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Zealousgirl’s 'Not quite so' EARLY EDITION

Production 051
First Air Date: May 14, 2003 in US on UPN
Mission Date: March 21, 2153

Director: Roxann Dawson
Story By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Screenplay By: Hans Tobeason
Teleplay By: Hans Tobeason & Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Star Trek or Paramount. I do this for amusement and not for profit. Be forewarned that this will be seen through the biased eyes of a proud Tuckerite!!! (and, a Trip/T’poler!) I will try to focus on what is happening with Trip in these spoilers. I will only briefly talk about non-Trip scenes, so if you want more details check out Li’s Trekpulse review.

By the way, for those who do not know why I am posting this late - it was only shown here last night. At the request of many, I have posted my 'early edition' although it's not early this week.

About ‘Bounty’: I had heard so much about this episode before seeing that I watched it with dread. Overall, I was sort of indifferent to both story lines. Archer again shows how he can stay calm under great pressure – he is becoming a better captain with each episode. Trip also shows us his command abilities. He and Malcolm do work very well together, and both can be very discreet. And now about the Pon Farr storyline – I found it to be gratuitous and even embarrassing. Phlox remains very professional, and we even get to find out more about Denobulan males. T’pol is so vulnerable and Jolene Blalock does do an excellent job playing such a horrendous situation. Why. . . oh why. . . did B&B have to do this. At least when they did something similar in Voyager with B’lena, they did it with much more taste.

Synopsis (from StarTrek.com):

A Tellarite bounty hunter captures Archer intending to turn him over to the Klingons for a substantial reward. Meanwhile, T'Pol is infected with an alien pathogen that unleashes her primal Vulcan urges.

“Trip-centric” Enterprise SPOILERS

Starts off with Archer dictating a log which describes how they have been investigating an uninhabited planet for the last 3 days, and that he and Trip had to be called back to meet with an unexpected visitor.


Archer: “Maybe you were light headed from the altitude.”

Trip (standing behind him, a smirk on his face, shaking his head): “I didn’t slip. That overhang gave way the moment I put my foot on it.”

Archer: “I walked on the same rocks you did.”

Trip: “Well, maybe you loosened them. You do weigh a few kilos more than I do.” (smiles and his expressions tells you that he is enjoying teasing Archer)

Lift doors open and they walk onto the bridge, where we see a vessel on the viewscreen
Malcolm informs Archer that the ship had sent an audio message but had insisted on speaking only to the captain, about who knows what. Malcolm was able to determine though that the ship is Tellerite.

They hail the Tellerite vessel who responds promptly (rusty-red hair with receding hairline and a big scruffy beard; lots of creases on his face; big nose – real cute guy). He demands to know what they are doing on the planet. Archer puts on his diplomatic hat and politely asks for his name – which turns out to be Captain Skalaar of the Tellerite mining consortium.

Archer explains that they are investigating the planet, and that they are also taking it as ‘shore leave’ – a chance for the crew to relax. With this, Skalaar attitude changes and he becomes quite enthusiastic about the various things to see on the planet (the equatorial range, the hydrothermal pools of Ren-gham) and even offers to act as guide. Skalaar says that he will meet them at their docking bay, so that he can help them plan their shore leave.

~Corridor on the way to the docking bay~

Archer and Trip are going to meet Skalaar. Archer explains that T’pol says that the Tellerites are not always the most agreeable species – apparently they enjoy a good argument. It is almost considered a sport on their planet.

Trip: “I’ve got an old girlfriend that this guy might like to meet.” (both chuckle)

Trip opens the docking port door, which opens to reveal Skalaar holding a weapon. Without hesitation, he shoots Trip. Archer and he then fight over the weapon but in the end Archer gets shot and Skalaar leaves with him.



Hoshi tells Malcolm (who is seated in the Captain’s chair) that there has been weapons fire on E deck. They send a security team while Malcolm tries to contact Archer. However, they note that the Tellerite vessel is attempting to leave and despite engaging the ‘clamps’ it is able to get free. The ship takes a quick shot at what looks like one of Enterprise’s nacelles and leaves at warp – they can’t follow because of the damage. Malcolm says that the teams from the surface must be called up immediately.


T’pol is getting a report from Trip on what has happened (over the comm. system). He tells her that they are having problems detecting Archer’s signal (???) and that they will have warp drive in about 1 hour. {{we see Trip on the bridge for a few moments – he looks like he has hurt his shoulder and is rubbing it, pain seen in his facial expression}} T’pol tells him that she will be on the bridge soon.

