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Breathe Again, by greta2242

Breathe Again

Right click on the link and save to your harddrive to save bandwidth. Thanks!

Breathe Again, a Trip and T'Pol video by greta2242.

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

Nice work! but one question?
Did I miss an episode somewhere because I sure as heck don't remember that shower scene from any episode!!!

Very nicely done! To answer your question Kasper, that shower scene is from the episode "Damage".

Thankyou for the opputunity to watch scene's from current series,show is not aired in Australia and its annoying.The song complimented the scene's shown;So thanks heaps it was a pleasure to watch the cute and sexy couple in conection to that nice song and I hope there will be more in the future,Trip is a yank(american) but I would like to rough him up in the shower as well,poor actor's though!Hoo-roo.

shower scene did happen, possibly in damage. Can't remember, one of the last 6 ne way, check the gallery.

Gr8 video :D

lovely amazing song i love it

aw what a great clip, the song fit so good and the end....was the best!!

Need to express how pleased I'am to have the opportunity to watch this music clip.In Australia show is not aired AT ALL!.Bugger(fuck) the tosser's(wankers).BUGGER and Bugger again I'am very envious of you all.Just wanted you to realise how fortunate you are to see the show, wish I could as well. Hoo-roo.

Who sings this song? I'd like to try and find it

Toni Braxton sings this song.

Fab, video. Thanks. All my favourite scenes - you can guess the ones....shower, decon...Must know them off by heart by now, but for some strange reason I never get tired of watching them over and over again!!! LOL.