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Tainted Love, by mommyJ246

All I can say is that it's EVIL. In a good way.


Tainted Love by Soft Cell - 17MB (Please right click and save)

Tainted Love by Soft Cell - 9MB


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A whole mess of folks have made comments

I already said this at the HoTbbs... but it bears repeating. This is absolutely brilliant.

Your timing is incredible, the clips are perfect! I only wished the episodes had more T/T action for you to work with!

I love the MU, and you captured the relationships of the MU perfectly. HOT & EVIL, BABY!

Thank you for another favorite! >:)

Maybe I'm just being greedy, but I want the big file. Problem is (with this one and mommyj's other latest work) is that I keep running into errors when I try to download the file. I get notices that say "The link cannot be saved. The web page might have been removed or had its name changed." I know there's limitations when one uses streamload, but this is ridiculous! *wails* I wanna see mommyj's latest! *sniff* Sorry 'bout that; tantrum's over.

Sorry everyone. I bet you're starting to wonder if I pay my bills on time!

Jash, try again. Streamload was down for a little bit this morning (and I'm frustrated too) but it's back up. If you're looking for other ones I've done you can go to www.streamload.com/mommyj246. I don't know why you'd have problems with only the larger files, that makes no sense to me. PM me at HoT if you still have problems.

OMG!!! That was awsome MJ!! Loved the evil laughing and mirror title in the beginning and all those clips were perfect! Man, now I wanna' go watch both MU episodes again. They were sooooo good! Excellent Job!!!

That was great!

Amazing, as usual. Loved it!

Wonderful as always!!! Only sad thing is that it makes me miss the show even more :-( This was brilliant, Mommie J, thanks for sharing it with us! :-D

^ Cheri, I know how you feel.

hehehe funny with the laufhing cool (i know i cant spell!)

Amazing work! Thanks for sharing with us Mommie J. :)

Great vid! The transitions and the timing worked really well and the song is a classic!I think it's the only actual hit Soft Cell ever had! Really nice work.

Very cool. But, I must point out that the music is by a band called Soft Cell, not The Clash. Trust me, I was there!

Yes, I screwed up on the credits! I was hoping someone would know for sure! Thanks.

OK, all fixed.

It seems I'm not very good at being evil after all. Maybe I just need some more practice...

That was 2 kool.... I loved it- awesome! Please make sum more. Can n e one make a "Sugar We're Goin' Down" one? Just a suggestion!

Great, great job! I really enjoyed it. What a terrific song to match with those episodes. Thanks.

That was the best thing to come out of those 2 episodes!! Great, well done.

EVIL! I loved it. Heaed the song before somewhere...

This looks really professional. The best fan music video i have seen yet. Thanks for spreading this little piece of evil genius!

Thanks, this was great 'evil' stuff! Love Soft Cell's 'Tainted Love' - it's a classic. The MU thread wasn't a particular favourite of mine at the time, but now I think I want to go watch the episodes again. You've made me see them in a whole new light!!!!

Fabulous! I loved it - it fits the vid perfectly, though it's not a song you immediately associate with MU.