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“Trip-centric” Enterprise SPOILERS
by zealousgirl

Production 040
First Air Date: 2/4/2003 in Canada (2/5/2003 in US on UPN)
Mission Date: unknown

Director: David Livingston
Written By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Star Trek or Paramount. I do this for amusement and not for profit. Be forewarned that this will be seen through the biased eyes of a proud Tuckerite!!!

Note: At the request of some in this forum, I will try to focus on what is happening with Trip in these spoilers. I will only briefly talk about non-Trip scenes, so if you want more details check out Li’s Trekpulse review.

This episode jumps around a lot, so my review may seem quite erratic (also please forgive grammatical and spelling errors given that I am trying to rush through this). Great Trip moments with Feezal (really cracked me up). Sorry, but no scenes with Trip and T’pol!!!

Synopsis (from StarTrek.com):

While Enterprise visits a planet where an Interspecies Medical Exchange conference is taking place, Dr. Phlox tries to obtain research on a terminal disease from the Vulcan contingency there. But he must not reveal that T'Pol has contracted this disease, because that knowledge would forever stigmatize her among her people.


Phlox tells T’pol that her “neurolytic enzymes” are rising and that his treatment is not longer effective. T’pol seems worried. Phlox states that the Interspecies Medical Exchange conference will be a perfect opportunity to find out more about her condition. She does not want him to talk about it to anyone, because she will no longer be allowed to stay on Enterprise. He replies that they have to do something or else she may die.


See a shuttle docking with Enterprise and Archer’s log commenting on how they are going to get to meet one of Phlox’s wives.

~Outside the launchbay~

Trip, Archer and Phlox are walking towards the bay. Trip says ‘what’s the point of having 3 wives if you never get to see them’. Phlox says that Denobulans are known for their patience.

Feezal (his wife, pretty blonde with similar facial features) steps out. They greet by sniffing each others faces. Archer and Trip roll their eyes. Phlox introduces her. She will be helping Trip install a new microscope in Sickbay. Trip is his usual Southern gentleman and smiles (oh, my, HE is BEAUTIFUL!)

Archer says that they probably want to be alone but Phlox says ‘what’s another hour, after 4 years’. Archer invites them to dinner. Feezal seems disappointed that Trip will not be joining them, as he has to make sure the microscope gets to Sickbay in one piece. After agreeing to meet after lunch, she lingers her gaze on him and then gives him the HUGE Denobulan grin.

Trip turns to leave, but has a puzzled look on his face.

~At the conference~

Phlox meets with 2 Vulcan doctors to discuss advances in Pa’nar syndrome. He states that the information could be invaluable to a Denobulan colleague of his who is studying Thymic Sclerosis, an incurable Denobulan disease which is similar to Pa'nar syndrome. They question him extensively and say that they will consider his request.


Trip and Feezal are huddled around a microscope and are trying to put it together. Trip states that he can take apart and put together pretty much anything since he is ‘really good at following instructions’, but is having difficulty with the instructions for the microscope because they are in Denobulan.

Feezal responds with a smile, “That’s why I’m here.” She talks him through it (you can kind of read something into this – ie suggestive…) Feezal, standing really close to him, leans in close to him.

He is obviously uncomfortable and squirms a bit, especially when she is instructing him on how to remodulate the emitter frequency – “It’s very simple. Insert the thick end into this opening. . . . . You can pull it out now. . . . . .”

He tries to get away from her by walking to the other side of the microscope. She says “You’re a very confident young man, aren’t you?”

Trip is standing back slightly, while she is keying something into a pad in front of her. “You’re going to need to come a little close to see this.”

Looking down at her, he just grits his teeth, smiles and cautiously slides in closer to her.

~Elsewhere on the ship~

Vulcan doctors arrive unannounced on Enterprise and request to speak to Phlox and T’pol. They question T’pol about her knowledge of the Pa’nar syndrome and are suspicious. As they leave they hand her a PADD so that she can look at something.

