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zealousgirl’s SPECIAL EDITION

Another belated edition, but later is better than never. . . right? Well, next week’s will also be belated as the local channel will not be showing ‘Carpenter Street’ this Wednesday either. And depending on how that one turns out, I may not post a ‘Special Edition’ if there is little Trip in it!

This will be a very long Special Edition since it is a Trip’centric episode. (took me 3.5 hours to type it up!)

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! (if you live outside North America and don’t have the chance to see this until next year)

Production 062
First Air Date: Nov 19, 2003

Director: LeVar Burton
Written By: Manny Coto

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Star Trek or Paramount. I do this for amusement and not for profit. Be forewarned that this will be seen through the biased eyes of a proud Tuckerite!!! (and, a Trip/T’poler!) I will try to focus on what is happening with Trip in these spoilers. Please check Li’s Trekpulse review for more details.


OK! You guys were right – that episode was F#@&’n awesome! Even after reading all the spoilers, I was surprised by the intensity of this episode. Of course, it was a bit slow at the start and then rushed at the end.

And the TnT in me was ecstatic with the advancement of my favorite shippage. It will prove to be very interesting if this episode’s message will carry into future episodes, especially with respect to Trip and T’pol’s evolving relationship.

I also have to agree with others on another point – I really did like Archer in this episode. Probably because he didn’t have to be everywhere at all times in this episode – I’m quite surprised that they didn’t have him piloting one of the pods, instead of Malcolm.


Synopsis (from StarTrek.com):

After an accident in Engineering leaves Trip mortally injured, Dr. Phlox attempts to save the chief engineer by creating a "mimetic simbiot" — a clone — of him to harvest neural tissue from it. In its very short lifespan, the simbiot grows rapidly from baby to adult, and surprises the crew with detailed memories of the real Trip's life. Meanwhile, the accident has left Enterprise disabled and adrift inside a destructive space cloud, so the crew attempts to free the ship before they are stranded forever.


“Trip-centric” Enterprise REVIEW

The entire crew are gathered in what looks like the torpedoes loading area. Archer is giving a sorrowful speech about the loss of a shipmate and what he did for Enterprise and its crew – the sacrifice that he gave so that they can succeed in their mission to save Earth.

The camera pans down to a silver coffin, containing the dead body of Trip (which of course we already know is not Trip but his clone – TPTB should try to keep the details of stories secret or else forgo these ‘teasers’ as they really are ineffective).


{T’pol’s quarters}

Trip (shirtless and barefoot) and T’pol (in red PJ’s and also barefoot) are lying on a mat on the floor, in such a way as they are able to rub each others feet. They seem very comfortable with each other and are conversing as though they are out for coffee rather than scantily clad and touching each other in a rather intimate way.

Trip is explaining his plans for new modifications to the engines such that they would be able to fly at warp 5 without inducing field fluctuations.

Trip: “I’m talking about a ride so smooth, you can build a house of cards on the warp reactor.”

T’pol: “If we can maintain high warp for extended periods of time we can cover the expanse more quickly.”

Trip: “Which boosts our chance of finding the Xindi weapon in time.” He applies pressure to the lateral aspect of her foot, which causes her to take a deep inspiration as though it is uncomfortable.

T’pol: “To the left.”

Trip: “Oh. . . sorry. (pause) You get me talking about the engines and I forget where I am. Don’t know what it is about fine-tuning a piece of machinery.”

T’pol interrupts his mutterings. “Lie on your back.”

They reposition themselves. Trip is now lying on his back on the floor with his head on a pillow. T’pol sits such that his head is between her thighs, and starts to rub his shoulders.

Trip: “You know. You made this sound a whole lot worse than it is.”

T’pol: “Advanced neuropressure can place great demands on the body.”

Trip: “I have to say that so far it’s a piece of cake.”

T’pol: “We haven’t gotten to the more. . . challenging postures.” She leans over him, placing her hands on his abdomen. Trip looks up at her midriff.

Trip: “Well. . . (smacks lips) I’m always up for a challenge.”

T’pol (pretends to not know the double meaning in that): “Breath.”


{dramatic music is playing in the background while Trip is working at a frantic pace in engineering, and the rest of the main characters are all on the bridge doing their part in helping him with the engine modifications}

Trip (to bridge): “We’re all set down here. I’ll need at least 4.9 to get the plasma hot enough to compress the stream.” Travis mans the helm and Enterprise takes off.

