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Startrek.com Trip and T'Pol Pics

This image is from The Vancouver Sun online, August 14, 2003

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Half a dozen of you have made comments

Cool, I never can find those Pictures on startrek.com anyway.

These pictures are beautiful, sometimes I don't get chance to see everything on HOT, discovered these today, you really are a classy bunch!

Anybody know what episode the last one's from??? And who's on the bed?? I'm dying to know.

In the Trip/T'Poler forum of the HoTBBS, AurraSing posted this URL (the story has spoilers):


I try not to read spoilers, so I didn't read the article, I only looked at the picture.

Are you ever gonna update this? At least with the rest of season 3.

I'm glad you don't have pictures from that disgusting finale.