~On the Vulcan shuttlepod (I think)~

The Vulcan doctors take DNA from the PADD that T’pol had handled, and confirm that she indeed has Pa’nar syndrome



Trip and Feezal are still working on the microscope. Feezal is showing how it works. He seems amazed. “This is a bitch!” Feezal says: “Excuse me.” Trip stutters “Oh, not you, the microscope.”

Phlox is in the background working on something, all the while asking Feezal about the gossip back on Denobula, and about friends and family – a very casual conversation.

Trip meanwhile is trying to make the image from the microscope appear clearly. Feezal keeps giving him instructions with a very seductive tone of voice. When he chuckles out of embarrassment of not being able to figure it out, she gently rubs his shoulder, and keeps her hand there for the remainder of the scene.

Trip turns around to check out what Phlox is doing, obviously worried about what Phlox will think. Phlox comes over to them and is oblivious to the flirtation. He then leaves. Trip seems panicked to be stuck there with Feezal alone.

~Captain’s room~

T’pol and Phlox are called to his room. Archer is pacing and is quite upset because the doctors have sent him the information that T’pol has Pa’nar syndrome. He doesn’t understand why either of them would lie about this. Phlox confirms that he has known for over a year. They say that they did not want anyone to know since this syndrome carries a stigma on Vulcan. It is transmitted by mindmelds which can only be done by a minority of Vulcans. For a people that believe that emotions need to be kept in check, this is a distasteful practice which is highly condoned.

Archer tells Phlox that he is no longer allowed to go to the conference at the request of the Vulcan delegates.

~At the conference~

Archer goes down to meet with the Vulcan doctors. He asks for their help in treating T’pol. They refuse, because they do not condone the actions of those who can transfer and contract this disease. He then asks if they would not tell Vulcan High Command. They say nothing, and leave.

~Tpol’s quarters~

She is in her meditation robe. Hoshi sends her a message from the planet. She reads it, and seems a bit upset.

~Captain’s room~

T’pol goes to find Jon. He apologizes for not being successful at getting the Vulcan doctors to agree to help. She informs him that she just got a message from one of the doctors; he seems to want to help. She is to go alone to the planet.

~On the planet, on a darkened street~

T’pol meets the doctor. He gives her some of the latest research. She questions him about why he would jeopardize his career, for ‘someone that you despise’. He responds that he would have to despise himself since he is one of the minority who can share his thoughts and emotions through mindmelds.


~Still on the darkened street~

T’pol tells him that she was not a voluntary participant in the mindmeld. He urges her to speak up about this but she refuses.


Trip and Hoshi talking over a meal. Trip is trying to convince Hoshi to stay on board, instead of taking shore leave. They are showing the movie ‘The Black Cat’ with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. She doesn’t want to miss the next shuttle and tries to leave. But Trip sees Feezal and panicks. He tells Hoshi to stay at least for dessert.

Feezal sits down at the table. Hoshi starts to speak Denobulan – mostly about grammatical issues of the language. Trip is flanked by them and is looking uncomfortable, and kind of shy (REAL CUTE). “I’m getting a little paranoid here. You’re not talking about me, now are you?”

Hoshi says “We were.”

Feezal, shoeless, can be seen rubbing her foot along Trip’s leg and he is a little startled. “She was telling me how attractive she thinks you are.”

Hoshi denies this. “She’s only pulling your leg.” And then leaves to catch the shuttle.

“I wasn’t exactly ‘pulling’ your leg, now was I?” Feezal continues to rub his leg.

Trip tries to maintain his composure. “No, not exactly.” He chuckles. “I’m very flattered, but aren’t you a married woman?”

She responds that all it matters is that she is a woman.

Trip excuses himself. “The captain asked me to write a synopsis of tonight’s movie.” She says she’ll be there, but he tries to talk her out of it.


Trip walks into the gym and sees Malcolm. “She’s at it again.” He sounds exasperated. Malcolm is riding a stationary bike. Trip gets on the bike next to him.

Malcolm says that he finds Feezal quite attractive.

“This is serious. What is Phlox finds out?” Trip denies that he is encouraging her at all. Then he considers telling Phlox himself.

