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Wait, by mommyj, aka Credentials

I finally worked up the nerve to watch terra prime again, and... so much for
my video 'retirement' plans, lol.

This one is just slow and sad, to an obscure but hopefully fitting song
called "Wait" by Sarah McLachlan.

--mommyj, aka Credentials

Two sizes:

Wait, Sarah McLachlan, 8 MB

Wait, Sarah McLachlan, 30 MB

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

that was beautiful

I had to watch that twice. That was so beautiful. Wonderful job.

You are very right--the song is amazingly fitting. Great job of combining moving clips and a lovely song.

Excellent, works like this only prove that B&B should have retired. Instead, they were directly responsible for the death of Enterprise.

Loved it. Most definitely moving!

That was absolutely beautiful, thank you.

Thanks for your kind words :) I'm particularly pleased that you liked the song. If anyone is wondering it's from Sarah LcLachlan's 1993 album "Solace".

Wow. That was beautiful. The words at the end brought tears to my eyes. Just beautiful. Thank you for that.

Great song, wonderful video. fantsastic job. Thanks.

That was wonderful. The song is eerily well-suited for the episode. Great ending.

that video is the best i'v herd so far and it was sad and i loved that. it was also great all the way through, great ending as well. (great job by the way i think i will watch it again).

A massive well done. The song was perfect, and the clips fitted the almost haunting lyrics wonderfully. Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful! That music fit so well, they should have used it in the episodes

nise music and i agree trippy should have used it in the episodes nis work and hope you do more?????

"sniff" Lovely.

This was beautiful and tear-jerkingly sad at the same time. The music is haunting - I hadn't heard it before, but the lyrics tie in so well with the mood. Why do so many Trip 'n' T'Pol videos make me want to cry? Heck, the last time I watched Terra Prime I couldn't stop bawling!!!