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Production 056
First Air Date: Oct 1, 2003

Director: Mike Vejar
Teleplay By: Brent V. Friedman and Chris Black
Story By: Paul Brown and Brent V. Friedman

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Star Trek or Paramount. I do this for amusement and not for profit. Be forewarned that this will be seen through the biased eyes of a proud Tuckerite!!! (and, a Trip/T’poler!) I will try to focus on what is happening with Trip in these spoilers; please check Li’s Trekpulse for more details.

About "Rajiin” - I really liked this episode. It was quite SEXY. . . something that I haven’t seen in some time on Star Trek. Of course, the Trip/T’pol interactions were wonderful; I love how they are becoming more comfortable with each other. You get the sense that T’pol really likes her sessions with Trip. Some scenes were such stuff as men’s dreams are made of – Rajiin with Hoshi, Rajiin with T’pol. . . She does seemingly redeem herself a bit in the end. I think that Rajiin will have some role to play in the future though

Synopsis (from StarTrek.com):

Rescued by Archer from an alien bazaar, a captivating slave girl, Rajiin, uses her erotic, hypnotic mental powers on the crew to steal data on humans for her Xindi overlords. But when her deception is discovered, Archer throws her in the brig, forcing the Reptilian Xindi to storm the ship, weapons blazing, to spring her free.
Meanwhile, Trip and T'Pol initiate a dangerous experiment to insulate the ship from further destruction from strange physical phenomena in the Delphic Expanse.

“Trip-centric” Enterprise SPOILERS

{Xindi counsel}

This episode again starts with the members of the different Xindi species sitting around a table discussing the development of their weapon. The key scientist has reported that 3 labs have been destroyed, so this is a set-back. The bug and reptilian Xindi want to go to plan B, but marine and sloth Xindi want to stick with the original plan. Humanoid Xindi agrees to continue with the original plan. But the marine Xindi does warn the scientist that they would soon need to see some progress.


{T’pol’s quarters}

Camera pans over from a shot of a lit candle to T’pol and Trip kneeling on the floor, face to face with their knees touching. T’pol is applying pressure to his temple area.

T’pol: “Is that sufficient pressure?”

Trip: “You could go a little harder. . . Hmmm. . . perfect.” ( a few moments of silence) “Try that neck thing. What do you call it?”

T’pol: “The Khavorta posture?”

Trip: “Yeah. That one.”

T’pol: “Are you certain?”

Trip: “Don’t worry. I’ve been practicing my breathing.”

T’pol now positions her fingers just under the angle of his jaw, while Trip takes deep breathes through his nose. “You have been practicing.” (she sounds impressed by this)

After a few more moments of silence, Trip says in a soft voice, “T’pol. . .”

T’pol: “Don’t speak. . . relax your jaw. . . excellent.” She leans back and says, “And now the surah’than.” (yup it does sound like ‘sore tongue’)

Trip starts to fidget a bit, and scratches his face. “You know, I really need to talk to you about something.”

T’pol: “Is there a problem?”

Trip: “No, no, no, no, I mean, uh. . . this feels great. And I really appreciate you taking the time, it’s just. . .well, I’m not sure we should be doing it anymore.”

T’pol: “You said this was helping you sleep.”

Trip: “It has.”

T’pol: “Then why do you want to stop?”

Trip: “People are talking. About us. About. . . me coming to your quarters at night. . . they think there is more going on than neuro-pressure.”

T’pol (pause): “And that disturbs you?”

Trip (looking quite apologetic): “It shouldn’t, I know but. . . (sighs) Malcolm and I were purging the clogged injector assembly last week and he asked me why I didn’t just massage it with my magic fingers.”

T’pol: “I see no reason to be concerned with idle gossip.”

Trip (looks a bit stunned): “It doesn’t bother you?”

T’pol: “We’re both senior officers. If we were pursuing a romantic relationship, it wouldn’t be Lt Reed’s concern, would it?”

Trip: “I suppose not.” ( his features soften with this)

T’pol: “Shall we continue?”

Trip smiles and nods his head, and both get up off the floor.

{Captain’s room}

Porthos, who is sleeping on the floor cushion, is awaken by the grunts coming from his sleeping master. We then see Archer restless in bed, panting, gasping and then waking up. He gets up, looks in the mirror at various scabs (leftover from last week’s episode) and scratches one completely off.