Meanwhile, as the ship approached warp 4.9, Trip monitors the engine and stuff, keying in adjustments as needed. The ship starts to shake violently as the warp field starts to fluctuate. Trip initializes the warp stream compression and the ship stops shaking.

Trip (mutters): “Damn. . . that’s a beautiful sound.”

Everyone on the bridge is impressed when T’pol announces that field fluctuations are at zero. But this is short lived as the ship starts to shake more violently than before.

Trip, panicked, checks the monitor and runs off towards the engine.

On the bridge, T’pol notes something is affecting the intake manifolds. Travis can’t drop out of warp as he has lost helm control.

Trip tries to shut down the engine at the console, but it doesn’t respond. So he climbs on top of the actual engine, opens it up and turns it off manually. As he is climbing down, something explodes (great special effects here) and Trip is caught up in it. He is thrown off the engine, into the metal railing and then falls to the floor, unconscious. (and yet there doesn’t seem to be a scratch on him)

Enterprise drops out of warp into a rust colored cloud or nebula. On the bridge they get reports of various fires and downed systems. T’pol reports on the presence of a polaric field in the region, but she needs more time to determine more information. Hoshi reports numerous minor injuries, and one severe one – Cmdr Tucker has been taken to Sickbay.


Some of the crew are busy with repairs, under the supervision of T’pol. Archer comes in asking for a report. She says that there is some nucleonic debris in the reactor manifolds. If Trip hadn’t turned off the engines, there would likely have been a breach. She then reports that the damage is significant and that it could take weeks to repair. “Cmdr Tucker is going to have his hands full.”

Archer then informs her that she will be overseeing the repairs as Trip is in a coma. (he had just been to Sickbay) He has extensive neurodamage and that he may die.

{quick view of the outside of Enterprise which is starting to get covered with a rust colored substance}


Archer comes in to discuss matters with Phlox. Trip is lying on a biobed, the sheet pulled up so that only his head and shoulders are showing. He has a white bandage around his head, some electrodes on his forehead and some oxygen by nasal prongs (and for those of you who know anything about advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation, a comatose patient should be intubated or at least on O2 supplementation by a mask!!! Just a little of my medical pet peeves!)

Phlox reports that Trip’s condition is unchanged. He then shows Archer one of his ‘pets’ – a Lyssarian Desert Larvae. Not only does it provide a salve to heal cuts and bruises, but it has the ability the exactly replicate the life of a species if injected with that species’ DNA. This is done at a very accelerated rate of about 15 days. They are controversial and not well known, as the Lyssarians tend to keep them secret.

Phlox wants to create this ‘mimetic symbiot’ in order to harvest its neural tissue and then transplant it into Trip. This may be his only hope of for survival. And, they will only know if it will be successful once the simbiot reaches Trip’s current physical age. Phlox thinks that he can do this without causes any physical harm to the simbiot and not kill him sooner than his expected 15 day lifespan.

{Captain’s quarters}

T’pol comes to give Archer and update about the substance accumulating on the hull. It is a highly charged, difficult to remove, mostly ferric (ie contains iron, hence the rusty look to it) and strongly magnetic substance. Right now the ship is in no danger, but that could change so they need to get engines working soon.

T’pol hesitates before broaching the next subject. She questions Archer on the Lyssarian procedure that Phlox has recommended. He confirms that he gave the OK for Phlox to go ahead with it. She then asks him if he was aware that the Lyssarian Prime Conclave has banned to development of simbiots. Archer says that he does not answer to the Lyssarian.

T’pol presents the ethical dilemma of creating a living being for the sole purpose of harvesting its tissue. Archer is defensive about his decision, rationalizing that the mission needs to be successful, and that “Earth needs Enterprise. Enterprise needs Trip. It’s as simple as that.”


With dramatic music playing, Phlox takes some blood from Trip. He then dips a gloved hand into a fluid filled container, pulling out a Lyssarian desert larvae (white doughy creature). He injects it with Trip’s blood. A scan on this being shows rapidly dividing cells.

{Captain’s Log – Archer reports that the nucleonic debris continues to deposit on the hull and that it has been 2 days since the simbiot has been created}

In Sickbay, Phlox proudly shows Archer the nearly fully grown human fetus in another fluid filled container, and announces that by tomorrow they should have a healthy baby boy!


