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The Reason, by pueblo

Click on the following to get to the site where the video is located. Once there, please RIGHT CLICK and save the video to your harddrive. Thanks!

The video comes in two sizes for connection speeds.

The Reason, video by pueblo.

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

So beautiful.

Nice! Nicely done!

Miss Independent is totally AWESOME!!!! I read that someone was wondering if anyone could do T/T to "Over and Over Again" by Nelly and Tim McGraw... ud be perfect!

i forgot to review miss independent on its page. The Reason is also nicely done ;)

Good job. Enjoyed the different techniques you've used in creating the vid. Great choice in scene selection to match the lyrics too !

Your videos are my absolute favorites! You choose the scenes so well to fit the text and it's soooo romantic :-)

Just found these great videos.
I saw a lot of them and vote for ms. independence as the best put together and best work!
Great job.

Man, that one's just great. Kept watching it over and over all day. (Yeah, I know. I'm a loser)

I love that song and the show ^-^

This is my absolute favourite along with Polly's mum. I also kept watching it over and over again. I'd think of an excuse, but the truth is, I just have no life!
Anyway, my issues aside, this was really good!

I was directed from TLR's fic, and it pointed to your video, as the lyrics of the song were part of the fic. Making vids is more than cramming clips together and playing a song to them... it's about matching them to the lyrics, and you nailed it. Satisfying, thank you!

"wow the videos are great y should do another one as great as the other nise work mate!!!!!!!"

I adored this one! It is one of the best and original vids i've seen so far on here - loved the black and white parts. Really original

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