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The Xindi

Zealousgirl’s SPECIAL EDITION --> contains spoilers!

Hi everyone! I hope you have all had a great summer, ‘cause I know that I have. I am so excited that the new season of Enterprise is starting. Unfortunately this year it seems that I will not be seeing the show the day before all of you in the US, so no more ‘Early Edition’. But popular demand, I will continue to write up the Trip’centric reviews. Hope you enjoy!

The Xindi

Production 053
First Air Date: Sept 10, 2003
Mission Date: unknown

Director: Allan Kroeker
Written By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Star Trek or Paramount. I do this for amusement and not for profit. Be forewarned that this will be seen through the biased eyes of a proud Tuckerite!!! (and, a Trip/T’poler!) I will try to focus on what is happening with Trip in these spoilers

About ‘The Xindi’: Cool new aliens!!! And they also tweaked “Faith of the Heart” somehow – sounds a bit more country to me. Overall I liked it. The episode seems more like the beginning of a story, without any true sense of it being able to stand on its own (I don’t know if I am expressing this properly) You can see that the ‘Xindi’ arc will continue from week to week. Trip of course is just as adorable as ever, although you do see his anger in little spurts. Luckily he does not seem to be the cold hearted person that the initial season 3 spoilers made him out to be. Anyway, enough rambling. . .

I should add that I had to put in the entire Trip and T’pol scene in this, so it’s long but it was so much fun for me as a Trip/T’poler. Sorry if I annoy any of you out there. . .

Synopsis (from StarTrek.com):

Six weeks into the Delphic Expanse, Captain Archer and his crew learn of a Xindi working at a mining colony, and set out to track him down and gain information about the mysterious race. But when Trip and Archer get caught in a deadly trap, Enterprise's newest crew members, a squad of Military Assault Command Operation soldiers (MACOs), must rush to free them. Meanwhile, T'Pol suggests an intriguing Vulcan cure for Trip's vivid nightmares of his sister's death.


“Trip-centric” Enterprise SPOILERS

A group of aliens are sitting around a table talking about the approaching Earth vessel. They seem to be of different species (although we find out later that there are actually 5 types of Xindi): human-like one, a couple of bug-like ones, a whale-like guy (he’s floating in a tank facing the conference room), furry face guy, guy with tentacle like hair. They are talking about a weapon that they are developing. The bug guy wants to destroy Enterprise before they find the weapon. It is decided to hold off the attack and to find out as much as they can about the Earth ship.


Archer, T’pol and Malcolm are in the new command centre (for data collection, tactical etc… for their current assignment). They are discussing plans to find a Xindi who supposedly works on a nearby mining station. Malcolm suggests caution, especially since the person who provided them with this info was a suspicious character. Archer gets a bit snippy with him about this, as they have been in the Expanse for 6 weeks and have not collected any valuable data. He tells that any information right now is good enough for him and leaves in a bit of a huff. Malcolm, slightly taken aback, merely glances at T’pol and says understood.


Hoshi sits with 4 of the new ‘commandos’ (military assault command operation – aka MACO) and they introduce themselves. They chat a bit, and then leave. (Not much point in this other than to introduce MACO)


Archer and Trip are walking briskly towards one of the cargo bays. Something strange has happened there, and Archer wonders if it’s a problem with the ‘grav-plating’.

Trip (subtle smirk): “Trust me. . . it’s not the grav-plating.”

They walk into the cargo bay and find that all the big containers seem to be stuck on one of the walls (like magnets). Trip tells Archer to be careful and not step in too far. Then the floor starts to rumble and all the containers fly across the room and stick to the opposing wall.

Archer: “You’re right. It’s not the grav-plating. . . Any volatile materials in those containers?”

Trip: “I would’ve known by now.”

Archer tells Trip to seal off the cargo bay, and they go to leave, but not before the ‘anomaly’ occurs again.


