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Videos, by Ness

Videos, by Ness

Ness has two Trip/T'Pol videos at this point: Movie Night and Lost to You. On the site, click Media, then Music Videos, then Star Trek: Enterprise. Follow the instructions for downloading. Enjoy!

Ooh Pretty, Ness's web site.

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

I'd seen movie night before. One of my all time favorites. Lost to you is beautiful as well. Oooh.. pretty. :-)

I knew 'Ness's work through "Stargate;" nice to see she's a T/T shipper, too.

very adorable

Awesome job! I have to say I loved "Lost to You"! Really beautiful!

Throughly enjoyed "Lost to You". Great use of varying transitional techniques. Scene selection and lyric matching is spot on! Looking forward to more vids.

By the by - noticed that you're a J/A fan as well. Farscape is my original love. Fancy making music vids for that fandom ? :D


I love all your other vids as well. Jarod and Miss Parker was my first major ship as well....then came J/S and J/A.....all of the music vids are excellent so THANK YOU!!!

Just beautiful!!

I just watched the video to "I Grieve" by Pete Townsend... also by Ness and done in 2004 (The title's in Vulcan and I can't remember it.) Ness, are you psychic or something? That thing fits so well with the events in the finale, it's scary. It made me cry... but it was such a fitting tribute to Trip. If they had to kill him off, I wish the writers could've come up with something even half as beautiful to send him off with.

Wow, "I Grieve" is powerful stuff. I am amazed at your eloquent technique, you show grief without being maudlin and that is hard to do. I especially appreciate the continuity you captured by the opening scene of T'Pol lighting the candle and the closing scene of her putting it out. Beautiful.

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