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The Shipment

zealousgirl’s SPECIAL EDITION

*** by the way, next week’s special edition will not be posted until November 11th since I am going to be away on holidays (New Orleans, then a cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel – I’m sorry but I’m just so excited to be going somewhere warm. . . we’re in the middle of a snow storm right now!)***


Production 059
First Air Date: Oct 29, 2003

Director: David Straiton
Written By: Chris Black & Brent V. Friedman

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Star Trek or Paramount. I do this for amusement and not for profit. Be forewarned that this will be seen through the biased eyes of a proud Tuckerite!!! (and, a Trip/T’poler!) I will try to focus on what is happening with Trip in these spoilers. Please check Li’s Trekpulse review for more details.

About ‘THE SHIPMENT’: It was an OK episode. Love the Xindi-sloth. . . they’re so cute! They have a wide-based gait, and move almost sloth-like. The Xindi-reptilian even complains that they are too slow. This episode did seem a bit dragged out, especially on the planet. I think they are trying to get us to see that the Xindi are not a cohesive group – there seems to be bullies, brains, and workers --> I know that I am over-simplifying here. We get to see ‘curious-Trip’ in this episode, but only in snippets, usually with Phlox, with T’pol or with both.


Synopsis (from StarTrek.com):

After infiltrating a Xindi-Sloth plant that synthesizes vital explosive materials for the Xindi super-weapon, Archer, Reed and MACO Major Hayes capture and interrogate the plant foreman, Gralik, who upon learning of the Xindi council's attack on Earth, establishes an uneasy alliance with Archer.


“Trip-centric” Enterprise REVIEW

[This episode started with a quick review of what happened in ‘Exile’ with Hoshi and Tarquin – and the information that Tarquin gave them to find where the Xindi weapon is being constructed.]

The actual episode starts in the Xindi counsel room where 2 Xindi-reptilian and a Xindi-humanoid (we find out his name is Degra) are discussing their plans to test the weapon on an uninhabited planet in the Calindra system, but they need another shipment of kemocite – another 100 kilograms. If the test is successful, they will be able to deploy the weapon in a matter of weeks.

In the command centre, Malcolm, T’pol and Archer are reviewing the data on the colony that Tarquin has led them to. It seems that they are near this planet at the time, and they note that there are no detectable defensive systems in the vicinity of this colony. Malcolm is suspicious of the info that Tarquin gave them; Archer rationalizes that maybe the Xindi have defenses that Enterprise can’t detect.

They decide to investigate, and plan on putting Enterprise in orbit of a moon such that it would not be detectable. Archer asks Malcolm to prepare Major Hayes for a reconnaissance mission.


Malcolm, Hayes and Archer approach the planet at a steep vector – so that they will look like a meteor to anyone on the planet.

{Forest on the planet}

The 3 come upon a manufacturing plant – with Xindi-sloth walking about it. They note that the complex is emitting lots of power readings. Archer asks T’pol (on the bridge) to hold off on sending troops as the 3 of them are going to check out the complex first.

They easily get inside, and skulk about the plant quite freely. Malcolm finds some kind of radiolytic compound – unknown substance. They then hide because 3 Xindi-sloth enter the room they had been investigating. They overhear the Xindi-sloth discussing problems with the production of Kemocite – which Degra will be soon picking up. They eventually leave.

{on Enterprise, we see Trip walking onto the transporter pad to pick up a canister (obviously sent up by the away team) – he merely looks at it and then follows T’pol down the hall }

Archer decides to hold off on destroying the complex (despite Malcolm and Hayes insistence) as he wants to figure out where they are shipping the kemocite. They follow one of the Xind-sloth home, storming in with weapons aimed. Archer tells the Xindi-sloth that he has a few questions for him.


Archer questions Gralik Durr (the Xindi-sloth’s name) alone; Malcolm and Hayes are posted outside to keep an eye out. Archer tells Gralik that he is from Earth and is surprised when Gralik doesn’t seem to know anything about Earth. Archer asks Gralik what kemocite is for. Gralik tells him that it’s a multiphasic isotope – with multiple uses, depending on the refinement. Archer asks about Degra, but Gralik refuses to tell him anything. Archer gets mad, and tells him that he thinks that the kemocite is being used to make a weapon to destroy the people on Earth. Gralik is genuinely shocked – he knows nothing, even when Archer threatens him.


