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Logical Life-Mates

Logical Life-Mates

by FireStar

Disclaimer: I do not Own Star Trek in any of its forms. Sadly, it was invented by Gene Rodenberry and belongs to the corporations now.

Author's Notes:

This is a fan Fiction for fun using the Enterprise Series and her crew. It is a fiction that may be adult in nature. Ratings will be up to NC-17.

The primary characters will be Ambassador Soval and Amanda Cole.
Sub-Commander T’Pol and Commander Tucker pairing as well.

This may be considered an A.U as I have changed the destinies and personalities of several characters and ignored others. It may be taken as happening after the Kishara was found and after the displacement of administration V’Las.

Acknowledgements: This would not have been remotely possible without the assistance of Linda who betaed this monster. Her many helpful insights and corrections made this story a lot more readable and enjoyable and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Miigwech niin niiji !!

Telepathy and thoughts are in Italics


Part I Confusion

Soval woke with a start. He was momentarily uncertain where or when he was. He felt cold and pain that astounded him and ruthlessly brought his bio controls up. His eyes opened and he scanned the room. He spotted a sleeping human her head resting against his hand. This contact brought him out of his healing trance that was to cure the injure done to his left hand by Shran’s guards.

He looked over and noticed the female MACO Corporal Amanda Cole sleeping, and recalled her being assigned to guard him. His internal clock told him it was 0200 hours. She had been in sickbay for 16.25 hours and he knew she had been working for over 72.5 hours. The fact that she had drifted to sleep did not concern him because he knew she was very skilled at her work, though he disliked most humans because they were always too emotional. This MACO had demonstrated control and the ability to suppress her emotions. He had noted that unlike many humans, she could shield her thoughts easily. She did it naturally and this did not cause him the least bit of discomfort. Although he found her to be stubborn, rude, and opinionated, and even considering her relative youth over their short acquaintance; he was intrigued. It had been many years since any female had drawn his interest. One of the things he found interesting was the fact that his mentee T’Pol clearly held this human in contempt.

T’Pol, like all bonded females, was very protective of her mate. Commander Tucker’s insistence that they keep their relationship private had allowed Amanda to think that perhaps she had a chance. His failure to clarify the issue had caused the women to clash on several occasions. It had been an interesting event to watch unfold. Soval was oddly pleased to see that Tucker chose T’Pol. He had deduced that Amanda had been assigned as his bodyguard as a punishment for threatening T’Pol’s bond, but did not mind this because it gave him time to observe the petite human.

Amanda Cole awoke and noticed her hand was being held tightly. She looked up and was about to pull away when she realized it was Ambassador Soval that was holding her hand. Amanda’s eyes locked on to the ambassador.

Soval released her hand and his eyes seemed to watch her intently. That was one thing she had noticed about Vulcans; they tended to stare. It was not that they intended to be rude, but rather they gave complete attention to the thing or person they were observing. It was unnerving to many humans, as a Vulcan did not blink. One often would get the impression that they were trying to intimidate you. Amanda had been around Soval long enough to know that in his case, at least, it was merely interest. He could be intimidating but sarcasm usually was used to achieve that effect, though he would deny it.

“Did you rest well, Sir?” Amanda asked.

Soval’s brow rose. He was about to say he had, until she awoke him with her dreams. Yet he sensed she was genuinely concerned for his well-being. He stopped a sarcastic retort and relaxed visibly. “Indeed, I slept very well. You did not need to hold on to me.”

Amanda blushed and replied. “I am responsible for keeping you secure here on this ship. Holding onto you seemed logical.”

“I still could have been transported away.”

“Yes, Sir, but I would have gone with you. In addition, my holding your hand might confuse anyone scanning for you. After all, Vulcans do not hold hands with humans. They may have thought such a reading was an error and had to adjust the scans. That would have taken extra time in which Sub Commander T’Pol would likely have noticed them.”

“That is a very logical consideration.” Soval said, impressed.

Amanda released his hand, hoping that Soval did not know she was improvising. She had held his hand to ensure he was alive and well. For some odd reason she liked this crusty old Vulcan.

“You look like you could use some rest.” Soval said

I am fine, Sir. However, I am certain I could use breakfast and perhaps a shower. Are you hungry?”

It was now 0330 hours but Soval found he was thirsty. “Tea or juice would be appreciated.”

Amanda rose. “Let me go grab a quick shower and by then the galley should be open. I can get you something to drink. Any preferences?”

“Earl Grey Tea hot if possible.”

Amanda smiled. “Will do. Let me get someone to sit with you. “She located
Dr. Phlox and when the Doctor was checking Soval she slipped out. She sprinted to her quarters and slipped inside. Swiftly she stripped off her uniform and dove into a hot shower. Ten minutes latter, she was dressing in a clean uniform, her hair wet tied back. Then she went to the galley. Chef was in the kitchen preparing the morning meals. Amanda grabbed two large mugs and got Tea for herself and the ambassador. She grabbed a tray and loaded it with fresh melon and a large bowl of that poltink soup that T’Pol seemed to favor. She had a feeling that Soval would also find it refreshing.

“Hey, Chef, I am stealing this soup for the ambassador.”

“No problem, Corporal, “he said.” I made extra.”

Amanda waved goodbye and headed back to the sick bay. She was now wide-awake and very hungry. Amanda arrived just as Dr. Phlox was finishing up his tests on Soval. The ambassador’s robe was off and Amanda swallowed hard and looked away. For a male who was over 100 years old, he was in excellent shape. Amanda set down the tray and retreated.

Dr. Phlox smiled brightly, as always, cheerful and eager to see to his patient’s comfort. He smiled at the MACO’s reaction and mentally calculated the odds that Soval would act on the MACO’s rather obvious admiration.

“I smell soup. Ambassador, I would highly recommend you try to eat something. The Corporal was wise to bring you a meal.”

Soval glared at Amanda’s back. I am not hungry.

Amanda shrugged her shoulders. Grumpy old Vulcan. I am nice and all he does is complain.

Soval looked sharply at her. He clearly heard that thought. He decided to be polite and then to investigate this thing.

“May I have my tea now?”

Amanda turned and handed him his mug. She sipped her own and wished Phlox had put the Ambassador’s robe or shirt back on. She was hard pressed not to stare. He has a lovely chest. So perfectly muscular and smooth. Who would have thought?

Soval almost choked on his tea. He felt the wave of desire shoot through his body. The MACO’s admiration made him instantly hard. He suppressed the desire and sipped his tea. He knew he was reacting due to the torture he had been subjected to. He looked at Dr. Phlox and said: “May I return to my quarters? I believe I would rest better there. It will also be easier for Corporal Cole to stand guard.”

Phlox checked his instruments. “After you have eaten. Only then will I release you. If you feel you can not eat I will be forced to give you nutrition though other methods.”

Soval grimaced. “May I have some soup?” Soval said resigned.

Dr. Phlox was silently amused at the ambassador’s sudden submission to his orders. Clearly, he wanted out of sickbay and was even prepared to be polite to achieve that goal.

Part II Escape

Amanda watched as Soval ate his soup. His long fingers moved the spoon to his mouth with efficient movements and she was surprised to see he could even hold a spoon in his left hand. It was badly damaged and she knew he was in pain. She did not stop to wonder how she could tell, but she knew. He was restless and eager to be away from the sickbay.

“I am finished.” Soval stated.

Amanda set her mug aside and lifted the tray out of his way.

“Shall I get the nurse to help you dress?”

Soval looked at her and said, “Please hand me my robe. I believe I can slip it on unaided.”

Amanda swallowed hard. “Yes, Sir, here it is.” She handed it to him and prepared to turn her back. Soval‘s eyes showed amusement at her attempt to give him privacy. Oddly, he felt no modesty in her presence. He found he was not adverse to her admiration. He sung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up, slipping into the robe with practiced ease. He tried to fasten the robe and cursed softly.

Amanda faced him and turned a deep red. He was covered but the robe was not closed.

Soval locked on to her eyes.

“May I assist you?” She said softly.

“Yes that would be acceptable,” he said.

Amanda wanted to curse herself. She had offered before thinking. Her hands shook as she fastened the clasps on the robe. The belt covered the middle thankfully, yet she could not help but notice he wore nothing below the robe.

Soval caught her hand. “Thank you. Now escort me to my quarters.”