Phlox is looking microscopically at Xindi material that was retrieved from the body in the crashed probe. T’pol arrives and he enthusiastically shows her his findings. He notes that the epithelial tissue (aka skin) seems to belong to someone almost reptilian. T’pol then asks why Phlox wanted to see her.

Phlox asks if she has any siblings (which she does not). He then tells her that Commander Tucker had one sister who was killed in the attack and that he is having difficulty with the loss, in particular it is affected his sleep. Trip is using sedatives, but Phlox wants him to taper off. (T’pol is understandably confused as to why he is discussing this with her) Phlox gets to the point and states that Trip would be a good candidate for Vulcan neuropressure.

T’pol: “I doubt the Commander would have the patience to sit in one place long enough to get through the first posture.”

Phlox: “I’m sure with your delicate guidance— ”

T’pol: “ ‘Delicate’ is not a word that I associate with Mr. Tucker. (pause) The instruction of neuropressure is a. . . very intimate act.”

Phlox: “And he suffered a very intimate loss. He needs your help.”

T’pol (heavy sigh): “Have him come to my quarters.” She turns to leave but is stopped.

Phlox (grinning): “There’s um . . . one little problem.” He proceeds to tell her that he has already asked Trip about this, and he refused – “He was less than enthusiastic.”

T’pol: “I don’t understand.”

Phlox: “Perhaps if I convinced him to go to your quarters you could convince him of the lasting benefits of Vulcan neuro-pressure.”

T’pol sighs heavily again, and then leaves.

{Enterprise approaches a planet. Then we see the shuttlepod going down to the surface (which is highly industrialized and polluted). Everything is grey.}

~On the planet~

Archer and Malcolm meet a small group of the inhabitants (wearing facemasks because of the poor air quality, and sporting impressive weapons) They bring them to the mine’s ‘foreman’ - a hideous, slobbering alien who frequently inhales deeply, and wheezily from his mask. Archer wants info on a Xindi worker. The foreman (obviously not a nice guy) wants liquid platinum. Malcolm and Archer figure out a way to get it for him but demand some proof that there is actually a Xindi on the planet. The foreman presents them with the severed finger of the Xindi, and sends them on their way.

~Deck area of a tropical resort~

A little boy with sandy hair and a brown ‘Hawaiian’ shirt is walking towards a girl who is sitting at a table with her back to him. He cries out to her: “Elizabeth. Lizzie. You’ve gotta get out of there.” She turns around and is now a young adult. The boy is now Trip: “Please. Get out of there.” She just sits there smiling at him as he continues to yell but no sound is coming out. Behind her you see the Xindi weapon cutting through the Earth towards her. . .

Trip (sweating profusely) wakes with a start and sits up in bed. Panting, he wipes his face and looks around in frustration.



Archer is getting the report from Phlox on the ‘finger’ which is indeed Xindi, although not an exact match to the specimen recovered from the crashed probe. Phlox also shows Archer a composite of what the initial Xindi specimen probably looked like – a reptilian humanoid. The finger is not reptilian.

Archer leaves just a Trip arrives. Trip tells him that the platinum will be available by the afternoon. Archer asks if he’s alright (because they are in Sickbay) and Trip tells him he’s fine.

After Archer leaves, Trip asks for something stronger to help him sleep. Phlox tells him to come back at 22:00 .

~On the planet~

Archer and Trip present the foreman with the liquid platinum, but then Archer grabs it from him and asks to see the Xindi first. So after a bit of stalling, he finally agrees and they go down into the mines (everyone is coughing and looks quite unhealthy). Trip asks about what is mined – Trellium D. He is told that it is used to insulate ships. The foreman asks what insulates their ship; he also makes a comment about the fact that they must have a lot of crew. (he’s up to no good. . .)

Then, the Xindi is forcibly brought into the room. The foreman and his goonies leave with the platinum. The Xindi is not happy, especially since he’s figured out that it is because of Archer that he is now a ‘nine-fingered Xindi’. He asks what they want.

