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On Fire, by MissAnnThropic

MissAnnThropic has done a new Trip/T'Pol video.

The inspiration for the "On Fire" video really sprang from "Cry Havoc". I listened to "On Fire" on repeat the entire time I was writing "Cry Havoc" (and Iím not even kidding, and since you know how long "Cry Havoc" was you can just imagine how many times I listened to "On Fire"). To this day I consider "On Fire" my soundtrack song for "Cry Havoc". Once I had vid-making capability it just made sense to do a Trip/TíPol vid to "On Fire" to round out my "Cry Havoc" saga. Also, itís a wonderfully apt song, IMO, for Trip and TíPol. -- MissAnnThropic

The video is to "On Fire" by Switchfoot. It's found on the Wickmoo Star Trek: Enterprise Music Videos

Scroll to the bottom of the page, right click on "Download" link, and save to save bandwidth.

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

Beautiful! I particularly like the transistion shot between Lorian and Trip but the whole thing is just gorgeous...

That was great; really moving. The editing is top-notch. It actually got me a little choked up!

Great job... I absolutely love the dissolve from Lorian to Trip. Brilliant. :)

Amazing! Really fantastic. I agree with Rigil Kent, great job with the Lorian/Trip transition work.

I love it. Thank you for bringing back those wonderful moments. !

Marvelous! Like Rigil & Boushh, I loved the dissolve from Lorian to Trip. But beyond that I really liked all the little moments you captured between our fav Vulcan/Human pair. I miss the two of them together. Wonderful work. Thank you.

Just love this video! Some great catches, matching the music and the words. Thank you.

Simply amazing! It was very well done! I loved it and is easily one of my favorite movies already! Please continue...^_^

That was a great video - thanks! In fact, there were lots of quality videos on that website. I particularly liked "Someday" for Buffy/Angel.

I was watching "The 9" on Yahoo for August 28th, (http://9.yahoo.com/ - under Archives) and #4 of "The 9" discussed a site for the best and worst sci-fi TV intros.

Well, I went to the BEST list and found that #7, #6, and #5 were all Star Treks! Yay! TNG, DS9, and Voy.

Then I started the WORST list, and as I crept downward toward #1, I thought *please don't be enterprise, please don't be...*


Thanks. Simply because of that *song*, too! (The author loved the montage and esp. the mirror universe intro). I don't know what's wrong with MY ears, but I don't think the song was bad enough to destroy the whole show. Whatever. I'm in the minority.

A lot of people responded, agreeing with the fact that the song was an odd (ok, crappy) choice. And many responders recalled the early, early golden days on 2001 when Paramount was actually TRYING TO GET PEOPLE TO WATCH THE SHOW (hard to picture, 'eh?). And the commercials used "Wherever You Will Go" by The Calling, interspersed with Enterprise clips.

So I found and put that song on.

And watch out guys, 'cause if you haven't heard it much yourself since those early commercials, you will find yourself literally gutpunched with childlike nostalgia for those sweet hopeful days of yore. When we actually had *new episodes*. We were so blessed. I felt like crying and laughing. The faces and noises I made were weird and involuntary.

So I had to write to all of you here and share my touching and confusing experience, since anyone else on the planet would have committed me. But you guys understand. Now, get that song and listen to it.

My final note:
Someone please, PLEASE! If you make music videos for this site, I BESEECH you!

Create for us lesser mortals a gossamer thing of visual beauty; set Trip and T'Pol against this song (which I used to hate hearing on the radio, and I never could remember why).

Actually, the song itself is simply adequate as songs go, but the thing that makes it so very poignant for me is that part of my subconscious which firmly and inextricably married the melody to images of my favourite show. I feel like a POW or something looking at pictures of his old barracks. Well, maybe. You can tell I have had a rather sheltered, peacetime existence.

Look up the lyrics, anyone, they are perfect. So many bits of footage would work for each line. I would do it myself, but my video-editing software is in the mail. (It really is... Amazon is so slow!)

Each of your subconsciousnesses my have done the same thing mine did! I believe, in watching it, each of us would die a little, each would shed a private tear, yet each would be rejuvenated for the DVD fight. This will end up being your favourite music video.

Write your letters. Stain them with your tears. Leslie is hoping we'll quietly give up, but he doesn't know us very well at all, does he?

Download the song/lyrics. You'll see what I mean.

PS - Posted this in a couple of spots to catch potential video-creators. I want to see this song in video form so bad!

Incredibly beautiful. I loved it!!!. I watch it daily to give me a little lift from the hum drum of my own world. It was tasteful and artistic. A beautiful blend of audio and visual estetics that went so well together. Very well done and I look forward to your next TnT video. T

In viewing your video, I see scenes that I don't remember. I know one of them, of Trip and T'Pol in the shuttle talking is from the last episode, the one I refuse to watch. But did you take more from that episode as well. Like the one of T'Pol in a star fleet uniform talking to Soval and the one of Trip and T'Pol in the mess hall, her in her purple star fleet (season 4 ) uniform talking and Trip laughing? If you did, then I will not attempt to find the scenes. If not, then I will continue to scan for them. Judging from the hair styles, they are season 4, I know that much. I would appreciate your letting me know. T...

I don't usually check the music section, or ever check it really, but for you I made an exception, I must be having a really good day :) The video is beautiful, its perfectly done, simple, the chorus fits right into their relationship, fiery, yet able to withstand the heat, it was great. :)

Brilliant! It left me 'on fire' too!