“Yes, Sir.” Amanda said quickly.

Not noticing his amusement and his pleasure at her immediate compliance, she offered her shoulder for him to lean on. Soval felt weak but would not lean on the Human woman heavily. Instead, he leaned against the wall and allowed her to stay on his left. She was, to his amusement, slightly behind him. She seemed concerned he would fall. He wondered if she had any idea what her position would mean to a Vulcan. He was glad she could not see his amusement at her being in the place of a bond-mate. Oddly, the idea did not displease him.

T’Pol came to check on the ambassador and froze as she saw him walking toward the guest quarters. She could not believe what she was seeing as her dislike for Amanda Cole had never been hidden. The MACO’s attempts to flirt with her bond-mate had sorely tested her controls. This unexpected event made her raise her brow.

“Good morning, T’Pol,” he said. “The Corporal is escorting me to my quarters. Please inform Lt. Reed his choice of a body guard has been fortuitous.”

“Indeed, she seems to be taking her duties seriously,” T’Pol said, her brow rising. “Perhaps she should take a rest period? I believe she has been on duty for a significant time.”

“Thank you, Sub-Commander, but I am able to do my job,” Amanda said. She did not like the implication that she was not protecting the Ambassador well.

“Your efficiency in this area is not in dispute, Corporal. I would not have you overextend your abilities.”

“I will see to it that she rests, Sub-Commander, “ Soval said firmly, closing the discussion. “She is mine now and I will protect this female,” Soval thought in his native Vulcan. The family bond working for communication.

T’Pol’s brow rose. “As you wish, Sir.” She bowed and said to the corporal: “Your care of the Ambassador is appreciated by Vulcan. I will inform Lt. Reed that you have excelled at this duty.”

Amanda was shocked. She looked at Soval for a translation of what he had said. None was forthcoming.

T’Pol left them and knew she needed to meditate. Soval had just claimed Amanda and informed her she was under his protection. She could almost feel pity for the MACO because Soval was not going to allow her to stray from his side. She was amused in a way, as Amanda was going to drive the ambassador crazy at first. T’Pol, however, had no pity for Soval because he had shown her little in her own bond. She knew, even if she was to warn Soval, that he had already chosen. She wondered once more what it was about humans and their irreverent attitudes that drew otherwise logical Vulcan’s to their sides to bond?

Part III Choice

Soval managed to make it to his quarters and open the door. Amanda helped him in. It was clear to her that he was in a great deal of pain. She helped him over to the bed and he fell onto it with gratitude. His body was flushed from the effort. While Dr. Phlox had healed many of his wounds, he was still bruised from head to foot. His level of control was strained due to the machine that had been used to extract information. Amanda helped him lift his legs up and she blushed deeply as her hand slipped beneath his robes. She quickly pulled away and grabbed a blanket to cover him.

“I am not an invalid.”

“No, Sir, I just thought it would -” She blushed. She looked away embarrassed. The fact was the blanket was for her benefit so she could not run her hands up his strong legs.

Before she could pull away, Soval drew her across his lap. She was off balance and fell against him. She found herself laying across his lap and looking up at him. It was a position that allowed him to look down into her eyes. She had been so shocked she had not sat up. Soval’s mouth turned up a little as his right hand stroked her face gently. He shivered, his control almost shattered. Now was not the time for this. He felt desire and knew this small human had caused it. He shivered and wondered how he could have lost track of the time. He should never have left Vulcan. His fingers played across her face.

“You have cared well for me.”

“Ambassador …I failed you. You were taken.”

“Amanda, it was not your watch. Lt. Reed did not allow you to remain. He sent you to your post. I know you argued with him. The failure was not yours, it was not perhaps even his. Captain Archer trusted Commander Shran, a mistake, but it is one I also made.”

Amanda swallowed hard. She had grown fond of this crusty old Vulcan and was suddenly feeling very uneasy. Soval allowed her to rise. He could tell she was very warm. His room was about twenty degrees warmer then the average crew quarters.

He looked at her. “Take off your jacket and pants. You may set it over the chair.”
Amanda’s arousal was very clear to Soval.

Amanda looked at him sharply.

Soval noticed her alarm. So he spoke softly. There is no need for you to be overly warm. I know you have a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt beneath. I would not have you become over heated.”

Damn him and his double speak. Amanda thought. He knows I am aroused.
She looked at him sharply but slipped out of her jacket. She wondered what Reed would say if he saw her. She looked and noticed Ambassador Soval was reading. She swallowed hard and slipped out of her pants. Then she went to the couch and sat down. Grabbing a blanket, she covered her legs.

Soval looked over at her. He wanted her and he was determined to get her in his bed and at his side. When she had left to go clean up, he had spoken to Lt Reed. He made it clear that he wanted only Amanda as a guard, that only she would be allowed in his personal quarters. And he had verbally ripped Lt. Reed for removing his guard. This had ensured that no one would be coming to take Amanda’s place anytime soon.

He closed his eyes and wondered how and when the bond had begun? Amanda had been assigned to guard him on several occasions before her posting to Enterprise, and he had been pleased to see her upon his arrival. He found her presence soothed him. Now he was annoyed that she was across the room from him. Yes, annoyance was an emotion, and it was one he felt often when dealing with humans. But somehow, he had rarely felt this around this M ACO.

The only really annoyance was when she flirted with Commander Tucker. Did she not know he was T’Pol’s bond-mate? The human engineer was not serious enough for Amanda. She needed a male strong enough to keep her in line; a male who she could control would never win her respect. She needed a male experienced in life and one willing to indulge her every need. While Tucker was a fine specimen for a human Soval doubted, he had the stamina that Soval did. That was not arrogance, merely a deeply ingrained understanding of his own body and his own controls.

Soval sensed that Amanda would be every bit as passionate as a Vulcan female. He watched as Amanda tossed restlessly on the couch. He cursed and got up. He picked the sleeping human up and carried her to his bed. Though he had to rest, he would only do that with her at his side. He slipped his robe off and drew her under the covers. The t-shirt was constraining her, so he slipped it off her sleeping form. The shorts followed as he tucked her in next to his side. It was a measure of her exhaustion that she never resisted or noticed his actions. Soval allowed himself a smile. He stroked her cheek as she turned to rest it against his chest and wrapped her arms around him, holding him tightly. Soval watched her sleep for a few minutes and then closed his own eyes to sleep. Amanda was right; a scan would be confused as he held her. Their bio-signs mingled as he held her close and felt safe and at peace.

Part IV Bonded

Amanda awoke to hands stroking her back. She felt fingers massaging her neck and realized she was skin to skin with someone very warm. She looked, stirred, and before she could move away, she was flat on her back starring up into Soval’s eyes. His hands drifted to her face and he stroked her cheek with gentle care. The hunger she saw in his eyes astounded her. If she had any doubt about the condition he was in, his body told her she was mistaken. He was rock solid and she could feel his desire for her. He held her pinned and his hands slid down and caught hers. Soval looked into her eyes as he caught her wrists and drew them above her head. He watched as she swallowed hard. He could feel her heart beating rapidly and Amanda’s breathing grew shallow.

“I want you Amanda. If you do not wish this, speak now.”

She swallowed hard. “Ambassador, I…”

She tried to block her own desire and failed as she felt herself become warm and welcoming. Amanda could feel his need, lust and desire. His body called to hers. Soval watched her as she closed her eyes and gave in to his need, his scent surrounding her: the musk and spice. His smell that had drawn her from the first, the decidedly masculine scent.

Amanda groaned and writhed against him unable to speak a denial of what they both now needed and wanted. Soval slipped his leg between hers and pushed them apart. There was no time for foreplay as Amanda bucked under him. She wanted him now and he could feel her need. She was screaming in his mind for him to take her, though she had yet to realize that he could hear her every thought. He thrust into her and she bucked up. In an instant, he was buried deep inside her.

Soval held her hands so she was pinned. Her eyes snapped open and he looked down at her as he bent his head to her shoulder and neck. Then he licked the point that connected her neck and shoulder. Amanda bit her lip to keep from screaming as he sunk his teeth deep. He drew blood, but this sudden action caused her to climax and go over the edge. He felt her spasm and followed her. He licked the wound as she shattered. He released her hands so he could hold her as he drove deeper. Amanda pulled his face to hers for a kiss. She let him taste her need. Soval filled her and immediately decided he was never releasing her. He looked down.

