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A Momentary Lapse, by Karolina Phillips

Title: A Momentary Lapse
Authors: Karolina Phillips ja_glinka@yahoo.com,
Keith Chism keithchi@yahoo.com
Rating: PG
Code: Archer/Soval
Series: ENT
Archiving: Please ask first.
Summary: Just a bit of tongue in cheek humor.

Warning: Dear Surak & Suess, don't anyone take this seriously. Flames will be blithely ignored.

Disclaimer: Paramount Studios owns the TREK universe. No profit being made.


A Momentary Lapse

Keith Chism & Karolina Phillips


The blue sky of San Francisco cast a warm glow through the windows of Admiral Forrest's office. Inside, three men are engaged in conversation over the fate of Earth.

"Jon, Star Fleet Command is going to need some proof of what you're saying." Forrest had every bit of confidence in Captain Jonathan Archer, but what he had told him is pushing his imagination to the edge of belief. "What you're saying is--"

"I know it sounds hard to believe, Admiral," Archer tried his best to stay composed in spite of the frustration building in him. From his first day as captain of the NX-01 Archer has heard the words time travel mentioned more than he liked. And, even though in his heart he believed what he had seen and heard, trying to convince someone else to believe it is another matter."but this might be our only chance. Look, I don't know if the person I spoke to was from the future or not, but we can't just ignore his warning."

"Captain, it has been my experience that humans are easily deceived, following their inherent fascination with all things impossible rather than relying on logic to dictate their actions." Soval took the position of Vulcan ambassadors preceding him. "This mission is foolish."

Archer rounded on Soval, throwing out an arm in anger. "You wouldn't be saying that if it was Vulcan that got bombed!" He paused, working his jaw. "Oh, that's right. You Vulcans stick so well to your noninterference that no one would want to bomb you."

Soval drooped his eyelids, almost giving the appearance of dozing. "You are letting your emotions control you, Captain. Vulcan was not attacked and its defense is not in question. What is in question is your foolish attempt to stop an event that will supposedly happen. You have no proof that Earth will be attacked again. Entering the Delphic Expanse is an illogical move."

"I'm not letting 'my emotions' control me. I've seen plenty of evidence in the past year to believe that this temporal cold war is real. I've seen ships that couldn't exist by today's technological standards - but they were piloted by human descendants. I'm not going to give up before trying. At least if I go there's a chance I can prevent it."

The ambassador rolled his shoulders, slightly and took an audible breath. "The Vulcan Science Directorate has concluded that time travel is impossible. What is possible is that your human naiveté has allowed you to be deceived by a species with more advanced technology. Entering the Expanse will only endanger your crew."

"Oh for pity's.... I'm not even going to try to argue with you about the Science Directorate. Look, we scanned a body. It was real. And... it had some DNA you wouldn't believe. My point is, you don't have any real solid proof that going into the Expanse will do anything. For all you know, there are ships that regularly pass through it and it's just your ships that weren't wanted."

Soval tipped his head back, sighing even more loudly this time. "That is an absurd conclusion, Captain. Need I remind you of the Klingon vessel that emerged from the Expanse?" He blinked. "What DNA? There was nothing in the report."

"You wouldn't want to hear about it. Maybe T'Pol will fill you in."

Soval crossed his arms underneath the sleeves of his robe, tucking his chin down. In his attempt not to frown, his lower lip jutted out. "Captain, if this DNA is proof of the alleged time travel, you would be wise to tell me now."

Jonathan crossed his arms in retaliation, buying time by rubbing his jaw with one hand.

The Vulcan pursed his lips. "Well, Captain? You have evidence but refuse to share it, typical irrational human behavior." His brow began to furrow in his attempts not to scowl.

Archer considered relenting, and continued with a sigh. "You wanna know what we found?" He leaned forward, using his greater size, to invade Soval's personal space. "We found the body of an adult male carrying DNA from four different species. According to Phlox, it was all natural, and he's a damn good doctor."

Soval angled his head to one side, his eyes narrowing again. "Interspecies breeding... is rare but not uncommon. Still, this does not prove this person was from the future." He squared his shoulders and tipped an eyebrow.

Archer began to smirk. "Some of these species haven't met yet." He pushed his face closer yet, "And some don't think it's even possible to mix with humans."

Soval moved abruptly to one side, half turning, grasping one side of his robe as it fluttered. "Captain! . . . Captain, you are purposely being vague." He looked back at Jonathan, over his shoulder, sulky frown back in place.

Archer grinned. "Just giving you a taste of your own medicine." His grin turned into a smirk as he began counting off on his fingers. "Let's see, one part human, one part something else, another something else, ooh! But I remember the last one." He raised both eyebrows, "Vulcan. Possibly a couple of generations removed, too."

Soval's eyes went wide as his shoulders hunched. Then he whipped around in a whirl of golden robes, advancing on the Captain. His eyes were fierce, betraying him. "Impossible! No Vulcan would mate with a human. It . . . it is . . . illogical to mate with humans. I am . . we are not attracted to your species."

Archer planted his fists on his hips. "Attracted, huh? Isn't that an emotional response? Or, I forget, is it just a biological one?"

The Ambassador clasped and unclasped his hands. "It is not . . . Captain, you are intentionally trying to invoke me into an emotional response. I-" Suddenly, he grasped Archer by the sides of his face, bending the other man down for a deep kiss, sliding his tongue between tightly pressed lips.

Jonathan flailed his arms, making incoherent noises, until just as abruptly, he was released.

Soval made a face that might result from eating a pickle immediately after brushing one's teeth and turned his back to the Captain. "You will not speak of this. You forced me to do that." He composed himself under his ornate robes and gave one final disdainful sniff before fluttering out of the office, leaving behind a bug-eyed Jonathan Archer.


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ok... that was strange. Definitely not something that I expected. =)

OK, um, eww? The characters were good, but I just don't see that happening. Ever. (*shudder*) I think I need a shower.

My response was something like this:

::bug eyes:: Whoa whoa! ::claps hands to eyes::
::continues reading only hesitantly::