of any holo-diversions in that episode! I must admit that when I learned about this I didn't even remember The Pegasus and had to look it up. So an unmemorable episode from one of the weakest seasons of TNG is the setting for what rightfully should be a finale for ENT! Colour me unimpressed would be a gross understatement. I won't even go into all the ways TATV probably contradicts events in The Pegasus because I frankly don't give a damn! I don't care about TNG anymore.

Commander Riker and Counselor Troi are de facto the stars in TATV even though they are labelled as guest stars. They are the protagonists of this story. The ENT crew is just a backdrop, and an unreal one at that. They're guest stars on their own show. If that's not considered insulting I don't know what is! Riker and Troi hog up about a third of the screen time when it should be about Archer, Trip, T'Pol, Phlox, Reed, Hoshi, Travis and even Porthos.

ENT hasn't been well received by some Trek fans and one running joke among those has been that ENT is no more than a holo-novel. I never ever imagined that the final episode of ENT actually would depict just that :eek:! Riker's numerous "computer freeze program" lines made me cringe every time. What could be the only redeeming feature about this episode is the final montage of the three starships Enterprise - with voiceovers from Picard, Kirk and Archer - but that is tainted by the sickness inducing "computer end program" line by Riker right before, when we see the Federation signing ceremony dissolve into a hologrid.

The Next Generation was never my favourite Trek series and Riker and Troi were always for various reasons my least favourite characters on that show. Over the years I've progressively found that TNG has aged badly. Even episodes I remember as good doesn't fare well for repeated watchings. The crew was bland and boring and its preachy political correctness really gets on my nerves. It doesn't sit well with me, to say the least, to now have that show, and these characters, stealing the swan song for the only Trek show since the original series that made me excited about Trek again.

It is insulting to watch Riker and Troi, many years beyond their prime, walking around the NX-01 treating it like a quaint museum piece, giggling about cramped quarters with no fish tank and saying that Archer was "cute". It's disrespectful to our characters and our ship. It's a contrived plot device that ultimately serves no purpose except for Berman and Braga to pat each other on the back for an old show the once made. Contrived references to TNG abound. Holo-Reed talks about "all good things" (the title of TNG's finale) and Holo-Archer and Holo-Trip cheers to "the next generation". Forgive me if I get sick again!

What is learned in the end? Riker did come to decision to disobey a senior officer but we knew that already. At this point I could care less and I fail to see what it was in the NX-01 holo-adventure that taught him that. If watching Trip disobey Archer and blow himself up was what pushed Riker in the right direction, then that speaks volumes about Riker's decision-making abilities. Trip's death was utterly contrived and pointless. It served no dramatic purpose. He killed himself just so Archer could go home and deliver another speech. How does that tie-in with Riker deciding whether he should rat out an Admiral for a serious treaty violation? It makes no sense. And I laughed out loud when Troi at one point said to Riker that he wouldn't have gotten "this far in his career by making easy decisions"! Far in his career? Puh-leez! Riker is a washout. No one serves as XO on the same ship for as long as he did unless he's deemed unfit for a command of his own. That was even a point in The Best of Both Worlds but that lesson was quickly forgotten. Another reason why I can't take the Riker character seriously!

Trip dying is just thrown in there for Braga's twisted sense of what constitutes big "Drama". But he completely fails to invoke that. The entire events are conveniently set up just to kill off Trip. The viewer even learned of it before it happens when Troi at some point says that Trip has no idea that he will not be making it back. It's all contrived plot devices. The Trip character is a huge fan favourite and he's killed for pure shock effect and "draaaaaamaaaa". But it's not poignant or meaningful. Killing himself for his Captain might sound like that but it really isn't since the entire episode hammers in the importance of what will be the biggest day of Archer's life, when he gets to deliver a speech at the signing of the Federation charter. Colour me unimpressed! Archer shouldn't put himself in harms way because he has to deliver a speech we are told is important - but in the end we never get to hear it!