“You are mine.” It was a command and his eyes seared her soul.

Amanda looked up at him shaking now. She tried to regain her composure but it was impossible to do when he was inside her.

“Sir, I am ---”

Before she could reply, he kissed her swallowing her refusal and showing her once more he was not letting go.

“You are mine. Say yes Amanda. Say you are mine.” he flexed and she cried out.

“Soval….Yours. I am yours.”

He smiled inside his mind, his fingers finding her katra points. “Mine. Always and forever. Touched and always touched.”

Amanda gasped but repeated his words. “Always, forever. Parted and never parted.” She did not know where the words came from, but she felt something inside her reach for Soval. She cried out and he swallowed her scream. He completed the bond and looked at her, a ruthless look on his face. Amanda shivered for a moment as he began to make love to her once more. The pleasure this time was so intense she passed out. Soval smiled as he slipped from her and covered her up. He pulled on a robe and commed T’Pol. He left a three-word message. “Amanda is bound.”

T’Pol opened the message and relaxed. Amanda was now Soval’s problem.

Part V Claimed

Amanda woke to see Soval lying next to her. She would have slide away but he was having none of this. He pulled her to him and kissed her breath away. Amanda melted into Soval and any thought of getting out of bed fell away. Soval made love to his new bond-mate repeatedly for the next hour. She was clinging to him by the end and he was feeling sated. He was not in PONN FARR, but it felt like it. He had some control but it was very limited at this point. He knew he was clinging to sanity because of Amanda. She was giving him a chance to center himself. The injuries he had received were making control very difficult. It was Amanda’s emotional control that was stronger and he was leaning on it for the moment.

Amanda glanced at the wall and noticed the time. She froze. “Oh Lord. Ambassador Soval, I have to-”

Soval placed his fingers on her lips silencing her. “You do not need to attend the briefing. Lt. Reed will stop by to inform you of any new developments… My name is Soval. You know this Amanda. Though I admit to enjoying you calling me Sir.”

Amanda blushed. She was a MACCO and never had been the submissive type but, Soval made her feel weak and vulnerable in a way she could not explain. With Soval, she felt like a woman, not a Starfleet Marine. She had no doubt he was stronger and better trained then she was. She would never admit it to him but that was a feeling she enjoyed. She had enjoyed last night and this morning deeply. She was not about to kid herself into thinking it was more then what it was. The Ambassador had suffered a deep trauma and needed to feel alive. She was female to his male. She had no regrets and would cherish his care. The problem was real life was not a fairy tale. She was no damsel in distress and he was definitely not a Prince Charming. The Frog maybe but not the Prince.

Soval’s brow rose. ”What does a Frog have to do with a Princess?”

Amanda froze as she realized he had been reading her mind. What the?

Amanda, we are bonded, of course I can hear your thoughts as you can hear mine.

“Oh Damn.” She said out loud realizing what she had been thinking all morning long. She swallowed hard as she realized he had heard her desire to never leave his side. Soval had heard her desire to belong to him. He had heard her need to submit herself to his stronger personality. That she found the idea of being his arousing.

“You will not need to leave me Amanda. “ He stroked her face “ will never let you go after last night. Now let us take a shower. It will help you wake up and think more clearly.” He gently pushed her toward his shower. She swallowed hard but went hoping the water would clear her mind so she could think. She had not heard the part about him joining her. She froze as his hands began to help clean her hair.

Thyla let me do this small task. I love your hair it is so soft and sweet smelling.

“It is the shampoo I use.” She answered absently.

We will have to bring it here then. You see submitting is pleasurable for us both.

Amanda leaned against him and nodded. She took his left hand in hers and kissed the wounded points. You are in pain.

I can bear it if you are here with me. lean back.

“We need to see Dr. Phlox; he can give you a pain killer.”

“Amanda, my bio-controls will be sufficient.”

“Soval, you are in pain and I can feel it. You need to have it taken care of; it is giving me a headache.” She turned to face him and this time it was she who stroked his face. “Soval it is alright to need help once and a while. Shran, damn him, hurt you badly. It will take time to recover. Do not worry, you are still Super Man to me.” Amanda sensed he would place her well being above his own.

She kissed his lips playfully. Amanda slipped out and began to dry herself off. Soval pulled on his robe and came after her and both froze as the doors came open.

Amanda looked over and saw Lt. Malcolm Reed staring at her. He grabbed her arm and pushed her away from Soval. She was naked and had not even a chance to put a towel around herself.

“What the hell are you doing, Corporal?” He demanded.

Amanda looked at him and past him. There were T’Pol and Captain Archer. Before she could answer, Lt. Reed was grabbed and slammed against the wall. Soval may have been injured but he was still stronger then any three humans.

Amanda was too stunned to react. Her mind froze. Damn this is not good. She could not believe her superiors had entered Soval’s quarters.

“I should kill you for this,” Soval said. He held Malcolm with a casual ease, his right hand choking the life out of the Security officer, intent on protecting Amanda.

T’Pol”s brow rose as the Captain ran in. The MACO took that distraction to grab the robe that Soval had dropped earlier. Amanda hastily pulled it on and tied the clasps.

“Ambassador, release Lt. Reed,” Captain Jonathan Archer ordered.

He looked at T’Pol for help. She merely crossed her arms and looked at her own
Bond-mate who arrived because she had been startled.

“He hurt Amanda, Captain. She has a bruised wrist now.” As if that simple fact justified his actions.

The captain looked at Corporal Cole and noticed she was sporting a large dark mark.

“Captain, it is not wise to get between a Vulcan and their mate,” Trip said. He kept his voice low, not wanting to trigger a killing rage in the Ambassador.

“Corporal Cole, please informs your mate that you are unharmed,” T’Pol said firmly. T’Pol knew only Amanda would be able to calm Soval’s rage and protective instincts at this point.

Archer looked sharply from Amanda to T’Pol

Amanda swallowed and suddenly realized how restrained the Sub-Commander had been in her dealings in regards to herself.

“Soval, I am fine.” She went to his side and touched his arm. She took it in hers. “He did not hurt me. He just startled me. Can you let him down for me? He really is a good man. He was concerned for your safety.”

Soval swung Reed around and threw him out the door. “Touch her again and you forfeit your life. “

Malcolm Reed tried speaking but he could not. His hands checked his throat.

Soval faced Captain Archer. ”Why have you entered my quarters?”

“I apologize, Ambassador, we were concerned for you.” Archer said “There was no answer on the com.”

Soval took several calming breaths. ”We were fine.” He looked at T’Pol.

She answered,” I did try to warn them.”

“Indeed.” Soval said his control returning slowly. He faced the captain.
“Amanda Cole is here by my request. Our private life is no concern of yours.”

“Ambassador, with all due respect, she can hardly guard you if she shares your bed,” the Security officer said in a weak tone.

Amanda blushed and tried to move away. Soval however caught her and dragged her under his arm.” She will remain,” he glared. “She belongs to me, Lt. Reed. Captain, arrange for her to be freed of her commitments to the MACO’s at once.”

“Wait a minute, Soval,” Amanda said, beginning to protest. “We need to talk about this.”

“Kadith! You belong to me. You will not leave me.” He said this firmly and Amanda looked down.

She could feel his anger at the thought she would stay behind and leave him. It was almost like a physical blow.


He caught her face and turned it to him. “We will be together.” This he said softer and she laid her head against his chest.

Commander Tucker grinned and looked at his own Bond-Mate See, I told you he would wrap her around his little finger.

T’Pol looked at him sharply. Soval has the right idea. Keep ones mate on a short leash and out of trouble.

Trip’s smile faded as he saw how possessively Soval was holding Amanda. He winced recalling how demanding his own Vulcan could be.

Amanda looked at T’Pol. She bowed her head. ”I ask forgiveness, T’ sia. I did not understand before.”

The Captain looked at his first officer and at the MACO.

“All is silence in the family,” T’Pol responded. She was willing to be forgiving now that Soval had possession of the Corporal.

Family what family? Archer thought

Amanda looked up and nodded. She looked at her Commanding officer.

”Soval is safe in my care.”

Captain Archer looked between his officers. He ran his hand across his face a moment. “What is going on?”

“Amanda has become my Bond-Mate, Captain.”

