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Polly's Mom (Home spoof), by MommyJ aka credentials

A very funny spoof on Home. Right click and save to your harddrive, and enjoy!

Polly's Mom, song by Fountains of Wayne, video by MommyJ, aka credentials.

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

The best ever !!!!!

Hilarious! Good job. New to this site and am totally addicted to it now.

Awesome Dude

Freaking wicked! I laughed my arse off. So fuuny!

now thats just funny

The website's not working anymore. Can you please put it up for download somewhere else?

Now I finally got a connection - great video! Very funny! Loved the ending!

The funniest T'pol/ Trip video I've ever seen! I give it 5 gold stars and a smiley face! :)

luved it

so kool man

I loved it!

Brilliant! Any more episodes done this way and I may have to stop watching the real thing.

Seriously too, its great to have a video with more upbeat music. Some of the other stuff is quite depressing.

Great! Best T/T video I've seen so far. Very very funny :)

"still laughing" need more


Thanks everyone!! I love to hear your comments and I'm so relieved that others share my warped sense of humour! I worked a couple of kinks out of the video, it's a little smoother now. Enjoy :)

How large is the file? I've tried downloading it twice and I still don't think that I got it all as the first downlad was 3+mb and the second was 11+Mb (both cut off before the end).

Wow. That is crazy. My wife and I laughed the whole way through the vid. Nice work!

I finally managed to download the whole file. Very funny - especially the end. Can you do another one?

Hi-LAR-ious! That was great! I'm still laughing, I need to watch that AGAIN! :)


This was hilarious. I saw it at the Grand Slam and enjoyed it so much I had to view it again!

Congratulations on such a terrific piece.

I saw it at the convention, too - that was GREAT!! Loved it!! It was such a hit, and even Jolene commented on how funny it was (didn't she mention something about it being an inside joke on the set, too?) LOL! Great job!!

!!!!!!!! Jolene liked it !!!!!! :))))))

That was excellent! The best and funniest one I've ever seen! I really loved it!

thats a great video!!!! I'm still laughing, great job!!

I love it! It brightens my day to watch your video and has me laughing and forgetting what is going to happen in a few episodes time... Keep up the good work! :)

Brilliant! Best video ever! I can't help but see it in my head whenever I hear that song now! =D

OMG! That was the coolest video ever. It was sooo HILARIUOS! Please make sum more.

:) I also saw this at the great slam!! Loved it - I'm glad it was posted here. Hope you do more videos :D!

Oh. My. God. I seriously didn't know what everyone was talking about until I actually took the time to download this video. I had to stop myself from laughing out loud because my roommate is sleeping, and has to be up early for work. Perhaps you should make more spoofs of episodes :-P.

That was awesome! I feel like I've been missing out :)

bloody hilarious!

HHAA HHA That's not right

This video is often mentioned as a favorite over at TBBS, so I *finally* took the time to see what the fuss was all about. SO FUNNY! And really well-done, too. Many congratulations.

hahahahahahah, great vid mj!!!!

i luv this vid itz g8. i really really luv it hehehehehehehehehehehe. how come anyone hasnt done a new vid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I laughed so loud while watching this one that my mother came running to see if I was okay! It's hysterical! "Worst. Vacation. Ever." Hee hee.

omg, that was halarious

I was skimming past this vid, but I just kept on watching it cause it was so cute. Finally the newspapers brought tears to my eyes. :-D

Found it on youtube, and was surprised to see it was YOU mommyJ. We TnT'ers have really overtaken the net, yes? =)

Really well done.


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Trip/T'Polers: Miscellany: Polly's Mom (Home spoof), by MommyJ aka credentials
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