Archer tells him that he wants to know how to get to the Xindi’s planet. The Xindi is suspicious of his intentions and questions him further. The Xindi will only give info if they help him escape, as he is a slave in these mines. Archer is reluctant so the Xindi states that he won’t help.

Trip (his anger now quite apparent) grabs the Xindi by the shirt, and gets in his face. “I don’t know what you’re doing in this place, and I don’t particularly care. But we didn’t come here to stage a prison break. So why don’t you just give us the coordinates, and we’ll stop wasting each others time.”

Xindi: “Not until you get me off this planet.”

Trip: “You know, I don’t know why. . . but I’m just itching to kick the hell out of you.” He lets go of the Xindi, just as T’pol calls to inform them that 3 armed vessels are 2 hours away. Archer decides to get out of there but they figure out that the foreman has no intentions of allowing them to leave, and will take the crew of Enterprise to replenish their workforce. Archer and Trip are trapped. Enterprise is no longer responding to hails. The Xindi continues to taunt them about their predicament, and tells them that he knows how to get them to the surface and to their shuttlepod.


They receive a hail from the foreman who says that Archer will be delayed because they are de-ionizing the landing decks for the incoming ships and that the pod can’t leave for another hour. He refuses to let T’pol speak to Archer, saying that the interference makes it impossible.

T’pol is understandably suspicious, so after the foreman signs off, she tells Malcolm to come up with a rescue plan, with the help of the MACO head Major Hayes.


Archer, Trip and Xindi are walking waist deep in orange sewage towards a hatch. Trip has to pull a lever that is below his knees to help open it and therefore has to lower himself to the point that only his head is above water. He gives us a priceless look like he is about to vomit.

After opening the hatch, they climb into a rarely used plasma duct and proceed to climb it towards the surface (apparently they are well below ground)


T’pol finds Malcolm and Major Hayes working out the rescue plan. There is a bit of a territorial battle going on here with the MACO’s wanting to take the lead. Malcolm wants his officers to run the rescue. T’pol agrees with the Major that the MACO’s should do it. Malcolm is not too happy.


The foreman is informed that the 3 are missing.

~Plasma duct~

They are still climbing. Archer and the Xindi are chatting.


Malcolm, Hayes and the other MACO’s are prepping for the mission.


The foreman discovers that the 3 escapees are in the plasma duct, and decides to allow the plasma to bypass its current duct and go into this one.

~Plasma duct~

The Xindi is still questioning Archer about what he wants with the Xindi. He even asks him if he’s ever seen a Xindi before today. Archer replies “One, and he doesn’t look much like you.” We then find out that they are 5 distinct species of Xindi and five ideas on which is the dominant species.

We then hear clicking, and rumbling, and they figure out that the plasma is being re-routed. They decide to head down to the last safety vent that they saw. They frantically climb down as we see red, hot plasma start to rise beneath them. They get to the vent just in time but Trip had to struggle with the Xindi to get both of them to safety.

Trip: “You stupid son of a bitch! I oughta open this hatch and throw you down into. . .”

Trip’s rant is interrupted by the Mine’s guards who have found them. The Xindi pretends that Archer and Trip had forced him to go along, and actually thanks the guards for saving him. They get annoyed and whack him in the head to shut him up.

~Somewhere else on the planet~

Archer and Trip are carrying the Xindi, followed closely by the guards. They meet up with the foreman who is not happy, and decides to kill them.

Suddenly, the rescue team descend upon them, weapons firing. A great firefight ensues, and of course the Enterprise crew wins. Unfortunately, the Xindi gets shot. All leave by the shuttle pod just minutes before the approaching vessels arrive.


~Captain’s room~

Phlox comes to tell Archer that the Xindi died, but not before he gave them a message with his dying breath – the coordinates of his planet.