Phlox tells her that she can not go, since both he and she has brought on board an unusual microbe and will need to spend some time in decon.

~Tellerite vessel~

Archer is behind some sort of laser beam cage, which zaps him when he tries to touch it. Archer acts all brave, and says that his crew will not give up until they find him, and that if he is taken back right now, that all would be forgotten. Skalaar is unimpressed and gives him the option of staying quiet or staying unconscious for the remainder of the voyage. Archer resolves to stay quiet and takes a seat.


Phlox (t-shirt and shorts) is scanning T’pol (tank top and itty-bitty shorts) – the microbe appears to be more resistant than he thought. They have to try another decon gel but it will be several hours before they know. With some annoyance in her voice, T’pol tells him that she can not stay there for several hours. He continues to explain that the microbe is quite infectious and that humans would be even more prone to illness than either him or her.

Phlox: “Commander Tucker is quite capable. If he needs you, he knows where to find you.”

Phlox draws a curtain (when was a curtain put in decon?) between the 2 of them and proceeds to remove his top. On the other side of the curtain, T’pol is rubbing gel all over herself. (I don’t know about you guys, but the first time the decon was seen in ‘Broken Bow’, this seemed quite sexy – but now it just seems gratuitous) They chat about how they must have gotten the microbe, likely from some marsupials that Phlox was trying to get a sample of saliva from (a powerful coagulant).

Phlox hesitates before asking for T’pol’s assistance with his back. She pulls the curtain and comments about the installation of the curtain. Phlox explains that not everyone is comfortable disrobing in front of others – that Denobulan males are much more inhibited than their female counterparts. (and now the icky part – Ewww) T’pol is vaguely aware of what Phlox is chatting on about, as she rubs decon gel on his back (which has a midline ridge similar to his forehead). She gets this look on her face like she is turned on. She seems to snap out of it and asks him to rub her back. Phlox complies but does so without actually looking at her.

{{Meanwhile on the bridge, they have found a warp signature that matches the Tellerite vessel, and set off to follow it}}

~Tellerite vessel~

Skalaar is trying to hail someone on a secured line and is eventually put through to Goroth. He tells Goroth that he has the fugitive. They plan to meet at a rendez-vous point rather than on Kronos – Skalaar making sure that he confirms that he will get the full amount promised for the bounty.

Archer has figured out that this has something to do with his escaping prison.



Malcolm informs Trip that they have found the source of the warp signature that they had been following. Trip orders ‘tactical alert’. Enterprise however comes upon a beacon that is emitting the frequency – a decoy.

Trip (frustrated): “We’re gonna have to start all over.”

Malcolm: “We’re getting too much interference from that device. It’s throwing off our scans.”

Trip (in true command style): “Then get rid of it!”

Malcolm: “With pleasure, sir.” (Enterprise blows up the beacon)

~Tellerite vessel~

Archer tells Skalaar that Starfleet will double whatever the Klingons are offering. Skalaar does not take bribes from criminals. Archer tells him that he is not a criminal and tries to make him feel sorry for him – Skalaar is apathetic to his plea. Skalaar says that Goroth already knows that Archer is on board so if he doesn’t deliver they will have a bounty out for him as well.


T’pol’s meditation is interrupted by Phlox who is scanning her and she is annoyed. He tells her that she has a fever and her dopamine levels are elevated – the microbe is affecting her limbic system.

She becomes quite emotional – ranting about the captain’s abduction and her place being on the bridge. She makes a run for it, but Phlox does not allow her to open the decon doors. She claims that she will stay in her quarters – he says no as she will infect half the ship on her way to her quarters. She orders him to open the doors, and when he refuses she threatens to have him court-martialed.

She yells at him to open the door, then becomes sort of timid. “I apologize. I am having difficulty suppressing my emotions.” Phlox offers her a sedative to help.

~Tellerite vessel~

Skalaar is speaking to another Tellerite on the viewer. He explains that he has the fugitive in his custody and that the reward will be enough to get ‘Tezra’ back. The other Tellerite seems angry and tells him that even if his plan works that his decision remains unchanged – the other Tellerite signs off without even a goodbye.

Archer asks who Tezra is. Skalaar explains that Tezra is not a who but a what – a cargo ship.

Another vessel approaches and Skalaar is hailed. Another unfamiliar alien is seen (his name is Kago). Kago is another bounty hunter searching for Archer, and tells Skalaar to surrender the prisoner. They debate for a bit and then Kago’s vessel fires on the Tellerite vessel. A space battle ensues with lots of violent shaking of the ships. Archer convinces Skalaar to let him fly the ship while Skalaar makes repairs.