Archer looked at T’Pol and she shrugged as if to say no accounting for taste.

Amanda giggled. Sounds Kinky.

“She will be my wife.” What is Kinky? You will demonstrate this concept latter. Soval said calmly.

Amanda froze “Wife!” she squeaked

“Wife. You agreed.”


He raised a brow. She looked away. She blushed deeply not recalling any
conversation taking place about marriage… Damn you never explained.

Did you not feel the bond form?

She swallowed Me…. Soval I am human how can you marry me. I am just enlisted, not even an officer?

He took her hand in his. We are one. The Marriage ceremony is merely a formality. Would you leave me?

Never! She said suddenly as certain as he was.

Soval offered her two fingers and she looked at him confused. T’Pol answered the unspoken question. “It is an acknowledgement of the bond. You return the touch.”

Amanda still was uncertain.

Commander Tucker went to T’Pol’s side to demonstrate. He touched T’Pol’s fingers. “It is a Vulcan Kiss.”

Amanda touched Soval’s fingers and almost jumped back. Commander Tucker grinned.

“I really do owe you an Apology Sub-Commander.” Amanda glared at Tucker because he could have been honest about what a bond meant. “Thank you for the explanation, Sub-Commander.”

Soval’s patience was at an end. “Captain, if you will excuse us.”

“Of course, I apologize for barging in.” Captain Archer signaled Reed to leave. He followed Tucker and T’Pol out the door, wondering how he was going to explain this to Star Fleet.

Part VI Understanding

Amanda looked at Soval and wondered how she could have thought he had intended anything casual? The look he was giving her was so intense and possessive.

“This is going to cause a problem, Soval. I do not think they will release me. I still have a year left on my enlistment and given the situation with the Xindi; I do not think I could leave even if it was up. There is a clause for retaining personal in a military emergency.”

“They will release you,” he said. He moved to her no longer thinking about potential problems. He was angry that she had been thinking of leaving him.
“I would never have used you just for physical gratification.”

“Soval…I never expected more. I am not …. Not the white picket fence type.”

“You will be more then that. Amanda I will not allow you to leave me. If necessary I will have us taken directly to Vulcan.”

“You can not just decide to take me away. Soval, I have made a legal commitment to the MACO’s. I am no deserter and I will do my duty. It is a matter of honor. Look, I may have made some mistakes regarding Sub-Commander T’Pol and Commander Tucker’s relationship, but it was an honest mistake. I would never have trespassed had I understood the situation properly. Perhaps that makes you think I have no honor, but I do. Earth needs every Marine it has and I am good at what I do.”

“Amanda, I will not risk your safety. They will release you or assign you to me. Vulcan has asked very little from Earth but this I will demand. You will be with me. It is best for us both.”

“Will it really be best? Soval, you cannot just decide this. I have a career and a life. If we are to be together I want to have some say in it.”

Soval looked at her perplexed. He could not understand why she did not wish to be with him. He cocked his head. “Why would you risk our lives together? Would you risk the life of our child so you can be a soldier?”

“Child? What child?” Amanda almost shouted.

“The one we created this morning. Can you not feel it calling to you?” Soval asked.

“What? How did that happen? I thought ….” Her legs gave out but Soval caught her and helped her to sit on the bed. “A baby? Really? You want a baby with me?” She was stunned and shocked. Her voice sounded suddenly pleased at the thought. Her hand covered her womb. ”We are having a baby! Of course I will not risk his life.”

Soval felt her confusion and her awe. She had no idea of what was happening inside her own body. Humans clearly were not as familiar with their biological processes as Vulcan’s were. Soval remembered his first wife had known she was pregnant right after his first Ponn Farr. Soval pulled Amanda into his arms. She fit perfectly under his shoulder.

“We have much to learn about each other. It will take time. It would be easier if you were with me. Surely, you can request release from your commitment; medical or family reasons should be sufficient. This will be a first and we will need to take extra care of you.” He rubbed her back to show his affection and stroked her neck. He knew she loved the feel of his hands on her. She almost purred like an Earth Cat.

“Oh that feels so good.” The tension in her body began to disappear. She leaned into him.” I will try.” She turned and kissed him firmly on the lips. His hands had aroused her again and she saw flashes in his mind. Erotic images that called to her. She gave up arguing and yielded to their mutual need.

Soval pulled her robe off and pushed her back onto the bed. He was tired of talking; it was to imprecise a way to communicate. He caught Amanda’s arms and pinned them above her head. He was determined she understand how much he wanted and needed her. He has scanned her memories for the things that brought her the most pleasure and he was going to do every one. When he was finished, she would never again think of any other male. His mind would claim hers and she would know he was her other half. Soval was determined to drive all other males from her mind.

Amanda looked at him, “Soval, I have a past. I am sorry that it hurts you. Humans are not like Vulcans in this area. I will not lie and say every time was with someone I loved and cared about. I will say I valued each individual for the gift of him or her. If we are together, I promise to be faithful to you. I do not believe in cheating.” She blushed because she knew she been boarder line with Commander Tucker and had not understood, thinking he was free. She wondered if Soval felt she was untrustworthy because of this.

He turned her head up and looked into her eyes. “T’Pol and Tucker should have explained they were bonded. I know you feel shame for your actions but it is not something I worry about. I know you will be faithful and I would never harm you even if you were not. I would likely kill your lover; I will not share you. I do not pretend to understand humans and their mating customs but I will not judge you by Vulcan standards. If you miss a lover – of that I would be jealous.”

Amanda kissed him as she sensed his vulnerability.

“I am sated Soval. I can barely move and have no desire to. You satisfy me in ways I never thought I would need. If it gets any better…I will not ever want to leave this bed.”

“We will learn together, Amanda,.” Soval said. He too was feeling sated now.

His lips traced the mark on her shoulder and she looked at him. “Why?”

“So you would know you are mine.” His dominate nature was clearly raising its head.

“It hurt. It will scar? You did it on purpose!”

His brow rose. “That was the point.”

She growled and decided if she was going to be marked so was he. Her teeth sunk into his chest over where his heart would be if he were human. Soval jerked, shocked at Amanda’s aggression.

“Fine now we are even.” She said smiling. His blood tasted coppery to her. She licked her lips and kissed the wound. “I will not share either.” Her arms held him tight. “We need to get up. I have to talk to Lt. Reed and Sub-Commander T’Pol about my duty shifts until I am able to resign or something. Oh lord I have to tell my folks too.”

How was she going to do that? They were going to have a fit. It was not that Soval was a Vulcan, though that might raise a question or two. No, it would be because he was so much older and so much higher socially. Her parents were blue collar all the way.

Soval stroked her face.” I am not royal, Amanda. I was a simple soldier before I became a diplomat.”

“Simple? Soval what rank were you when you switched Careers?”

“I was a full commander. I had my own ship and crew.” He did not understand what she was meaning.

“Soval, my family have always been grunts. My dad he was a master sergeant but he never liked officers much. There is nothing simple about you. Then there is the fact of your age. You are fifty years older then my parents. “

“Vulcans live longer. It matters little.”

“To you and I perhaps. My folks are going to be concerned. “

“I fail to see why this would bother them. I have chosen you and bonded with you. Age matters little when one chooses logically,” Soval said

Amanda laughed” I doubt they will think I am a logical choice for you. You have an important position and power. I am just a simple woman.”

“Perhaps that is why I choose you, because you will help remind me what is truly important: family and our respective people’s good will,” Soval said. “You are perfect for me, Amanda. It was logical to claim you.”

She shifted still uncomfortable with his possessive tone and nature.

“I am not a possession.” Though secretly she loved his possessive tone.

Soval’s eyes darkened. “Do we not posses each other?” He did not understand how she could feel threatened.

Amanda pulled away. “I need a shower. I think we both need to cool off a little.” She backed away. Soval sensed her need for some space and reluctantly he allowed her to go. Amanda almost ran to the bathroom. She stripped and entered the shower and instantly yelped. She had forgotten the various scratches and the sonics stung.

VII Explanations

Commander Tucker followed T’Pol. “Hey, T’Pol we need to talk.”

The Sub-Commander raised her brow. “Indeed.”

Before she could say more, however, Captain Archer called her and Trip. “T’Pol, Trip, come to my ready room now. Malcolm, not a word to anyone I will speak to you in a few minutes.”