Phlox chastises Archer for scratching the lesions, and for not using the prescribed (stinky) ointment. They discuss the need to insulate the ship with Trellium D in order to prevent the Expanse from exerting its anomalies on the ship. Archer tells him that they know of someone who can tell them how to make it, a chemist.

They get back to why he’s in Sickbay. Archer complains of his dreams, of being back in that city (Urquat).

{Takes shuttlepod down to a planet which seems to be mostly water; we see an aggregation of floating platforms of sorts; this is where the pod is heading}

In an intergalactic bazaar of sorts, Archer, Trip and Malcolm are trying to navigate there way through the crowd, in search of the chemist on Barge 12. There are merchants/vendors all around pushing their wares. We see lots of cages, presumably with animals in them. Trip says, “Phlox would have a field day here.”

A vendor comes up to them and tries to sell them a pet; Archer asks about where to find the chemist. Eventually, an annoyed vendor directs him to the right barge.

They find the chemist, who initially refuses to see them, but then recognizes Archer. He explains that Trellium A is common and easy to synthesize, while Trellium D is not. He then comments about Archer’s interest in the Xindi, trying to pry into this more. Archer merely states it’s a diplomatic mission. The chemist tells him about that the Xindi were there recently, and had business with another merchant. He is happy to help for a small fee.

Archer has Trip stay behind to barter, while he and Malcolm search out this other merchant.

Now in the busy bazaar, they come upon this merchant who is selling women (ie prostitutes). Archer wants to find the Xindi, but the merchant says that they have left just 2 days ago. He refuses to tell them anything, and again offers one of his women. Archer looks around at the various scantily clothed woman, and at beautiful blond (very innocent looking) catches his eye. The merchant tries to sell her, but Archer just leaves. (Trip had called to say that a deal had been met with the chemist) Moments later this same woman comes running towards them asking for them to help her. Archer fights the merchant, while Malcolm protects her. Of course, Archer wins and they all leave together.


Phlox is examining the slave girl in awe (great retinas!). Archer arrives to get a report. She introduces herself as Rajiin; she promises to serve him well. Archer tells her that she is not owned by him; and that she is free to do whatever she likes. He questions her on her homeworld, which she only knows by name as she was taken when she was young, and has been owned by many families. Archer says he will try to find her homeworld. He leaves her getting settled in with Phlox. She thanks him.



Trip and Malcolm are with the chemist, presenting him with the items that he agreed to take as barter. It is in a metal case, and when opened contains several glass jars filled with powders.

Trip: “On our planet. . . wars were fought over these.”

The chemist opens a sample of black powder, sniffs it (like cocaine) and then sneezes. Malcolm and Trip cringe.

Chemist (cackling): “What’s this one called?”

Trip: “Black Pepper. There’s paprika, mustard seed. . . and I’m partial to the cayenne myself. I’m sure you’ll find all these very exotic.”

Malcolm: “And you have something for us?”

The chemist chats about Enterprise’s ability to make liquid Trellium D (one can only synthesize the liquid form). He eventually hands it over, but with a warning to follow the protocols as the liquid form is extremely unstable.

Trip and Malcolm leave, just as the chemist takes another sniff of the pepper. Great looks of disgust on both of their faces.

{Captain’s dining room}

Archer and Rajiin are having an intimate dinner. Archer tells her to feel free to look around. She asks a bit about Earth, and about their current mission. Archer asks her about the Xindi, and she says she knows very little about them. Trip interrupts the meal to say that they’re in business; Archer leaves the rather child-like Rajiin sitting in the dining room.


Trip is showing Archer the information of the processing of Trellium D, telling him it’s very unstable.

Archer: “How unstable.”

Trip: “Enough to do some serious damage if we screw this up.”

Archer is confused about how they are going to be able to use this to insulate the ship. Trip tells him that once it is applied to the hull, it solidifies and is safe. The hard part is ‘cooking it up’. T’pol steps up to say that although it will take precise calculations, that she believes that she and Commander Tucker could process the substance safely. Archer gives them leave to do so. T’pol asks if they could set up a lab in a secluded place on E deck between the bulkheads for added precaution.

