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We Will Rock You, by Coffee Captain

"We Will Rock You," by Coffee Captain

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We Will Rock You, a Trip and T'Pol video by Coffee Captain.

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

Oh god, that was bloody hillarius! Well done!

I... can't... stop... laughing! AHHAHAHA!

OMG, that was awesome! Seriously, I have tears streaking down my face I'm laughing so hard I can barely type!

That was absolutely fantastic! I love the differnce the music makes - especially when Cole & Trip are fighting, and then when Trip & T'Pol exchange looks after he comments that they should continue the neuropressure. Hysterical!

I couldn't get exploreer to bring it up... how do I make it work?

First thank u all :-))

Try to copy the link into ur browser.

I love neuropressure...well done!!

NOOOOO!! It's not working for me! Please help!!

hahahhahhahahahha! oh man nice, uh, what was i doing? oh yes learning english test why the heck...

Awesome work, great!!

What's everybody laughing at? It was a really good video, but i don't get what's sooooo hilarious. It's probably going straight over my head!