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I'll Find a Way, by Ancasta

I'll Find a Way

by Ancasta

Hi! I just wanted to let you guys know I finished a new vid. It's a sad one, but awfully romantic too (I hope! ).

It's called I'll Find a Way and the song is by Rachael Yamagata. As usual, I prepared two versions. One is nice and big and crisp (can you tell which one I prefer???????) and the other is...small.

Please right click and save, to save bandwidth.

The links are:

I'll Find a Way (39.8MB, big file--but it's so pretty and widescreen :) )

I'll Find a Way (only 5MB, for folks on slower connections)

I hope you like it.

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

WOW. That was gorgeous. Excellent work!

What beautiful images - all my favourites. I've enjoyed your videos before, and this one is really nicely done. It shows us what we are missing! Thank you.

im goin t say something u dont like, so i wont say it, but i like the vid

Sad but very well done. You even managed to find some images from that atrocity of a finale that weren't offensive. Well done...


Sorry, but somehow I seem not to be able to open your files.
The opening site just says: "An error occurred while processing your request."
Can anybody tell me what that´s supposed to mean?
Because I would really love to watch your vid, Ancasta.

So sorry about that! When I tried to log-in to my Streamload account just now, I got a message back saying there was a Javascript problem. I'm guessing they're having problems with their systems this morning. If you can be patient, I'm sure they'll sort things out. Thanks so much to those who have responded already. I really, really appreciate your comments.

Thanks! Great to hear that. I mean it´s not great that you have problems but... you know what I mean. Thanks anyway for answering.
Of course I can be patient. Would love to watch your vid.

I think everything should be good to go. I was just able to download the file without any problems. Thanks again!

now it works! thanks!
BTW... great vid! so sad and so beautiful. lovely...

Oh wow. That was so perfect with the rain away...

I love this song! You melded everything together very well, thank you!

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my e-mail- nur@bih.net.ba

Lovely song and the pictures were beautifully done, thankyou.

Your video is the best I 've ever seen of T'pol and Tucker....so touching and sad!!! Wonderful images and lovely song!I miss Tucker a lot!!!Ciao from Italy

I just had 1 week vacation, bought all 4 seasons of Enterprise and watched them within 3 days.
I did not saw that last part - where Trip died.

YOUR VIDEO is the ending to a great week.
from Munich, Germany


Well done, beautifully put together. This is the second video I've watched with the knowledge that Trip dies, and every time I see one, it doesn't make me any happier! I still can't believe they killed him..

Well done, beautifully put together. This is the second video I've watched with the knowledge that Trip dies, and every time I see one, it doesn't make me any happier! I still can't believe they killed him..

beautiful. well done. it was really sad. i love the song. it made me bawl....

When you people set your comments please write from where are you from so we can know something more about you... Thanks...

From Missouri ;), jro8r4@umr.edu

Ancasta this was BEAUTIFUL and if you get a chance to see this comment, lemme know if you got some of these clips from deleted scenes cuz some of them I just don't recognize! But they're awesome cuz they fit the song and the sadness so well! IT"S HEARTBREAKING! ;)

Hi, John! Thanks so much for the really, =really= nice comment (thanks to everyone, actually ). You know, I don't think I used any deleted scenes for this. What I did do was take some of the clips out of context. Instead of TnT only looking at or interacting with each other, some of the shots were actually of scenes with Jon, Hoshi, etc. That might make things look different to you. I also obviously played with the timing, so some really quick moments were strung out much longer. I can't tell you how happy I am the vid works for you. I really appreciate the feedback.

From Lincolnshire, England.
WOW!! For the love of goodness,I think you must have captured every single gorgeous Trip expression we all know and love. The quality is absolutely superb. Do you know I actually think this is the best vid I've seen. It's pure Trip heaven - he's so achingly adorable!! Thank you SO much!!!


Thank you! You're very, very kind. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the vid. I think it's my fav of the ones I've done for ENT.

That was beautiful. Can't decide if I like that one or Superman more. All your vids are so well done, some of the best editing I've seen and I always love your song choices. The scene where T'Pol picks up a picture of Trip (?) scuba diving, is that from the last ep? I haven't watched that one... (and don't ever plan to). Thanks for keepin' the dream alive! :)