Again in Sickbay, Phlox enthusiastically picks up the baby boy and gives him a bottle, with T’pol and Archer watching him with a slightly unsure look on their faces. Archer reflects on the fact that only 3 days ago, this baby was a creature living on one of Phlox’s shelf. Phlox offers to take care of the simbiot as it grows up. He also wonders about a name such as Steven, Enrique or Dennis. Archer and T’pol appear uncomfortable with this conversation and leave. (it’s kinda like naming a farm animal, taking care of it, and then eating it)

{in Phlox’s medical log we find out he chose the name ‘Sim’. He also goes on to describe the sleepless night accompanying teething and the discovery of a new fertilizer (alluding to a poopy diaper)}

Now Sim looks about 5 and is sitting on the floor of Sickbay with Phlox and Hoshi, reading a story almost flawlessly. He then asks Hoshi if he can skip to the part where the Martians machines attack. Hoshi is confused as Sim has never read this book, but he says that he remembers his mom read it to him.

{Phlox log – he comments on how it is evident that Sim carries many of Trip’s memories}

In the messhall, 10 year old Sim plays at one of the tables while Phlox reports his findings to Archer. It is likely that as Sim ages he will remember more of Trip’s memories. Phlox points at that he also has the same curiosity as Trip, having taken apart his medical tricorder that morning. Archer says that he even looks like Trip. Phlox admits that Sim is also asking lots of questions about where his parents are and why he is here. Archer decides to explain all this to Sim.


Archer brings Sim to his quarters, along with Porthos. They talk about Porthos a bit. Sim reminisces about a dog he used to have – Archer says nothing to counter this belief. Sim then is amazed to see a statue of Zephran Cochrane on a shelf. They also chat about Archer’s Dad. Sim asks Archer is he has always wanted to be a star ship captain. Archer responds “As long as I can remember” because it is what he was “meant to do”.

Archer procrastinates a bit more by taking Sim to a launchbay, so that he can play with a remote control space ship. Sim says that his father wants him to be an engineer but his mother wants him to be an architect; but now he wants to be a starship captain too. Sim then comments on how his parents call him Trip but that on Enterprise, they call him Sim. He wonders where his parents are. Archer can’t bring himself to tell him yet. Sim crashes the space ship, because he isn’t paying attention. Archer tells him not to worry about it, that he has crashed it many times himself. Sim seems lost in thought, and then says that he misses his parents.

Archer ends up bringing Sim to Sickbay. He guides him towards an area closed off by a curtain, but Sim hesitates as Phlox had told him not to go in there. Archer tells him it’s alright and pulls back the curtain to reveal a still comatose Trip. Sim is initially confused, but then realizes that this is actually Trip. He then realizes that the memories that he has isn’t really him, that he is a copy of Trip. Archer explains that Sim has only been around for 4 days, and that there is something inside him that Trip needs. Phlox will be doing an operation on him in a few days.

Sim is worried and asks if it will hurt. Phlox tells him no. Sim tells him that doctors always say that (in a really good Trip accent, by the way). Archer responds that if Phlox says it won’t hurt, it’s the truth. Sim nods, and then asks if they can go fix the space ship now.

{Captain’s log: Enterprise has been incapacitated for 7 days. Sim is now almost like one of the crew. He has been assigned to engineering to assist T’pol in engine repairs}

A teenage Sim (who amazingly looks a lot like Connor Trinneer!) finds T’pol working in Engineering and updates her on his progress with the primary port bypass. She takes the data PADD that he hands her, quickly scans it and says that it looks promising.

Without missing a beat, he says: “They’re showing a Night at the Opera tonight. Marx brothers. I was wondering if you were planning to go.”

T’pol says that she will be working on the field coil equations as they will need to be ready for tomorrows reactor test.

Sim (obviously disappointed but not disheartened): “What about dinner?”

T’pol glances slightly in his direction while pretending to be engrossed in her work. She thanks him but says that she will be working late that night. She changes the subject by asking him to assist another crewmember with their work.

Sim: “Yes, ma’am.” He walks up behind her after she turns her back to him. “It’s because I’m different, isn’t it? The reason you don’t want to do anything with me. (T’pol looks at him but says nothing) I guess it must be weird. . . being with someone like me. Five days ago, I was wearing diapers.”

T’pol (despite being Vulcan seems unbalanced by this): “I simply believe that our attention should be focused on the ship’s engines. At least until the current situation is resolved.”

Sim: “I probably won’t be around after the current situation is resolved.”

Archer then hails T’pol and asks her to come to his ready room. A disappointed Sim watches as she leaves Engineering.

