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THECURSOR's Final Ship Report

The final Ship Report

Season One

Ah the courtship stage, that awkward period of longing glances and whispered desires.

Or not.

In season one, we’re introduced to our sexy pair and right off the bat we notice that this is simply not the average relationship. For instance, T’Pol is the woman and therefore, according to stereotype, is supposed to be the emotional and sweet one.

You can laugh now.

Oh sure we know she isn’t all bad. Beneath that calm and controlled Vulcan exterior beats the heart of a truly romantic adventurer. A wandering soul searching the universe for that lost piece of her heart. She just doesn’t find it this season, or the next. But here’s hoping!

Tucker is kind of hard to read at first. He puts out this bigot vibe that’s very anti vulcan and human centric, but he’s charming and friendly most of the time. He genuinely doesn’t like T’Pol, but he’s the one who tried to make nice in their first meeting. It’s obvious he’s a very guarded man and that when something bad happens to him, he internalizes it without expressing how truly makes him feel. Much like a Vulcan would.

“I Hate You….Let’s Get Naked!” (Broken Bow) Normally when two people so obviously dislike each other they keep their clothing ON! But when you’re trapped in space on a ship commanded by that wacky Scott Bakula, they don’t get the option of staying full covered. That’s the situation they find themselves in this episode, when Phlox informs them they need to sit in a small room and rub decon gel all over each other. While there’s obvious sex appeal from simply have the characters taking their clothing off, but what strikes a cord in TnT shippers everywhere is how committed they are to fighting the attraction. They’re half naked and rubbing each other, meanwhile neither one is fazed. There’s no awkward look or held breath. Just a half woody (great acting Conner) and a passing gaze of “Oh that’s what humans look like under there.” Neither one is ready for what’s obviously the wildest ride of a lifetime.

Double Entendre Heaven! (Brave New World) Okay, here’s the episode that spawned that early rush of XXX naughty fics. But we can get something else out of this episode. Like many, I believe it cleared the air. T’Pol’s deep seated anti human misconceptions and Trip’s unconscious paranoia is very quickly given an outlet to go far, far away and never show up again. We watch, fascinated as they get out those tricky feelings of mistrust and pointless hatred in one hour long episode of ugly fireworks. But the moment I remember most is that apology scene, where Trip tries his hardest to repair his reputation just like all Southern Mommas teach little Southern Boys everywhere. I think T’Pol was a little surprised to see him actually apologizing for being such a schmuck. She isn’t used to humans and that “empathy” thing. A Vulcan crewmate would have simply pretended the whole thing never happened but he actually…cared about what she thinks of him.

The Thousand Yard Stare (Unexpected) They say you hate what you want the most and no one knows this better then our Polly. Oh sure, Trip does a really dumbass thing and he spends the rest of the episode regretting the hell out of it. But T’Pol seems extra hard on him. We see an ugly side of our favorite vulcan and I think that’s what I like the most. T’Pol isn’t perfect and neither are her feelings for this human. She knows she feels SOMETHING but her ability to express it comes out all mixed up and weird. In a way, telling him he’s a dumbass is her way of saying “I so totally don’t want him. Nope. Not at all!” This is where all that venom she spouted about interracial relationships came from when Phlox asked for her advice and this is what Trip is going to have to over come. Fic writers love this episode because this introduced JealousT’Pol and the idea that a relationship between the two would constantly have poor Trip in the dog house with his loving but insanely jealous girlfriend.

Foreshadowing (Breaking the Ice) Alright, now when you rewatch this, try not to go ballistic when T’Pol says that Koss is out of the picture, it’s only going to upset you that much more. In Greek tragedy, there’s always that one moment when the main character’s fates are sealed. While TnT are hardly what I would call doomed lovers, this is the event that will eventually lead into a spiral of sadness for both of them. But for now we’ve got the most solid moment of interaction between the two characters, and just like the title says, it breaks the ice between the two of them and starts the whole wonderful ball rolling. As usual for TnT, it begins with one of the two characters trying to hide a problem from everyone. T’Pol doesn’t want to be a stay at home wife to a man she’s never even met before but she doesn’t want to become gossip fodder for a bunch of smelly humans. So she hides it from everyone…except Trip. It’s interesting that T’Pol comes to a very solid and independent decision about her place in her society this episode but she does it with Trip’s help.

Elsewhere on the ship…

Hoshi Gone Wild (Shockwave 2) If Trip and T’Pol are the bride and groom, then Hoshi caught the bouquet and Malcolm is holding the garter. We watched these two dance around one another the whole time and it was almost as entertaining as our other fave couple, but when Hoshi pulls the old “Madi Gras Special”, things moved a little too fast for our boy Mal. Notice he’s stayed away ever since. Poor Hoshi!

Season Two

Or as I call it…the Great Depression. The stupid ass writers decided to down play any romantic relationships in favor of…whatever the hell it was they decided to try instead. God sometimes it was just bad television. I only chose two episodes from that season, two fairly obvious examples of Shipness we all appreciated.

As much as it hurts to say it, I wanted the show to be cancelled back then. I felt it simply wasn’t worth having season two on the air because the following season I expected more of the same. I am so sorry.

