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Vulcan Language Dictionary

Selek has compiled a Vulcan language dictionary which combines info from several sources! A very useful reference tool.

Vulcan Language Dictionary

Seven people have made comments

I requested this because it is so useful. I have to scan through the Vulcan Language Institute site to find words and phrases, but with Selek's dictionary, I can find them faster. Miigwech (thank you) Selek!

Would you mind if I copied your dictonary out on paper, I like to be able to curl up in a chair to read or write and having what I want with me...a computer is hard to curl up with to read.

Thank you for your time
Lost Shuttle

I can send it to you and any updates I have if you like. I'll send it as a .txt file that Access or Excell can open as a table. I can put you on my "Vulcan Dictionary" group for updates. I just need your email. But be advised, it's a 30 MB file. It's huge! Let me know by emailing me at selek @ shaw.ca (no spaces).

And thank you, Linda, for your very kind words!

Thank You.

If you don't mind I'll copy what you have here for now, I'm having trouble with my puter with opening anything It will not let me open My Documents right now or get to my writers program.
OHH NOOO no spell check :(

It did this about a year ago and I had everything wiped and reinstalled and no problem till the last two weeks. it is acting up again

I'm hoping to have a new hard drive installed soon so I'm putting alot of stuff on CD's and disk so I will not lose it.

When I have something I can trust I will let you know ok.

Have a good day and take care
Lost Shuttle

Sounds good to me. You can email me directly at selek @ shaw.ca (no spaces) and let me know when you want a copy sent.

This is the first time I've tried this, Selek. What a great resource, thanks!

You're very welcome, Julie. I come to serve.