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Zealousgirl’s EARLY EDITION

~ “Trip-centric” Enterprise SPOILERS ~


Production 046
First Air Date: April 15, 2003 in Canada (April 16, 2003 in US on UPN)
Mission Date: unknown

Director: James A. Contner
Written By: Andre Bormanis

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Star Trek or Paramount. I do this for amusement and not for profit. Be forewarned that this will be seen through the biased eyes of a proud Tuckerite!!! (and, a Trip/T’poler!) I will try to focus on what is happening with Trip in these spoilers. I will only briefly talk about non-Trip scenes, so if you want more details check out Li’s Trekpulse review.

About ‘Judgement’: Anthony Montgomery finally gets to show us that he can indeed act – actually brought me to tears at one point, although I did find the whole story on the Horizon a bit dull. The Movie Night set-up was cute with my Trip/T’pol senses tingling, although not enough for my taste. So, overall, a so-so episode, but at least there is more Trip here than in ‘Judgement’.

By the way, I wonder if TPTB have read some of stub's "Movie Night Series" - there is definitely a similar feeling in some of the conversations in this episode as in her stories!

Synopsis (from StarTrek.com):

When Enterprise reverses course to go investigate a planetary phenomenon, Ensign Mayweather takes the opportunity to visit the cargo ship where he was born and raised, the E.C.S. Horizon. But his father, the ship's captain, just recently died, and Travis finds that things at home haven't been the same since.


Travis is sitting in the special ‘zero-gravity’ spot (first seen in a Season 1 episode - ? Broken Bow), reading a book, when he is hailed by Hoshi – about a call from Admiral Forrest. Enterprise is reversing course. (We don’t really find out anything yet)


Everyone is huddled around the table in the situation room while T’pol explains that in a system nearby (about 30 light years behind them), there is a planet that has broken orbit and an interesting phenomenon is about to occur – a bunch of volcanoes will develop in a matter of days.

Trip: “Some geological fire-works. Could be fun!

Archer tells Travis to set a course.


A little later, Archer is now sitting in his room, when Travis pays him a visit. Travis would like to take a short leave as the ‘Horizon’, his family ship, is nearby and he would like to visit. Of course, Archer agrees.

They go on to have a conversation about his family. His dad has been sick, and his mother has been caring for him as medic. Archer is puzzled as he thought his mother was chief engineer. Travis says that one a cargo ship, every one wears many hats. Archer admits that he nearly decided to pursue a career on cargo ships himself, but that would be a story that he would tell the next time he and Travis have breakfast together. (Nice Captain-Ensign bonding here)

~In Engineering~

Trip comes down the ladder and heads for a computer monitor next to the engine. We see T’pol coming towards him. He calls out, “You’ll be glad to hear that the thermal scanners are up and running.”

T’pol: “And the imaging relays?” (she stops just off to his right)

Trip: “Yup. We’ll drop 6 or 7 of them in high orbit. That should give us a bird’s eye-view of every volcano on the planet.” He then goes on without hesitation. “You know, there’s not going to be a lot to do once we get there. Sensors will record everything automatically.” (You can tell he is setting up to ask her something)

T’pol jumps in with “You should have plenty of time to practice your harmonica.” (there’s that Vulcan humor that we all love!)

Trip gives her a sort of ‘Ha! Ha!’ expression and walks off behind her, towards a screen on the wall. “I’ve talked Chef into doing something special. Starting Tuesday, it’s going to be movie night every night.” He turns around and sends her a cute smirk. “Thought you might be interested seeing how much you enjoyed that Western.”

T’pol, still standing at the computer next to the engine with PADD in hand, glances at him over her right shoulder, a slight arch in her eyebrow. Her eyes widen as he continues to talk.

Trip continues, “We are going to be showing 3 of the greatest horror movies ever made: Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, and Son of Frankenstein.” T’pol walks towards him, trying to look disinterested. Trip is still talking, “We might even throw in Abbott and Costello Meets Frankenstein.”

T’pol: “I have no interest in horror movies.”

Trip responds, with a bit of an exasperated tone, “How do you know if you’ve never seen one?”

T’pol shots him a look that says ‘Are you kidding?’.

Trip: “You don’t have to see all of them. Just. . . come the first night. I promise you’ll like it. Reanimated life-forms. . . science run amok. . . they’re right up your alley.” He turns to look at the monitor on the wall, and then glances quickly back over his shoulder at T’pol with a grin. She is still giving him the same look as above.


Travis and Malcolm are having a meal in the messhall, talking about having families on starships. Travis says that he will help with home-sickness. Malcolm says that when they do this they will need to post a psychologist on the ship – that ‘s all he would need, to have his parents on board. Travis goes on about life on a cargo ship. Hoshi interrupts via the comm. with a message for Travis.


We hear Archer speaking in his captain’s log about an unexpected situation with the Mayweather family.

