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zealousgirl’s SPECIAL EDITION

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! (if you don’t have the chance to see this until later)

Production 067
First Air Date: February 11, 2004
Mission Date: circa December 27, 2153

Director: David Livingston
Teleplay By: Manny Coto
Story By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Star Trek or Paramount. I do this for amusement and not for profit. Be forewarned that this will be seen through the biased eyes of a proud Tuckerite!!! (and, a Trip/T’poler!) Although I do go into the details of the episode, I do try to spend more time on the Trip scenes.

About ‘HARBINGER’: I was NOT disappointed! I know I will watch many of the scenes over and over and over again. Not much concrete advancement in the Xindi arc but interesting character development. OK – the Trip/T’poler in me was thrilled. I don’t think that this is the end to the whole story between the two of them. . . I liked how they left it!


Synopsis (from StarTrek.com):

Enterprise encounters an abnormally large spatial distortion and rescues an alien from a craft trapped inside. While Archer and Dr. Phlox try to solve the mystery behind the rapidly deteriorating alien, tensions between Lt. Reed and MACO leader Major Hayes escalate into a full-blown brawl. Meanwhile, Trip's flirtation with a female MACO forces a surprisingly jealous T'Pol to confront her attraction to her fellow senior officer.


“Trip-centric” Enterprise REVIEW

Trip is lying on the floor, doing neuropressure on someone’s foot. He is talking about how Malcolm can be a tough one to get to know, as he likes to keep to himself. He then asks: “This feel OK?”

A female voice responds: “Mm-hmm.”

Trip continues to talk about Malcolm. The woman gently pulls her foot back when he does a new maneuver. Trip: “I thought you said you weren’t ticklish.”

The camera pans up to Amanda Cole (one of the MACO’s): “I didn’t used to be.” (she is one tough looking chick by the way!)

Trip (looks perplexed): “Maybe I’m doing this wrong.”

Amanda: “Maybe we should try another position?” (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

Trip: “Posture? (pause) Sure.”

They move over to the bunk. Trip takes a seat behind Amanda, pulls her hair out of the way and starts to palpate her back. Amanda is explaining how it seems that Malcolm hates all the MACO’s, and behaves like they are the enemy. Trip defends Malcolm, saying that it’s not that he sees them as the enemy, but rather competition. Both relax for a few seconds, and take deep breaths.

Trip: “This is one of the first pressure points T’pol worked on. Helped me get through many a night.”

Amanda looks pleased with what’s going on and tells him it feels great. She wishes it could be part of their training routine.

Trip tells her to ask Major Hayes about it. Amanda says that Hayes does not like change, and that their training routine has not wavered since she joined the MACO’s – he likes consistency.

Trip (grins): “So does Malcolm. He told me that while he was in Starfleet training, he ate the same exact 3 meals a day for a year.”

Amanda: “They’re definitely cut from the same cloth.”

Trip (chuckles): “Maybe that’s why they get along so well. (pause) How’s it feeling?”

Amanda: “Still great.” (I bet. . .you lucky girl!)

Trip finishes the session. Amanda turns to face him, and tells him that it feels like she’s just had 12 hours sleep.

Trip(flirtatious): “I guess, I did it right.”

Amanda stares at him for a moment, and then leans in and gives him a kiss. Trip looks surprised as she pulls away. “Well.”

Amanda: “Well.”

Trip: “That was unexpected.”

Amanda: “Nothing wrong with unexpected.”

Trip (smirks): “No… uh… with a little warning.”

Amanda: “Consider that a little warning for next time.” She gets up and leaves.


Malcolm gets called to see Archer in his ready room. He tells Malcolm that Hayes wants to start up regular training drills for the MACO’s, security team and senior officers. Malcolm seems a bit ‘put off’, and is resistant at first. But eventually, he agrees to it.


T’pol meets Phlox in Sickbay, at his request. While he is feeding his various animals, he discusses with her the problem with Amanda Cole. Apparently she’s been in with headaches, and his work-up was negative. Then she admitted that Trip was performing neuropressure on her, and he thinks that is the cause of her refractory headache but wants her opinion on whether this could be the case.

T’pol (arms crossed – also seems a bit ‘put-off’): “It is possible.”

Phlox tells her that he advised Amanda to use neuropressure with caution; he wants T’pol to talk to Trip about it.

T’pol: “Gladly.” She seems distracted after this, and when Phlox notices she tells him nothing is wrong. Before leaving, Phlox asks her to pay Amanda a visit to undue the potential harm that Trip has caused.