The Killer Bees didn't bother to come up with a plot that would make Trip's sacrifice meaningful. His death is rushed. Suddenly there's an intruder alert and what does Archer and Trip do? They run out to face the aliens. The MACOs are nowhere to be seen! These are people that have fought of numerous adversaries in the past, defeated the Xindi, Klingons, Romulans and Augments alike, and now they suddenly act like I don't know what... Total idiots! We see Trip act way out of character, panicking like we've never seen him do before. He's supposed to be a brilliant engineer, one of Starfleet's finest, and he's gotten himself and the ship out of trouble countless times before. But what does he do when the random aliens-of-the-week beam onboard and threatens them? He blows himself and the aliens up! The last we see of him is being whisked into a scanning chamber in sickbay, all the while poor Phlox spouts some medical technobabble. That's it! What a crappy death scene! Compare that to the very moving scene in Observer Effect. We then see T'Pol packing up Trip's belongings. Sim got a proper funeral and even Porthos (even if that was a dream). If Trip's death should have any dramatic effect it should show how his friends and colleagues deals with it. But we see none of that. The only thing we see are Archer and T'Pol talking a little about it but that conversation isn't much about Trip really. Oh, I almost forgot. It wasn't enough to literally kill Trip, they had to assassinate his character too! Suddenly his a Southern hick who can't speak proper English again, and he dropped out of college and learned advanced warp theory by working on boat engines! Geez...

T'Pol is acting out of character the entire episode. I don't know who that was but it wasn't the T'Pol I know. Even in her worst up-trelliumed self she felt more Vulcan. She was just... odd! Archer says she doesn't trust Andorians and never have! Really? That's news to me since she hasn't acted like that before. She says that before she joined the NX-01 she thought the most important thing would be following orders. Really? Even the pre-Awakening Vulcans of this era wouldn't believe in such illogical behaviour.

Especially embarrassing is T'Pol's conversation with Riker-as-Chef. There's no way T'Pol, or any Vulcan for that matter, would confide in and talk anyone like that. Chef has been talked about during the series but he's never been shown. Now we're to believe that he actually acted as a substitute counselor just because Troi says so :wtf:! In fact, we can't take anything besides the broad strokes for granted. There's no way that the details and personal conversations could be accurate. Everything is an approximation at best. We can't even be sure about Trip blowing himself up since there was no one left alive to tell what happened exactly. To take the holo-events at face value would be like believing that the battle of Agincourt happened exactly like Shakespeare wrote in Henry V. For all we know Chef fabulated a story that's fooled everyone in the 24th century. Or his character is merely the one used by whoever decides to play out NX-01's last adventure. And the nicest thing to say about seeing Chef Riker freeze the program and then give Holo-T'Pol a peck is cringe-worthy :wtf:. Even Jolene Blalock couldn't stay perfectly still in that scene!

We learn in passing that Trip's and T'Pol's intimate relationship has been over for six years, which makes absolutely no sense, especially after seeing how Terra Prime ended. Their relationship had been building up over the course of two seasons (at least) and we eventually found out that they bonded Vulcan-style. And now we're to assume that "nah, it didn't work out" :wtf:! So everything, all the angst, the feelings, the dancing around each other, all was for naught? What was the point of Home and Bound and every other episode and scene between these two if all we get in the end is TATV? It makes no sense! What happened to the Bond? Somehow I very much doubt that a Vulcan bond can be made undone just like that. But here it's just forgotten. It even makes no dramatic sense in the context of Trip's death. Wouldn't it be more dramatic if Trip and T'Pol were a couple and he had to factor in their love when he made his sacrifice? Wouldn't it be more dramatic to show how T'Pol would grieve the loss of her bond-mate? And if their relationship isn't that important why even have Chef talk to Holo-T'Pol about it - or having MACO-Riker overhear their conversation about missing each other in the shuttlepod? I say it again - it makes no freaking sense! I admit I adore the aspect of Trip/T'Pol and have enjoyed them together. Yes, I am an unrepentant 'shipper and this really makes me mad. But even non-shippers should think that this makes no sense at all. Sure, couples grow apart and break up all the time but this is never shown here. We never know why. We're just incidentally told that they're over and for what? It makes no sense!

