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Zealousgirl's EARLY EDITION

~ Trip-centric Enterprise SPOILERS ~
Production 043
First Air Date: 2/25/2003 in Canada (2/26/2003 in US on UPN)
Mission Date: unknown

Director: Allan Kroeker
Written By: John Shiban

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Star Trek or Paramount. I do this for amusement and not for profit. Be forewarned that this will be seen through the biased eyes of a proud Tuckerite!!! I will try to focus on what is happening with Trip in these spoilers. I will only briefly talk about non-Trip scenes, so if you want more details check out Li's Trekpulse review.

About 'Canamar': Cool episode. Archer is heroic and smart. Trip is adorable, especially in his scenes with a rather talkative alien (lots of rolling of the eyes). And. . . no Archer/T'pol shippiness!!!! Yeah!!!!

Synopsis (from StarTrek.com):
Upon leaving the Enolian home world in a shuttlepod, Archer and Tucker are mistakenly arrested and placed on a prisoner transport vessel bound for the penal colony Canamar. Before the error can be rectified, one of the alien inmates engineers a takeover of the transport, leading Archer to engage in a dangerous gambit.

Kuroda - alien prisoner who orchestrates the revolt
Zoumas - talkative prisoner sitting next to Trip
Nausicaan - Kuroda's accomplice
Enolian official - helps Enterprise to find Archer and Trip


The show starts with shuttlepod 1, adrift in space. Inside you see that the gravity of off-line as a PADD hovers in the middle of the pod. Hoshi is hailing SP1 with no response. Now on the bridge, T'pol asks if there are any biosigns - there are not. . .



They are reviewing the Captain's logs - doesn't seem to help. Sensors logs were too badly damaged to tell what happened. Phlox found traces of Trip and Archer's blood - they deduce that they were abducted. T'pol has them set a course for Keto-Enol (which was the planet that Trip and Archer had been visiting)

~on an alien vessel~

Trip and Archer (both are in casual attire, brown-grey in color, with a bit of leather; also, both are a bit bloodied) are being held in an Enolian transport ship. Archer tries to talk to the guard but his hand restraints 'zap' him. Trip is concerned but Archer reassures him. Archer asks the alien sitting in front of him if he knows where they are going. Archer asks what Canamar is. The alien sitting next to Trip (later find out his name is Zoumas) explains that it is a penal colony. Trip asks if this is how their justice system works - convicting people without a trial, even if they are not guilty. Zoumas says that they are all guilty as far as the Enolians are concerned.


T'pol contacts the Enolians about the fact that Archer and Trip have been abducted. The Enolian official is patronizing but T'pol pushes a bit, and convinces him to at least look into things for them.

~Alien ship~

The guards are passing out food. Trip quips: "Anything else on the menu?"

A Nausicaan sitting behind him asks him for his food. Trip turns around and gives him a fierce look (pretty gutsy considering the size of the Nausicaan): "Eat your own."

Nausicaan: "You don't listen too well."

Trip: "Then why don't you save yourself the trouble and stop talking to me."

This makes the Nausicaan angry and he becomes aggressive. A guard steps in and zaps the Nausicaan. Trip thanks them and he gets zapped.

Zoumas tells Trip that he should be careful with Nausicaans. He questions Trip about what they were smuggling, that got them caught. Trip says that they are not smugglers; that he is the chief engineer of a star ship and that Archer is the captain. Zoumas doesn't believe him - he seems impressed with the 'lie' and wishes that he had thought of that when he got caught. Trip just gives him a puzzled frustrated look (A4T is going to have fun cataloguing Trip's facial expressions for this episode. . .)


An Enolian official is in the situation room and is talking with Malcolm and T'pol. They are told that the shuttlepod was searched by the local authorities, who found suspicious items. Given that smuggling is rampant in these parts, Trip and Archer were taken into custody. T'pol demands that he bring Enterprise to the prison, and that this official comes along to ensure that there are no problems.

~Alien vessel~

A guard finds Archer to tell him that he is being released. The Nausicaan yells out: "How much did he pay you." He then suggests that he can pay them off as well. Trip answers that they are not criminals.

Another prisoner, Kuroda, somehow gets out of his restraints. He attacks the guard and gets a hold of the remote that controls the hand restraints - he lets the Nausicaan go.


