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The Trip/T'Polers Shipper's Guides

Herewith we provide proof positiveówell positive to those wearing rosy, shipper-tinted glassesóthat the charming southern fried engineer, Charles ďTripĒ Tucker III, and the lovely Vulcan science officer, TíPol, are meant to be together.

Our fotonovellas include many images chronicling the relationship between Trip and T'Pol. Check it out season by season.

Season One This is the season that started it all when even non-shippers had to acknowledge the heat when Trip and TíPol were in the same scene together.

Season Two We know. Some of you were wondering if Trip and TíPol were even in the same series, but oh! ye of little faith! check this out. With the right shipper lens, anything is possible.

Season Three Trip and T'Pol made some real progress this year in the arena of love. They heated up the screen very nicely, to the delight of the audience.

Season Four The romance between Trip and T'Pol is never smooth, but always interesting. The Enterprise audience was riveted by the relationship between the beautiful Vulcan and her human.