Another fan favourite whose character is assassinated (though not literally) here is Shran. For some unexplained reason he's out of favour with the Andorian Imperial Guard after associating himself with criminal elements :rolleyes:! Uh, that's not the Shran we've got to know these past four years :wtf:. These criminals (the aliens-of-the-week) believe Shran stole some gem and has kidnapped his daughter in order to get it back. Shran now wants Archer, en route to Earth for the Federation signing ceremony, to help him. The plot is completely nonsensical and serves no other purpose than to set up Trip's death. Shran comes off as a jewel-stealing ass! What an end for our favourite blue-skin!

The other characters get the short shrift. Reed even hammers it in as he laments that he, Hoshi and Travis didn't exactly get VIP seats at the signing ceremony - instead relegated to the backbenches. And after ten years they still haven't gotten any promotions. Travis and Hoshi then beats Harry Kim for the dubious honour of being "perpetual ensigns".

Jolene Blalock said that TATV is a reminder of why ENT got cancelled and she's right indeed. This kind of sloppy writing (though not this bad; TATV makes A Night in Sickbay smell like roses in comparison) in the early seasons is what killed the show. When it got much better in seasons three and four it was too little too late. Too many viewers had already tuned out and they weren't coming back. Lack of promotion didn't help either. It is really a huge shame that ENT goes out like this. Season four under Manny Coto's showrunnership has been one of the best Treks in ages but of course the Killer Bees had to make one last appearance and with TATV crap all over the preceding excellence.

TATV is certainly by far the worst Trek finale ever and quite possibly the worst Trek episode of all time, and since this is also the very last Trek episode made it is a sad event indeed. I can find no redeeming qualities about this whatsoever. It is complete and utter crap! It's a waste of time and space and serves no purpose aside from showing us that Rick Berman and Brannon Braga have long since outlived their usefulness. It is hard to imagine that they actually created this show I've come to love and even have done some good episodes in the past.

Watching TATV is a surreal experience. You might be fooled into believing you've entered the Twilight Zone or the Bizarro world. Everything is so warped that the Mirror Universe seems much more plausible a future. The entire episode is so disjointed with the rest of ENT that if you accept it you might as well accept that the movie Galaxy Quest is a true part of Star Trek - the difference being that TATV isn't even remotely funny. Suspension of disbelief can only take you so far. I can't take TATV seriously. Coming up with excuses and explanations for what happens in it is a futile gesture. I shall exorcise it from canon and if that makes me a hypocrite then I can live with it. It's not like we'll see any new Trek in the foreseeable future anyway. Whatever transpired, if it transpired, was the result of actions taken by Future Guy and the Temporal Cold War! Besides, Terra Prime is ENT's true finale! There, I feel better already!

Oh, my grade? Well, a big fat ZERO, or as the Americans would say:


That's F as in F*cking crap!

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

You know, I was actually entertained by the episode and was willing to let a lot of the inconsistancies slide (it had been 6 years). As soon as Trip died, all that went out the window.

What a fucking travesty.

i donīt see the episode yet but i canīt belive that this is the finale, the writers are so stupid they ruined the show.
i have a question: is tru that connor and jolenne
are angry for the finale??
i canīt belive how trip died i hate B/B
please if some day you see one of them walking for the street please please kick their ask (i canīt do it because i live in Argentina but you canīt please do it, ther are two peaces of crap)

well that summed it up nicely...thx

Yup, Jolene has on numerous occasions called TATV "f*cking appalling!"

And both she and Connor never showed up at the wrap party.

>>>On 01 June 2005 at 05:10 PM Brian said:
You know, I was actually entertained by the episode and was willing to let a lot of the inconsistancies slide (it had been 6 years). As soon as Trip died, all that went out the window.>>>

That was as good a summary as any I've seen -- we KNEW this was a historical recreation with all the shining accuracy for which the holodeck is renowned among Trekkies, and that a great deal had to be made up by the program because of the lack of constant recording the later crews took for a given. We were, therefore, prepared for inaccuracies and indeed might have sat back and reacted to this as one might to an egregiously off-the-mark but still entertaining fan-written tale about a time past the end of the show's story arc, or as these are called, futurefic.

It IS surprising, though, like truly bad fanfic, at how off the mark it was in recreating most of the personalities. We can, however, attribute this to the program and ignore it or shake our heads at the parts the historians got wrong.

We do know that one part was right: with merely hours to go after one of the most amazing ten-year journeys in human history, Trip Tucker never *did* make it home.