Trip and T’pol are analyzing the container of kemocite that was sent up to them. Speaking to Archer on the planet, they inform him that the isotope is the same as what was found in the weapon that attacked Earth. They also note that the container has the same quantum signature as the Xindi probe. Trip asks to take apart one of the Xindi weapons that they confiscated a while back, since that too has the same quantum imprint.


Archer terminates the communication with Trip and T’pol. Malcolm then congratulates his captain on a job well done – they entered the Expanse only a short while ago knowing nothing about the Xindi and now they are poised to destroy one of the complexes responsible for making the Xindi weapon. (Malcolm seems malicious!)

Archer is hesitating on destroying the complex, because that will confirm the Xindi’s opinion of humans as ruthless killers. He does ask for Hayes to set up some explosives around the plant but to try and avoid the settlement.


T’pol and Trip, carrying a metal case, are walking to the transporter pad.

Trip: “I can’t imagine what the captain wants this for.”

T’pol: “He was quite insistent.”

Trip: “We ran the quantum analysis 3 times.” (places the container on the transporter pad) “Doesn’t he trust us?”

T’pol: “He said he needed it to help prove a point.” T’pol stands at the controls; Trip stands right behind her and watches as she beams the metal case to the planet.


In Gralik’s home, Gralik wonders how long he will be kept hostage. Hayes tells him that that’s up to the captain.

Archer comes in, drops a piece of mangled steel on the table in front of Gralik, and tells him to explain it. Gralik is clueless. Archer tells him it’s a fragment of the weapon that killed 7 million humans – and that not only is it Xindi but that the quantum signature matches the substance that he is making, therefore Gralik must be aware that he is helping to make a similar weapon. Archer wants to know where the weapon is – but Gralik is emphatic that he has no knowledge of the weapon or its location.


Trip asks Phlox (who is flattered to be asked although not his area of expertise) to help him investigate the Xindi fire-arm that they confiscated.

Trip: “Well, my scans of this thing showed organic components. And I figured anything biological was more your turf than mine.” (I like that he knows his limits and is willing to use the expertise around him even if it is unconventional) He removes to top of the weapon, revealing a small glass chamber inside with a straw-colored sausage-shaped thing inside it. “What do you think?”

Phlox scans it and confirms that this slug-like thing seems to be generating synaptic impulses. Trip removes it, hands to Phlox and asks if it’s alive.

Phlox: “Wouldn’t make very good pets but. . . (sniffs it). . .definitely organic.” Suddenly, in the glass chamber we see a slug-thing appear. “And, it seems to have reproductive capabilities.” Trip gives him a great look of puzzlement.


Archer and Gralik are discussing things more freely. Gralik says he never considered why Degra wanted such highly refined kemocite, only that it was going to be greatly beneficial to the settlement – that perhaps he was blinded by greed, so never considered that a weapon could be the final product. Gralik tells Archer that Degra is Xindi-primate, like Archer (ape-like. . . which Archer seems a bit offended to hear). Gralik explains that he always trusted Degra, and believed when he was told that the kemocite was for research purposes. He considers the possibility that Degra could be as deceitful as the Xindi-reptilians. As they chat more, we find out that there was actually 6, not 5, species of Xindi. The Xindi-avians are now extinct, ever since the end of the great war on their home world. Apparently, the various species fought for nearly 100 years, for unknown reasons. But what actually ended the war was the result of the unstable geological nature of their planet. The Xindi-reptilian and Xindi-insectoid detonated explosives near several of the seismic fissures, destroying the entire planet. (remember the debris found in one of the earlier episodes) So, this is why the Xindi are scattered all over the Expanse.

Hayes interrupts to tell Archer that there seems to be more activity at the complex. T’pol is hailed; she informs them that a ship has just arrived and is the same vessel that attacked them – the Xindi-reptilian.



Archer and Malcolm spy on the complex, and watch as a Xindi-humanoid and a couple of Xindi-reptilian talk with a Xindi-sloth. Malcolm comments on the fact that the reptilians look upset.


Phlox is investigating the slug-things. Trip arrives. “You got something?”

