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Soval's Annex

Soval's Annex stopped adding new content on January 1, 2007. Please enjoy the archive of stories! --myst123

Fiction about Soval
A Family Affair, by ShouldKnowBetter
A Father's Lament, by vandiver49
A Momentary Lapse, by Karolina Phillips
A Truth Universally Acknowledged, by ShouldKnowBetter
Again My Beloved, by Linda
At the Coffee Break Café, by Linda
Ceti Alpha V, by ShouldKnowBetter
Daybreak, by ShouldKnowBetter
Gateway, by quills
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? (Twenty-second century style), by Linda
Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, Part II, by julie
Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, by julie
Intrepid Vulcans, by quills
Ko-telsu Kahli-fi, by julie
Let Me Be Her, by Galadriel, rated NC-17
Little Bird in a Tree, by Linda
Logical Life-Mates, by FireStar, rated NC-17
Negotiating Peace, by myst123
Reconciling Realities, Round Robin
Reflection, by emtb319
Soval's Sorrow, by myst123
That Which Hides Under the Bed, by Linda
The Bitterest End, by ShouldKnowBetter
The Eight, by Calcaneous
The Logical Solution, by Julie
The Mean Old Vulcan and the MACO, by ShouldKnowBetter
The Mission, by ShouldKnowBetter
The Widow’s Tale, by Julie
There Is No Sin But Ignorance, by ShouldKnowBetter
There Is No Sin But Ignorance, part 2, by ShouldKnowBetter
There and Back Again, by ShouldKnowBetter
Unexpected, by emtb319
Vulcans Do Not Have…Maple Trees, by Linda
We'll Always Have Enterprise, by ShouldKnowBetter
Welcome Home, by myst123
Who Says a Vulcan Needs a Bodyguard?, by myst123

Fiction about Other Enterprise Vulcans
A Vulcan Childhood by Linda
Conceptions and Preconceptions, by Linda
Koss Again, by Linda
Koss, by Linda
Let Me Be Her, by Galadriel (Rated R)
Of Old Shipmates, by Linda
The Commission, by Linda
The Kitchen Help, by Linda
The Tides of Space, by Linda

Ambassador Soval
The Vulcan Files
Vulcan Language Institute
Gary Graham's Web Site
Vulcan Language Dictionary