Charles Tucker was served no better by posterity than by fate, if this program was any guide. Whether by gasping one final time in Dr. Phlox's emergency bay or drifting off to sleep one final time in extreme old age, every human who served on that ship had been dead for over a century. Only two who served on that ship could theoretically be alive to see this account for the extreme disservice it is and correct it so that future generations in service might know the truth, but they are both unlikely to have reason to access it.

With no ubiquitous cameras, there is no way to know what truly went on between Archer's appearances in that corridor. The program extrapolates wildly, most likely to the original-launch version of Commander Tucker captured in the popular media spiced with a few Captain's and Personal Logs before exploring had to be abandoned in favor of destroying. The time for memoirs came after the journey, and there would be none from the Chief Engineer.

Like a bad historical movie starring the spectacularly-untalented Flavors-of-the Month, it kept the *idea* of the characters, but more as simple avatars in service of Riker's ongoing self-examination -- Starfleet's version of the Sims.

The smile and wink that seems to have been Archer's goodbye from the man who was in effect his last family member is completely believable, contrary to much popular speculation. Those who have worked in the medical or rescue fields have myriad stories to relate of the sudden calm near-hyperlucidity which patients in their agonal seconds can exhibit, almost as if they forget their morbidity for a short period because there is something else of such overriding importance it must be addressed.

Who more important than the one for whom that life was actually sacrificed in the protection of? For Trip Tucker, seeing his oldest and dearest non-consanguineal relative in Starfleet in such anguish could indeed provoke a like moment.

Quite literally, Charles Tucker, the man who was Starfleet's de facto First Ship's Counselor, HAD to take time out of his own impending death and comfort someone else one last time.

THAT was the truest and best memory in the entire program.


do you know if connor will have another job in the future? in some space series??
is own trip series

I've never replied publically about a show - goes to just how badly written I feel this was. It was inconsistent, poorly written and a hastily put together "make do".
I'd agree with most, just ignore the season ending and think of Trip and T'Pol saying goodbye to Elizabeth as the show ending, at least it made sense.

The finale was meant to punish the fans who faithfully stuck with ENTERPRISE through thick and thin. For Trip and T'Pol true believers, it was especially offensive. There will always be Trip and T'Pol happily in love with friends and family in the AU I construct for them via fanfic. Sorry. Manny Coto was quoted as saying he liked TATV, but I can't ever buy that. I'm with Joli B.; it was appalling. The kind of 'rubbing one's nose in it' appalling. The finale was 'Terra Prime,' and little Lizzie lives!

^ For the record, my view is that TATV is in an AU, not Trip and T'Pol living happily ever after ;)!

the finale really did it in for me. I am deleting all my Startrek Enterprise files that I have downloaded. I will only visit this site now and then . I really hate them people who kill off Trip. As Kevin T Riley said ' the finale was meant to punish the fans who faithfully stuck with ENTERPRISE through thick and thin'They are really mean mean MEAN. I put in a very BIG WISH that somebody out there will want another season of Enterprise with the crew intact. So much said. goodbye and bless all you great writers and fans of Trip and T'Pol.

"And I laughed out loud when Troi at one point said to Riker that he wouldn't have gotten "this far in his career by making easy decisions"! Far in his career? Puh-leez! Riker is a washout. No one serves as XO on the same ship for as long as he did unless he's deemed unfit for a command of his own."

It looks like maybe you haven't seen much TNG. Riker was offered his own command on a number of occasions, and always turned down the promotion because he WANTED to stay on the Enterprise-D.

^ And that tells me Riker is afraid of a command of his own. I bet Starfleet Command soon realized that too and stopped offering him that promotion. As far as I'm concerned the USS Titan can hardly be more than a garbage scow.

*has to go kick something now*
If I were one of the actors on the show, I'd have convinced the others to simply go on strike and refuse to shoot such a travesty (well, except with a gun of course ;) ).
ow and btw the reason JB was so out of character was that she was upset during the entire shooting.
I'm already angry as a Vulcan without control, and I haven't even SEEN the thing yet (year behind in holland)!!!

