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zealousgirl's Early Edition


Production 049
First Air Date: May 6, 2003 in Canada (May 7, 2003 in US on UPN)
Mission Date: February ? to March 1st, 2153 – stated in Archer’s log at the end of the episode

Director: David Livingston
Written By: Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Star Trek or Paramount. I do this for amusement and not for profit. Be forewarned that this will be seen through the biased eyes of a proud Tuckerite!!! (and, a Trip/T’poler!) I will try to focus on what is happening with Trip in these spoilers. I will only briefly talk about non-Trip scenes, so if you want more details check out Li’s Trekpulse review.

About ‘Regeneration’: I had a lot of trepidation about this episode, but I’m surprised to say that I really enjoyed it. There was some great action (with the appropriate musical score). Not much of Trip, although he does show his engineering savvy. Malcolm’s fascination with weapons comes in handy. Phlox shows his genius and his amazing patience. But, in the end, it is Archer’s level-headedness that saves the day.

Sorry if my review seems a bit disjointed, but I find it hard to describe action sequences – dialogue is much easier, especially in this format.

Synopsis (from StarTrek.com):

An arctic research team on Earth discovers debris from an alien vessel, nearly a century old, buried in a glacier along with the bodies of two cybernetically enhanced humanoids. Once those beings are thawed for investigation, they come to life and abduct the scientists and their transport vessel. Enterprise is called to intercept, but Captain Archer and his crew find these cyborgs to be an intractable, insidious enemy.

“Trip-centric” Enterprise SPOILERS

~Artic circle, Earth~

A shuttlepod-like vessel is seen landing in the middle of a blizzard (kind of looks like it does HERE right now – damn winter never seems to want to end! – Sorry, I digress). Three ‘scientists’ are surveying the area, and one of them detects something under the ice. They wipe away the thin layer of fluffy snow to find. . . {Ta Da!}. . . a frozen Borg. (Bet you didn’t see that coming)



The scientists are trying to determine how to remove the ‘humanoid’ body. They detect more ‘EM’ signals and find a 2nd body.

Inside one of the research structures, they are examining the 2 bodies with amazement of their enhancements (a detached arm and an optic prosthesis). They determine that they belong to 2 different species. They are puzzled by everything – especially since they have been on Earth for over 100 years. Suddenly, the detached arm starts to move.

Later, under a microscope, they have found some ‘nanoprobes’ and note that these have repaired not only the organic tissue of the arm, but also the mechanical components.

Outside, 2 of the researchers are looking at the aliens’ vessel – it was a perfect sphere at one time.

Back inside, one of the researchers is alone with the bodies when the reading on one of the bodies shows activity. One of the Borg’s opens its mouth and breaths, and then opens its eyes.

From outside, you hear screams and see the lights from weapons fire. The 2 researchers outside run in and find the 3rd researcher on the floor – he looks to be in pain and has dilated blue blood vessels on his neck and face. The female hears a noise, turns around and is faced with the Borg.

{short scene in San Francisco, where Starfleet is informed that the Artic team have not been heard from in 3 days}

Back in the Artic, a new team arrives, walks into the research station and all have looks of shock on their faces.


~Finally on Enterprise (18 minutes into the episode)~

Archer explains to the Senior staff what has happened in the Artic – that these humanoids with advanced technological enhancements have abducted the researchers. The transport was seen leaving Earth at warp 3.9.

Trip: “That’s impossible. Those transports can’t exceed warp 1.4.”

Archer supposes that the aliens have adapted some of their own technology to allow for this significant improvement. Archer tells them that the transport is not far away, and that their mission is to find it. He goes to tactical alert, and has Enterprise change course to match to projected trajectory of the transport vessel.

Archer and Trip pause to look at the images sent to them from Starfleet – the bodies of the 2 Borgs.

Trip leans on the table and says, “Buried in the ice for a century. . .”

Archer: “Hard to believe anything could survive.”

Trip: “Handsome devil.” He smirks and leaves – Archer remains in a pensive pose.


Malcolm asks Phlox to review the data compiled by the researchers so that he may determine whether their enhancements include weapons. He can’t understand why anyone would replace perfectly good organs with synthetics. Phlox and Malcolm discuss this for a bit. (Phlox being the ever optimistic doctor) In the end, though, Phlox can not say if they possess weaponry.


Hoshi calls Archer to the bridge. When he arrives, she repeats the distress call that she has just received. A Tarkalean vessel is under attack by an unknown species.

Enterprise arrives to find the transport vessel using some sort of laser to cut into the Tarkalean vessel’s hull. Archer tries to reason with them but they respond by firing on Enterprise. Malcolm is surprised, as the transport does not usually have weapons. T’pol interjects that it is obvious that this must be evidence of more of their upgrades.

Malcolm disables the transport’s weapons and it speeds off at warp.

Archer sticks behind to rescue any remaining Tarkaleans.


