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THECURSOR's Season Three Report--Newly Revised

For those who remember it from Last season, this is a sneak peak at some of the top six entries into the upcoming Ship Report I deliver at the end of the season. This is of course, subject to massive rewrite and changes as the season progresses.

The current revision is as of January 21, 2004.

*BONUS* Things to Come! In February (Promo)

Okay, so I didn’t find anything in any of the episodes (Carpenter Street or Chosen Realm) but y’know what? I did find a promo. And man was that ever worth it. T’Pol and Trip spent exactly three seconds naked and what looks like they’re about to kiss.

Harbinger can’t come soon enough.

10. "Why Hoshi?" (Exile)

Anyway, when Malcolm finds out about Hoshi's risky mission to the Telepath's castle love nest, he seems a little TOO upset don't you think? Also, exactly what the hell was he doing in that briefing? I don't think they really NEEDED a tactical prospective, do you? Somebody's a little too protective of Enterprise's resident linguist I think.

9. Peachy (Extinction)

A half naked Tucker convinces a scantily clad T'Pol to try peaches for the first time. I suppose I could make a couple of really intelligent remarks about symbolism and sexuality but instead let’s just point and giggle at just how sexy this scene is.

8. "Oh you know you want to!" (Impulse)

In spite of how distracted and exhausted T'Pol's been over the past couple episodes, her eye's light up with secret glee at the promise of Movie Night returning to Enterprise or at least the prospect of spending an evening in a darkened room with Trip.

7. Big Pimpin’ Deobulan style! (Anomaly)

Phlox is back on our side! When Tucker goes to the Doctor to get him to change his mind about his prescribed insomnia treatment, our favorite Denobulan gives him two choices, A shapely Vulcan placebo or….Leeches. Way to force the issue big guy!

6. “You know what? F#*&^ Malcolm!” (Rajiin)

It’s another late night session of T’Pol and Tucker rubbing each other in a dark room, but what’s this? Tucker is feeling…awkward. Apparently, Malcolm’s been teasing him about how much time he spends with T’Pol. You know what T’Pol says to that? “If we were pursuing a romantic relationship it wouldn’t be any of Lieutenant Reed's concern.” That seems to brighten Trip’s mood, and ours.

5. Decon, Revisited (The Xindi)

Tucker and T’Pol have been close before. In Decon, touching and rubbing. In the Captain’s Mess, telling tall tales over a little bubbly. And most of all, on Movie Night watching scary stories together with the rest of the crew. But they’ve never been like this before! The sniping, the implications, the double meanings, the NUDITY! And when it was all over, even Mr. Dense Head Himself, Charles Tucker, felt a little funny about what they were doing. Like maybe T’Pol was coming on to him. Guess what big guy, she was!

4. “Miss Kitty, You Look Mighty Pretty Today.” (North Star)

Trip’s got a lotta fantasies. Playing harmonica with the Soggy Bottom Boys, fighting the Xindi Space Navy barehanded and riding off into the sunset with a beautiful woman. Well those first two might never come true but thanks to the Scagaren’s cheap labor needs, he gets to live that last one. And He seemed to really enjoy it when T’Pol started hugging his waist like there was no tomorrow. And they say there are no more cowboys.

3. AWWWWWWW. (Similtude)

We all knew Trip and T’Pol like each other, some of us think they love each other. But they never seem to do anything about it. Being adults they seem bogged down in adult problems and worry about adult emotional entanglements like race and social differences. So God bless the kids I say. When young SimTrip starts liking girls, whose his first crush? Why pretty Ms. T’Pol that’s who. But T’Pol doesn’t want to be his Mrs. Robinson, she’s a little too busy. C’mon Polly the age gap isn’t that bad. Your 68 and he’s 4…days old.

2. Subtle, T’Pol. (Similtude)

During Neuro-Pressure T’Pol…I mean to say…Geez, I hate to be crude about this I really do but…well… she put his head in between her…Look, the really amazing thing about this isn’t what she did but what he DIDN’T DO! TUCKER, SHE LIKES YOU STUPID!

1. The End All, Be All, No Way Around It Best Ship Moment EVER (Similtude)-

Dress it up all you like, talk about She kissed him.

Unlike California, there is simply no way to 'recall' THECURSOR

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Seven people have made comments

I'm laughing...very hard...excellent job.

Love this!!!

Ooooooo, here it is now!

So "Similitude" is the tope three, huh? For Trip himself, Sim-17, Sim-Adult! Yes, they spark any way you combine them!

I can TOTALLY agree with that. :) Awesome, CURSOR!

YESSSSSSSS! And let's not forget SimTrip's confession in T'Pol's quarters: "You're all I think about...if you know what I mean." ;-)

That's true NataliefromPensacola... not to mention the fact that there was an obvious voice change when he told her he didn't know if the feelings were his or Trip's. "I can't answer that." Oh yeah... she loves the guy! Who wouldn't? Good going CURSOR... you totally made me laugh!

that comment bout where trips head was in similtude. go to www.angelfire.com/trek/enterprise_oddities

go to mr.tuckers gallery and look at the picture tension, its exactly what we thought wuld have happened

Subtle, T’Pol.