Then we see Archer at the ‘zero-gravity’ spot looking for Travis. Travis is sitting on the ceiling, and Archer joins him. They talk about the death of his father. Archer tells him that he knows for a fact that his father was proud of him. Travis disagrees. Archer goes on to tell about a reference letter that he had gotten from his father when he was trying to decide on a helmsman for Enterprise’s maiden voyage. Archer tells Travis that his father said that “He had never met a more natural stick and rudder man in his life, and that Archer would be a fool he is chose another helmsman.” This is a very sad, but touching exchange. (I was in tears – bravo to AM and SB)


In Sickbay, Phlox is scanning T’pol. “As I suspected, it’s nothing more than a simple headache.”

T’pol is not happy with the diagnosis. “I was hoping for something more serious.”

Phlox: “Oh?”

T’pol: “I’ve been coerced into watching tonight’s movie.”

Phlox: “If you’re looking for a medical excuse, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. If it’s any consolation, I’ll be there as well. I agree that this form of entertainment is rather crude, but it can provide an enlightening glimpse into human behaviour.”

T’pol, as she is leaving, responds with, “Don’t be surprised if you see me here again afterwards. I have little doubt that my headache will return.”


Trip accompanies Travis to the docking hatch, trying to convince him to let him see the engines of the Horizon, as they were designed by Zephran Cochrane himself. Trip then gives Travis a PADD with a variety of pictures that he had taken of the Ensign over the last 1.5 years. (how thoughtful of OMT!) Travis then enters the hatch. After the doors close, Trip stands there for a moment with a sad look on his face.


Travis is walking through the halls of the Horizon with his mother. She questions him about a variety of dangerous situations that he has been, and Travis downplays it. They talk about old times. Travis runs into an old friend and they chat for a moment. Mrs. Mayweather brings him to his old room where she has taken out some of his old things to make him feel more at home. Travis looks around the room, reminiscing about his childhood. They hug and have a great mother-son moment. She then leaves to work on the engines.

Travis wanders the ship, finding old friends, and finally bumping into his brother, Paul, who is now acting captain. They have an uncomfortable moment. You can tell that Paul is holding a grudge on Travis for his leaving the Horizon for Starfleet. He refuses to allow Travis to help out, and tells him to change out of his uniform into ‘something a little less conspicuous’.

~Back on Enterprise, which is now orbiting the volcano-developing planet~

They are on the bridge preparing the sensors and stuff for the upcoming planetary phenomenon. T’pol says that they still need to recalibrate the holometric cameras.

Enthusiastically, Trip pipes up, “I can help with that.”

Archer then says that he would like to share the pictures with Starfleet headquarters, and Hoshi says that that shouldn’t be a problem.

In the back of the bridge, Trip joins T’pol. “So, you coming tonight?” (He is persistent!)

T’pol pauses before saying, “If these sensors are calibrated by then.”

Trip: “Better make up your mind. The seats are going to fill up fast.”

T’pol moves around the table to stand closer to Trip. “According to the database, Frankenstein is also a work of literature.”

Trip: “Mary Shelley wrote it, the wife of a famous poet.”

T’pol: “Perhaps a dramatic reading would be more illuminating.”

Trip looks up at her is disbelief. “You expect a mess hall full of crewmen to sit still while someone reads to them?”

T’pol: “They’d be more likely to appreciate the author’s true intent.”

Trip, now with a look of frustration, says, “You want to start a book club. Go right ahead.” He walks off, just as Archer is approaching. “You’re going to be there tonight, aren’t you sir?”

Archer: “Wouldn’t miss it.”

Trip: “Then, I’ll save you some popcorn.” He leaves the bridge, sending a quick glance back at T’pol before he exits.

Archer suggests to T’pol that it would be a good idea for her to go too – to fraternize. T’pol can not understand the point of sitting in a darkened room, without speaking and watching a movie. Archer responds that it is a communal experience. He then tells her that they will make a night of it with dinner in the captain’s mess and then a movie. “You’ll be my date.” (actually it really isn’t as slimy as it sounds – I didn’t feel like he was coming on to her at all!)

T’pol, though is startled by his last statement. “I beg your pardon.”

Archer: “I’ll be a perfect gentleman.” And he promises that if she doesn’t like it, she won’t be forced to sit through another one.


Travis is doing some upgrades. Paul shows up and is not happy. Travis explains how Commander Tucker has shown him how to do it. Paul does not want him modifying any more systems – he is very bitter. Travis leaves the bridge.

Now in his room, a pretty blond comes to visit. They hug like old friends. They talk about his dad’s death, about old times when they were kids, about life on Enterprise, and about how Paul is not doing a great job as captain. Travis tells her to be patient and give him time. Then the ship starts to shake – they are being attacked.


On the Horizon bridge, they are frantically trying to figure out what to do. They decide to try and outrun the 2 alien vessels that are firing on them, but can’t because they are hauling too much cargo. Then the 2 ships leave, but not before attaching a beacon on the hull, which also is carrying a high-yield explosive.

