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tushah nash-veh na'du, by Ness

tushah nash-veh na'du, by Ness

On the site, click Media, then Music Videos, then Star Trek: Enterprise. Follow the instructions for downloading. Enjoy!

Ooh Pretty, Ness's web site.

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

Is it my mistake?? Nothing to find there...
Just the two videos, I already downloaded...no 'tushah Nash...'...
I'll wait and see...

I always enjoy these Videos - from all of the creators! :)
Go ahead! ;)
(Great site by the way!!)

Benedikt, the third video is there. I don't know why you can't see it on the list. Maybe the site is cached on your browser, so try hitting the refresh/reload button on your browser.

THANK YOU Myst123!! :) That kind of reload-thing worked!! This weekend starts nice! :)

Ness, you rock! Tushah was awesome! Hopefully that never really happens, of course. I love the beginning where T'Pol recounts various things Trip's said to her. You are so good at what you do!!
A million thank yous!!

I agree absolutely with janewaywannebe2003 (nice nick by the way) - that video was GREAT! It got me!! Really - I felt sad about things never happened and compassion for T'Pols loss! Thank you, Ness - that one is one of my favourite videos!! Please more of that! :))

That was the best TnT video I've seen! WOW! I loved how it wasn't just a collage of images but a really coherent narrative -- what you said about the what if hit straight on. You found the perfect images to coincide with the lyrics, and the story! I especially loved the opening. Very poignant. The expressions you got from T'Pol -- amazing. Thanks for putting this together! Encore!

i loved this video i would like to know what eposide you go the beging from where trip is talking to tpol i dont remember it thanks

This is one of the best videos I've seen so far, even it was a sad one! (My dog was lying at my feet all the time and began to howl at the last 20 seconds or so - he's never done that before *smile*)


okay tpol looks good in the standard blue uniform in that scene with soval, why doesn't she wear it more often

man i know its really late and no one will probably ever read this, but i have to say...
i watched the part where trip lied in his chest like 20 times, and i cant stop crying. i really cant. it just hit something and i dont know what. im gonna throw it off my pc and never watch again, simply because its too good.

this would have been a great finale if they had to kill off a major character...named Tucker...and would have been a great second hour to Terra Prime. Oh well. Thanks.

I have watched this vid four times so far, your work is amazing. Please make more!