T’pol responds with a huff and a nod.


Malcolm and Hayes are conversing in one of the corridors about the schedule for the extra training. Hayes wants morning sessions, while Malcolm wants them in the evening. They childishly go back and forth on this topic, and it finally comes out that Malcolm is none too pleased with Hayes about his going to Archer behind his back. They argue a bit more, until finally coming to an agreement about the schedule for the sessions.


On the bridge, Travis reports to Archer that there is something strange with navigation. Stars seem to be changing positions. T’pol figures out that there is a powerful gravimetric disturbance is 3 light years away. Archer decides to investigate.

They arrive at this disturbance (looks like a massive, bubbling ball of larva). T’pol reports that it is a convergence of spatial anomalies. Hoshi picks up a signal, and they find a small vessel just inside the disturbance, which has fluctuating biosigns for a single humanoid. Using the grappler, they decide to retrieve it. Unfortunately, as they pull it out some of the disturbance comes along with it, and envelopes the front of the ship (including the bridge). We see lots of funky lights, and some minor explosions of the consoles. Systems are failing; Travis has lost the helm. Archer contacts Trip in the bridge (which is unaffected, by the way) and asks for full reverse. Trip saves the day and they get clear of the disturbance. Everything goes back to normal. Archer orders them to get away from the disturbance.


Archer comes to the cargo bay, just as Trip is about to open the vessel they retrieved. Malcolm and Phlox are there. They open the vessel, and a glass cylinder slides out to reveal a humoinoid, attached to what looks like hundreds of electrodes and wires.


In Sickbay, Phlox is telling Archer about their new guest. Apparently, he is suffering from a form of rapid cellular degeneration and is in a lot of pain. Phlox was able to revive him, but doesn’t know if he can help. Archer speaks to the alien. The alien, panting and in obvious pain, is upset with them for bringing him on board. He did not ask for their help and wants to be returned to his ship. Archer refuses. He asks the alien more questions, but he refuses to answer and demands to return to his ship. He then loses consciousness.


Archer finds T’pol and Travis working in the command centre. He asks Travis how it’s going.

Travis (I had to type this out as it is one of the few times that he actually says something other than ‘helm’s not responding’ or ‘aye, sir.’): “Good, sir. We’re adjusting the nav sensors to compensate for the gravimetric waves. . . just need a day to upload and test these corrections.” Travis leaves.

T’pol then explains to Archer that the disturbance is equidistant to 5 of the spheres and that it is growing in size at a rapid rate. She did find a previously inhabited planet engulfed by the disturbance; there are no signs of life anymore. Archer wonders if the alien in Sickbay is the last remaining survivor from this planet. He asks her to investigate the alien’s craft, along with Trip.


In the gym, Hayes is overseeing one of the training sessions, using one of his MACO’s in a demonstration, and explaining some of the techniques that should be used in hand to hand combat. He asks them to break up into pairs to practice. Trip pairs up with Amanda.

A while later, they are all fighting each other. Hoshi and Travis are doing a good job on their partners. T’pol seems to be in control of her pairing, but is distracted by Trip and Amanda who are sparring next to her. Trip and Amanda are flirting a bit while they try to pummel each other (I never thought of Trip as the type who would have no problems hitting a girl). T’pol flattens her male MACO partner, but notices that Amanda is having way to much fun – this is were we see the infamous slap on Trip’s butt, while T’pol looks on and almost winces. Unfortunately, T’pol loses her concentration and gets decked by her partner falling to the floor in front of Trip, who looks down at her and seems almost shocked that she was punched.

A little while later, Travis and a MACO are demonstrating some techniques to the group. Hayes is commentating, while Malcolm looks on with pride as Travis seems to be winning. But the tables are turned, and Hayes criticizes Travis, Malcolm is not happy and calls an end to the session. After everyone leaves, Malcolm chastises Hayes on the extent to which he allowed the session to go – he thought it was too aggressive. Hayes tells him that it’s just a little blood.

Malcolm: “These are training sessions, Major. If your men can’t understand that, I’m going to put a stop to this right now. (staring contest. . .) Is that clear?”

Hayes: “Perfectly.”

Malcolm: “Jolly good.” (I had to put this line in the review ‘cause it made me chuckle)


In the cargo bay, Trip and T’pol are working (positioned back to back) on the alien vessel. Trip seems to be engrossed in the task at hand, and is confused about the frequency of the vessel’s transmitter.

T’pol pauses before changing the subject: “Dr. Phlox has asked me to speak to you.”