I've made the comment elsewhere and I'll make it here. The whole incident in which CDR Tucker was "killed" was clearly a Starfleet cover up to allow CDR Tucker and his bondmate T'Pol (Tucker) to safely retire out of the public limelight in wake of continuing death threats from organizations such as Terra Prime. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I have personally liked the holodeck, especially for the manner it was used in TNG-era series. I suppose it would make an excellent tactical training tool but how likely is it that any historical recreation would be even remotely correct? We can't get Kennedy-era personalities correct and that was only 40+ years ago and they expect me to believe that they can get 200+ year personalites right? Come on...

Frak them. TnT live happily ever after. Period.

^^ Sorry. That should read: "I have personally NEVER liked"...

OK... Yesterday I saw demons and terra prime... I was sad : only one episode and then, nothing...
two minutes ago, I was looking at my last ep. (with strange people doing strange things... -I don't have seen Next Generation...) and my ears died suddenly when I heard "Commander Tucker had no idea he wouldn't make it back." I shut down my video.

End of Enterprise...

I don't want to know who is this woman... I don't like her... She was implied that Trip will die... I couldn't tolerate that... The end of Enterprise was not a funny thing, but the end of MY Trip... no no no no !!!

I'm going to look and (again) the last image of TERRA PRIME. I'm please whith this end... I don't want to see more...

I refuse to leave them sacager my last images of Enterprise with the dead body of MY Trip !!


Terra Prime is the last ép. of Enterprise.

Yquem37 -sorry for my very bad english...

I have just recently watched Season 4 of Enterprise, and I must say, while some episodes were interesting, a lot of it felt rushed, like they were trying to quickly tie up some of the loose ends before the final conclusion of the series. To be honest, I was actually really intrigued in Tucker and T'Pol becoming involved together, which is very rare for me. I really do not like romance movies or T.V. Series. Don't ask me why unless you are desperate to know, but this does not mean that I'm not a romantic guy or cold hearted, infact, it is the exact opposite. Anyway, it was one of the main reasons that made me curious to watch the next episode, so I could find out how they'd finally end up in the end. When I saw the finale of Enterprise, I was in awe and absolutely distressed. I was dismayed with the fact that the episode had a rather weak storyline, which was unworthy of such accomplished actors and actresses, and when I saw Trip die near the end of the episode, well I felt sick from disgust. Trip was an integral part of the series, and to kill him off at the end was a disgrace to his character and a dishonor to the fans of StarTrek. To be killed off in the last episode is a dire travesty. This is not a befitting way to end the series at all. This is actually reminiscent of a movie called Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. (I wish to use this movie for comparison). Being a huge MK fan back in the day, I was absolutely apalled when Johnny Cage was killed right at the beginning of the movie just as I was apalled when Trip was killed near the end of the finale. It was as if the writer was trying to hit all the loyal fans in the face with a cheap shot. I still cannot deduce nor comprehend why and/or how the writer could make such an episode like this. To tell you the truth, I am not a trekkie. I do not like StarTrek, nor do I hate it. I find it to be quite interesting, but nevertheless, I remain neutral. However, I find that the finale is a detriment to trekkies and non-trekkies alike and I for one am frustrated that it had to end like this. After watching every episode of Enterprise, I have to say that this series had great potential, especially season 3, which was personally my favorite. As a writer myself, I believe that this series, if written properly, could have been a great one, but now, it's too late to change the past.

I console myself by thinking that because TNG is 200 years ahead of Enterprise, their historical records regarding life on the NX-01 are WAY off! So nothing happened the way it showed there, if it happened at all.

I too am in denial about this ep! (Hey, I have the T-shirt - Clan Denial - already!) Even my brother, who is not as big a fan as I am, hates this ep with a passion and said that to him it doesn't exist.

Manny Coto rescued Enterprise from being dreck... too bad he couldn't boot the REAL dreck (Braga & Berman) off the Paramount lot completely! Since "Frame of Mind" I've been saying they should lock Brannon Braga out of the writing offices. Better yet, send him to a distant galaxy and let him get life-sucked by the Wraith! Or killed by the Cylons! Just keep him away from my Trek! (Actually, he should stay away from the Wraith and Cylons too - they're too good for him.)


Yeah, this review was the best one I've read so far really. True to the letter.