Malcolm: “That his wife is trying to seduce you. Not a good idea.” He says that it is easier to avoid her advances, than to be the brunt of Phlox’s anger. “I once say him lose his temper when one of his creatures bit him. (chuckle) It wasn’t a pretty sight.”

Trip laughs and then sighs.


T’pol and Phlox are reviewing the research that she was given. Phlox thinks that he will be able to treat her, and even expand on the research.

Archer comes in to inform them that the doctors have decided that T’pol needs to go back to Vulcan. Apparently they have the power to recall her. He urges her to stand up for herself but again she refuses.

~On the planet~

Archer is fuming. He is looking for the head Vulcan doctor. He confronts the doctor about the decision to take T’pol back to Vulcan. He challenges the doctor to follow protocol which allows for T’pol to have a hearing since she is being accused of unethical conduct. The doctor finally agrees.



Travis is injured doing some weird sport on the planet…. (his token scene which adds nothing to the plot)

Trip comes in, looking guilty, and needs to talk to Phlox. He wants to talk to him alone, so Phlox discharges Travis.

“Malcolm said that this was a bad idea, but. . . I. . . I think it’s the right thing to do.” He shuffles his feet and avoids looking at Phlox. He gingerly tries to broach the subject. He goes on about how attractive she is, and how smart.

Phlox seems to be clueless about where this is going. (He smiles throughout this scene)

“You have got to understand that I have been a perfect gentleman. Nothing’s happened.” He then stutters out the next bit. “She’s making advances, if you know what I mean.”

Phlox grins and says slowly “Sexual advances. . . .”

With furrowed brows, Trips replies “’Fraid so.”

Phlox slyly says “Has she offered to give you a rose petal bath.”

Trip is stumped. “ Oh, nothing like that.”

“Any man would be a fool to ignore the romantic overtures of a healthy Denobulan woman.” Phlox is ecstatic at this point. But when Trip looks almost green, Phlox seems to be a bit insulted. “Don’t you think she is attractive.”

“Yes, I mean no, she’s your wife.”

“Nonsense. Nonsense.” Phlox goes on about human morality and Trip wanting to learn more about other cultures. . . .

Trip says that regardless he was brought up to never fool around with another man’s wife, and he isn’t likely to change his mind on that.

Phlox says “Your loss.”

Trip is stunned and leaves.

~Tpol quarters~

She is packing her things. Archer comes in to talk to her. He tells her that he talked to Dr Oratt. “It seems they owe you a hearing.”

“I have no interest in challenging their decision.”

Archer challenges her to stand up to them in order to stand up this minority. She agrees.

~On the planet~

The hearing has started. Archer presents his case (Blah, Blah, Blah). They refuse to listen and are about to end the hearing. Dr. Aras finally speaks up and admits that he is one of those minority. And also tells them that T’pol was violated. She refuses to admit this. Archer backs her up.


Trip and Phlox have figured out how to work the microscope. Feezal enters, and they do their sniffing to say their goodbyes. Phlox says that Commander Tucker has promised to keep your microscope in perfect running order.

Feezal responds with, “ As his doctor, I hope that you will keep Commander Tucker is perfect running order. Perhaps that will motivate me to visit more often.”

Phlox comments about it being a shame that they didn’t get to know each other better.

Trip, now finding it unbearable, excuses himself. “I’ve got to get back to my warp engines. The plasma’s running little hot.”

Feezal: “I know how it feels.” Trip leaves (the whole scene is a bit ‘icky’ for him)

Phlox than chuckles “Humans.” And Feezal joins in for a good laugh.

~Captain’s room~

T’pol enters and Archer tells her that Dr Yuris has been suspended. They offered him a hearing but he refused. He informs her that she will not be sent back to Vulcan. T’pol says that she will fight for Dr Yuris.

He says that one good thing has come out of this. “I didn’t want to lose you.” (attempt at an Archer/T’pol shippage moment – although T’pol does not really respond to this confession)

End of Episode

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