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Who Says a Vulcan Needs a Bodyguard? Part 2, myst123

Who Says a Vulcan Needs a Bodyguard?

by myst123

Rating: No more than PG-13, I’m sure, but who knows!
Genre: Romance, Action/Adventure (I hope)

Disclaimer: Paramount owns it all. ShouldKnowBetter is the inspiration for Soval and Amanda – may I make this story worthy! :D


Part 2

The ship was rocked by blasts. Amanda grabbed either edge of the biobed to keep Soval from falling off. Really, she found herself thinking critically, and most strangely in this time of crisis, why doesn’t Phlox replace these morgue-like stretchers with more secure, comfortable beds. Sickbay continued to rock by blasts.

“We are under attack,” Soval informed Amanda.

“No shit, Sherlock. What is that, deductive or inductive Vulcan reasoning?”

Soval frowned. “There are no variations of reasoning. All Vulcan logic is based upon empirical observation and known facts.”

“Whatever. How do you know we aren’t in the middle of a meteor shower, being plummeted by asteroids?”

“The Andorians and Vulcans are in the midst of a misunderstanding. Vulcan ships were advancing upon this segment of space and therefore would fire upon the Andorians. Thus, we are under fire, with the probability of the aggressor being Vulcan."

“But Enterprise is an Earth vessel. Why would Vulcan attack on Earth vessel? It is more logical we re in the middle of an asteroid field.”

Sickbay continued to be rocked by the jarring slams hitting Enterprise. Astroids or weapons fire?

Amanda continued to hold Soval securely in place, mentally re-fitting sickbay with more appropriate furniture and attempting to determine if Enterprise were really under fire. Amanda Cole, master of multi-tasking.

“I recognize the sound of Vulcan weapons fire hitting the hull of a ship,” Soval informed Amanda.

“I always heard Vulcans have keen hearing, but that is a new one for me. OK, sweetheart, if we are under fire I’m leaving you to Phlox’s care. I’ve got to get to my post.” Amanda didn’t reveal to Soval that the fact that he recognized a weapons fire by sound was just about the most exciting thing she had heard from a man in…well, in a while. But, she was quickly back on task.

Amanda, like most MACOs, felt helpless in this type of situation. She could do nothing. She was trained for one-one-one combat, but, in outer space, the reality was that combat was more often a dance orchestrated by the bridge crew. Lieutenant Reed and Ensign Mayweather maneuvered the ship to avoid destruction at the same time they positioned the ship to target vulnerable points on the aggressor ship. MACOs played a non-role in this style of galactic warfare. To Amanda, combat was much more personal. But, in situations such as this, she and her colleagues could only stand by and hope to be effective if the battle moved into their territory.

“Phlox!” Amanda called. “I’ve gotta get to my post! Help me strap the Vulcan in.” Phlox staggered across the heaving floor and helped Amanda fasten the restraining bands across Soval’s body. Soval’s eyes were closed, only the line between his brows indicating the pain he was feeling.

“I’ll be back,” Amanda shouted over the noise. “Doctor, do you have a weapon?”

Phlox looked perplexed. “I’m a healer, not a warrior,” he protested.

“What do you mean?” The noise and intensity of the situation was deafening to Amanda.

“I can’t take up arms. I am a pacifist.”

Amanda looked at Phlox, then down at the semi-conscious Vulcan on the biobed. It was clear that a bodyguard was necessary.

“James, I’ve got sickbay secured,” she reported through her communicator. “Send Trujillo to secure my post.”

“Aye, sir,” James responded.

“Your actions aren’t logical, Amanda Cole,” the Vulcan informed her from the poorly designed biobed.

Amanda decided Vulcan men were just a bit annoying.

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Four of you have made comments

What a nice thing to find on a Sunday morning! I definitely like a practical, multi-tasking Amanda who doesn't abandon Vulcans who need her. Particularly Vulcans who can identify weapons fire just from the sound of it - loved that bit.

Keep it coming! Let's all keep writing even in these "times which try men's (and women's) souls". Enterprise under fire from weapons and UPN. Lets prevail against both! Can't wait for the next chapter.

And this chapter was a nice birthday present. Today is my birthday.

Happy belated birthday, Linda!