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Bitch, by illiriahrising


by illiriahrising

Hi! I just wanted to share the Trip/T'pol shipper vid I made. I think I have all the pertinent info in here, but if not, just let me know. :D

Inspiration for the video: I've always loved this song and I just always thought it sort of summed up the many facets of T'pol and her relationship with Trip.


Song: Bitch Format: WMV, File Size: 14.2 MB
Artist : Meredith Brooks

Download Instructions: Just right click and "save as", my bandwidth is precious!

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

cool vid i like a lot gladd y came up with that song well dont (kriky)

wow Great!!
really a good video
thanks for sharing ;)

def on my top 10 vids!

Wow, this is my absolute favourite! You did really great!

sorry i meant well done so sorry

Excellent. Sums up T'Pol and I love the line, "If that means you have to be a stronger man"... I think Trip is definitely up for it! :-)

WOW!! Absolutely loved that! On my top 10 too! Loved the clips of the mirror T'pol-nice to see her kickin sum arse and it fits in so well with the song! But, still, Trip is definately up for the challange!:-)

I just loved. I love the music, i love the ediction... is perfect *.*


I loved those "mixed part", with the probe and T'Pol's eyes! Great work!!!

Wow! This was just terrific. I laughed out loud at points because you matched the lyrics and the images so well. Nice consistency with your point of view. Excellent choice of clips. Do more, do more!! :-D Thanks.

wow great vid i love this one. WELL DONE. my fav bit is the coruse because you linked the images very well with the lyrics. very well done

Excellent video. I really liked that it suggests a more balanced perspective on T'Pol's inexplicable behavior. On the show, it always seemed she was so unfair to poor Trip, but when you condense it like this, the bad balances out nicely with the good. And maybe Trip really wouldn't have had it any other way. ;-)

That was GOOD!!

Oh YEAH! That is so her! I love how you put scenes with the baby with "I'm a mother". :) Way to go!

This video rocks! I love the way you have linked the lyrics to the images you have used. Brilliant!

I was wondering if there was a HTML code for this video floating about. I know it's a long shot but I would really love to put this on my website. That's how much I love this vid!

My fav....

That is certainly one of my top 3! Great job...the pictures really work with the lyrics.

Oh, my gosh, now I'm undone! 'Accidentally In Love'was my fave video of all time - still is - but this has got to be such a close runner up! I adore your vids and the choice of music/lyrics is spot on. Fab job! Thanks a million :)