{Captain’s room}

Archer is sitting at his desk reviewing something on the computer; he’s in his tank top and grey slacks. The door chimes, and after telling them to enter but they don’t he gets up. Rajiin asks if she could speak to him.
He tells her that T’pol has found her home planet, and it’s just 2 days away. She seems less than enthused, since she doubts that there is anyone who would even remember her. Archer tells her that that’s unlikely as she is quite memorable.

Rajiin comes closer to him, telling him that she is grateful, and that she would like to repay him. She becomes seductive, and starts to whisper about her special gifts. He seems unable to resist her. She then lightly caresses his head, arms, flanks and back (a freaky glow emanating from her hands, and we kinda see the underlying anatomy such as paraspinal muscles, and verterbrae).

Suddenly, she is now standing a few feet in front of Archer, and she seems confused. He is even more perplexed, as he is now somewhat embarrassed by what he is thinking was just a daydream. She asks if something is wrong, and then leaves.

{somewhere on E deck}

Trip and T’pol have set up their lab and are trying to determine the best way to work with the compound. There is a frantic air to this scene.

Trip is standing at one table while T’pol is at another. Trip is calling out instructions such as to increase the theta radiation, ‘kill the theta radiation’, ‘sustained burst of delta radiation’…

Meanwhile T’pol is getting concerned as pressures are rising. She tells him that they need to seal off the area and get out of there ASAP. Trip is stubborn and wants to try a few more tricks. He tells her that she’s ‘welcome to leave’.

Alarms are sounding. She grabs onto him, pulls him out of the room and close the door just in time for a massive explosion.

They open the door to inspect the damage.

T’pol: “Some of our calculations may have been slightly off.”

Trip: “We’re back to square one.” (rubs his eyes, and looks dejected)

T’pol looks at him with concern. “We’ve been working for 6 hours. I suggest we take a break.”

Trip: “I can’t argue with that.”

T’pol: “Come to my quarters in half an hour. We’ll resume your neuro-pressure regimen.”

Trip: “I’ll be fine.”

T’pol: “I’d prefer you be rested before we make another attempt.”

Trip nods in agreement. (wow, is that boy ever whipped already!)


Rajiin is exploring the ship and comes upon the transporters. Hoshi finds her though, and introduces herself. Rajiin grabs her hand which seems to make Hoshi loose the ability to resist Rajiin. The scene is kinda sexy, with lots of close talking and double entendres (ie ‘I’d like to hear your language’). They leave by turbolift.

{T’pol’s quarters}

T’pol is preparing for Trip to come by (lighting candle, in her blue PJ’s) She looks up to find Rajiin standing just inside the room. “You must be T’pol.”


T’pol asks her how she got into her room and Rajiin tells her the door was unlocked. (“That is unlikely”) T’pol protests Rajiin’s presence in her room, but Rajiin doesn’t take heed. She starts talking about how it’s interesting that T’pol is the only Vulcan on a ship full of humans. While she is talking, she is trying to delve into T’pol’s mind by caressing her, as she did with Archer. T’pol mentally fights her but is finding it difficulty to resist. Rajiin works hard and eventually is able to get into her mind. (guys. . . another scene for you with!)

The door chimes, and seems to bring T’pol back to her senses (Trip is standing outside her quarters, and keeps ringing the doorbell). Meanwhile, T’pol and Rajiin have a bit of a physical fight – Trip can’t hear it. He eventually overrides the entry and comes in to find T’pol unconscious on the floor. As he is bending down to check on her, Rajiin knocks him over the head with a vase of sorts, but only confuses him. She runs off. Trip informs security.

Rajiin is running is the corridor, and is talking to someone on a communicator. She tells them that they need to come ASAP and that she will use the transporters to beam over to their ships. On her way, she meets up with a security officer, but is able to use her talents to subdue him and take his weapon.

Elsewhere on the ship, other security teams are on their way, including one headed by Malcolm. They are on her trail, but she fires at them, and then is able to lose them. She runs into more security teams but is able to outwit them as well. Finally she reaches the Transporter, but is unable to hail her companions. Archer and others arrive just in time. He tells her that they are blocking her transmission. She refuses to give him any info, so she is sent to the brig.