Malcolm (in uniform) and Trip (in civvies) are walking and talking .

Trip: “I musta been in the shower for 2 hours, and I still have that crap in my hair, under my nails. . . “

Malcolm: “We cleared bioscan. . . that’s all that matters.”

Trip asks about the 2 injured MACO’s – both are well. He admits that they were impressive, but nothing that Malcolm’s team couldn’t have handled. But Malcolm is not sure about that. They split up, and Trip goes to the Sickbay.


Trip asks for something to help him sleep and Phlox injects him with the hypospray. He then asks Trip to do him a favor and drop off some bioscans in T’pol’s quarters as he is too busy right now. Trip tells him it’s no problem and leaves.

Phlox goes to the comm. and calls T’pol to inform him that he injected Trip with a placebo and that he is on his way to her quarters. “I believe you have your work cut out for you.”

~T’pol’s quarters~

The door chimes and T’pol, wearing a grey silk robe, answers it. Trip steps in, as she walks back into her room, barely even acknowledging that he is there.

Trip: “Sorry to drop by so late, but um. . . Phlox said you’re expecting these.” (holds out the PADD)

Meanwhile T’pol continues to seem disinterested and checks out the computer monitor. She quickly turns around, takes the PADD and returns to look at the screen. “Please sit down” (motions to bed)

Trip looks shocked and a bit confused. “I don’t think I’d be very good company right now. Anyway I still have a few more showers to take before I get all this . . .Trellium D off of me.” He turns and walks towards the door.

T’pol: “Would you like a cup of tea?”

Trip turns. “Thanks, but it might keep me up. The doctor just gave me a sedative.” Again, he turns to leave.

T’pol: “You’re having trouble sleeping as well.” She crosses the room and takes a seat on her bed.

Trip faces her, and again looks surprised. “I would never pegged you for an insomniac.” He takes a seat on the table opposite her.

T’pol: “I believe the Expanse has been disrupting my REM patterns.”

Trip (looks concerned): “Well, probably nothing a good hypospray couldn’t cure.”

T’pol: “Vulcan science teaches us to prompt our bodies to create their own medicines.”

Trip: “So, why are you still having troubles sleeping?”

T’pol: “The neural nodes that need to be stimulated are difficult to reach.”

Trip nods, as if he understands what she means. He then lets out a big sigh, and again starts to leave but is stopped by the next request.

T’pol: “Perhaps you could help me?” (removing her robe to reveal a sky blue silk PJ – navel showing!)

Trip (stammering): “Well I . . . I don’t really know if I can . . .”

T’pol (a little more enthusiastically than is norm): “3 centimeters on either side of the fifth vertebrae.”

Trip hesitates, and then resigns himself to try it. He comes around to sit behind her as she starts to pull up the back of her top. He places his hands under her shirt, but is surprised when she takes it completely off.

T’pol: “You can apply considerable pressure.”

Trip doesn’t seem to know what to do with his hands. “I’m not sure which of these. . . are. . . um. . .”

T’pol: “Right there.”

With his hands on her upper back, he asks, “Right here?”

T’pol: “A little closer together.”

Trip starts to apply pressure to the area. The camera pans around to show us the pic that myst posted earlier (T’pol cupping her breasts while Trip has a goofy look on his face while he is massaging her.) T’pol keeps saying ‘Harder’.

Trip: “If I push any harder, I’ll knock you over.”

T’pol (takes a deep breath): “Just like that. Please continue.” She then takes another deep breath and lets out a little moan (almost orgasmic).

Trip’s expression is priceless as he thinks he is figuring out what is really going on here (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) He stops what he is doing and just looks stunned.

T’pol: “That was far more effective than a hypospray.”

Trip nods, then pats her knee and says, “Glad to be of assistance.” He then prepares to leave, once again.

T’pol: “It would only be fair of me to return the favor. (pause) Please, disrobe.”