{ready room}

T’pol reports that it will take 2 weeks to repair warp drive. Archer tells her that that is not soon enough because Malcolm discovered that the deposits are creating a dia-magnetic field which intensifies as more deposit builds up. At this rate, all the ship’s systems will be affected within 4 days.


Adult Sim (now CT) is shoveling down some pie when Malcolm comes in and takes a seat next to him.

Malcolm: “Key Lime Pie?”

Sim: “I suddenly realized it was my favorite dessert. (smirk) Now I know why.”

Malcolm: “Do these memories just come to you?”

Sim: The older I get the more I remember. It’s like I’ve lived this whole other life. I can’t explain it.”

Malcolm says that he can’t imagine it, then asks Sim what he wanted to talk to him about.

Sim asks if it is possible to redirect the phase cannons so that they can fire on the hull, so that they can remove enough particulate so that they can open the launchbay doors. Sim explains to Malcolm that they could use the shuttlepods to tow Enterprise out of the area using the grappler lines. Malcolm points out that the pods don’t generate enough power to exert enough momentum to get them out of there. Sim proudly provides Malcolm with a PADD saying, “Leave that to me.”

{T’pol’s quarters – Ooooh here’s one of those great scenes!}

The door chimes. T’pol, in her blue PJ’s, (I don’t know why I have to tell you what she’s wearing all the time) gets up from her bunk to answer the door. Sim asks to come in.

Sim: “Did you have a chance to look at my calculations?”

T’pol: “I reviewed them thoroughly.”

Sim: “And.”

T’pol: “A fusion overburn has never been attempted with a shuttlepod engine.”

Sim (defensively): “That doesn’t mean it won’t work.”

T’pol: “I agree. Despite the risks, I believe it’s our best option.”

Sim: “So, you’re gonna recommend the plan to the Captain?”

T’pol: “I already have.”

Trip seems happy for a split second and then becomes more somber looking. He looks down at the floor just to his left.

T’pol: “Is there something else?”

Sim: “You and Trip used to spend a lot of time here together.”

T’pol: “I was instructing him in the practice of Vulcan neuropressure.”

Sim (a glint in his eye): “I remember. We were lying right there (points to floor) working the neural nodes on each other’s feet, talking about the warp engines. How I was hoping to modify them.”

T’pol: “How Commander Tucker was hoping to modify them.”

Sim (dejected): “Right. Commander Tucker. (pause) You know, he was really starting to enjoy those sessions with you.”

T’pol: “They were helping him sleep.”

Sim (voice getting quieter): “I’m not sure that’s the only reason.”

T’pol: “What do you mean?”

Sim (fidgets a bit, and then leans back onto what looks like a closet door): “(sighs) Was there ever anything between you and Trip?”

T’pol: “If you are referring to a romantic relationship. . . no.”

Sim: “The reason I ask is. . .well. . . you’re all I think about, if you know what I mean. And, I’m not talking about an adolescent crush. That was. . . well, that was 2 days ago. This is much more serious, the way I feel about you. Anyway, what’s driving me crazy is, I don’t know if these feelings are mine. . . or his.”

T’pol (voice cracking): “I can’t answer that.” (and I swear her eyes seem a bit bleary)

Sim: “I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.”

T’pol: “I’m not uncomfortable.”

Sim: “I just thought I should tell you this, while I still had the chance.”

[Phew. . . now I, zealousgirl, can take a breath. . .]

Sim finds Archer in his ready room, asking to pilot one of the shuttle pods. Archer refuses, despite Sim’s argument that this is his plan and that he should have a say in how it’s implemented. Archer tells him that he’s never flown before, but Sim says that he might as well have since he has the memory of Trip flying thousands of times. Archer informs him that Travis and Malcolm will be piloting the pods, and that he will be coordinating things from the bridge.

Sim: “You’re worried something will happen to me, aren’t you? You want to make sure I’m around because you need part of my brain.”

Archer says that yes, that’s part of it.

Sim: “So your concern for my safety is really about saving Trip.”

Archer replies that his main concern if for this plan to work since if they are not out of there within the next 6 hours, it won’t matter is Trip lives or not, because they will all be dead.


Sim is sitting at Malcolm’s station and fires the phase cannons at the lauchbay doors, and after a couple of attempts finally in able to get them open. The 2 pods are launched, attach their grappler lines to the hull and wait for Sim’s orders for how to work the pods’ engines.

