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Trip Dines at the Captain's Table!

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

Myst! These are wonderful! I laughed out loud at the BTI ones especially. When will we be seeing "Carbon Creek"?

these are great...
i wish you would put a link of the ones with trip and t'pol and link it to the immage gallery page.
it has some wonderful stuff here..
the stuff from breaking the ice and fallen hero especially.

captured the infamous dinner sequence in breaking the ice just perfectly

LOVE these, Myst. You did a great job. Food is a major preoccupation of this show -- more so than on any other Trek series so far.

Oh, Lordy - these are hilarious!

Does Connor not have the greatest facial expressions? That boy can say more with a look than some people with 10 sentences.

Keep 'em coming, please!

What a labor of love, this! THANK YOU for all the meticulous work, Myst!

I laughed through the whole thing -- meals in ENTERPRISE are more than comedy relief or efficient timewasters: they're golden opportunities for character development.

Three further fotonovelas, as they're called in my section of the US, would be excellent.

I missed the opening of Act I in Silent Enemy -- Archer razzes Tucker over scrambled eggs and breakfast links -- and the Mess Hall breakfast scene (more scrambled eggs) in Unexpected, where we first realize something's no longer quite right with our Tucker and Reed shows himself to be the only one with a true futurist's grasp of the Quarkian limits of holographic technology: "...*people?*"

I suspect most of the food served at their meals is deliberately soft, easily chewable and wettish to facilitate neat eating for the other actors and Trinneerian Circular Fueling (see below).

The true prize for missing non-food content, though, would have to be the Mess Hall scene in Fusion where Mr. Tucker and the ever-mindful-of-opportunities-for-coital-discussion Mr. Reed get information on "Oh! You mean SEX!"

Has anyone else noticed that this season Commander Tucker isn't EATING the food any more? One of the great joys of an ENT dining scene used to be watching Connor Trinneer scarf that food right down while never missing one beat of clear, well-modulated and well-articulated dialogue.

Connor is to this day probably the only truly thin person I've ever seen whose lips remain perfectly readable throughout frenzied fueling, most likely an acquired talent akin to the
"circular breathing" technique which allows certain woodwind players to hold a note as long as they wish.

This year, however, he just does what the others do, keeping his hands fairly still at the place setting when not waving a speared bite around on his fork. In Tucker's Big Acting Captain Luncheon Scene, watch Trinneer wave that one piece of farfalle (bowtie pasta) around as if he were trying to wait for the half-life! Unless I'm very wrong, I don't think he ever put it in his mouth, and one of the best mealtime sight gags used to be Tucker snorting in exasperation, attacking a bite on his fork, chewing it into furious submission while often saying multiple lines in exaggerated accent and always paying careful attention to everything else going on around him. He did the same thing with a piece of salad this season -- never eating, only punctuating.

If by could-have-been-sadder chance the performer had once nearly accidentally choked and was now leery of a repeat, THAT would be completely understandable, but if this is just their idea of good scene management they're badly mistaken.

Tucker eating IS dinner and a show.

myst, I think that these photo essays of Trip and his dining experiences are wonderful! You have some great screen caps of Trip here. I'm looking forward to Carbon Creek.

Wow....these are great! How about the dining scenes in "Desert Crossing" where Archer and Trip have to eat blood soup? That face Trip makes when he asks about what the chunks are and is told "essence of the male".....then has to take a bite to be polite....well, I laugh every time I think about that face he makes.

Please keep these coming! As someone already posted, watching Trip eat is an experience in itself!!

I just love everything about Trip. The way he talks thought out dinner, things he talks about durring diner... as you guys can see I love just about everything he does. A couple a people said watching Trip eat is am experince...well watching d Trip do any thing is an experince( Of course that's my opinion)

Myst! That's why we haven't seen you around the TrekBBS very much-you've been busy putting these wonderful screencaps and associated commentaries together. Great job!

there is a brief captain 's table in the beginning of shockwave pt one