~Alien vessel~

The Nausicaan and Kuroda take over the ship. Archer and Trip are still in their restraints. Archer pipes up and asks if the duo knows how to fly a warp ship - that it is trickier than it looks, that one wrong move and everyone could die. He claims that he is a damn good pilot and a smuggler. Kuroda lets him go, and brings him to the helm. Archer tries to convince them to let Trip go but they refuse. Archer figures out how to work the controls and sets a course for a binary system.

In the holding cell, one of the guards is trying to reason with the Nausicaan, but he responds by zapping him. Trip is sitting quietly, taking in everything.

Back at the helm, Archer is continuing to pretend to be a smuggler. He chats with Kuroda, who is holding him at gunpoint. We find out that Kuroda had been in Canamar in the past and has no plans to go back. Archer tries to send off a transmission but is caught. He convinces Kuroda that is he actually trying to take the transceiver off-line. Kuroda actually does this for him.


Hoshi picks up a subspace signal. They are not sure where it came from and it was only transmitted for a few seconds. The Enolian official suggests that they contact patrol ships that are near the area of the signal.

~Alien vessel~

Zoumas continues to ramble one. "Have you ever tried Tojo?"

Trip: "What?"

Zoumas explains that there is nothing like it, but you have to eat it quickly before it congeals.

Trip(in a disinterested tone): "Sounds terrific."

Zoumas continues to talk Trip's ear off. Trip suggests that Zoumas ask the Nausicaan where they are going but Zoumas is too afraid. He then goes off talking about how they are going to be fugitives and that he knows of a doctor who can change their appearance. Trip: "I'll take my chances with my own face."

Zoumas is still talking now about some strange planet with lots of ice. Trip is just barely able to keep his countenance. Zoumas mentions something about his friends leaving him behind. Trip: "Imagine that." (rolls eyes) Zoumas still rambles on, now about his frost bitten toes. (this is just hilarious)

Trip (to the Nausicaan): "Excuse me. Can I change seats?" The Nausicaan responds by chuckling. Trip just sighs and looks disgusted.

At the helm, Archer and Kuroda continue to chat. Then an alarm sounds, indicating approaching vessels. Archer puts this on-screen and we see 2 Enolian patrol ships on an intercept course.


~Alien vessel~

Archer and the alien are panicking. The patrol ships are targeting weapons. Archer refuses to fire back because they are no match. Archer says that he needs Tucker's help.

We now see the ship being rocked violently inside. Trip is frantically doing something with a control panel. Kuroda pretends that they surrender. Just as the patrol ship approaches, they vent plasma and then ignite it, which disables those ships. They take off.

Trip gets put back in his restraints. He says to the Nausicaan that here he is trying risking his life to save them, and they still don't trust him: "The least you could do is say thanks."

The Nausicaan bends over and says "thanks" with a mischievous smile on his face.

Zoumas leans in and says "That was nice. . . it reminds me of the time --"

Trip: "Shut up!"


The Enolian diplomat tells T'pol that the patrol ships have been disabled and that now they have orders to destroy the prison ship. Especially because of who planned the revolt- Kuroda. They try to reason with him that there are 2 innocent humans on board. The diplomat says that Enterprise will just have to find the prison ship before the patrol ships do, then.

~Alien ship~

Kuroda is impressed with Archer's trick of igniting the plasma. He asks Archer how he got caught. Archer makes up some story (not really important). Kuroda wants Archer and Trip to join him. Archer plays along.

Back in the holding area, Trip is at his wit's end with Zoumas' incessant chatter. . .

Trip: "Enough!"

Zoumas: "Is something wrong?"

Trip: "No. I love hearing how delicious Melvaran mud fleas are, or about the time you spent 2 hours with an Orion Slave girl. Or the miracles doctors can perform these days to get rid of Fluvian fungus!"

Zoumas: "Well what makes you think I want to hear any of your stories."

Trip spits back: "I haven't told you any! You won't let me get a word in edgewise! I can't even put my fingers in my ears (motions to his hand restraints)." He then pleads with Zoumas: "Ten minutes. . . that's all I'm asking. . . just ten minutes of silence."

