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Trip and T'Pol Calendar - 2005

Thanks to all the wonderful contributors who made the second annual Trip/T'Poler calendar possible! Enjoy, everyone!

And enjoy the calendars at íTrip!, Archer*Trip, and Trip*Malcolm.

by myst123
by Ivy
by bluegirl555
by agentj
MAY (blue)
MAY (blue 2)
MAY (color)
MAY (color 2)
by instrumental
by groovekittie
by evay
by camilla
by Little Devil
by Jenna
by evay
by Hoshissis
by aprylrae

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Nine of you have made comments

I love, love, love it all! I'm especially smitten with May and Aprylrae's December! Thank you everyone for giving me something to look forward to in the new year!

I like January the best!

Thank you so much to all of the artists and to the webmaster! I am so excited to find the new calendar here. You all are AWESOME!!!!

Beautiful work! I can do August if no one else is interested... hopefullynebulous@yahoo.com

Wow!!! That was fantastic guys. Absolutely amazing work.

Wow!!!! Really fantastic work .
I think I like February best.

I'm astonished at the amount of talent on this site. Between the vids and these calendars...wow.

Myst123, you picked one of my favorite scenes with these two for January!

"Commander Tucker, may I suggest...!!...that we redo this scene without Mother interrupting it!!

The calendars look fantastic. You've guys have outdone yourselves. I can't stop admiring February,May, June, and December.

This site is sooo great !!! I just discovered it and I'm still amazed about all the talented people here. Why don't you post all these beautiful calendar-sheets as wallpapers (without the month and numbers) somewhere on this side ?

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