Phlox is reviewing his findings on the male and female Tarkalean that were rescued. Both have been infected with something that he calls ‘nanoprobes’ – that they are being slowly converted into cybernetic beings. Phlox is working on a way to reverse the effect of these nanoprobes.

T’pol suggests isolating them in a decon chamber. Phlox does not feel that they are a threat. Archer is less trusting and has Malcolm send in a security team.

~Captain’s room~

Archer is reviewing something on a computer monitor but is interrupted by T’pol. No sign of the transport yet.

Archer tells T’pol that there was something that seemed familiar about this whole situation. He found a speech that was given by Zephran Cochrane at Princeton where he claimed that what really happened with first contact was that a group of cybernetic beings from the future had tried to stop his first warp flight, and that their attempt failed because of a group of humans from the future. {‘FIRST CONTACT’}

T’pol is suspicious of this claim since Zephran Cochrane was renowned for his imagination, and was often intoxicated.

Archer replies that at the time, no one took him seriously, and that he actually recanted this claim years later. But, looking at what has just happened, there are definite similarities.


The male Tarkalean wakes up and is quite agitated. He asks who Phlox is. Phlox cheerily tells him and tries to reassure him. Phlox tries to sedate him. The male becomes aggressive and they struggle. Meanwhile, the female jumps up off her biobed, attacks the Security officer posted there. Phlox loses his battle and is jabbed in the neck with 2 metallic tubules (ie assimilation process) and falls to the floor. The 2 Tarkaleans escape.



Archer, Malcolm, and a bunch of other crewmembers are now in Sickbay. Archer helps Phlox off the floor (who just before he wakes up hears the familiar mumbling voices of the collective). Phlox determines that he has been infected by the nanoprobes.

Malcolm determines their escape route and prepares to go after the Tarkaleans. Phlox warns him of their strength, and to not allow them to touch him or his team.

Phlox goes back to work ( a little less cheerfully than is normal for him). Archer asks him if he needs anything, and Phlox asks for some sort of food from the galley for one of his creatures.


The Tarkaleans seem to be in a hurry as they walk and climb throughout the bowels of the ship. They come to an area where they start to pull out panels and make some alterations.

Meanwhile, in engineering, Archer and Trip are reviewing the scans that they were able to make on the transport before it went to warp. Trip points out the modifications that the aliens have made to sensors, hull plating etc… They determine an area of weakness and plan to use a couple of torpedoes to knock out the EPS manifold. T’pol calls them to inform them that the transport has been detected 2 light years away, and traveling at warp 4.8. Archer has them lay in a course at warp 4.9.

Trip: “They’ve doubled their top speed in less than 12 hours!”

Archer: “Let’s hope that they didn’t have time to upgrade their weapons.” Trip merely nods in agreement.


Malcolm and 2 security officers enter the Jefferies tubes (I think this is what these are called). In his usual stealth mannerisms, Malcolm leads the search using a scanner, with pistols at the ready (I love it when he does this). Meanwhile the Tarkaleans continue to fiddle with the circuitry of the ship, and assimilate the technology.

Malcolm and crew locate them, fire at them but these are useless, so he tells them to fall back. The male Tarkalean attacks them and tries to assimilate one of his men but Malcolm is able to come to the rescue.

Malcolm contacts the bridge to tell them that the Tarkaleans are modifying systems, just as Travis notes that the warp field is destabilizing.

Archer decides to sacrifice the Tarkaleans – he seals the area that they are in and opens an outer hatch, thus sending them into space. After the deed is done, T’pol reassures Archer that he had no other choice.


Hoshi comes in with some food for Phlox’s creatures and for Phlox. Phlox is pretty grumpy, and refuses to eat for fear that the increase in his metabolism will increase the replication rate of the nanoprobes. As Hoshi turns to leave, he asks her why she is wearing a phase pistol. She replies that it is in case he comes near her, she’s supposed to shoot him (Lt Reed’s idea). Phlox tries to lighten the mood by requesting that she keep it on the stun setting.

Hoshi suggests that she stay to keep him company. Phlox is concerned about her safety. Hoshi becomes a bit emotional, saying that he has taken care of her more times than she can count and that she would like to return the favor. Phlox’s guilt about his underestimating the effect of the nanoprobes comes out, and that he doesn’t want to make that mistake again.

~In the section that the Tarkaleans had modified~

Trip and Malcolm are looking over the modifications. Trip is busy trying to separate the new bits from the original parts. Malcolm is rambling on behind him about the impressiveness of the alien’s technology. He has an epitome about how to get through their energy barriers with the pistols and leaves Trip to his work. {I know, I didn’t give you a play by play, but it really wasn’t all that interesting a scene}


T’pol is drinking tea when Archer arrives to get a coffee. Archer takes a seat. T’pol tries to convince Archer to destroy the transport rather than disable it. Archer, gallantly, informs her that he wants to try to rescue as many as he can. Phlox calls from Sickbay, and requests Archer’s presence.


