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Bless the Broken Road, by holodarlin

My first Trip/T'Pol video is up and ready to be watched at my website!

The song is Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

7.5 MB, windows media format

Every time I heard this song, it conjured up visions of Trip and T'Pol in my mind. I thought of their rocky relationship, and how it seemed that everything pointed at them getting together as a couple, but they never saw the signs. And then they finally get together at the end. Awww.

I hope you all like it.


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Nine of you have made comments

I love this video! Great job!

This has to be one of the best videos. You really outdid yourself! Thanks!

Amazing video!

I love how you started showing their first meeting where she wouldn't shake his hand and ended after Elizabeth's death with her reaching for his hand. Very symbolic.

I love this video - watched already 5 times. THANK YOUF

hey i am from germany and i did`t see the end of star trek yet. i heard that trip will die. argh! i don`t want this....
i love your video. it is the best i have ever seen about the relationship between trip and t`pol!

damn it girl... i just cant get into your site...damn Chinese firewalls... Is there any other way to see your vids????

There's a lot of crappy videos out there from different fandoms, but this isn't one of them - You have a talent for editing and narrative, and you added something that makes any story/video stand out from the rest: A well thought out theme. Well done... I'm gonna go and buy the Rascal Flatts cd now!

Ret, my vids are usually also hosted by the ENTSTCommunity, if you can get to that site. That site usually gets them about a month later, though. I just prefer that people see them from my website so I can keep track of roughly how many people have watched.

Wow! Some great compliments here! Thank you, and you're welcome! Jen, great observation on the symbolism between the beginning and end of the video. There are a couple of other "symbols" that compare/contrast the beginning of their relationship with how it evolved later (and beginning of video vs. later part of the video).

Enzosprite, it really is a great song, off of the Rascal Flatts CD "Feels Like Today." Thank you for the compliments! It's huge that my video would mean that much to people.

Excellent. I love that you have both of them on their "broken roads". Very well done!