Sim (a little less confident than Trip would have been – well played CT!) asks them to set the overburn ratio to 0.175. (lots of techno speak in the next few minutes) The pods’ engines gradually increase in power, as Sim tells them to increase the ratio, but Enterprise still doesn’t move. Levels are getting to the critical mark. Sim asks for a few more seconds but Archer can’t give them to him, and is about to ask them to abort when Enterprise starts to move. The plan works (of course the real action is much more detailed but you get the gist, right?) and they are free of the deposits.

{Later – in Sickbay}

Phlox, tearful, tells Archer that Sim won’t survive the transplant. Archer is furious with him, because he had been assured that Sim would not be harmed. Phlox explains that he was wrong, as this assumption was based on evidence from Lyssarian DNA – this is not the case with humans.



Sim (sad looking): “Why not give up my life? I’ve only got. . . 5, 6 days left anyway.”

Archer: “That isn’t how we see it.”

Sim: “Let me ask you something Doc. When you researched Lyssarian larvae, did you come across any references. . . to the Velandran Circle?”

Phlox: “They were a group of Lyssarian scientists who conducted illegal work on simbiots. They claimed to have developed an enzyme that stopped the rapid aging process.”

Archer: “Is there any truth to it?”

Sim (now on the offense): “Why do you think he kept it a secret?”

Archer: “Doctor?”

Phlox: “The enzyme is experimental, with very little empirical evidence to suggest that it works. That’s why I didn’t mention it.”

Sim: “There’s not much evidence but it exists. The fact is, I may not have to grow old and die in a week. There’s a chance that I can live out a normal lifespan. I can’t change what happened to him, but maybe I can change what’s gonna happen to me.”

{Trip’s quarters}

Sim is sitting at a desk looking at a picture of Lizzie. Archer finds him there and asks how long he’s been staying in this room. Sim says that he was on his way to his room last night but stopped here instead.

Archer takes the picture from him and places it on the shelf. “These are Trip’s quarters.”

Sim: “Which is where I belong. I have his memories; I have his feelings; I have his body! How am I not Trip?”

Archer: “Cmdr Tucker is lying in Sickbay.”

Sim: “Then what am I? Just something you grew in a lab? Does that make it easier for you to condemn me to death?”

Archer replies that if he refuses to go through with this, he’ll be condemning Trip to death.

Sim: “I didn’t put him in a coma.”

Archer: “No. But you can save him.”

Sim: “In a way, I will – by saving myself!”

Archer (walks away from Sim, and says almost condescendingly): “Phlox says that there is almost no chance that the enzyme will work.”

Sim: “My life is at stake! Any chance is worth taking!”

Archer: “But at what cost?! It will take a day to synthesize the enzyme. By that time, your neural tissue won’t be compatible with Trip’s anymore. He’ll die!”

Sim: “I know.”

Archer: “I can’t let that happen.”

Sim: “So what are you going to do? Drag me down to Sickbay? Force me onto a biobed at gunpoint?”

Archer: “If you truly have all of Trip’s memories, you know the answer to that. I don’t have to tell you what’s at stake. I must complete this mission, and to do that I need Trip. Trip! I’ll take whatever steps necessary to save him.”

Sim: “Even if it means killing me?”

Archer: “Even if it means killing you.”

Sim: “You’re not a murderer.”

Archer: “Don’t make me one.” And with that he leaves.

In Engineering, T’pol is busy working when Sim shows up, saying that he wants to help out as he has a few hours to kill before his operation. T’pol asks him why he wants to spend his last few hours in engineering.

Sim: “Why not? The 2 things I care about most are in this room.”

T’pol catches his meaning but pretends that she doesn’t. She gives him a task and he eagerly gets ‘right on it’.

Sim goes to one of the consoles, but instead of doing his work seems to be up to something.

Later, on the bridge, Archer walks in and is told that they are shut out of the launchbay controls. Hoshi comments that there is someone in there, but they do not answer the comm.

Now in the launchbay, Sim is standing outside one of the pods, arms folded across his chest. Archer walks in.

Sim: “I was all ready to do it.”

Archer: “What stopped you?”

Sim: “Where the hell was I going to go? We’re no where near any habitable planet. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life floating around in a shuttle pod. Which doesn’t even have any toilet facilities. Can you imagine a lousier way to spend your old age, cooped up in that thing, peeing in a bottle? Actually, I can imagine a worse fate.”

Archer: “What would that be?”

Sim: “Being stuck in there with Malcolm. (chuckles) Damn! This is a screwed up situation.”

