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review by persianmouse

Well, not quite the epic, heart-stopping, world-changing, sailing a thousand ships for romance I was hoping for, but all around not bad. I was hoping for more TnT, but there really wasn’t a lot of it, guess it got pushed to the side to make way for the dancing girls. Nothing, not even epic love, can compete with dancing girls, it seems. Though, I would think when they name the episode after a situation, that that situation would be the focus, but I guess that’s why I’m not in TV. I had trouble watching the dancing girls; most of the Orion scenes were watched from in-between fingers and with much giggling.

Hey, here’s something nobody expected; Kelby is actually a 14-year old girl. Who knew?! I didn’t! “Wait, don’t go…..forever (and ever and ever andeveraneveran…)” All he needed was some of Malcolm’s’ lip gloss and he woulda been set! Prettiest girl in all of Engineering (so long as he’s the only one in there).

And I am completely falling in love with John Billingsly, that guy never has a bad day. He was all Drunk!Pholx all episode long, stumbling around and looking slightly to the left of everybody, and it was great. Best part was the “ I’ve been having to take…. stimulants” and then jabs the hypospray casually in. Absolutely perfect timing. Bravo.

Well, well, well, apparently Supa Archer has a Kryptonite, and it’s tits! Hmmpf, great big strong, save-the-universe-destroy-the-bad-guy-water-polo-champion-show-these-silly-Vulcans/Klingons/Andorians-what-the-proper-way-to-live-is-single-handedly-found-the-Federation-but-its-all-in-a-days’-work-ma’am Man just loses his pretty little head when you shake your tail feathers for him. And this is the guy whose gonna save the fucking galaxy? Whatever, man…

And why has no one yet mentioned that Trip gets to shoot Archer, AGAIN?? Good thing he’s there to save Archer everytime a pretty girl or hoard of bug babies tries to seduce him with their pheromones. Good to have a guy like that around. And Malcolm too! So getting payback for shooting his girl in 'North Star'. Oh and Travis had lines, real lines, with a backstory and eveything. Well better late than never, right?

And now on to the only part any of us really care about, TnT. Not much, but what we gots was precious, my precious,…. preee-cioussss, nasty fat little UPN wants to take you away from me, but I wonts lets them preeee-ciousssss, nobody can have my preeee-ciousssssss…*COUGH-COUGH-cough* ahem, sorry, that’s been happening a lot more lately.

Anywho, there was such a priceless moment right in the beginning, when T’pol is skirting around asking him if he’s been daydreaming about her. We get Confused!Trip at first, then DawningRealization!Trip, and finally SelfSatisfied!Trip. And we get another one his tongue-in-cheek, exaggerated-eye-roll, mockingly thinking faces that just make you wanna throw your knickers at the screen. T’pol does the weird, jerky, bob-and-weave thing she does when she’s in an emotionally vulnerable state around Trip.

I think Trip took the whole bond thing a little too well. Or not well enough. It was a little too blasé, but maybe he was just distracted by all the attacking aliens and what not. I just thought he’d either be freaked and pissed, or he’d tear his shirt off and do victory laps around Engineering, screaming “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning”, or something like that. But I’m guessing he doesn’t really know what this means yet, might think it’s all just white room daydreams and what not. Oh, but the ‘Uh-huh’ from T’pol was so totally Trip, it wasn’t even funny, except that it was. Funny. Very.

Mmmmmmm….corridors. I know some people have said that Trip was a little short and mean in this scene, but he’s been very hurt by this woman. I mean, she married someone else and made him watch. That’s gotta sting. So maybe he’s a little pissy. She’s always had the upper hand in their relationship, so it’s no wonder he’s going to relish his new-found power over her. He doesn’t want to be her lapdog (yes he does) and he’s not going to come just cause she called (yes he will). He wants to drag this out, and tease her with it, be the one with the carrot and stick for a change. He probably feels no need to rush, now he’s back. Their relationship has always had an element of mutual hair-pulling and shin-kicking on the playground to it; so well, this just goes along with that. They often say things that really mean other things. 'No big deal', yeah okay, you're right, it's hardly anything at all, what's a bond got to do with it? IT JUST MAKES YOU HAVE INTERSTELLER POW-WOWS AND CHANGES YOU PHISIOLOGY, you silly, silly man. And c’mon when she kissed him, it wasn’t like he knocked her to the ground and yelled “NO! That’s a bad touch!”, or anything. Now that he knows she wants him, that they’re bonded, he’s gonna milk it for all it’s worth. He wants her, duh, anybody with eyes can see that.

So, yeah, all-in-all, it didn’t really suck.

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Three people have made comments

I thought this episode sucked BADLY! The bond thing was treated without any sensitivity or realism. It would have been mind blowing for a human man to find out he was irrecovably bound to an alien woman forever more. and how do the writers treat it.
"Oh by the way Trip we are psychically bonded and I can read your mind"
"Oh ok that's fine, no problem Tpol, BAH let's go and get rid of the crap green women off the ship so that we can get on with more interesting storylines"

hey persianmouse i thought this episode was great it was a long coming for the t/t ers, but one thing is i don't know anyone pointed this out,but T'Pol came down there to help then she starts talking about something else, but at the end of it all she doen't help , i thought that was kinda scewy ? ya' think

Trip and T'pol were great in this episode ! realy realy great !!!!

I love the last scene between the two of us... too funny !