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They Can't Take That Away From Me, by y2kelly

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High Resolution: They Can't Take That Away From Me, video by y2kelly.

Low Resolution: They Can't Take That Away From Me, video by y2kelly.

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Eight hardy souls have made comments

This was a great video. Much better then what I think tonight will bring. Your video is on hand to undue any pain TATV will bring me, kind of as a remedy. Thanks!

oooo!! I loves it!

The song was a perfect choice to illustrate how dear TT are to our hearts. You did a wonderfully job caputuring TT of the past and present. Thank you.

I have always thought that that song was absolutely perfect for TnT. Thank you so much for the wonderful video.

That was awesome (even if I did have to watch it without sound). Still, the song choice is perfect. Thanks!

Thanks all for the comments! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Ella sure can sing Romance better than anyone and we all know Jolene\Connor can act Romance better than anyone on TV! It only seemed fitting to pair them in a music video...somehow I just knew this song would illustrate the hearts of our favorite Star Trek couple, even to the non-TnTer's.

Really classy using Ella. I liked the use of Old School Jazz to describe trip and t'pol love affair.

I have seen all videos. And many are great but this one is my absolute favorite. THANKS~!