Archer decides to go down towards a planet, since Kago’s ship may not be able to navigate as easily in the planet’s atmosphere. They release one of the decoy beacons to confuse Kago who his flying on sensors, and are able to disable the other ship.

Unfortunately, Skalaar has to repair the warp drive which can only be accessed from outside the hull, so they have to land on the planet.


Phlox is lying down on one of the benches but is awoken (startled look on his face) but T’pol who is rubbing his neck. He remains professional and suggests another sedative.

T’pol tells him that rest is not what she needs, and then slides up to sit real close to him.

Phlox: “Subcommander, this behavior is hardly appropriate.”

T’pol: “My name is T’pol. You don’t find me attractive.” She continues to try to convince him by saying that Denobulans are not exclusive, and that they do not have to behave in such manner as dictated by human morals. Phlox tells her that she is not well – scanning her he is shocked by the levels of a variety of hormones. She says that she is not ill – eventually telling him that it is the Pon Farr, the cycle of mating. Phlox concludes that this premature Pon Farr has been brought on by the microbe. T’pol tells him that it doesn’t matter what brought it on, but that she must mate with a male, Vulcan or not, or she will die.



Skalaar and Archer are repairing the vessel. Skalaar is going on about what he will do with the reward money – proudly talking about the virtues of Tezra. We find out that Tezra was taken by the Klingons when Skalaar had crossed an insignificant corner of Klingon space as a short cut. His brother (obviously the Tellerite that he had spoken to earlier in the show) has never forgiven him.

Skalaar realizes that Archer is not repairing the ship as smoke is coming from the engine. Archer is thrown on the ground, and tells Skalaar that of course he doesn’t want to help repair the ship – he will surely be executed if the Klingons get a hold of him. Skalaar tells him not to worry, as they will meet Goroth on time.


T’pol, crawling with catlike movement, tells Phlox that she is hungry – not referring to food. Phlox is working on a serum to help her, but she pleads with him to help her in a far easier way – as he already has the cure. Phlox refuses to take advantage of her even as she climbs on top of him. Just then the door chimes, Trip has brought them some supper.

Phlox tells T’pol to remain where she is while he gets the food. He steps out into the next room and meets Trip, through the decon/Sickbay window.

Trip: “How are you 2 holding up?”

Phlox: “Well enough.”

Trip passes Phlox the food through the drawer below the window. Phlox asks if they have located Captain Archer. Trip tells him that they are still tracking him. He then asks Phlox if he had brought the food he wanted.

Just then, T’pol rushes in, “Is that food,” and grabs one of the plates that has lots of green leafy vegetables on it.

Trip: “Yeah. I had Chef make you some. . .” (She sniffs it and then tears into it with her hands.) “Is she alright?” (Trip definitely looks very concerned at this point)

Phlox tells Trip that she has developed a slight fever, nothing to be concerned about. He pushes T’pol back into the other room and clears his throat.

Malcolm calls Trip to tell him that they have reached to coordinates. Before heading to the bridge, Trip gives Phlox a puzzled look and slowly says, “Call if you need anything.”


They have detected 2 identical warp signatures but there is no Tellarite vessel on the planet. They have detected another vessel though, and it is hailed.

Kago responds.

Trip: “Sorry to bother you but we are looking for a Tellarite shuttle. Have you seen one?” (no point beating around the bush!)

Kago asks how much the Klingons have offered them.

Trip: “Klingons? (looks around bridge, confused) Look, there must be some sort of misunderstanding here. We’re looking for our captain.”

Kago tells him that the Captain is likely half way to Kronos by now, and that he has a price on his head. He ends the hail.

Trip thinks for a moment and asks Travis how close they are to Klingon space – about 6 light years.

Trip: “If that Tellarite is looking to collect some kind of reward we better find him before he gets there! Set a course. Take us back to warp.”

~Tellarite vessel~

Skalaar meets with his brother who is upset that he not only came, but that he has brought the fugitive with him. He needs a new injector. The brother asks how he will pay and Skalaar explains that the payment that he will get will be sufficient, since the Klingons are eager to get their hands on Archer - the only person to have ever escaped from Rure Penthe (I’m surprised at this, given the ease with which they were able to do it in ‘Judgment’ – just send in the Grim Reaper. . . I mean Malcolm. . . with a little bit of a bribe and ‘Voila!’)