Phlox tells him that the neural pathways of the organic being help modulate the weapon power output. Enthusiastically, he declares: “It’s the most sophisticated example of bio-medical engineering I’ve ever seen!”

Trip (arms crossed): “You said you had good news, Doc.”

Phlox: “Ah, yes. I’ve been attempting to break down this creature’s immune system.”

Trip: “You’re trying to make it sick?”

Phlox tells him that it’s quite resistant to everything he’s tried (viruses, etc…) but that one thing works - a sustained burst of delta radiation.

Trip looks impressed, and speculates that they could rig the portable EM emitters for delta radiation that they could disable the Xindi weapons before they even have the time to pull the trigger. Unfortunately, Phlox points out that the amount of radiation required would be harmful to humans.

Trip: “It’s still a place to start. Great work, Doc. Keep at it.”

He goes to leave but Phlox stops him to give him a warning about exposing the Xindi weapon to omicron radiation (see a container with several ‘creatures’ in it) – apparently they thrive on it!

Trip (look of disgust on his face): “I’ll keep that in mind.”


Gralik tells Archer that with Degra here that they may not be able to complete their mission. Degra will expect Gralik to be present when the kemocite is handed over, as he is the chief technician at the complex. He offers to get some info on the weapon for Archer. Of course, Archer is a bit suspicious. Gralik says that he is proud of his work, and that he does not want it to be used to make a weapon. Maybe if he had chosen his clients more carefully in the past, 7 million people would not have been killed.

Two Xindi-sloth come to find Gralik at his home, but Archer and Gralik keep quiet and they leave. Hayes and Malcolm are hiding outside. Gralik tells them that they have probably noticed that he is missing and that they will come back, probably with armed reptilians.


Trip, T’pol and Phlox are in the armory. Trip wants to test out the Xindi weapon, because they have discovered as much they can about it by taking it apart. T’pol is reluctant, feeling that it could be unsafe to do so on the ship. Trip says that they don’t have time to find a deserted asteroid, and Phlox backs him up on this, saying that a practical test is the next logical step. (now who’s the weapons expert – I love Phlox by the way. . . he rocks!)

Trip: “I’ve rigged up four of Malcolm’s forcefield emitters. They’ll contain any blast debris.”

T’pol (quite a challenging tone to her voice, especially for a Vulcan): “What about any radiation or particle disbursement? You know nothing about this device.”

Trip: “That’s the point. Those Xindi took out half of our security force when they came aboard. Now, if we don’t start making some progress understanding their weapons, we won’t stand a chance in hell of beating them when the time comes.”

T’pol glances at Phlox, who shrugs, and then looks back at Trip and sighs. “Let me know when you’re ready.”

Trip watches her intently as she passes him. “Give us an hour.”


Degra and a Xindi-reptilian are discussing the delay in the receiving the shipment. The X-R is getting impatient with these ‘lethargic creatures’. A couple of Xindi-sloth arrive to say that they can’t find Gralik but that he often goes for walks in the forest so they have people searching for him. The X-R says that they don’t have time for that and that he’ll find him themselves.

Now we see the away team and Gralik walking through the forest. Malcolm notes that someone’s approaching quickly. They run for cover. Then 2 floating robots are seen, and fire on them. They are able to disable one, but the other gets away. Gralik tells them that they are called ‘Seekers’ and that they are used for reconnaissance by the reptilians. It is likely that the X-R know that they are there. Gralik suggests they hide in a nearby cave.


Back in the armory, Trip is ready to fire the weapon at the force field, while Phlox and T’pol watch from behind him. Trip pulls the trigger, but it does not fire. T’pol asks what’s wrong.

Trip: “It won’t fire. I don’t understand.” He inspects the weapon, and fiddles with it some.

Phlox: “Perhaps it has a safety device.”

We hear a whining noise, coming from the weapon (a close up on the weapon’s controls shows a triangle lit up green with strange symbols around it and a red flashing light.) Trip says in a panicked voice, “It looks like some kind of countdown.”

T’pol approaches, and scans it. She notes that the energy levels are increasing – it’s overloading.

Trip (more panicked): “I can’t shut it down! The damn thing’s booby-trapped!”

T’pol: “If you remove the power cell?”

