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My Favorite Enterprise Things, by holodarlin

My Favorite Enterprise Things

by holodarlin

I have a new video called "My Favorite Enterprise Things."

Song: "My Favorite Things" from "The Sound of Music" sung by Julie Andrews
Format: Windows Media Video
Size: 6.0 MB
Time: 3:08 minutes

Inspiration: Somehow, words started popping into my head, rewriting the song with my favorite things about Enterprise. At first it was just going to be the song once through, but then my sister and I kept coming up with more things to add, and we eventually rewrote the whole thing so there are no repeats as in the original. I can't remember the link direct to the video, but here is the link to my web page and it is accessible there.

Star Trek Enterprise Videos

Follow the instructions at the top of my webpage. And please sign my new guestbook there! Enjoy!

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Half a dozen of you have made comments

Can't seem to download it - it just says I've downloaded it 34 times!

That was so cute. Great job!

Loved it! Really fun!

NXOner, there should be a countdown occurring a line or two below where it says the video has been downloaded 34 times. After the countdown has finished counting down to 0 (it usually starts at around 20 seconds or so) then it shows you the file name to right-click on. Then you are able to download it like any other file.

Thank you Pinkraindrops and L.V.Baby for watching, and giving me your comments! And if you haven't yet, please return to my website to sign my guestbook there. There are a few sort of survey-type questions there I'm just curious about. Thanks again! :)

Hee hee. My only complaint was having to zip back and forth between your new lyrics and the images on the screen (I certainly didn't want to miss anything! ). As before, love your use of Porthos. I also like how you were able to group together scenes around a common theme (food, explosives, communicators). It all worked with the music so well. Nice job.

i luv the vid there so funny and the pirple people eater thats my fav so far !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!