The brother tells him that he will give him the injector if he promises never to come back. Skalaar finds this to be ridiculous as he wants his brother to be his first officer. The brother has no intention of leaving his current post, and is disgusted by Skalaar’s current occupation. The brother tells him that he will not want Tezra after he sees the condition that it is currently in – completely gutted.

Skalaar looks quite discouraged. Archer asks him what he plans to do next. When he gets no response, he goes on about how he will be disemboweled by one of those Klingon swords once he is given to them. But even with the reward money, that Skalaar will never get Tezra back. Archer plays on Skalaar’s disappointment by pointing out all that he has lost in his attempt to get his ship back. (Archer really does a great job at rubbing Skalaar the right way – making him reconsider his decisions.)


T’pol is in bad shape – she is volatile and refuses Phlox’s serum. He decides to let her go and gives her the combination to the decon door. While she is trying to cue it in, he sneaks up behind her, but she is too quick and knocks him out. She pulls off the panel and bypasses the controls, thus escaping. Phlox wakes soon after and contacts the bridge to tell them to evacuate D deck as T’pol is on the loose.


~Somewhere on D deck~

Malcolm and 2 other security personnel are dressed in EV suits, scanners in hand, looking for T’pol. They separate.

T’pol is seen coming down one of the corridors, drenched in sweat and still scantily clothed. She yells, “Malcolm!” and then starts to claw at him. He tells her that they have been worried about her, and that she needs to go back to Sickbay. She refuses, as Phlox is refusing to treat her.

T’pol: “How long has it been?”

Malcolm: “Beg your pardon?”

T’pol: “Since you’ve made it? (still clawing, and now panting) I see the way that you look at me. . . on the bridge.”

Malcolm: “Why don’t we discuss this is decon?”

T’pol: “My quarters would be more comfortable.”

Malcolm (pushes her away): “Dr Phlox was very insistent.” He starts to pull a weapon out, but she shoves him and takes off running. (I feel sorry for Jolene Blalock to be forced to run around half naked, and pretend to be sexually aroused.) She is cornered by all 3 security crew, and Malcolm tells her to follow him (his voice is kinda eerie here – almost like Arnold in Terminator)

She yells something at him in Vulcan and runs at him. Malcolm has to shoot her.

~Tellerite vessel docks with Goroth’s ship~

Skalaar hands Archer over to the Klingons. He receives his payment, which is about 2/3 of what he had been promised. Klingons depart with Archer now on board.


Skalaar hails Enterprise. A stunned Trip tells Hoshi to put him through.

~Klingon vessel~

Archer is in a holding cell. He is able to get the restraints off using a pick that he had in his mouth. The restraints also had hidden a device which allowed him to open the cell door. As he is trying to escape he battles a Klingon for a bit (and wins that fight)


Malcolm tells Trip that they have found them, and Trip orders tactical alert.

~Klingon vessel~

Archer now in a phase pistol shoot-out with the Klingons. He eventually gets into an escape pod and leaves the Klingon ship.

The Klingons have a tractor beam on the pod just as Enterprise arrives. The 2 ships shoot at each other while Travis maneuvers Enterprise such that the grappling wire attaches to the pod. Enterprise is able to disable the Klingon vessel, and they scurry off at warp.


T’pol awakens after Phlox gives her a hypospray. He informs her that her premature mating cycle has ended. She asks if she did anything inappropriate. Phlox downplays her behavior. She then asks, “Did we?” Phlox jokingly says that Denobulan males are uncomfortable discussing such topics. He promises not to violate her privacy and to keep this just between them.


Archer exits the turbolift.

Trip: “Rough ride?”

Archer half-chuckles and asks what the status of the Klingon ship is.

Trip: “We damaged their port nacelles. They’re limping back to Kronos”

Archer asks where T’pol is. Trip tells him that she is in Decon with Phlox. When asked why, Malcolm tells him that it is a long story.

Skalaar hails Enterprise to see if Archer made it back safely. Archer hopes that the Klingons don’t figure out that it was Skalaar who gave him the lock pick. He asks what he will do with the reward and Skalaar says to keep on the look-out for an old freighter for sale.

Skalaar tells Archer to be careful, as likely the bounty has now doubled. Archer jokes that he hopes that Skalaar will not attempt to claim it – but he makes no promises.


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Four of you have made comments

great summary. just one little thing.

When T'Pol first sees Malcolm and he says "Beg Your Pardon?"

Her reply is "since you've MATED"

At least, that seems to make more sense to me.

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