Trip nervously chuckles and looks quite embarrassed. “I’m really flattered Subcommander. And, don’t think under different circumstances I wouldn’t jump at the chance to, um. . .”

T’pol: “Are you implying I’m making sexual advances?”

Trip (embarrassed worse than with Feazal): “No. . . no. . .no . . . no . . . not at all. . . I – I was just. . .you see. . . the doctor gave me this sedative, and I. . . think it’s starting to work.” He shrugs and turns to leave, again.

T’pol: “The doctor injected you with a placebo. He wanted me to persuade you to try Vulcan neuropressure. As I predicted, it was a pointless exercise.”

Trip (now annoyed): “Why didn’t he just ask me?”

T’pol: “He did. You refused.”

Trip: “Oh, so this whole thing was just a set-up.”

T’pol: “The doctor knows how intransigent you can be.”

Trip: “Intransigent!”

T’pol: “Unwilling to compromise.”

Trip: “I know what it means! But it just so happens it’s not true. I’m as willing to compromise as anyone else.”

T’pol: “Then take off your shirt.” (she looks at him as though she is daring him to do it)

Trip raises his eyebrows and tilts his head to the side as if to say ‘you’re on’, and then takes off his shirt, throwing it down on her bed. He then takes a seat on the bed. T’pol positions herself behind him, poised to start the neuropressure. Trip glances around at her quickly, and then resigns himself to the exercise (defiant look on his face). T’pol does her thing. Trip gasps.

~The Bridge~

They arrive at the coordinates provided to find nothing but evidence of a planet that was destroyed over 100 years previously. Archer thinks that the Xindi was a liar, but Trip defends him by saying that the Xindi provided this information in his dying breath. Everyone (including myself) is very confused about what this means. Basically that the Xindi are developing a weapon (as per Future guy – see ‘The Expanse’) to destroy Earth so that humans can’t destroy them 400 years from now. And how is this possible if their planet is already destroyed. T’pol logically states that the weapons used against Earth was recently developed somewhere in the Expanse, and that it is likely that their latest weapon is being developed in the same location.

Archer directs Travis to take them deeper into the Expanse. . .

~Xindi council~

Someone reports that Enterprise scanned the debris field and left over 4 hours ago, and now are going deeper into the Expanse, towards the ‘distortions’. One of them chuckles at this and states that it is unlikely that they will survive. Bug-head is not satisfied and again wants to destroy Enterprise now. The human-like and whale-like Xindi feel that it is better to stay hidden. Bug-head agrees for now, but insists that the weapon be finished soon or else he will destroy the Earth ship with or without the council’s approval.

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Seven people have made comments

Great job describing the scenes. I love the little comments you've added in the scene with T/T'P massage.

Great job! The Trip/T'Pol scene was priceless.

Super job! You caught all the little nuances perfectly!

Great job!!!
You must have watched Enterprise on the A Channel. I was also disappointed to find out I could no longer watch it on Tuesday and had to wait til Wednesday like everyone else. :)

Yup! Damn them on A channel!

Was it my imagination or was T'pol a lot lower than the fifth vertabrae when Trip gasped. When he did it on her, it was way up at the base of her neck. But when it was her turn, her hands seemed to be a lot lower. Just my 'magination?
Also, did anyone notice that every time Malcolm was talking about Trip to anyone else (like the captain or Hayes), it was Trip can do that, or I'm going to rescue the Captain and Trip. Not "COmmander" or "Mr Tucker". A bit familiar, wasn't he?

Zealous girl, I know how long it takes to produce a report like yours. Thanks for investing the time for us. A wonderful job as always.

One observation - the scene with Hoshi was one of my fav's, because it so clearly made the point of the difference between MACO culture and Enterprise culture. Was a wonderful piece of exposition, without words.

Classic - I too noted the change - but it makes sense - if since Shuttlepod One the two have developed a friendship - Trip would not be a stickler for rank, unless the situation called for it? What do you think?