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THECURSOR's Trip and T'Pol Ship Report

The final report from THE CURSOR! (May 31, 2003)

Hot Vulcan Love (The Ship Report for Season two from THECURSOR)

Honorable Mention: Hoshi Knocked Twice (Shockwave) - We all have our little hobbies, mineís Malcolm and Hoshi. Letís face it; these two are MADE for each other. In season one, they kept dancing around the issue in brief, but noticeable shippy moments that had everybody wondering if T/T werenít the only ones headed for the altar (who could forget Hoshiís nervous back peddling when Reed took her offer the wrong way.) But this season saw something so ridiculously blatant that it simply couldnít be ignored.

Suliban invade the ship, the Captain disappears, and the whole crews become hostages. All in all, itís been a bad day for Lieutenant Reed as he prepares himself for a confrontation to end all confrontations with the deadliest enemy the Enterprise has encountered so far. But for the first time in his entire life, explosives and weapons no longer seem very important to Malcolm. Suddenly, all he can think about is Hoshi standing on his doorstep wearing little more then a smile--I mean grimace.

(Addition) - Little in the way of continued UST from these two but we all remain optimistic. These two arenít like Trip and TíPol, who burn holes throw bulkheads with sexual energy. Reed and Hoshi are a sweeter ship, more innocent and awkward. These two obviously have never really felt this way about someone before and itís a little difficult to say what theyíre really thinking. Think about their personalities, Reed is a reserved and maybe too stiff solider who seems to have commitment issues. Meanwhile, Hoshi is a less then adventurous intellectual who feels useless and completely out of her element. But theyíre so cute together. Whenever they share a scene alone these two are like awkward teenagers, unable to form coherent sentences. But have faith, after all if they canít make it what hope do Trip and TíPol have?

17. ďGod, Leave My Ears Alone!Ē (Marauders) - I originally didnít consider this a shippy moment (Talk to Bucky and A4T about how picky I am when it comes to this subject) But then I watched every other episode this season and in the long term I think it does have some shiptastic consequences. TíPol is showing off her amazing hearing for the boyís benefit when Tucker decides to tease her a little. ďNice ears.Ē Funny, maybe next youíll ask her who trims her eyebrows.

16. OOO! BURNNNNNN! (A Night in Sickbay) - Archer likes TíPol in that special way. So what does he do? He endangers the ship so he can take care of his dog! Look, this episode blows. It really, really blows. The only good part about it was when TíPol assured every T/Ter out there that an Archer/TíPol romance would simply be a prelude to a sexual harassment lawsuit.

15. Trip Tucker, Alien Love Muffin (Stigma) Ė Itís not really a Trip/TíPol moment, but funny none the less. Feezal Phlox sure does LOVE the interspecies medical exchange and all the perks that come with it, especially the scrumptious engineers that install your equipment. What is it about Trip that drives the alien women up the wall? Not even Riker got this much play.

14. Trip Hates Getting Left Behind (The Seventh) ďI could polish all the handles and rails in engineering.Ē Trip hates it when TíPol leaves him alone for more then a few hours. Apparently he hates it even more when she leaves him for Archer. If only he could bring himself to tell her. Trip, buddy, she just doesnít want you seeing her at her worst.

13. Time to get back to my/Did she do something to her hair?Ē (The Crossing) Tuckerís non corporeal form is well on its way to reclaiming its body when it gets a little distracted by someone elseís: TíPolís. Even though we canít really be sure what he was thinking, we can be sure he paused. Yup, he definitely paused on his way to look at her. Even if it was brief and nearly unnoticeable, he paused. Whatís that tell you? It tells you that Tucker was wondering if he could do a little body swapping of his own.

12. Welcome Home (Canamar) Ė TíPol has been worried sick. Her Captain and the man she loves from afar have been arrested and taken to a fearsome intergalactic prison called Canamar. After throwing together a makeshift rescue operation and nearly getting the ship blown up, TíPol is relieved when all her hard work pays off and Trip returns to her. Now if she could just stop staring.