Archer: “I can’t argue with you there.”

Sim: “A life time in 8 days. It’s not that I’m scared of dying; it’s just that I can’t imagine not being here tomorrow. (pause) Do you want to know what really stopped me? . . . My sister. And she was my sister, as much as Trip’s.”

Archer: “I believe that.”

Sim: “I don’t want what happened to her, to happen to anyone else.”

Archer: “That’s why I gave the order to create you.”

Sim: “Do me a favor when this is over. If Cmdr Tucker wants to do any more modifications to the engines, tell him to watch his ass.”


With an ethereal bit of music playing in the background, Sim is lying on Trip’s bunk petting Porthos and looking a little dazed. Phlox calls for him to come to Sickbay, and he says he’ll be there soon. The door then chimes, and Sim gets up to answer it. It’s T’pol.

T’pol: “May I come in?”

Trip motions for her to enter.

T’pol: “I just wanted to say how much your absence will affect the crew. . . how much it will affect me.”

Sim: “I appreciate that. All in all, I guess I’ve a pretty good life. . .”

T’pol steps forward and kisses him. It’s a short, but sweet kiss. (of course, sending shivers down this Trip/T’poler’s spine!)

As she pulls back, he says that he “couldn’t have asked for a better going away present”.


Sim arrives in Sickbay, and apologizes to Phlox for doubting him. Phlox, already in his scrubs, is quite emotional (John does a great job in this episode, as usual). Sim says that he not only has Trip’s memories, but now his own, and that Phlox made a “damned good father”. Phlox says that he made a “damned good son”.

Sim then talks to Archer (who is quite scruffy looking here – must be the stubble). He says that just as Archer was ‘meant to be captain’, that he was meant to do this. He wishes Archer luck and then goes to see Trip. “You owe me one.” And then he lies himself down on the biobed and Phlox injects him with something.

Flash forward to the opening scene again, but this time we see a confused Trip also standing next to the coffin while Archer gives his speech. They load the closed casket into a torpedo bay and launch his remains into space.


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A whole mess of folks have made comments


Dear Zealousgirl,

you did a great job, as always. I like to read you reports. For the ones who are not in able to watch the current episodes it is helpful the way you describe every scene, the clothes they wear etc. Your reports are the best of all!

I'm Italian living in Germany and unfortunately we will not see this episode until the end of 2004!!! Can you believe this. It is terrible (smile).

If anyone could record the current episodes for me so that I can see them in Germany I would pay million Euro (smile). No, I would appreciate if there would be a Record Service for the german Fans. At least we pay 20-30 Euro if we buy two episodes from the first season by Amazon.

By the way, if I can send you something from Germany which you like just let me know. I'll do my best to organize it. And thanks at all. I just printed it out and will read it for sure 1000 time this night before I go to bed...

Thanks again/All the best for you

sighhhhhhhhh . . . relived the episode on Sunday (as well as recorded it). It was great, some fine acting and some of the best shippage a gal can ask for. Thanks for the edition and the detailed T/Tpol scenes.

i'm italian too, if you need thi episod i perhaps help you...my mail is maurizio.rossi@fiatgesco.it

I cannot read the end of your email-address.
fiatgesco or flatgesco???


mai email il maurizio.rossi@fiatgesco.it (fiat= fabbrica italiana automobili torino)

Maurizio, I got it. Because of blue background colour I couldn´t read it well. Maybe my eyes are also too tired as this day in the office was really long. I send you and email. Don't be surprised it is a german name, the company for which I work for. Saluti, Maria

This was great! T'pol's eyes were totally bleary! Her voice cracked and everything, it was like she wasn't even Vulcan. It is like Phlox said, being Vulcan doesn't mean that she doesn't have emotions just that she is a lot better at hiding them.

That whole scene where Sim was trying to tell her how he felt and how he wasn't sure if it was him or Trip felt like something out of an old 50's war movie, sorry if I get the time period wrong. Where the wife finds out that her long lost husband isn't dead and isn't lost, or something like that. It was just so powerful!

What a great episode. I know that some people don't see Trip/T'pol but after this how can you not? :-D

Take care everyone - Annabelle

Maria, you have a mail

Maurizio, Thanks!!! Answer is on the way to you.

Thanks also to all of you HouseofTucker Creative People. You created a great Side full of informations.

Thanks! I haven't seen this but you're description helps me understand what my pal was talking about.

Great job! And thanks for the hard work.

This was such a touching episode. Love it.