Zoumas: "I didn't realize I was being so annoying. We seemed to be getting along so well. I just thought it would be nice to have a pleasant conversation before I spend the next 10 years in a penal colony." Zoumas turns to face away from Trip and starts to play with the feather-like things hanging from his jaw.

Trip now feels bad for what he said (nice guilty look on his face). "I'm. . . sorry. . . I . . . snapped at you." (It looks like it is painful for him to say this)"But this isn't exactly the best place to socialize." Zoumas ignores him, and Trip just sits there looking stunned.

Archer is working at a control panel at the helm. The Nausicaan comes in to give Kuroda some food but he refuses. Kuroda says that he has had enough prison rations for a life time. Archer and Kuroda talk about how he was first convicted, when he was actually innocent. But going to prison changed him into a criminal. (blah, blah, blah)

They come out of warp and are approaching a binary star system. Archer is told that a ship will be docking with the prison ship and the Nausicaan and alien are going to leave. Then the prison ship is going to be put into a decaying orbit such that it will crash into a nearby planet-with everyone killed. Archer tries to reason but is not successful



They have located the prison ship. Travis notes that they are approaching a planet. Malcolm finds 2 human biosigns and is prepared to transport them but the diplomat says that the prison ship is heavily shielded so it is not possible.

~Alien vessel~

Archer gets Trip to repair the docking hatch as they are waiting to dock with another ship that is about to rendezvous with them. As they are removing a panel, Archer explains to Trip in a whisper that Kuroda is taking them off in a shuttle. They do not have time to wait for Enterprise and they are going to have to take control. Archer asks Trip if he thinks that he can handle the Nausicaan.

Trip: "Yeah. . . piece of cake."; (slightly sarcastic tone)


They see a small ship come out of warp and approach the prison ship. Hoshi notes that the new ship is trying to hail the prison ship, but is not getting through. They deduce that they are there to rescue Kuroda. Malcolm says that the ship can be easily handled, as they minimal weaponary.

~Alien vessel~

They prepare for the other ship to dock. Trip is working the docking hatch. He asks the Nausicaan to help and while turned away, Trip takes a tool and whacks the Nausicaan over the head, rendering him unconscious. He then trips an alarm which has Kuroda come to the holding area. Unfortunately Zoumas tells Kuroda to watch out and Trip gets shot. Kuroda returns to the helm where Archer tries to convince him that this is futile unless someone fixes the docking hatch. Kuroda directs Archer to repair it.

The other ship approaches the prison ship. Meanwhile, inside Trip is waking up. He is again seated next to Zoumas and is in his restraints. Zoumas seems glad that Trip is next to him again: "You should thank me."

Trip (very confused as he had just been unconscious): "What?"

Zoumas explains that there is a shuttle docking to take them away and that he is sorry that he had to intervene but that Trip had left him no choice. Trip just lowered his head in disbelief while Zoumas cheerfully adds: "You're welcome."

A loud clank signals the docking of the ship. Archer goes to the docking hatch panel and keys in the code to open it. Malcolm and 2 Enolian officers appear and start to fire phasers. The Nausicaan is hit immediately. But then a big phaser fight erupts. They finally stun Kuroda.

Archer and friends remove the restraints and direct the prisoners to the docked ship. The ship starts to creak and shake as it enters the decaying orbit. The scene is chaotic. Archer thinks that Kuroda is still unconscious so tries to lift him up and bring him to the docked shuttle. Kuroda fights back. There is a long, drawn-out fight scene while the prison ship shakes as it continues to be pulled into a deadly orbit. Finally Archer gets away, but Kuroda refuses to follow. The docked ship disengages and breaks orbit. Meanwhile, Kuroda returns to the helm and tries to break orbit. But he know that he is going to die so seems resolved to his fate.

Back on Enterprise, Archer and Trip disembark the alien shuttle. They are both rather battered and bruised. T'pol is waiting for them, along with the Enolian official. Archer breezes past her without even acknowledging her, and tells Phlox that there are a few people that he needs to examine. The Enolian official extends his government's apologies and then asks Archer for a report. Archer, in a huff, responds that he can give his report right now. "Kuroda's dead and the other 11 prisoners are under guard. As you're aware my engineer and I were falsely arrested. We almost wound up in Canamar. Makes me wonder how many others don't belong there." Archer and Trip walk away from the official, with T'pol following a few steps behind.


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