“Yes, Sir, “ the Security chief said.

T’Pol and Trip followed the Captain to his ready room. When the door closed, Trip leaned against the wall. Jonathan Archer leaned against his desk. He looked at T’Pol who had gone to Trip’s side and he sighed deeply. Up until now he had a do not ask do not tell policy, an agreement not to notice the looks and actions of his two senior staff members… He knew the couple had become close but he had chosen to ignore it. To his mind, they were two adults who had a right to a relationship if they wished it. He knew it never interfered with their duties and he knew that it was not a casual thing. He wondered how to deal with this now that it was clearly more then just a shipboard romance.

“I have tried not to pry into your relationship. I did not feel it was my place to comment, as you are both adults. While it may technically be fraternization, T’Pol is not Star Fleet. Now it seems that it is more then I believed it to be. I need to understand this bonding thing so I can explain it to command. You have my word I will not reveal your situation unless you wish it. I respect Ambassador Soval deeply and have no wish to cause him discomfort or embarrassment. The problem is I have received orders that Corporal Cole is to be sent home on the Avenger. It seems Star Fleet is blaming her for his kidnapping.”

“That is not logical as the Corporal was acting under orders,” T’Pol replied.

“I agree. I will even take some responsibility for this but Star fleet wants to make and example of her. She is to be court marshaled.”

“Cap’n, that is crazy. The Ambassador he will not stand for it,” Trip said.

“Indeed, he will likely be highly offended if his mate is treated this way.”

“Mate? Sub-Commander, I do not understand any of this. I may have carried Surak’s Katra but this is not something I fully understand. I know I may be prying but if I am to help them I must understand,” Archer said.

“A Vulcan forms a mental bond with their chosen. This bond lasts a lifetime. It allows us to anticipate and care for each others needs and health,” T’Pol said. “We are a telepathic species, Captain, it is vital to our health and well being.”

Trip moved to his mate’s side. ”Cap’n, it is like being engaged but it cannot be broken as easily. We are not married yet but it is close. I do not think I would feel more a part of T’Pol if we were married. There is no uncertainty, Jon. I know what she thinks about our bond and she can feel my love and commitment. I have no desire to even look at another woman. I only need T’Pol.”

“I see. Amanda Cole did not know this did she?”

“No, Sir. That was a mistake. I was trying to keep our lives private and she misunderstood. She thought we were still just dating; it was not her fault. Now that she and the ambassador are bonded, she will understand. There is no way to explain it well,” Trip said.

“Alright, I will explain that the ambassador refuses any guards but Amanda. The bonding will be his to explain. Trip, T’Pol, congratulations and I expect to be invited to the wedding.”

“Yes, sir. Commander Tucker and I did not wish to place you in an uncomfortable position.”

“T’Pol, we are friends – family. I would not betray you.”His hurt showed in his look and tone.

“We know that, Jon,” Trip said. “Because of that, we wanted to protect you. What you did not know….”

“Trip, I am a big boy. I appreciate the concern, but next time let me decide.”

“Yes, Cap’n,“ he said, smiling.


Archer allowed his friends to leave and return to duty. He smiled at Lt. Reed who came in right after they left.

“Have a seat, Malcolm.“ He took out a bottle of scotch and poured two glasses and handed one to his armory officer, then leaned back against his desk. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, Sir, a little confused and bruised but I will live. What got into the Ambassador?”The British officer asked

“Well it seems that he has er…that he and Corporal Cole has become bonded. As far as I understand the situation it is a precursor to marriage for Vulcans.”

“So they are engaged? Alright, I can respect that, but why did he attack me?”He was clearly confused. He had not considered that a Vulcan could be so protectively possessive.

“I asked T’Pol about that. It seems that Vulcan’s are very protective and possessive. Soval thought your were a danger to Amanda. He just acted on that. It stunned me as well. Malcolm, to be honest, I do not know what to make of this situation. I do know that if we try to separate them Soval will become extremely dangerous. What I need to do now is find a way to get her freed of her enlistment.”

“She could seek an emergency separation. The only problem is that she would have to give a reason. Oh, Star Fleet is not going to like this are they?”

“No, they are not.” Jonathan Archer said sipping his drink. “I hope you are not planning to file a complaint?”

“No, sir, I have no wish to make a formal complaint… Ambassador Soval is still recovering. He was taken on my watch. I suppose he was just overly stressed. He has never acted this way before and I would just as soon forget the incident. If what you think is true, he was defending his mate. I guess I would try to protect my girl as well.” Lt. Reed took a long drink. “Captain, how can Star Fleet can blame the Corporal? I ordered her back to her station.”

“I agree with you, Malcolm, because I ordered you. If it comes to it, I am the one who allowed the ambassador to be taken. I trusted Shran and he played me. The issue may be moot, however, if Soval refuses any other guards. He is claiming Amanda Cole as his. This will cause a problem, especially since he will take it personally if they try to court marshal her. Fortunately, T’Pol has written an excellent performance review for her. I am hoping she will receive a similar one from you.”

“Yes, sir, she will. She is an excellent MACO. The only problem I ever had was her eagerness to take on risk. She has a mouth and attitude but she is very good at her job. I was going to recommend we send her to Warrant Officers school. She would make a fine officer. “

“Write it up, Malcolm, we can use it to fight Starfleet. Please be certain to date it prior to this incident. “

“Yes, Captain, I will do that,” he said

“Now go have the doctor check you out. I want a report from him before you return to duty.”

“Yes, Captain,” Malcolm said as he set his empty glass down. “That was a good cure, sir.”

Jonathan Archer smiled and waved his officer out. He went behind his desk and poured another drink. He was going to need it to deal with Star Fleet. He wanted to free his MACO without telling them why because he had a feeling that it was going to set off fireworks if they found out the truth. Jonathan sipped his drink and decided that it would be best if Amanda Cole were free of her commitments before they learned of the relationship. He had a feeling Star Fleet would create obstacles if they could. Too many of the upper command structure on Earth still resented the Vulcans. He had to admit he had been one of them for a time.

Only in the last, few years had his option changed. His working relationship with T’Pol had evolved into respect and perhaps even friendships of a sort. He had held Surak’s Katra and he had gained insights he would never forget. Now he understood why Soval was always so strict and perhaps controlling. It was fear and concern, not a desire to see humanity fail. It was in fact a desire to see them prosper and grow with the wisdom to use their gifts wisely. Jonathan Archer now respected these allies deeply , though still shocked by their actions at times. The High Commands actions and the way they seemed so possessive of their mates seemed to go against the calm logic of the Vulcans he knew. He was thoughtful as he framed his ideas.

IX (Placated)

T’Pol allowed Trip to pull her into his quarters.

“So what is going on? I thought Soval hated us humans.”

“Obviously he does not hate Corporal Cole,” T’Pol said.

“Well yeh, that is true. Soval bonded, who’d a thought it,” Trip said, his accent becoming heavy as he seemed excited. “I am happy for him.”

“Indeed, I too am pleased.”

Trip laughed, “Of course you are now, she won’t chase me anymore.”

T’Pol glared at him. “Had you been more honest she would have understood the situation better.”

Trip blushed and realized he had just stepped in it. “Awe Honey, I was just trying to protect you. The High Command would have had a fit if they knew about us.”

T’Pol took a deep breath. A part of her knew he had been protecting their privacy. She saw him extend two fingers in a gesture of peace. She went to his side unable to remain distant. What ever he did or said, in the end, their bond was strong and she would forgive him… She touched his fingers and allowed him to pull her close for a kiss.

I love you, T’Pol and I will not lose you, Trip sent.

I cherish thee, she responded. We must go. I have the bridge.

In a minute. He held her so she would know he loved her. Sometimes he forgot how vulnerable she was.

X (Orders)

Jonathan Archer entered the bridge and was immediately given a message from Lt. Sato.

“Sir, Starfleet Command has just sent us updated orders. Sir, it seems Admiral Forrest and Admiral Gardner are on the Avenger. They are here to set a General Court Marshal.”

“This is not good. Hoshi let them know we will meet them at the coordinates they have sent. Travis warp 3.5 when ready”

“Aye, Sir,” the helmsman replied. He hit the codes and the ship engaged to warp 3.5.

Captain Archer knew he was going to have to find a way to exonerate Corporal Cole. He did not want to have to sacrifice Lt. Reed to do so. Archer rose and signaled T’Pol.

