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How to Save a Life, by mommyJ246

How to Save a Life, by The Fray

by mommyJ246

Here is an angsty one - a promo of sorts for "The Good that Men Do"

Unless your significant other/family members/co-workers [i]really[/i] liked Trip, I recommend you watch this when you're alone (cuz they'll make fun of you!).

**Contains the hint of a major spoiler for upcoming novels.**

How To Save a Life by The Fray - Please Right Click and Save (24MB)

Mediamax is often slow so I've uploaded a lower quality version to YouTube.

How To Save a Life - YouTube

"I want to add that I always feel a bit uncomfortable using clips from TATV for videos - as if by doing that I'm endorsing it somehow. But if you look past the mindless absurdity of the script, there are a few spots where the sincerity of the actors rises above it all - the clips where it truly looks like Connor and Dominic, Connor and Jolene, and Jolene and Scott supporting each other despite their disappointment. In my mind, that is the real heartbreak of TATV - that it would end, and end in that way - with four years of character development and hard work kicked to the curb for the jollies of 2 people who just didn't care anymore.

And now, we are given the possibility that a book will help us feel better about this - not the cancellation, but at least how the characters were treated. Only time will tell, but I hope we'll be able to take some measure of comfort in that." --mommyJ246

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Four of you have made comments

Really nice video, thank you. Images timed nicely to the song, especially when Archer sees Trip after the explosion. Let's hope the book turns out well.

Great Video - Loved it.

Wow, that was great. I loved it, really moving. job well done!

A wonderful video, thanks! :D