Trip: “What about?”

T’pol: “Corporal Cole has been experiencing headaches. The doctor believes they may be caused by your neuropressure sessions.”

Trip (turning to face her, a look of concern on his face): “She never said anything about headaches.”

T’pol: “Perhaps she didn’t want to worry you.”

Trip (squints his eyes, as if he is thinking): “Why would neuropressure be the cause?”

T’pol: “It shouldn’t be performed by novices. If misapplied, you could cause nerve damage.”

Trip: “I performed it on you plenty of times.”

T’pol (a subtle curtness to her tone): “Under my supervision.”

Trip: “I see. . . (playful tone in his voice) You want to supervise me and Corporal Cole?”

T’pol: “I think it would simply be best if you ended the sessions. (pause) These electrodes were collecting biometric data from the occupant.”

Trip: “Amanda won’t be too happy. . . about ending the sessions.”

T’pol: “I’m sure she won’t.”

Trip: “What do you mean by that?”

T’pol: “I’ve noticed that you and Corporal Cole have become somewhat friendly.”

Trip: “Friendly?”

T’pol: “Last week, you were eating together in the messhall. And, in the training session yesterday, she touched your behind.”

Trip (laughs): “You’ve been keeping a pretty close eye on us.”

T’pol: “You’re hard to miss.”

Trip (almost looks guilty now, uncomfortable): “Look. Amanda and I just share a lot of interests, that’s all. We both come from Florida. . .”

T’pol: “There’s no reason to justify your behavior. I’m simply suggesting you might use some discretion.”

Trip: “Discretion?”

T’pol: “It’s not appropriate for a senior officer to fraternize with a subordinate.”

Trip: “She’s not Starfleet. There’s nothing inappropriate about it.”

The conversation is interrupted by a beep from one of the instruments that they were using to assess the alien vessel. T’pol looks at the data and tells Trip that they have to show this to the captain immediately.


T’pol informs Archer that the alien vessel is composed of the same elements as the surface of the spheres. Archer and T’pol then discuss the ‘myth’ about the Chosen Realm and how it is believed that the spheres were created to change the Expanse into a paradise so that the Makers may return. T’pol says that maybe there is some fact to the Triannonian belief, as the vessel was designed to transmit physiological data on the alien inside it, likely to monitor his exposure to the environment. Archer uses the analogy of the canary and miner back on Earth (another animal analogy – maybe he should have been a zoo keeper instead of a captain)


In Sickbay, Phlox and Archer discuss the alien’s condition – he is dying. Archer wants to speak to him again, but Phlox feels it is unethical to revive the man as he is dying a painful death. Archer tells him to forget about ethics and just do it.


Amanda pays T’pol a visit in her quarters. T’pol asks her to sit on her bed, and to remove her jacket (no worries guys, she’s wearing a tank top!) T’pol positions herself behind Amanda and starts to manipulate the pressure points.

T’pol: “Dr Phlox did caution you against any further neuropressure from Commander Tucker?”

Amanda: “I got the lecture.”

T’pol: “You and Commander Tucker appear to enjoy each other’s company.”

Amanda goes on about how much they have in common. They grew up just 50 km from each other, went to rival high schools, hung out at the same movie theaters. And both of their hometowns have since been destroyed. Luckily her family moved north before it happened, so she was lucky not to lose any loved ones.

T’pol (actually looks a bit sad): “Commander Tucker was greatly affected by his sister’s death.”

Amanda: “He talks about her a lot.”

T’pol (sadder): “You’re quite fond of him.”

Amanda: “Mmm. What’s not to like? He’s a gentleman; he’s great to be around. (pause) And he has very nice arms.”

T’pol pushes a little too hard at this, causing Amanda is pull away. “I apologize. I will try to not press so hard.” (yeah, right Polly – you’re sorry. . .)


Hayes is running another one of his sessions – target practice. He has Malcolm try it first, but he doesn’t do that well. Hayes gives it a try and bests Malcolm’s score. Of course, Malcolm is not happy.


In the messhall, Trip takes a seat next to Malcolm (who is playing with his gravy covered mashed potatoes). “That target practice was something. Sure looked a lot easier than it was.”

Malcolm (sulking): “Yeah, I’d say.”

Trip: “Aw, come on. Your score got a lot better as the session went on.”

Malcolm: “I started picturing Hayes’ head in place of the target.”

Trip then tries to convince the paranoid Malcolm to call a truce. Malcolm fears that Hayes wants to take over the security of the ship. Trip thinks that the extra training is good and that Hayes just wants what is best for the mission. Malcolm asks him to drop the topic.