“Sub-Commander, may I have a word with you in my ready room?” He could think of only one solution and he knew it was going to cause Star Fleet to explode.

Sub-Commander T’Pol followed her captain to his ready room. She had been contemplating the problem for the last 1.25 hours and had only one solution. She wondered if Jonathan Archer had come to the same conclusion as she had.

”Sub-Commander, is a bonding like marriage to a Vulcan?”

“In many ways it is Captain. “ She knew he was still upset with her and Commander Tucker by his formal tone. She was, however, grateful he was attempting to assist the Ambassador.

“Do you believe Soval intends to marry Amanda Cole?”

“Yes, Captain.” She said sharply, almost offended for her mentor.

“I mean no disrespect, Sub-Commander. I have found only one possible way to protect the Corporal: if she was following orders and obeyed them despite her personal feelings. If she were married to Soval then they would have no reason to believe she was derelict in her duties. She would have stayed out of personal commitment unless ordered by me to do something else. I ordered Malcolm to have all MACO’s at their posts and I heard the Corporal protest, but overrode her concerns. It was my fault Soval was taken. I think the best way to protect her is if we make it official. I can marry them before we reach the Avenger and will log it for a week ago to protect them both.”

“Captain, that is falsifying records.”

He looked away. ”Soval told me he claimed her then. If it is a Vulcan marriage who am I to suggest it is less valid then a human one. If I log it as having taken place, then it will protect them both.”

“You will need witnesses, Sir.”

“Yes, I know that. I need you and Commander Tucker to make this work.” Archer said looking away.

“Vulcan’s do not lie, Captain Archer.”

“Would it be a lie, T’Pol?” Jonathan Archer knew this action might forever alter the ships dynamics but he did not care. He wanted to do the right thing even if it meant altering the records. No, but you do bend the truth to fit.

She looked away this time. She knew Soval would fight to keep Amanda. He would do whatever it took including tossing away his career. Could she allow that when he had also claimed Amanda so long ago? She had know of his intentions and had he not been kidnapped, the bonding would have been in place then.

“I can not speak for my mate but I will agree,” she said

Captain Archer smiled. “Commander Tucker to the Captain’s ready room please. “ The captain removed his finger from the com unit. “Now all we have to do is convince Soval.”

T’Pol’s brow rose and wondered if that was all? Soval would agree but would Amanda?

“Why are you willing to do this, Captain?” she asked.

He ran his hand through his hair. “That is not a simple thing to answer. Maybe it comes down to family T’Pol. For all we have been through together we have become a family. Ambassador Soval has been with us from the beginning. Perhaps he has not always been as supportive as I would like but he has always come through when I needed him to. He risked his life, career, for this ship and crew many times. I suppose I owe him. In a strange way, he is the head of this misbegotten family unit of ours. “

T’Pol looked at him sharply.

“I trust him, T’Pol, almost as much as I trust you and Trip. If he says he needs Corporal Cole and she wants him, then I will do every thing I can to help them.”

“I do not believe the ambassador would understand your assertions,” T’Pol replied.

Jonathan Archer laughed for the first time in days. “I know. Perhaps that is what makes it so important. I won’t say he is a father figure but he is a definite Dutch uncle type.”

There was a knock and Commander Tucker joined them. He was grinning and Jonathan knew T’Pol had shared the last part of the conversation with him.

“Uncle Soval. I like that,” he said, grinning.

T’Pol rolled her eyes. The only gesture that fit, human or not.

“Shall we contact him and see if he will follow this plan?”

“Yes. We should do that,” Trip said. “Who’d a thought a shot gun wedding for a Vulcan.”

XI (Hunger)

Soval straightened his tunic and watched with appreciation as Amanda dressed. Her trim form was graceful and he fought down the desire to take her again. He was grateful for the invitation to dine with Captain Archer in the Captain’s mess. She was correct, they did need to go find some sustenance; he heard a strange sound coming from her midsection.

Amanda blushed as her stomach growled. She was starving and wanted a nice thick steak. Clearly all the activity had made her hungry. As she pulled on her clothing and zipped the suit, she could feel Soval’s eyes on her. She was grateful for her hunger or she would be jumping his bones again.

“I am starved, Soval. I could eat a horse.”

“Why would you wish to eat such an animal?”

She saw the look of horror on his face. “Oh for heavens sake it is just an expression.”

“Expression? An idiom then?”

“Yes, I would never eat a horse. A thick juicy steak would be wonderful, however. It means I am really hungry.”

His brow rose. “A vegetarian diet is far healthier for you.”

Amanda wrinkled her nose. “I like vegetarian food sometimes, Soval. I like Steak and chicken. I do not think I can give them up.”

He folded his arms. “It is my duty to see to your health and well being.”

“Then do not try to stop me from ordering a thick steak. “ She went to his side and kissed his lips. ”I promise to cut back on meat a little.”

The truth was she only ate meat on occasion when she craved it. BBQ generally broke her vegetarian resolve. The chef made this wonderful BBQ steak with fried potatoes that Amanda could not resist.

XII (Solutions)

Soval and Amanda entered the Captain’s mess together. Soval felt better now that he had slept and was bonded to Amanda. Despite her being human he was able to gain a measure of additional control from her. He theorized that despite the upheaval she as an emotional being was better equipped to deal with the changes that affected their emotions. He did not understand why she seemed to have almost Vulcan like emotional controls.I will need to meditate on this

Captain Archer had a meal prepared for them and they all sat down together. Amanda was very nervous as she had never eaten with the Captain before. The closest she had come was when she had been trying to gain Commander Tucker’s attention. She found herself moving closer to Soval. He might be a grumpy, sarcastic Vulcan, but he was hers. He had promised to keep her safe and he outranked everyone here. For the first time she thought that was a good thing.

“You want me to do what!” Amanda said jumping up. “No way, Nada it ain’t happening! I may be bonded to Soval but I want a proper wedding with my parents and a preacher.”

“Amanda, Captain Archer is making a very logical suggestion,” Soval said, Shocked that she had refused to marry him.

Amanda noticed his hurt expression. He was so closed off and stoic. She sighed. “Soval, I want to marry you. It is too important a thing to be used just to defend me in a court marshal. It won’t matter anyway. They need a scapegoat and I am it. “She touched his injured hand lightly. “I want to have my family there with us.“

Soval sensed she was not refusing to be his mate, rather she did not want to cheapen the ceremony. He could respect that logic to a degree.

“Amanda, if you are my wife I can protect you.“ His fingers touched her lips silencing her. “I can say I ordered you to go to your post. That along with your Captain’s orders will protect you. If not that, as my wife you would have diplomatic immunity.”

“Your orders, Sir? Why would I follow them? You are not my ambassador.” A little shocked she slipped back to a more formal mode.

T’Pol looked at Trip who was fighting not to laugh. She glared at him and looked at Soval who had a blank look on his face. Cultural blindness was still a problem for their species. She wondered if it ever would be solved.

“Amanda, on Vulcan a bond-mate or wife obeys her mate.” The Sub-commander was seriously thinking of writing out a PADD with all relative information for Amanda Cole.

Amanda looked confused and asked the question T’Pol had hoped she would not. “Why would they do that?”

Now Commander Tucker smiled and looked away.

Soval understood now what was wrong.

T’Pol sighed and answered. “We obey our bond-mate because we belong to them.”

“Oh, alright,” Amanda said. Then she jumped up as the implications hit her. “You are talking spiritually, right? We are not property.”

“No, a bond-mate or wife belongs to her mate. He has authority over her,“ Soval answered. He did not understand her fear.

“No, that can not be. I am a free person.” Amanda said backing away in a mild panic. T’Pol could understand her fears. She had suffered the same fear when she had been forced to marry Koss. She had not wanted him or trusted him and the idea of being owned by a male she disliked was horrifying.

“Corporal, it is not that bad. Nothing truly changes,” she said. She looked at Trip who moved to her side. He sensed she wanted them to show Amanda it would be alright.

“Amanda, it is not a big deal. I may technically be able to own T’Pol but I am still her inferior officer as the chief engineer here. I love her and would never do anything to make her feel less then the other half of my soul.” Trip offered his fingers to T’Pol who touched then gratefully.