But! There is a new project launched to get MORE enterprise, "direct to dvd". A petition and additional info can be found here: http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?STENTDVD

Let's not let them get away with this "thing" as the last episode of Enterprise! Come on! Fight back!

It has to be said again and again. That 'ending' is sooo not Trek. I have always been a sci fi fan and Trek has been one on and off. Enterprise brought me back to Trek after many years. Infact, i was visiting friends and saw they had the series and watched it for the first time this year (06). I was out of the country when it aired. I instantly got addicted and was pulled into the Trip/T'pol relationship. That last episode..I wish I hadnt seen it. It still upsets me. No way was that true to the characters. They wimped out. I just wish i could remove the memory of it from my brain. How dare they! Enterprise could have been so much more ...

I arrive with a lot of delay, but in Italy that garbage of last episode has been transmitted two weeks ago.
I don't have words to comment. It is not possible that a series as Enterprise ends in a way so messed up and stupid. Nothing of that that I have seen has sense. Only crap!
I have never been a true fan of Star Trek, I have discovered Enterprise and I have immediately loved all the characters, especially T'Pol and Trip and their history. Terra Prime is the true end, with the opening on possible developments of the relationships between Trip and T'Pol. What I have seen, sold as final episode, is only garbage!


This is so sad.

Just watched TATV re-run... It still SUCKS OUT LOUD. It's been more than a year since I saw it the first time and I had forgotten how sick it made me feel. How dare they do that to us?? Then turn around and call it a treat. B*stards. I agree with all the above feelings of disgust and shock but wish to add one... what about Trip's parents?? Wasn't it bad enough to lose their daughter? Now their son? How cruel. Also, I fail to understand why they would blow off the whole T/T relationship after carefully developing it over 4 seasons. I just don't get it. They added that whole romantic/sexual aspect to the show to widen their audience by showing some skin and threw in a soap opera romance to maybe pull in the wives/teenage daughters of existing Trekies who happened to be walking by the tv... "hey who's that cutie? Awe... he's in love with a Vulcan?" Bang - Hooked. So I watch for 2 years to get that slap in the face for my loyalty? Killer Bees indeed. Got any bug spray?
Anyway. I just hated all of it. I never liked Next Generation and was duely unimpressed to have that whiney Troi and an overwieght Riker barge onto my show's finale and steal far too much of the screen time. Time that would have been better spent explaining other stuff or maybe allowing us to see the crew actually react to Trip's soooooo stupid death. I could have done without Travis, Hoshi and Malcom bitching about their seats... I would have prefered to listen to them bitch about Trip being dead.
If killing off Trip was absolutely the only way to go for their lame ass story to work they should have at least taken the time to write it so it made a bit of sense. Maybe let the viewers feel like the death of a beloved character wasn't unnecessary suicide. Connor and Jolene did some of their worst acting in this episode and I don't blame them one bit. They worked so hard to make this delicate relationship believable and they did a fabulous job. Jolene probably never thought she'd have to bare herself when she signed on for the role of a Vulcan!! They must have been so disgusted to see this script.

I think the only scene that didn't make me want to puke was the Archer/T'Pol scene in Trip's quarters. T'Pol sniffing Trip's uniform. That spoke volumes right there. Of course she still loves him! And her being upset that he told her the pain of losing her mother would lessen over time when in fact it got worse. In her mind I'm sure she was realizing how much pain she would no doubt suffer in mourning Trip.

Worst hour of television I've ever been subjected to...twice. Ick, bleck, pthuy.
Next time it comes around I'll remember to ignore it.
Thanks for letting me vent :)

Hit in the bulleye! 100% accuracy! Every single word in your review!

"These Are the Voyages" didn't happen. Let's all agree that "Terra Prime" is the series finale, that Trip and T'Pol, while maybe never marrying, at least maintained and enjoyed their love for one another -- a love they built convincingly in spite of the obstacles. What happened in that crap TATV episode was just holodeck nonsense, a fantasy, a program that didn't represent the actual fate of the characters.


I wish i hadda caught the series when it started but this has to be the worst series finaly i have or will ever see i cant belive they ended it like that just when it was getting really interesting ... i want to rant further but seems its all said above .........