Malcolm then changes the subject to Trip and Amanda. Trip vows that they are just friends and then asks if everyone on the ship is watching them. Malcolm says that they are pretty hard to miss.

Trip: “That’s what T’pol said.”

Malcolm keeps ribbing Trip by mentioning that the rumor is that T’pol is now giving Amanda neuropressure to repair the damage that he caused.

Trip gets defensive and says that it is just to iron out some of the rough spots.

Malcolm then asks why Trip is giving Amanda neuropressure anyway – isn’t it supposed to be quite intimate.

Trip: “I do it with T’pol. Are you implying that there is something going on there as well?”

Malcolm (obviously loving this): “That’s the rumor.”

Trip: “For the last time, there is nothing going on with any of us. Between any of us.”

Malcolm: “Right. Just friends?”

Trip: “That’s right.”

Malcolm: “Hmm? I guess this Vulcan neuropressure isn’t that intimate after all.”

Trip: “Exactly.”

Malcolm: “In that case. . . I’ve got this nasty little pain (clutches his ribs). . .”

Trip: “Just drop it!” (gives him an ‘evil’ stare’)

Malcolm chuckles and they continue to eat in silence.


In Sickbay, Archer is again questioning the alien about his role as a test subject in this region of space. The alien is in agony, but Archer refuses to allow Phlox to give him analgesics. The alien finally admits that he was sent against his will from a transdimensional realm, but he doesn’t know why. He was a prisoner (for most of his life) and he was offered freedom if he agreed to participate in an experiment. That’s all that he remembers before he arrived on Enterprise. He again asks to be taken back. Archer (the black hearted) refuses again. Suddenly, the alien starts to panic as he notices that his hand seems to be transparent.


Captain’s log – they have resumed their course towards the red giant


Trip (shirtless) is lying prone, while T’pol is performing neuropressure on his back. They are in her quarters; the only light is supplied by lit candles.

Trip: “Between all this training and the extra shifts in engineering, I’ve been looking forward to this all day.”

T’pol: “Sit up.”

He does and they are now facing each other. T’pol is massaging his neck just under his ears (in medical jargon – in the area of the anterior cervical lymph node chain).

Trip: “You aren’t saying much tonight. (no response from T’pol) Don’t tell me you’re still upset about me and Amanda.”

T’pol (calmly): “I’m not upset.”

Trip: “Sure sounds like it.”

T’pol (without hesitation): “You’re mistaken.”

Trip (sighs): “Why would a few neuropressure sessions between me and a MACO be such a BIG deal? (he pauses to think) Unless. . .”

T’pol: “Unless what?”

Trip: “Unless you’re a little jealous.”

T’pol: “I don’t experience jealousy.”

Trip: “You’re doing a pretty fair imitation of it.”

T’pol: “I am not, in any way, jealous of you and Corporal Cole.”

Trip: “You know, your voice is tensing up. That’s a dead giveaway.”

T’pol: “I didn’t know you were an expert in vocal inflections.”

Trip: “I don’t need to be an expert to read you. (exhales slowly) Come on. Admit it. You’re a little jealous.”

T’pol: “You’re implying that I am attracted to you.”

Trip: “That kind of goes along with the assumption, doesn’t it?”

T’pol: “I think you’re mistaken about whose attracted to whom.”

Trip: “Are you saying I’m attracted to you?”

T’pol: “I don’t need to say it, you already have.”

Trip (looks at her like she’s crazy): “I don’t remember that conversation.”

T’pol: “It wasn’t you, it was your clone. Sim told me.”

Trip: “Sim?”

T’pol: “He said he had feelings for me.”

Trip (voice starting to get a little louder): “He told you that?”

T’pol (motioning to the side of her quarters): “Standing right there.”

Trip: “What the hell was he doing in your room?”

T’pol: “Your voice is tensing up.”

Trip: “Now you’re the vocal expert.”

T’pol: “I don’t need to be an expert to read you.”

Trip (completely dumbfounded by the events unfolding before him): “I can’t believe this. I’m … I’m jealous of. . . myself?”

T’pol: “You’re jealous?”

Trip: “No. Absolutely not.”

T’pol looks a bit disappointed but continues to massage his shoulders.

Trip looks at her and says: “Okay, maybe. Maybe I am a little.”

T’pol: “Which would mean you’re attracted to me.”

Trip gives her this great look – like oh no she’s got me there.