Amanda looked at Soval almost in a panic. Their situation was vastly different. Soval was older, out ranked her, and she sensed a very dominate personality. Amanda knew Soval tempered his actions and used diplomacy to get his way. Yet deep down he was a throw back to pre-reform days. He was a warrior in his soul and he would not be as flexible as Commander Tucker. He would insist on being in control.

Soval knew she was panicking. So much had happened in so little time and she was afraid. He held out his hand to her palm up; a human gesture rather then a Vulcan one. Amanda wanted to run away and hide. Her life was spinning out of her control, yet the need in Soval’s face called to her.

“Ambassador, Sir I can not do this.” She said. Even as she spoke her hand took his.

Soval smiled at her reply. No one but Amanda saw it. It is agreeable when you address me as Sir.

Amanda looked down as he pulled her to his side. I am not your property. Why must I do this? She looked into his eyes almost pleading.

He stroked her face as she sat by him. Is it so bad to be mine? There is a reason, beloved. Do you trust me to explain the reason why? It is not what you think.

I am afraid.

No one said a word as Amanda tried to understand this alien concept. It was clear a silent communication was going on and none wanted to interfere.

“Corporal Cole, I can not order you to marry Ambassador Soval. That is not what I am trying to do. I would never force anyone to marry against their wishes,” Captain Archer said. “The problem is Star Fleet will remove you as a body guard from Ambassador Soval even if you are cleared.”

“Why? I have done my duty,” Amanda said, suddenly afraid and lost. Only Soval’s holding her had made her feel safe.

“They will do it to create an example of you,” Archer said, clearly not pleased.

“Alright, Captain, Please marry us.” I trust you Soval. “I do not wish to leave his side. He gets into to much trouble unless I am around.”

Captain Archer stifled a laugh.

T’Pol and Soval’s brows rose a fraction and Commander Tucker piped in. “She has you there, Ambassador.” He chuckled as he watched Soval pull Amanda to his lap.

Amanda felt his arms possess her and she smiled silently wondering how he intended to keep track of her. She had already decided he was getting a tracking device.

Soval caught that stray thought and he had to admit it was a reasonable precaution. He was going to look into it when they returned to Earth. Perhaps two would be better. One that could be scanned as an electronics device and one that carried a quantum signature. He held Amanda close for a moment.

Part XIII (Compromise and Solutions)

“Soval, if Captain Archer marries us here I will still want a ceremony with my parents. I know it sounds crazy as we will likely have a Vulcan ceremony too. I guess maybe I want all the blessing we can get.”

Soval locked his eyes onto her. “If that is your wish. Why would I complain when you will Vow to be mine thrice over?”

“Ok, “She said. “Captain, you could get into hot water for this.”

“It will be fine Corporal. After all we are all family. The only thing you must remember is that this wedding took place immediately after the Ambassador arrived. I do not feel it is a lie from what I have been told. So I will just give it the official Star Fleet Stamp.”

Tucker smiled at Soval’s growl.

Husband, that is not amusing, T’Pol sent.

Well at least we know he is back to normal.

What do you mean?

He is back to being grumpy and sarcastic, Tucker said as he sipped his tea.

T’ Pol’s brow rose sharply and Amanda noticed the silent communication going on. Clearly T’Pol was not pleased with the commander. Amanda looked at him and suddenly he seemed very young and immature. She wondered why she had ever been attracted to him. While Commander Tucker was good looking and charming, he was also irreverent and often impulsively immature. She wondered how T’Pol, a logical Vulcan, put up with him.

Soval, a quiet shadow, listened to her thoughts and was very pleased at what he heard. Amanda was now turning more to him.

T’Pol noted the fact that Amanda had moved closer to Soval. Perhaps she would not be so upset with Trip; his actions clearly pushed Amanda closer to her own bond-mate. That was definitely an improvement. T’Pol could admit to herself she was still not certain she trusted the MACO in this regard. Perhaps it was the fact that she could no longer function without Trip that made her so edgy and overprotective.

XIV (Annoyance)

Soval was annoyed. He did not wish to waste time with this useless court marshal since Amanda had done an excellent job of protecting him while he was under her care. This foolish need of humans to prescribe blame was an emotional response.

He chose his finest robes and laid them out. He was awaiting Amanda because he would need her help to button the robes. There was another issue that he found aggravating. Soval knew he needed to meditate but it would have to wait until he cleared his wife. He almost smiled at that thought.

The Human ceremony had been short but oddly touching. It lacked the bonding of a Vulcan ceremony but he could see it mattered to Amanda. Soval had promised that they could repeat their vows in front of one of her priests with her family present. He was also looking forward to being bound by a Vulcan priest. Soval had been surprised when Tucker had offered to stand as his best man and T’Pol had taken the place of the Matron of Honor for Amanda. He knew that T’Pol would stand for them but the fact that her mate would do so was amazing. He knew if Starfleet ever learned the truth about when the wedding occurred there would be serious consequences to all of their careers. Archer had insisted that no one would ever know from them. His assertion that it was not Starfleet’s business what they did, had shocked him. Soval had questioned T’Pol about this privately and been informed that the Captain considered them a family. Soval’s brow rose at that.

“They have adopted us, Ambassador. I suppose we are now part of Clan Archer and Enterprise.”

“I think not, T’Pol. I refuse to consider Jonathan Archer as my head of house. If we are indeed family then I will need to adopt them into my clan.”

T’Pol’s brows rose. “Indeed. I had hoped you would see the logic of this.” She to had no intention of allowing Jonathan Archer such a role. She considered him a fine man and perhaps a younger brother. However, he did not have the maturity for head of house.

Soval huffed. It seemed he now had 79 new human family members .and one Denoblian. Soval knew it was only proper that he take them all under his protection. It was well that T’Pol was already his daughter. He wondered how this would look in a thousand years to the archivists. He sighed and wondered what the High command would say to this increase in his family? He sent the order to Vulcan as soon as the wedding was finished.

He came back to the present as his wife keyed the door. “You look most agreeable, my wife.”

Amanda shifted nervously. She disliked the formal dress uniform.

“Thanks, you look handsome, Soval. I do not think you can go to the ready room dressed in that.” She was amused at his attire. He wore only shorts.

“I am afraid I must request your assistance.”

Amanda chastened moved to his side. “I forgot. I am sorry for teasing you.”

He traced her face lightly. “It pleases me that you can over look my imperfections.”

She picked up his robe and helped him into it. “What imperfections?” Her eyes took in his solid form. Lust and love flowed to him from the tips of her fingers.

“Close the clasps, wife, or I will not allow you to leave this room for many hours. I do not believe that will aid your case.”

Amanda laughed, liking his dry humor. How could she ever have thought he did not have a sense of humor?

There was a knock on the door. Amanda quickly closed his robe and moved aside so Soval could answer the door. The door opened and Lt Reed was standing there.

“Excuse me, sir. I am sorry to disturb you.” He paused and gave them both an apologetic look. “I am afraid I must escort Corporal Cole to the hearing.”

Soval stiffened. “You are not required, Lt. Reed. I will escort Amanda to the Captain.”

Amanda moved to his side. She took his hand in hers.” Soval, it is procedure. The Captain has been most kind by not putting me in the brig. Please let me go with Lt. Reed. I do not wish to get him or Captain Archer in trouble for helping us.”

Soval looked down on his wife. “As you wish my, wife.” Malcolm Reed’s Eyes grew big at this comment but he wisely said nothing. Then Soval said, “you and your team may escort us both.”

Malcolm signed with relief. He swallowed hard his throat still hurt form the Ambassadors’ attack.

“Yes ,Sir, it will be an honor sir.” He stepped back and motioned the other MACO’s to stand back a respectful distance.

“I have no concerns for Amanda’s safety with you guarding her, Lt. Reed.”

“Thank you, Sir,” Reed said.

“We are family, Lt. Reed, one guards that above all else.”


“As an added protection for the Captain and crew of Enterprise and for all your work for my people I have formally adopted you all into my Clan.”

Reed stumbled against Soval his worries on the top of his thoughts… “Sir?”

Amanda grinned at his pole axed look. She walked a few steps behind Soval enjoying the view.

“It means that if we need it, Vulcan must come to our Aid, Lt. Reed. We are all now part of Vulcan.”

“Ah….Thank you. I think.” He said He swallowed hard not knowing what this would mean to them.