11.) Trip Graduates (Cogenitor) - Trip thinks about TíPol a lot and Iím sure he agonize about each piece of information he doesnít know about her. But thereís one thing he doesnít know that just plain drives him crazy: Her age. Much like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate, Tucker probably has no problem with an older woman. IN FACT, I think he likes them a little more mature then him. But for crying out loud, just how big is the difference between TíPol and Trip? Every chance he gets, he asks in the hopes that one day sheíll answer. In ďCogenitor,Ē itís not that day and after he asks she shoots him a look that says ďTomorrow isnít looking good either, sweetie.Ē

10.) This Oneís Goes Out To Myst (First Flight) -- I wouldíve never seen this little moment if it wasnít for her galleries, and frankly neither would anyone else it was so quick. After a rather dim discussion about dark matter (Get it? Dim as in bulb and dark matter--screw it, not funny.) Trip once again upstages TíPol and gets the Captain to agree to HIS plan against her best recommendation. As he walks away, he flashes his sly smile and a sexy glance. Trip, buddy, all youíre doing is ticking her off. Cut out the games and just ask her out!

9.) Eye Candy (Future Tense) - Engaging in sexual intercourse with a member of the opposite species who you are not currently married to is a violation of the teachings of Surak. Still, that doesnít mean you canít slip a little look his way. Maybe do a little ďwindow shoppingĒ. At the end of Future Tense, TíPol decides that she will ALWAYS eat her meals in that chair.

8.) ďI Leave Him Alone For Five MinutesĒ! - (Dead Stop) - Itís hard being the mature one in a relationship. There are duties to uphold, standards to maintain. But itís even harder when your stupid boyfriend and his idiot limey pal are always getting themselves into trouble. Like when Trip and Reed are beamed onto the Enterprise Bridge in a heap and TíPol can only stare at him with annoyance as he once again manages to embarrass her. Oh well, at least he tries.

7.) ďPrincess? More like Space Tramp if you ask meĒ! - (Precious Cargo) - The Kriosions came real close to needing a new First Monarch. TíPol rushes to Tripís rescue deep in some swamp planetís underbrush and what does she find? Some woman with her hands all over HER human. Too make matters worse, this isnít the first time heís done a little intergalactic tom-catting, in fact this makes the third woman sheís caught him with in two years. At least this one isnít a giant reptile that gets him pregnant and leaves her holding the pieces. Luckily sheís a Vulcan and can control her anger. Then again, whyís her hand gripping that phase pistol so hardí?

6.) A Date (Catwalk) - Tucker invited her to a movie. If you invite an attractive, heterosexual member of the opposite sex to a movie and you arenít related to them, itís a date. Period. End of sentence. Letís move on -

5.) ďGod, Get A Room Already! - (Judgment) - Look, itís cute they way these two crazy kids are slowly falling in love. But thereís really a time and a place for everything. As the Captain is about to be locked away Kirk style in a Klingon Prison, TíPol and Trip have to fight the urge to Ďcomfortí each other right on the bridge in front of everyone. Closer and closer they get until finally, TíPol gets down to business and leaves Trip breathing waaaay too hard. The only way to make this any sexier would be to put one of them in a G-String.

4.) Important =Urgent (Singularity) - ďI am not whipped!Ē thatís the gist of what Tucker told TíPol when she called him to her quarters. But if heís the one wearing the pants, how come he doesnít know the difference between something important and something urgent.

3.) Threeís A Crowd, Jon (Carbon Creek) - This is it, an entire episode devoted to Trip and TíPol flirting and boy do the sparks fly. Trip chuckles over how easily he gets fooled by a pretty girl, while TíPol dances around the obvious symbolism of an isolated Vulcan choosing to stay with humans out of affection. The glances, the stares, the teasing. It was great. Except for small one problem, Jonathon Archer just doesnít know when to take a hint.

