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Enterprise meets Law and Order, by holodarlin

Enterprise meets Law and Order

by holodarlin

I have a new video - it's not a Trip/T'Pol video, unfortunately, so I don't know if it really belongs here, but I'll post here anyway.

It's what the "Enterprise" main title sequence would have looked like/sounded like if they had done it in the style of "Law & Order."
Theme is by Mike Post. Video is in Windows Media format. It is 4.3 MB big. Any info I'm missing? the link is:

Law and Order meets Enterprise

Click on the link. You'll be taken to a page where you have to scroll to the bottom, click "free," then be taken to another page to wait until the countdown timer tells you it's OK to start downloading.

What inspired the "L&O" vid? My sis and I had talked about the main title song being a turn-off to some potential viewers (though I actually like it and think it's fitting, but I wanted them to change it to Archer's Theme in the fourth season) and joked about how it could have saved the show if they had only changed the main title sequence. So we're planning a series of "alternate" main titles.

Or you can reach it by going to my website:

Hope you all like it - it was lots of fun to make!


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A whole mess of folks have made comments

Oh. My. Goodness. That was hilarious! Got the tears of laughter on my cheeks still...

Well Done! LOL!

OH MY *OD!!!! soo ::gasps for breath:: funny! ::picks self off floor::

AWESOME!!!!!! What more can I say?!

This was great! I can't wait to see the rest of the series.

Weeellllll Done!

Altho, Trip/Connor looks a bit constipated in his credit shot and Phlox/John looks almost maniacal. (Loved it)

Many kudos to you!

Thanks, everyone, for the kind words. Interesting take on the Trip/Connor shot, CTScan. I thought it showed a little bit of personality since he was sort of making an... I don't know, annoyed face. Phlox does look mean, doesn't he? Opposite of usual for him, but fitting with the whole "Law & Order" thing. Glad you all liked it!

This was freakin' brilliant. I laughed out loud when you showed Porthos. Marvelous job. I'd love to know how you got the newsprint texture on your images. Thanks!

Love to see it, unfortunately it won't download. Maybe it's because I use dialup.

Ancasta, thank you for the compliment - it means a lot especially coming from someone like you who makes really wonderful videos.

By "newsprint" texture, do you mean the little checker boxes that fade out on everyone's name/credit image? For that, I used Adobe After Effects (or Adobe Premiere on the images that After Effects wouldn't work on, for some reason) - both programs have an effect called "checkerboard" that we applied to the image. Then (I can't remember) we either zoomed out and faded it, or we began the checkerboard as one size and made them shrink until they faded out (using keyframes). Sorry, can't remember exactly.

the watch stander, I don't think it's because you have dial-up. I have dial-up, too, and it worked for me when i tested it. Rapidshare's FAQ page has a couple of answers to why some people's computers might not be able to work with their site, and an explanation of what to do to make it work, but I didn't understand. Maybe you could try looking at that and see if the reason they talk about fits your situation. If not, post back here again and let me know and I'll see if I can get the vid up on another host site.

This was excellent!!!
You did a great job! Maybe you can do some other shows as well? (hint-hint)

More shows are coming up! A new one is up right now at the website, so if you haven't been there in a while, it's time to go back and take a look! :)