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Everytime, by Hoshissis

Everytime by Britney Spears

Right click on the link and save to your harddrive to save bandwidth. Thanks!

Everytime, a Trip and T'Pol video by Hoshissis.

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Half a dozen of you have made comments

As I wrote on Trek BBS, finaly Im getting through! Great video! Im no major Britney fan (my daughter - 9 years old - is trying to convince me every day but so far shes had no luck) but youve done a good job to follow the lyrics and the rythm of the song.

love it

Hi! That's my favorite Britney song and I liked that the scenes were longer... the only criticism i could have is that you used the Tpol scene in bed too many times, but i guess there is no other scene for those lyrics... good job!

Excellent video, captured the essence of Trip and T'pol and their love, great job

ooohhhh great job!! i like how most of the vids fit what britney sang. i have a favor to ask of u... i noticed u have the clip where trip is getting frustrated with t'pol- the first time she says "trip"... i really wanna see that scene from the series but i cant find it. would u mid putting it on the board...? if u can, thanks! also, thank you for making this video!

thats good your vidiyo