Phlox is examining an unconscious T’pol; Trip is on the adjacent biobed, refusing to be examined. Archer arrives to get the low-down. Apparently Phlox is not sure what happened, but states that if she were human or Denobulan that she would have died. Luckily Vulcans can take quite a bit of mental stress. Archer demands to talk to her but Phlox says that he can’t for a few more hours.

Archer is looking fierce again (we do seem to see a lot of angry Archer. . . a lot more than we do angry Trip) He tells Trip to have Phlox look at his head and leaves.


Archer questions Rajiin. She refuses to answer most of his questions. The only thing she can tell him is that they are in danger. She will be killed if she says any more than that. She pleads with him to let her go, since she thinks he is decent and doesn’t want anything to happen to him. Malcolm calls Archer to tell him that 2 vessels of Reptilian Xindi are approaching. Archer figures out that it would be them that sent Rajiin.


The Xindi are attempting to board Enterprise. Archer leaves Rajiin in the brig – but before he leaves, she tells him that they wanted info on humans as they are building a weapon. . . a bioweapon. They need this before they can build this weapon. She doesn’t know anything else. Archer stations extra people to protect the brig.

{Here’s the big action sequence, lots happening – I’ll only provide highlights}

The Xindi (mostly reptilian, although a bug guy is there too) dock at 3 points and blow out the sealed hatches, guns firing. Security teams are there to greet them. Tons of gun fire, a few people are hit. There is a really cool weapon here – they shoot some sort of goo which sticks to the wall, and then it spits out a bunch of small beams of light which hit nearby security officers.

A group of Xindi make it to the brig, and rescue Rajiin. Despite much weapons fire, they are able to get away. Only a single Xindi is left behind, but he is dead. Travis tries to pursue the fleeing ship, but the ships seemed to enter some sort of vortex – they’re gone.

In Sickbay, Phlox is examining the Xindi body, and discovers that they are genetically modified, and have a sort of gland that releases a neurotoxin – ‘a suicide gland’ (as Trip called it). Archer asks for a full autopsy, and then sends Trip off to find Malcolm so that they can take apart the Xindi weapon left behind. Lastly, he asks T’pol to get started on analyzing data from this latest encounter, specifically to determine the nature of this vortex, so that they can’t surprise Enterprise again.

{Xindi counsel}

Humanoid Xindi is criticizing the Reptilian and Buglike Xindi for going against the decision of the counsel and making contact with the humans. The scientist is also unhappy, and states that they still don’t have enough info to develop a bioweapon (their plan B). They call in Rajiin, who shows them a hologram of a human and its innards. The counsel is impressed and decide to proceed with both weapons. Rajiin tries to reason with them – that there is more to humans than you can figure out from biometrics scans. They force her to leave, and refuse to listen to her plea.

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Three people have made comments

“And now the surah’than.” (yup it does sound like ‘sore tongue’)

Thanks! That is one mystery solved - I really was wondering what she was going to be doing for him there.

Trip nods in agreement. (wow, is that boy ever whipped already!)

Or addicted! And Phlox was worried by the prescription drugs.

Did any of the MACOs die or was the alien the only one who died? At the end we only see the alien in the sickbay, and yet we saw 3 MACOs hit with the darts. Stun guns? From these guys? Doesn't seem likely, does it?

Did Rajiin somehow infiltrate Archer's mind in the bazaar? He fell in with her plans very easily, and then was far more concerned about her than what she did to T'Pol - didn't he look like he wanted to rescue Rajiin when he saw her in the lift? I think very dark things are happening to Archer, and we are seeing them bit by bit. Wow!

I loved the scenes in the bazaar - they really reminded me of Broken Bow, were colorful, and the aliens had personality. The scene as they fly into the planet, with all the piers was fantastic (I thought). Did anyone think that they were being set up from the very first, that the formula they were given doesn't work and will explode? I just had that feeling that they've been had.

I love Trip in that longish away coat. I just love the way he looks in it!

Thanks for writing these up each week, ZG! You do a great job!

"Trip nods in agreement. (wow, is that boy ever whipped already!)"

LOL, I had the same thought, although T'pol is very subtle at getting him to do what he should do. ;)