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Trip/T'Polers: Miscellany

Trip/T'Polers stopped posting new content on January 1, 2007.

    Have a look around. We hope you enjoy this archive of music videos dedicated to the most interesting, intriguing, infuriating couple on Trek, and most anywhere! Then join the conversations at the House of Tucker Bulletin Board to discuss our favorite duo!

    --myst123 and Bucky

Music Videos about Trip and T'Pol

    We can't host videos, but will link to them on other sites.

    Most recently added videos appear first on the list.
The TripT'Polers Tribute, by enterpriseScribe
How to Save a Life, by mommyJ246
Can't Get Along Without You, by Hoshissis
Brothers In Arms, by enterpriseScribe
Dirty World, by enterpriseScribe
Wherever You Will Go, by enterpriseScribe
Collide, by MissAnnThropic
Doctor Pressure, by MoaningMinnie
Heaven, by MoaningMinnie
A Message, by boushh
On Fire, by MissAnnThropic
Phantom of the Opera, by Hoshissis
Quantum Trek, by holodarlin
Mockingbird, by mommyj246
Bless the Broken Road, by holodarlin
Accidently in Love, by illiriahrising
3 Days and 3 Nights, by mommyJ246
Enterprise Guys, by holodarlin
Purple People Eater, by holodarlin
pueblo's video site
My Favorite Enterprise Things, by holodarlin
I'll Find a Way, by Ancasta
Ashes, by MoaningMinnie
The Safest Place, by Sanya
Take My Hand, by The Libran Iniquity
Bitch, by illiriahrising
Enterprise meets Law and Order, by holodarlin
No Need to Argue, by Ness
How To Be Dead, by MoaningMinnie
All is Full of Love, by y2kelly
Tainted Love, by mommyJ246
Inside Your Heaven, by Trippy
Wait, by mommyj, aka Credentials
Boulevard of Broken Dreams, by MoaningMinnie
Driving with the Brakes On, by ancasta
He Needs His Woman, by Jash
Regrets, by Jash
Dare You to Move, by mommyJ
Human, by ancasta
Similitude, by MissAnnThropic
Danger, by Anna
Superman, by Ancasta
You Raise Me Up, by Ligeia
They Can't Take That Away From Me, by y2kelly
Lonely No More, by greta2242
Mšnner sind Schweine, by T'eyla
Nothing Compares to You, by greta2242
You Must Love Me, by Misplaced
Star Trek: TRS, by mommyJ246
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself, by LonegunGirl
tushah nash-veh na'du, by Ness
She Drives Me Crazy, by Hoshissis
Goodbye Trip, by Captain Curran
Polly's Mom (Home spoof), by MommyJ aka credentials
Home Again, by LonegunGirl
The Reason, by pueblo
Mad World, by Clicks
One and One, by Y Dove
Meditations, by Credentials
The Gravity of Love, by LonegunGirl
Videos, by Ness
We Will Rock You, by Coffee Captain
Breathe Again, by greta2242
Just a Girl, by Clicks
Dreams, by Credentials
Everytime, by Hoshissis
Wicked Games, by HighteeHeller
suzvoy's Trip and T'Pol Music Videos
Door Inside a Door, by Y Dove
We're In This Together Now, by Y Dove
emily's video with "Can't Take My Eyes Off You"