Phlox looks awful, but says that he feels better than he anticipated. Phlox has found a way to disable the nanoprobes using omicron particles, at very high doses. He hands Archer a hypospray and tells him to inject him if this doesn’t work – a neural toxin that will terminate his synaptic functions within seconds. Phlox states that he would rather die than be transformed into a cybernetic being.


Malcolm and a crewman are testing the pistols – finally determining the right setting to disable the aliens.


They have located the transport and give chase. The transport falls out of warp, with Enterprise right behind. Then, a signal is sent from the transport which Hoshi is unable to block – it activates the modifications made by the Tarkaleans.

{In that section of the ship, Trip looks around as a greenish hue surrounds him and the new technology is activated. “Tucker to the bridge. These cybernetic circuits just lit up like a Christmas tree.”}

Main power is failing; they lose weapons. Then the familiar greeting is sent: “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”



The transport is firing on Enterprise so we see the crew frantically trying to respond. {Trip is in the modified section trying to re-route circuitry to bring weapons on-line} Hull plating is down to 12% - Archer asks if the transporters are still online and has Malcolm come with him.


A ghastly looking Phlox is starting to hear the mumbling voices again. He sets up the scanning chamber to give himself the omicron radiation. He directs a crewman, who is posted there, to push certain buttons once he is in the chamber.

Now inside the chamber, Phlox makes some dreadful faces as lights flash and a whooshing sound signals the delivery of the treatment.

~Transporter Pad~

Archer and Malcolm step on the transporter and pull out their pistols. Malcolm seems comfortable but Archer looks a bit queasy (it’s his first go on the transporter, right?). They dematerialize.

~Transport ship (glowing green inside) ~

They rematerialize inside the transport. Archer gives himself the once over. They head off in search of their target. As they slowly walk about the ship they pause to look at alcoves, both empty and with regenerating Borg in-situ. They are surprised that they seem to be ignoring them. Then 2 Borg start to come towards them and Archer shoots them immediately – both are disabled. More Borg come towards them, and Archer/Malcolm prepare to fight back

~Meanwhile back on Enterprise~

They are getting pummeled with nothing left of the hull plating. They then detect that they have been boarded and T’pol sends a security team to intercept them (I think at least 1/3 of the crew must be part of the security detail – remember ‘The Crossing’) T’pol contacts Trip to find out how much longer before they have weapons {he is working hard and thinks he is almost there}.


Archer and Malcolm are able to stop all the Borg’s coming at them for now (interesting how these guys seem much slower to adapt to Malcolm’s modified weapons than with the weapons that were used 200 years later on TNG).


The security team finds the intruders, shoot at them a couple of times and then run away. (‘Pitchez la vache…’)


Malcolm is a few feet behind Archer as they continue to search for their target when a Borg jumps out at him, has him by the neck and is about the assimilate him. Archer is able to get him off Malcolm, and they start to struggle. (the next thing that happens is hilarious) Malcolm takes a flying leap into the back of the Borg (he is almost horizontal in the air – like Superman) and they are able to defeat the Borg.

They locate the target (sorry I missed what it was that they were looking for – looks like a power source). More Borg start to come towards them, as Malcolm sets a bunch of explosive devices around the power source and Archer shoots at them. Finally the Borg are able to resist the pistol – Malcolm has completed the task just in time. Archer and Malcolm are transported away. The remaining Borg start to remove the explosives but not fast enough {once back on the Transporter Pad, Malcolm uses a remote control to set off the explosives} – the Borgs explode as does part of their ship.


Trip has been able to bring weapons back on line.

The Borg intruders disappear.

Archer and Malcolm return to the bridge and reports than they will not be able to rescue any of the research team. Then they note that the transport is starting to fix itself and that they are charging weapons. Archers orders to fire all that they’ve got – destroying the transport.

~Captain’s log~

Enterprise is back on their original heading a low warp and Phlox thinks he will make a complete recovery.


Archer and T’pol pay Phlox a visit. He is getting caught up on paperwork rather than resting (Tsk Tsk – Doctors do make the worst patients!).

Phlox reports to them that he had a rather strange experience while infected – he was telepathic connected with the aliens (group consciousness) and kept hearing the same numbers repeated. He hands them a PADD with the list of these numbers – which he felt was a subspace message.

~Captain’s room~

T’pol visits Archer. He tells her that the computer analyzed Phlox’s number and found that they were pulsar frequencies with geometric light year measurements (spatial coordinates) – telling their home world, deep in the Delta quadrant, how to find Earth. T’pol reassures Archer that it would take at least 200 years to reach that area of space – so nothing to worry about.

Archer: “Sounds like we’ve only postponed the invasion until what. . . the 24th century?”


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Two folks have made comments


Very good, as usual.

My only comment would be that the captain's first experience with the transporter was in the very first episode, when Trip used it to rescue him from the Sulibans when he was fighting with Silik in the room where 'Future guy' appeared.

Thanks for these reviews. For poor, deprived people like me in the UK without Sky, I've still only seen series One, boo-hoo.