Trip: “It’ll just grow back!” Looks around at T’pol and Phlox, and then runs off. He runs out of the armory, down the corridor (knocking down some no-name crewman on the way), and to the transporter pad. He beams the weapon off Enterprise just in time – the weapon explodes out into space.

Phlox and T’pol arrive just after, as Trip pants and leans over the transporter controls.

Phlox: “Quick thinking, Commander.”

Trip (to T’pol): “You were right. We probably should have found some nice empty asteroid to test it on. (sighs)”


Archer receives a hail from T’pol, informing him that the Xindi ship is still in orbit, but that Enterprise seems to be undetected. Archer tells her that they will be staying on the planet for a while longer.

They remain hidden, in the cave which will block sensors because of the ore in its walls. Gralik asks ‘what now?’. Archer asks him if he’s still willing to help them. The plan is to give Degra the kemocite, but not exactly as they ordered.


Gralik goes back to the complex alone. After he leaves, Malcolm asks to ‘speak freely’ and tells Archer that it could be a mistake to let Gralik go. Hayes backs him up, but Archer stops him from ‘speaking freely’. They hail Enterprise to ask Hoshi and T’pol to do something for him, as the plan as changed.

Back at the complex, Gralik arrives and tells his 2 helpers to re-test the kemocite, to make sure that the shipment is 100% what Degra wants. He sends them off to do their scans, while he stays to do his own scans.

Meanwhile, T’pol and Hoshi beam the kemocite container back to Archer on the planet; Hoshi has placed a beacon in the container, so that they can track the Xindi vessel when it leaves orbit.

Back at the complex, Gralik tampers with the shipment. The Xindi-reptilian, with Degra in tow, arrives in a huff, demanding to know where Gralik was. He tells them that he was hunting ‘tree scarabs’ and that the seekers were disturbing them so he destroyed. Despite the X-R’s aggressive questioning, Gralik remains calm and sticks to his story that he was having leisure time and that it is none of their business.

They finally notice that Gralik is doing something with the kemocite, so they ask him what he’s doing. He says some final tests. When they question him further, Gralik gets snippy with them saying that he’s being processing kemocite for 42 years, and has much pride in his work, and that he wants the shipment to be exactly what was ordered. He dares the X-R to take the shipment now, and that it won’t be his fault if it isn’t perfect. The X-R backs down.

Meanwhile, Archer sneaks into the Xindi-shuttle. Malcolm and Hayes watch from the woods nearby (why is it Archer who always puts himself into these dangerous situations. . . wouldn’t this be a job for the security chief or the MACO???) Inside, Archer substitutes one of the kemocite canisters, for the one that Hoshi rigged.

Outside, we see Gralik, Degra and the X-R step outside the complet. Gralik is facing the shuttle, and sees Archer trying to sneak off the shuttle. He stalls Degra and the X-R by asking what the purpose of the kemocite will be. Degra tells him, that it is to create a weapon to destroy a ruthless alien species, and that Gralik should take pride in what he’s has done here. (we see Archer get away safely)


Archer hails to ask about the status of the Xindi vessel. T’pol tells him that it broke orbit 5 minutes ago. Hoshi is receiving the tracking beacon, loud and clear.


Archer and Gralik share a drink. Archer thanks him. But Gralik looks uncomfortable, and voices his concern at the fact that he may just have betrayed his people to a ‘ruthless alien species’. Archer assures him that he hasn’t, and that he needs to trust him. Gralik makes a toast to trust.

Archer tells Gralik that he is worried about what Degra will do when he discovers that the kemocite has been tampered with. Gralik says not to worry, that he can deal with Degra, and that Archer needs to find this weapon. Archer tells him that they have lost the tracking signal because the ship entered an energy portal just after leaving the planet. Gralik says to keep looking, as the portals only span a few light years.

As Archer prepares to leave, Gralik emphasizes that not all Xindi are the enemy. Archer leaves (and has made a new friend.)


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omicron radiation - wanna bet that Trip uses that knowledge in a future episode? Thanks for the hard work.

Hi Zealousgirl, you are doing a great job especially for the poor europeans who still have to wait to see season 3. I am curious to read your report about Similitude. Thanks for this service. It's great.