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In a Mirror Darkly, Part 2

In a Mirror Darkly, Part 2

review by persianmouse

OH WHAT A PHLOXING GIP!!!!!!! No TnT!!! He didn't make her pay!! There was no paying!!! A complete lack of paying!! No fair! Bad episode , bad bad!!!!! No cookie for you!

Okay, well, this episode was not nearly as good as part one. It's part ones' lame little brother who has to wear special shoes. It either had to be longer, or shorter, I couldn't tell.

But that Gorn was absolutely pointless. Fanboy masturbation, pure and simple. That gone + TnT in= Goood episode.

This episode was very disjointed, and left so many things unresolved from the last episode. i.e., Tucker making T'pol pay, Tucker making Reed pay, most things associated with payment actually.

But the Defiant set did rock like a box fulla socks, though. Very accurate with all the Christmas tree light-bulbs, hypno-vision things, and random unexplained beeping noises. And you KNOW that all the cast that got to wear the TOS costumes were just squealing like fanboys (and be honest, so would you) and lording it all over everyone else who wasn't cool enough to get one.

Okay kids, in this weeks' adventure, the Bizzaros get to play dress-up! Let's revisit, shall we?

Archer- Pulls a total Crichton, and starts hearing people who aren't there, except he's soooooo narcissistic, he can only imagine himself there. Then he starts thinking he's the crocodile hunter, and has the urge to fight large lizards barehanded. Has a lot of sex. A lot. Decides he will look mighty good in an ermine lined, purple velvet cloak and jaunty crown. Has some trouble figuring out how to use a glass, and makes a big mess of himself. Will use a sippy cup in the future.

Porthos- Well, all dogs go to heaven, right?

Hoshi- Finally gets her revenge for 'Exile'. Has a lot of sex. A lot. More than her lovers even know. She MU Kiras' hero. Has best line in whole show. "Commander Tucker told me to give you a few pointers in that area". heheh. bitch. Decides she will look even better in an ermine lined, purple velvet cloak and jaunty crown.

Reed- "Oh yeah Tucker, you think that scar is so cool? Well, I'll show you a cool scare, you just wait, you git. Stupid engineer, thinks he's the only one who can get a cool, disfiguring facial scar. I better go find something to blow myself up in, that'll give me an even cooler scar." He learned a little RU math, too; Red shirt + not Scottish = very very dead. If he is, in fact, dead. But with Dr. Phloxopolis as his doctor, his magic 8-ball is saying 'outlook not good'.

Mayweather- I GOT LAID!!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Course my girlfriends' a psychotic, power-hungry murderer, but you know, I can't afford to be picky. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Dr Phloxopolis- Joined the rebel alliance. Hasn't appeared to end well for our dear doctor.

Soval-Mmmmmm, that's one sexy beast. But mustache off, please. Giggled for several minutes after he said the word 'Concubine'. Died screaming like a little girl, but he was on fire at the time, so I think some allowances should be made. However, before his death, he managed to transfer his Katra into his beard, which would than float aimlessly through space for several decades, until it got sucked into the air vent of the MU Enterprise and attached itself to Spock. Spock was too busy trying to actually run the ship while all the humans on the ship banged each others' brains out, he did not notice.

Tucker- Spent most of the episode hiding from Hoshi, afraid she will try and use her feminine whiles upon him. And playing with his pretty new engines. Preeeeeetttyyyyyy, non-lethal engines. Archer yelled at him a lot, but he was too depressed over his girlfriend using him as a tool of rebellion to notice.

T'pol- She's not having a very good week. Archers' all up in her space, breathing his crazy all over her, and he makes her wear this stupid dress. The stress of thinking everybody’s' looking at her ass makes her loose control a little. Has to bully all her old friends into joining the rebel alliance. (Had me so worried when she was goading Soval into joining that it was gonna get physical, and being that I always thought he was her daddy, I really couldn't handle that). Had to get into a catfight, and has now joined the facial scar club with Tucker and Reed. Had to watch Archer and Hoshi kiss. Apparently her boyfriend is talking about their sex life ALL over the ship, and she will have to rectify that..... as soon as she can get these manacles off. Might very well no longer be attached to her head.

Unanswered questions

Okay, a lot was left unresolved and unanswered, so here's my theory on them each, in turn. All these loose ends and possible possibilities really create a fertile landscape for fan fiction, though.

1. "How did Hoshi know about TnT?" - Well, we all know how up in each other's business they are in the RU, so, seems like they all are like that here. Especially when everyone may be out to kill you. Think of it like Survivor- Look how backstabbing, information gathering, nosy those people are, because they want to 'survive'. So do these MU cats. information is power, no matter where you go. And knowing what someone’s' weaknesses are is a key advantage.

2. "How did they know T'pol made a copy of the Defiant's thingy?" - I don't know, check the computer files for recent downloads? I don't think it was Tucker, he really doesn't seem to care, he just wants to not die, and have some hot Vulcan love (don't we all?)

3. "Why didn't that MACO shoot that stupid Gorn instead of just repeatedly hitting him? if he was close enough to accurately hit him over and over, why didn't he just shoot the stupid thing?" - Because he was a stupid red-shirt MACO, and they are a simple breed. They have trouble with puzzles and certain household appliances.

4. "Is Reed dead?" - Well, he was wearing that red shirt, so the outlook doesn't look good, but Star Trek Adage #14- 'If you don't see them die, they aien't dead.'

5. "Is Phlox dead?" - see above, but replace 'red shirt' to 'I am a member of the Rebel Alliance' T-shirt. If he wasn't killed by Tucker, he will most likely be executed.

6. "Is T'pol dead?" - Well, see above, and also add this: Hoshi's ace card is the Defiant. Without that, she's just a hoochie without a cause. She needs someone to keep the Defiant running. Tucker is gifted engineer. Tucker already knows how to work the engines. Tucker seems to have no inclination towards ambition, he just wants to survive, so he will be no threat to Hoshi. Tucker is an ideal man to have in the Chief engineers position. Tucker wants, but doesn't seem to like, T'Pol. So, to endear herself to the new chief engineer, and assure his loyalty, why wouldn't she present him with a token of her appreciation, i.e. Vulcan Love Slave. T'Pol has no other allies on the ship, so as long as she's kept....controlled, both mentally and physically, she shouldn't pose a threat. Alternately, if you believe that Tucker has affection for T'Pol, Hoshi would keep her alive as collateral on Tucker. Also, this episode was written before they got news of their cancellation, and the whole thing was obviously one big set-up for more episodes, so I don't think they would kill T'Pol off this early.

7. "Is Archer dead?" - I don't care.

I really don't.

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i liked this 1 it was so funny it mad me LOL a lot love ur other 1s tooooo