T’pol: “It goes with the assumption.”

Trip: “What just happened here? Did we. . .? Are we. . .?”

But Trip can’t finish his question as T’pol quickly kisses him. When she pulls away, he just stares at her in shock. She then lets her robe fall off her shoulders, onto the floor – she’s naked! Poor Trip is more surprised, if you thought that was even possible. She leans forward to kiss him again.


In Sickbay, Phlox and the alien are chatting. The alien asks about Denobula and Earth. He then wonders if he is going to die; he thanks Phlox for his efforts. When Phlox turns his back to him, the alien gets up and takes him in a choke hold; his arm become transparent and slides right through Phlox’s neck – he is rendered unconscious. The alien then leaves the Sickbay by walking straight through the wall.


Hayes finds Malcolm in the training room; Malcolm challenges him to be his sparring partner. Basically the next few minutes are them beating each other to a pulp while commenting on each other’s fighting style and trying to antagonize each other. They argue about the state of security, etc. . . The fight eventually ends up in the corridor – it is halted by a tactical alert.

Meanwhile the alien is walking through walls and going towards the centre of the ship. T’pol (who is already on the bridge) is tracking him as he interrupts systems by walking through them. Hayes, Malcolm and a security team find him just as he’s getting close to engineering, but their weapons fire right through him. In engineering, Trip gets knocked out by the alien. Hayes and Malcolm arrive just as the alien is climbing the engine, and then sticks his hand into the engine – causing lots of problems (things are now blowing up around them). Malcolm overloads the engine, causing the alien to have to disengage and he is rendered unconscious.


Trip finds T’pol in the messhall. There is definitely a lot of discomfort with this encounter.

Trip: “Morning.”

T’pol: “Commander.”

T’pol takes a seat, while Trip gets a cup of coffee – “Coffee. Strong. (pause) Some night!”

T’pol: “Eventful.”

Trip nods in agreement, takes his coffee, and sits down with T’pol. They converse about the damage to the engines and how long it will take to repair them. Poor Trip – he looks like he is in agony.

Trip: “I, uh. . . I guess we should talk about what happened last night.”

T’pol: “I’ve been briefed on the situation.”

Trip: “Well, I was referring to what happened between us. . . (T’pol stares at him like she has no idea what’s going on). . . in your quarters. (no response) I guess I’ll go first. (more discomfort) Actually, why don’t you go first?”

T’pol: “I suppose I should thank you.”

Trip (looks embarrassed and yet proud): “No need to thank me.”

T’pol: “For facilitating my exploration of human sexuality.”

Trip: “I’m. . .not sure I follow.”

T’pol: “It’s one of the many aspects of your species which I’ve been meaning to explore since I left the high command.”

Trip (ego now bruised): “Sounds like you’re saying that last night was some kind of . . . experiment.”

T’pol: “I wouldn’t use that term.”

Trip (a veil of anger in his voice): “But that’s the general idea.”

T’pol: “Are you getting emotional?”

Trip: “No, I’m not getting emotional. I just don’t like being compared to a lab rat.”

T’pol: “I’m sorry if I offended you.”

Trip(chuckles): “Forget it. (shakes head and sighs) I’d, uh. . . appreciate it if we could keep this between us. (pause) In fact, we should probably forget it even happened.”

T’pol: “Agreed.”

Trip: “Doesn’t mean we can’t keep doing the neuropressure though.”

Trip and T’pol exchange looks. (I would almost say that it was like Trip was hoping for more encounters that the night before and that T’pol was not exactly opposed to it)


Archer is chastising Hayes and Malcolm for their behavior. He demands that they sort things out and is called away to Sickbay, leaving the two of them there wondering if they were actually dismissed.


In Sickbay, the alien is awake but disappearing. Archer demands answers. Just before disappearing the alien says: “When the Xindi destroy Earth, my people will prevail.”


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The girl's got him! Hook line and sinker!

Hi Zealousgirl. I like this report. A lot of Trip/TPol, enough to read again and again, since I had the opportunity to see this episode. It seemed to be a great episode. Let's see how this will go on! Thanks-Danke-Grazie!!!

Thanks again for the accurate report - and the asides :)!

What an Episode! Trip and T'Pol have developed their characters so far that their conversations are priceless! Their acting is fantastic, too!
I was about as surprised as Trip when T'Pol dropped her robe! Really didn't expect that. I loved the way they handled it in the lounge and I really don't think T'Pol was so sure she could be that unemotional in the future! Can't wait to see! Thanks for such a good revue.