“I found it wise to do this to protect you all. I have concerns that it will be needed to balance the scales with Starfleet. Do not worry, Lt. You will not be required to call me Father.”

A MACO chuckled only to get a hash look.

“He adopted you all, Sgt. Peters,” Amanda said, laughing.

The MACO blanched. “He can do that?”

“Yes, be grateful, Sgt. Peters, it is the only reason I am allowing this escort,” Soval said once more in his sarcastic mode.

XV (Awe)

Ensign Hoshi Sato received the hail from the Vulcan Cruisers Surak, Sehlat, and T ‘Marta, requesting their location. She immediately gave their coordinates per the Captain’s orders. It seemed that Captain Archer wanted the Vulcan cruisers around for once. This thought worried her a little as she knew that under normal circumstances this would bother him deeply. She, like most of the crew, had no idea what was about to happen. She wondered if the ships were coming to take the Ambassador home.


T’ Pau was not pleased. How could Soval even consider bonding with a human? She had considered ordering him to Vulcan but knew as long as his bond-mate was at risk he would not leave her. Males were so illogical at times. She looked at her own mate Solkar and knew she was indeed fortunate to have so wise and logical a mate. His suggestion that they go to assist the situation was wise. It was the most expedient way to resolve this situation. She also had a desire to meet these Starfleet Admirals but she could not, and would not, set foot on Earth. This way was indeed the wisest course. They would arrive in less then one Terran hour.

Jonathan Archer smoothed his uniform. T’ Pol stood at his side and Trip lead the honor guard. He hated this having to put on a show for the brass when they were so clearly wrong.

The Honor Guard stood at attention as Admirals Forrest and Gardner boarded Enterprise. They were followed by Captain Tate and Commander Fields.

“Welcome aboard Enterprise, Sirs.” Jonathan said.

“It is good to see you too, Jon. I just wish it was under more pleasant circumstances.”

“Yes, Sir,” Jon said.

“Sub-Commander T’ Pol, it is good to see you.” Admiral Forrest said, smiling.

“It is agreeable to see you again, Admiral,” she responded.

“Sir, I have arranged that we can use the Captains Ready Room. I believe that will allow us the most room.”

“Lead the way, Jon. The sooner this is over the better for Earth and Vulcan relations. We can not have then believing we do not care to protect their Ambassador.”

T’pol’s brow shot up and she was ready to inform the Admiral he was mistaken. The reply was forestalled by the Captain.

“Sir, I do not believe that Ambassador Soval bears us any ill will.”
At least not yet, Jon thought.

“Of course not Captain.” Admiral Gardner said,” Ambassador Soval knows we will address this failure swiftly and severely.”

“Of course not, Captain,” Admiral Gardner said,” Ambassador Soval knows we will address this failure swiftly and severely.”

What an ass. Tucker sent to his mate. He has no clue about Vulcans does he?

I do not believe he does, T’ Pol agreed. I am certain Ambassador Soval will correct that oversight most efficiently.

Tucker had to bite back a grin. He had to admit he looked forward to seeing Gardner put in his place by Soval.

They arrived at the Ready room and everyone entered. Hoshi came up to Captain Archer.

“Sir, we received a message from the Vulcan Council.”

“What is it, Hoshi, you seem concerned?”

“Yes, sir. “She looked at the Admirals. “Sir, Lady T’Pau is coming to observe the proceedings. She has requested we wait for her arrival. That will be 55.2 minutes, Sir.”

Captain Archer was stunned. He looked at the senior Starfleet officers and could see they were as well.

Admiral Forrest answered for Archer. ”Tell Lady T’ Pau we will await her arrival.”

“Yes, Sir, I will, “ the Ensign said, slipping away. She had a feeling that the situation just got a lot more complicated.

The MACOs arrived with their prisoner and were relieved at once. They were ordered to the Docking bay to act as the escort for the head of the Vulcan High command.

Soval entered the room and was immediately greeted by the Starfleet officers. He looked at Admiral Forrest and tried to rein in his annoyance. Forrest had been a long time ally and perhaps even a friend. It was for this reason alone that he did not caustically demand they release Amanda to his care.

“Live long and Prosper, Admiral,” He said, forcing himself to follow strict diplomatic Protocols.

“Peace and long life, Ambassador,” was the practiced response.

“It seems your leader has taken an interest in these proceedings,” Admiral Gardner said. He seemed overly pleased with this fact. He had long wanted
to meet the Vulcan leader.

Soval shot him an icy glare. “Lady T’Pau is always interested in justice, Admiral.”
I wonder what else my niece is planning?

“You can be assured that justice will be done here today, Ambassador. “ Admiral Forrest said, suddenly aware that something more was happening here. Ambassador Soval seemed most agitated.

“Indeed, Admiral, I shall ensure that,” Soval snapped. “This entire situation is a waste of time and resources.”

He felt Amanda stiffen. Her hand touching him lightly. Please Soval calm down.

He looked at her and took a calming breath. As you wish. With flourish he moved his robes out of the way and took a seat behind Amanda.

Captain Jonathan Archer let out the breath he had been holding. He had been certain Soval was going to deck someone again. He hurriedly went to the coffee machine. “Would anyone care for a cup of coffee?”

Admiral Gardner smiled. “Yes, Captain, that would be very good. Cream with three sugars.”

“Just sugar, Jon,” Admiral Forrest said.

Archer quickly prepared the drinks. He looked at the Ambassador.

The Ambassador answered his silent inquiry. “Elderberry Tea would be most welcome, Jonathan, for all of us.” His look included T’Pol and Tucker.

“You got it, Sir,” Archer said, Smiling. Maybe I am getting this silent communication down?

I would have liked black coffee, Amanda said, with lots of sugar.

Soval looked at her. Sugar is bad for you. You will like the tea.

Amanda glared at him. She folded her arms mutinously.

Soval merely handed her the first cup of tea. He then handed the rest to T’Pol and Commander Tucker.

This action did not go unnoticed. Nor did the evil glare that Corporal Cole gave Vulcan’s senior ambassador. If looks could kill he would be a dead man.

We will discuss my choices in beverages at a more opportune time.

Soval sipped his tea wisely refraining form further comment.

XVI (Surprises)

T’Pau arrived half an hour latter much too every ones surprise. Soval was certain that they had pushed the cruisers past their safe speed. He noted that Commander Tucker was restless, clearly wanting to get a look at the Vulcan’s engines.

T’Pol took a calming breath and silently wondered if it was too late to hide from the coming explosion of tempers. A Vulcan rarely lost their temper but when it happened it was explosive.

The formal greetings were brief, T’Pau’s words chilling the Starfleet officers.
“I am here to see that Vulcan’s interests are preserved; all of her citizens are valued by us. I will expect that justice will be served.” She looked straight at the Admirals unblinking, then took a seat behind Soval and Amanda.

Jonathan Archer could almost pity them. While T’ Pau was young by Vulcan standards her presence and control were impossible to explain. It was as if she was all Vulcan. Jonathan knew from experience that the Vulcan Matriarch was a formidable individual and not a person anyone in his or her right mind would care to cross. He could not believe that the officers could not understand what was happening; T’ Pau had clearly sided with Amanda Cole by sitting behind her.

Admiral Forest called the court to session.

“Sir, if I may. These charges are not appropriate, ” said Archer. He was hoping to end this without an incident.

“Captain Archer, we have allowed you to act as defense council. You may present your evidence at the appropriate time,” Admiral Gardener snapped. “This hearing will proceed.”

“But sir-”

“Enough, Captain Archer, or you will face charges yourself,” Gardener said.

Jonathan Archer sat down and knew that there was no way now to prevent Soval from losing his temper.

The next hour was filled with the prosecutions case against Corporal Amanda Cole. Jonathan Archer tried valiantly to move the discussion toward who had ordered Amanda to leave her post. He would at this point gladly sacrifice his career to protect Soval and Earth Vulcan relations.

T’Pau listened to the various points made by the human Prosecutor. She had to admit he presented his case most logically for a man who did not have all the facts. It was also very clear that Starfleet was determined to place the blame for the kidnapping on the young human’s shoulders. This of course could not be allowed. She looked at Soval and could tell his controls were being sorely tested. Her Uncle was not the most patient of Vulcans. This fact made him an excellent choice for Earth but in this instant it was not a good thing.



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