U.S.T. (Carbon Creek) Alright fic challenge, write this same episode without the Archer. I guarantee you that everybody would have them humping on the table Days of Our Lives Style before the wine bottle was empty. I found this episode important because it showed our favorite couple behaving themselves for once, acting like friends and almost…flirty? Is it me or is Trip a little forward in this one? Maybe it’s the wine but Trip seems to be turning on the mack! And What about T’Pol and her “I’m going to playfully reveal secret Vulcan information in the form of a funny story so just to tease the humans.” What the heck brought that on?

Horizonline (Horizon) He asked her to a movie, she wanted to stay in and read. There in lies the conflict. We haven’t really seen Trip and T’Pol actually go on a date so it’s kind of funny how many near misses we’ve had. T’Pol doesn’t understand Trip or how she feels about him so naturally she feels that perhaps in a one-one setting they can talk privately, maybe finally explore that unseen romantic thing that hangs over both of their heads.

Season Three

A September 11th inspired season, this was one of the best seasons of the show and a credit to Star Trek during a trying time in American history. We all loved watching Airlock Archer and the MACOs but all REALLY loved watching the first really romantic moments of TnT.

“My Dog Died So Can I Get Neuro Pressure Too?” (The Xindi) While we have seen them connect and we have seen them crackle at moments, this is the first time we see them do both at once. T’Pol is starting to come unraveled from having the High Council destroying her career and Trip isn’t handling Lizzie’s death at all. As usual they can only rely on each other for support and the result is amazing. This is the reason T’Pol started using drugs and really ladies, wouldn’t you? I mean he’s Conner Trinner!

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow (Similitude) We all think it’s kind of cute watching a young Charles Tucker trying to date that sexy older lady T’Pol but it’s nothing less then heartwrenching watching as T’Pol says good by to the man who saves Trip’s life. This is T’Pol’s way of saying good bye to both of them just in case the operation doesn’t succeed. Now Tucker won’t realize how much she likes him until he starts tramping around with MACOs.

Sex… (Harbinger) They do it. Nuff said.

…And Consequences (E2) Well, it wasn’t exactly Soma but it sure was close. Star Trek proved that even they can embrace their expanded universe every now and then by actually bringing a shipper’s dream to life in the middle of the Xindi conflict. T’Pol is naturally freaked out by the whole thing but Trip couldn’t be happier! He gets to meet the son he hasn’t had yet.

Elsewhere on the Ship,

Suddenly, It All Makes Sense! The loud shirts, the womanizing, even his really well groomed hair! Malcolm might be gay! And he also might have a huge man crush on Hayes, that other home wrecking MACO! Oh how cute, too bad it doesn’t last.

…Or Does It? Uh... Hoshi? Why are you hugging the Captain? I know you’re really glad to see him but seriously, why are you hugging Archer? The mirror universe invades the regular one in some really weird ways.

Season Four

A season of unbelievable highs and really bad lows. We struggled valiantly to stop the cancellation and it failed. Then they ended Star Wars the same year. And then they wrote A Night in Sickbay 2: Still Sicker for the Finale. This blows. Still I might as well put up my favorite parts of the show during this trying time.

Romeo and Juliet (Home) Nothing says suck better then watching the hottest Vulcan in the universe marrying a chubby architect right in front of you. That blows.

“We Should See Other People” (Daedalus) Okay, marriage over and the Vulcans are saved. It’s miller time, right? Wrong. T’Pol gives Trip the infamous talk and makes all of us want to strangle Manny Coto for being so deliciously evil.

Office Romance (The Aenar) THEY NEVER WORK OUT! Especially after a dumping like the one our boy got in Engineering a few episodes ago. But Tucker remains confident he can separate his personal and private life. Then T’Pol tries to fry her own brain in that freak-o contraption she built….

Conflicted (Affliction) It’s not me, is it? Seriously, you’re not leaving because of me…right? If you ever want to see a helpless Vulcan, watch this episode and cry.

Fit to be Tied (Bound) This actually isn’t a TnT moment but I think you’ll all approve. After Trip tells the Animal Women to get bent, the last one out the door gives him this look that seems to say “How? I mean what could he be thinking about that’s better than three green women?” The answer is Jolene Blalock with pointy ears...covered in honey and whipped cream. A further thing to note is that we should imply from their final moments in the episode that they are now officially dating. Regardless of what happened later, this makes it official. So, adjust your shipper lenses thusly.

After the last couple of episodes we've had and my complete boycott of the finale (All Enterprise episodes are sent to me on tape so...I simply haven't fast fowarded to that episode...ever.) I have chosen just one more entry and this is the one I think earned it's place:

The Parting Shot (Terra Prime) This isn't a moment it's that single shot (Myst even has a cap of it on Terra Prime) we get to see Trip and T'Pol looking down at their baby with Phlox and Archer in the background. This right here, is TnT in single frame of digital video. So close but so far. Almost touching but never quite getting there. There's happiness in a little box and neither of them can quite get it. So they just stand there staring mournfully.

Elsewhere on the Ship,

Mirror EWWW! Archer and Hoshi. Yech!

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AHAHAHAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you make me laugh you know! This was very amusing. It's also kind of depressing. It is so sad that it's all over.

Thanks for the synopsis. Thanks also to those who worked so hard on this site. Well done!!!