2.) TíPol of Vulcan, Heavy Reader (Horizon) - Wow. I mean, wow! Who knew TíPol had in her? Sure Tucker tried to trick her into going on a 'non date', but T'Pol really wanted him to go out with her! ďWhy go to a movie,Ē she says ďWhen you could meet me at my quarters for dinner and a good book?Ē well, it didnít exactly sound like that but her facial expressions said what she didnít. It was brief, not very noticeable, and certainly only the tip of a Trip-TíPol flirt fest but I thought that this little moment was damn funny. Something to note by the way, TíPol never said ďthe whole crewĒ when she talks about a dramatic reading, Tucker is the one who said that.

And the best moment this season is -

1.) F*&^#$ PHLOX! (Bounty) - On an away mission, TíPol picks up a virus that turns her pon farr switch from ďoffĒ to ďrandy like a KennedyĒ and she starts throwing herself at men like sheís one of those chicks from Sex In The City on a naval base. Naturally, Trip is concerned for his friendís welfare and makes a little detour on his the way to the Bridge (DURING A CRISIS!) to see how sheís doing down in Decon and boy oh boy does TíPol ever notice. Their eyes lock through the window and TíPol moves to get a closer look. For exactly three seconds, every shipper in the world holds their breath. This was it, TíPol with the guards down telling Trip exactly how she feels and maybe putting the moves on him. This could have been the single greatest ship moment of all time. THEN PHLOX STUCK HIS BIG YUCKY-NESS WHERE IT DIDNíT BELONG! Before she could even say a word, Phlox hurried TíPol into the back room while a veritable UST F-5 tornado crackled between T/T until the last second they lost eye contact. What could have been the greatest shipper moment of all time was deep-sixed by everyoneís least favorite Denobulan just because he had to be a buttinski. What a Jerk!

So there you go, THECURSOR has spoken.

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A whole mess of folks have made comments

mind if i comment? no?? good, cuz i am anyway...

just ONE little comment:
"Except for small one problem, Jonathon Archer just doesnít know when to take a hint."

this isn't JUST carbon creek...

otherwise, great list you've assembled... we can only hope that we will get more to expand this list with in the rest of this season...


Mind if I respond? No?? Good, cuz I am anyway...

You're absoulutely right, Jon can't seem to figure out what the term "alone time" means. How many times in the first season did Archer just pop up when Trip and T'Pol are having a moment? How many times this season did Archer try to put the moves on someone else's woman only to be given the Vulcan version of "Sorry, I'm taken."?

I know that Archer's inability to figure out what's what can be frustrating and I really should have mentioned all the times T'Pol has been made to feel icky by him but I only had ten slots to sum up an entire two thirds of a season so a few moments here and there got lost, but who knows? Maybe I'll add them the next time I update the list.

Cursor! I love these! Glad to see you feel as I do about how shippy "Horizon" was.

Cursor your optimism is wonderful. I think we should issue your reports as a memo to The Powers That Be.

LOL! Good job! I really enjoyed each and every one, and with all the sparkling commentary it ensures that the reader doesn't miss a thing! :D

Wow, I loved your commentary! As a newbie to the Enterprise world, your guide has been very helpful in choosing which episodes to watch! I am really excited about this ship and can't wait to see what happens!

Re-read this list and got another huge laugh - loved the "Dr. Yucky" one! Thanks, I needed that!

Oh my God that was so great! You have no idea how big the smile on my face is right now! First of all, i had no idea that there was anyone else out there cheering for that relationship like i am, and second, your commentary is just hilarious! Keep it up!



I'm lobbying for Archer to find someone else. Until he does, I will NEVER be secure in my Trip/T'Pol fantasies. They need to be locked in a room together until both of them come to their senses.

After all, if they don't have our first ever little Vulcan/Human hybrid baby by the end of this show, I'm going to go insane. They're part of history! They have to be! She may have shot Archer down, but I'll bet Trip has a better chance.

hahaha this was great! i enjoyed reading it :)