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A Message, by boushh

A Message

Music by Coldplay, video by boushh

This video was a long time coming for me and I'm very glad I finally completed it.

The video is edited to the song "A Message" by Coldplay. The video idea has been bouncing around in my head since the album XY came out. The album itself works for T/T on different levels, but this particular song really spoke to me. It started off with a scene here or there, but I quickly realized that it was a song that could be done in Trip's point of view and follow with T'Pol's point of view through to the ending.

I wanted to show the different facets of their relationship: the support, the friendship, the love, the longing, the sexiness, the miscommunication, the fun, and the angst. T/T were so many things to me and I wanted to bring that across with the video. The song itself just seemed to want to help me do that. So please, watch and enjoy (hopefully) and let me know what you think.

Please Right Click and Save to your computer to save me bandwidth. The codec should be DivX compatible X-Vid. If anyone has problems playing the video, please let me know. You may contact me through my web site, which also contains some of my other work: Solocommand.com

And much thanks to everyone who has provided me feedback for this one. I appreciate it.

A Message 25mb AVI

A Message 13mb WMV

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

Great stuff...and I loved that you ended it with scenes from Enterprise's real finale aka Terra Prime, and had nothing from the Abomination that shall not be named :)

I loved your video! Thanks so much for sharing!!

This is a beautiful video. Smooth and well-paced editing. "You don't have to be alone." So telling of the Trip/T'Pol relationship.

BOUSHH--that was wonderful! Great choice of song, and a wonderful job at editing.

Excellent work!

wow dat was a gr8 song nd the scences go well 2gether thnxs xxxx

Wonderful job. I liked the way u used soem scenes that not every body had used!

Good video. Coldplay does have some pretty good TnT stuff. Here are the lyrics:

My song is love
Love to the loveless shore
And it goes on
You don't have to be alone

Your heavy heart
Is made of stone
And it's so hard to see you, clearly
You don't have to be on your own
You don't have to be on your own

And I'm not gonna take it back
And I'm not gonna say I don't mean that
You're the target that I'm aiming at
Can i get that message home?

My song is love
My song is love unknown,
But I'm on fire for you, clearly
You don't have to be alone
You don't have to be on your own

And I'm not gonna take it back
And I'm not gonna say I don't mean that
You're the target that I'm aiming at
And I'm nothing on my own
Got to get that message home

And I'm not gonna stand and wait
I'm not gonna leave it until it's much too late
On a platform, I'm gonna stand and say
That I'm nothing on my own
And I love you, please come home

My song is love, is love unknown?
And I've got to get that message home.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments! :) I'm very happy that you all enjoyed the video and thought it was fitting for T/T.

And thanks to t4 for posting the lyrics! :)

Great song choice...great vid. Really well edited. Thanks so much!

Loved this! This is one of the best T/T vids I've ever seen! One of my favorite songs too! Great job!

Thanks for the great video, the words of the song work so well with the scenes you used. Just beautiful!

Great job boushh! Really enjoyed this =D

That was the best video I've seen in this site. It was so wonderfully done, thank you.

Very nice video, emotional and poignant, it really touched my heart. Great job. T.

I loved it!! I've seen alot on new stuff in it not just the same clips!! I really liked it!

Just like to add my own heartfelt thanks. I never get tired of seeing Trip n T'Pol videos - especially when they contain that glorious 'shower scene!' Brilliant!!!