A little while later, they are still on the bridge discussing the situation. Apparently, something similar happened recently to another cargo ship – after the beacon was placed, a day later a larger alien vessel came back, boarded the cargo ship and took their cargo. Travis suggests upgrades to the weapons system that he has seen Lt Reed do – Paul does not want to fight. They will drop some of their cargo, to make the ship lighter and then go at higher warp, trying to get to a nearby planet before the aliens come back.

~Enterprise Movie Night~

Everyone is in the messhall, with an old black and white version of Frankenstein on the screen. Archer and T’pol are sitting together with Trip and Phlox just behind them. T’pol is reviewing the morning’s sensor data on a PADD. Archer tells her that she said that she was going to give this a chance, so she puts away the PADD.

Phlox then proceeds to cheerfully and loudly comment on the movie, as it is playing. He goes on about how on B’saari 2, they have a practice of regeneration that is similar to how Dr. Frankenstein is doing it. He chatters on a bit about this.

Trip, in a disinterested tone, says, “Really?”

Phlox keeps on chattering away.

T’pol is starting to look annoyed. She turns around, and says, “We can stop the film if it is disturbing your conversation.” Phlox is a little taken aback, but not for long as he enjoys more popcorn.

Archer seems to get a kick out of this, offers T’pol some popcorn. She takes it with her hands and stuffs her mouth. (I thought Vulcans did not touch their food???)


Paul finds Travis trying to do the weapons upgrades, even after telling him not to do this. They have a disagreement. (they bring up some things that had happened in the past) Travis agrees to stop, but refuses to reverse the upgrades and walks off.

Travis meets his mother in the messhall. She reprimands him for not telling her, the chief engineer, about the upgrades. They again talk about old times. Travis says that he is thinking about staying longer, as he is needed on the Horizon. His mother disagrees with him, trying to make him see that he can’t give up his career, because he feels guilty.


~Enterprise: Captain’s Mess~

Trip, T’pol and Archer are sitting in their usual spots around the Captain’s table, the volcanic planet in view from the window behind Trip.

Trip (chuckling): “I find it hard to believe that no one on Vulcan has ever heard of a horror movie.”

T’pol: “There is something similar. . . a discipline known as tarul-etek. It uses disturbing imagery to provoke an emotional response.”

Archer: “They try and scare you. . . to see how well you can suppress you emotion?”

T’pol: “I don’t understand why humans would feel compelled to frighten themselves.”

Archer: “Gets the heart pumping.”

T’pol: “Cardiovascular activity would be more efficient.”

Archer: “You never did give us your opinion of the movie.”

Trip sits up, and looks at her with much interest.

T’pol: “There were many medical inaccuracies.”

Trip says with much emphasis, “What did you think of the story?”

T’pol delays her response by first taking a sip of water. “I thought the protagonist was interesting.”

Trip: “Dr. Frankenstein?”

T’pol: “No, his creation.”

Trip gives Archer a puzzled looked (furrowed brows).

T’pol: “From my perspective, this was the story of an individual who was persecuted by humans because he was different.”

Trip: “That’s one way of looking at it.”

T’pol: “In many ways the film seemed quite prophetic. The reaction of the villagers for example, it was similar to the reception that the Vulcans received after landing on Earth.”

Archer (clearing his throat): “I don’t recall anyone greeting the Vulcan ambassador with torches and pitchforks.”

T’pol replies that never the less, many were frightened. “I am going to recommend that Ambassador Soval watch the film.”

Trip: “You’re kidding.”

T’pol: “I believe that it will help Vulcans who have recently arrived on Earth.”

Trip rolls his eyes, and looks at Archer, who responds that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to invite her in the first place.

T’pol: “On the contrary, I’m looking forward to Bride of Frankenstein.”

Another precious expression from Trip. Then Hoshi interrupts to say that they should come have a look at the planet.

Now on the bridge they are investigating the planet which is erupting. T’pol states that there are biosigns on the planet (from some microbial species that is being brought to the surface by the erupting volcanoes) – to quote Dr Frankenstein “It’s alive.” They decide to learn more about them.


They are hailed by another alien vessel who wants them to prepare to leave their ship. Paul refuses to leave, so asks Travis for his help. They decided to unclamp the cargo nodules. They come out of warp, and separate just the front of the ship, which is now much more maneuverable than the huge ship. Travis shows us his piloting skills and does some fancy flying. Having not taken off the weapons upgrades, they now use these to disable the aliens vessels. They win.

Later, Travis is packing his stuff when his brother drops by. They have a moment – talking about their childhood. They then make up, and shake hands.


Travis is now back on Enterprise, and is greeted at the docking bay by Archer. He asks how things went. He also says that they noted damaged on the Horizon’s hull. Travis pretends that nothing happened, and they go on their merry way.


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